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Dubois Courier Express Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 2

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DuBois Courier Express (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, DuBois, Pennsylvania More Page one thursday May 15, 1986 Page two Reagan Hopes for weapons to be sold to saudi Arabia by e. Michael Myers Washington up president Reagan trying to Salvage his proposed $354 million weapons Sale to saudi Arabia has come up with an unusual strategy a seeking support for the Deal from pro Mient jewish leaders. The unusual tactic was suggested by sen. Richard Lugar chairman of the foreign relations committee and quickly endorsed by Secretary of state George Shultz. Lugar r ind., said Reagan would seek a meeting a possibly next week a to ask jewish leaders to support his policy and serve As a a helpful Force in re establishing the presidents credibility in the Middle East. A White House official acknowledged efforts were under Way a to arrange a possible meeting with prominent jewish leaders but made Clear no definite decision had been made. But leaders of several jewish organizations interviewed by both the new York times and the Washington Post rejected the Prospect of lobbying for Reagan a arms Deal for saudi Arabia which some jewish leaders noted is still in a state of War with Israel. David m. Gordis american jewish committee executive vice president said that a White House re quest for help on the saudi arms package was Quot unrealistic a both newspapers reported today. Another jewish Leader who did not want to be identified told the times a nobody in the jewish Community is going to help them. Everybody agrees a we would look awful if we went to work for the still another jewish Leader told the times a your advice to them the administration was Quot done to bother. You la Only Embarrass yourselves a by asking for jewish Aid to persuade Congress to approve the saudi arms Sale. Quot there is the possibility the peace process could be hobbled substantially if the Sale is not approved Quot Lugar said wednesday. A without the credibility of the United states it is a people need to consider that while they May have voted against him on the original vote what they need to consider now is an additional Factor a namely the standing of the president of the United states in directing our foreign policy Quot Shultz said. Many jewish groups decided not to fight the saudi arms Sale because the weapons in the package Are already part of the saudi Arsenal and thus were not seen As posing any new threat to israelis Security the times noted. However said Gordis Quot we Are not Happy about the saudis role Quot in securing a Middle East peace Between Israel and Arab nations. Quot we done to share the administration a a feeling that the saudis have been helpful in the peace process. We Are also deeply concerned about their support for terrorist activities Quot Gordis told the Post. The Senate and House have voted to Block the missile Sale but Reagan has said he will veto the Resolution. The Senate and House both must Muster a two thirds majority vote to override the veto. The White House official indicated the prospects for a meeting with jewish leaders would depend on whether Reagan picks up enough votes in the Senate to survive a veto override. Lugar said the Issue is not a Sale of weapons but supporting the presidents authority to conduct foreign policy especially Reagan a efforts to encourage saudi Arabia to be a constructive Force in the Middle East peace process. If Reagan cannot deliver on the missile Sale Lugar said the saudis and other a a moderate Arab states will have no Confidence in his ability to work for peace. Lugar said american jewish leaders should support the weapons Sale because the Middle East peace process is in Israel s Best interests. A there will be a severe problem if the president is Defeated on this Issue a Lugar said. A it is in the Best interests of people who favor a Strong Israel to be in favor of the president being a Strong figure in the Middle East. Holding hands a lawmakers at the Capitol Steps in Washington participate in a rally for Quot hands across America Quot. The project to be held at 3 ., May 25 will include 6 million people. Nearest coordinator in Pennsylvania is Brenda Nestlerode in Dubois at 371-7837. The project is to raise Money for the homeless in America. Up democrats try to Cut Pentagon budget Washington up House leaders predicted passage of a democratic budget that would Cut Pentagon funds despite a Challenge from congressional republicans who want More Money for the military. In addition to the gop alternative the congressional Black caucus planned to offer a budget today that would lower military spending even More than the democratic leadership version. Neither alternative was expected to pass. House leaders said wednesday they expected a tight but passing vote for the democrats $994 billion fiscal 1987 plan. That would set up confrontation with the Republican led Senate Over How much Money to give the Pentagon next year. The House democratic budget would allocate $285 billion for the Pentagon next year $16 billion less than the Senate version and $35 billion less than president Reagan requested. The gop alternative set $293 billion for defense. A we will have a budget so we can go to conference with the Senate and produce a budget for the United states of America. That a the important thing a said House budget committee chairman William Gray a a. The committees leading Republican Delbert Latta of Ohio pinned his Hopes on the Senate sensing his alternative would not pass. A i done to often say thank god for the Senate but this time i do a Latta said. James Miller the administration budget director said Reagan a desire is a very Strong for More Pentagon funding but he would not say if the president is Likely to Compromise. Miller said the House gop alternative budget was a in the right the House democratic budget Calls for the same amount in taxes As the Senate a $13.2 billion. Reagan requested Only $6 billion in new revenues some of which already have been approved. House budget leaders said the revenues raised above Reagan a limit would be directed at the deficit to bring it Down to $137 billion a $7 billion below the level set by Gramm Rudman. Gop opponents said there was no practical Way to isolate the tax Money. Their alternative would raise no More taxes than Reagan requested and would Cut the current deficit of $183 billion to the Gramm Rudman target of $144 billion. The democratic budget allows a 2 percent Cost of living increase for social Security recipients a 3 percent pay raise for military and civilian employees and cuts Many Domestic programs by 2.5 percent while providing increases for poverty and children a initiatives. House speaker Thomas o Neill d-mass., said he expected even some democrats to vote against the party s budget because they think the allocation for defense is too Low. A my own inclination is not to go along with it because i think it s inadequate Quot said rep. Charles Bennett d fla., adding that Many members of the House armed services committee Felt the same Way. But of Neill predicted Compromise in a House Senate conference committee and said a a strategically it was a Good idea for the House to come in lower than the Senate on military expenditures in order to seek a bargain. Catholic Effort brings government arrests Vienna up six roman catholics have been put on trial in Czechoslovakia for promoting Church doctrine in violation of a Law that prohibits interference with government supervision of churches and religious organizations sources in Vienna said. The trial which opened wednesday in Prague was seen As a warning to hundreds of other catholics who Are disseminating religious literature in communist controlled Czechoslovakia. The six defendants All from Prague were arrested in april 1985 and charged with a preparing conditions for committing the offence of obstructing state supervision of the Church a the civil rights advocacy group committee on the defense of the unjustly persecuted said. The charge not considered serious was viewed As a warning from the czechoslovakian government sources familiar with the Case said. The defendants were accused of possessing typewriters duplicators and Large quantities of imported religious literature All of which were confiscated in raids on their Homes. The indictment said it accepted a the exemplary work ethic of the defendants a but. Deplored Quot the increased activity of the Catholic Church in Czechoslovakia in general a particularly its secret religious orders and secretly ordained priests who Quot led the accused to believe that there is insufficient religious Liberty in the country. Hitler photographs stir Community by Marci Persey Hooper Union 111. Up a the discovery of a leather bound album believed to be a Elf hitlers personal photograph collection from world War i has forever changed this sleepy town of 650. Town residents awoke wednesday to a flood of reporters photographers television Crews and curiosity seekers who wanted to see the album containing 68 yellowed Black and White photographs showing a Young Cpl. Hitler. Quot i was flabbergasted Quot said Nick Kallas 43, manager of Illinois railway museum in Union. A it is certainly going to put Union on the map. This sleepy Little town is going to but the curious will have to wait until memorial Day weekend when Randy Donley owner of the album and the seven acres antique Village amp museum opens an exhibit featuring the photographs and other Hitler Memorabilia. Technical testing requested by United press International and the opinions of two University of Chicago scholars tend to support the authenticity of the album which was taken As a War trophy from hitlers Headquarters in Munich during the Allied sweep through Germany at the end of world War ii. A Young world War ii army private found the album in 1945 and sent it Home. The former Soldier who asked to be identified Only As a Bill Quot told up he found the album and two second edition copies of hitlers biographical work Quot mein kampf Quot in a Small sparsely furnished room the nazi Leader used As a study. He sold the album last year to Donley who had advertised that he wanted to buy Hitler Memorabilia. The seven acres museum was forced into the limelight shortly after 2 Tuesday after the existence of the photos became publicly known Donley said. A i walked in a Little after 2 of clock and at the desk at the gift shop they said a my god look at this you have to return All these Calls to these people a a Donley said. Quot the phone just never stopped. It was chaotic Here. The museum loaded up immediately with camera in less than 24 hours the photographs which had gathered dust for 40 years in an attic created a circus atmosphere around the museum and in the town. Three helicopters landed on the grass in the Frontier Village behind the museum bringing reporters and camera Crews from Chicago s major Tele i it. Stations. On the Lawn in front of the museum about 15 reporters from newspapers and National news magazines lined up to interview Donley in his office. In the gravel parking lot of the 12 acre museum Crews set up two satellite dishes to beam Back news of the historic find. Donley who had not slept for a Day. Sat in his office and patiently answered reporters questions about the photographs and How he acquired them last year. But he refused to let anyone touch the album of photographs that Lay on a table within close reach. In addition to Calls from reporters Donley said he has received offers from several people who wanted to sell him War Memorabilia. One caller said he had nude pictures of Eva Braun hitlers companion whom he married shortly before their deaths. Quot everybody a got stuff Quot he said. Quot when this cools off. Ill just Call them and find out what they be got for the museum which has been run by the Donley family for 12 years features a Frontier Village a gift shop a movie theater and a modest exhibit of War Memorabilia. Baby Boomers raise census figures Washington up an aging . Population grew by an estimated 12.2 million people Between 1980 and 1985, bringing the total to 239,283,000 by last july i according to a new census Bureau report. The report released wednesday noted a 5.4 percent increase from the 227,061,000 population counted by april i 1980. The new figures included 122,634,000 women and 116,649,000 men. But As the Large baby Boom con Tingent born Between 1946 and 1959 a 30 percent of the total population a grows older so does the median age of the nation which the report said is now 31 a years compared to 30 years in 1980. The aging of the baby Boomers created a Sharp increase in the Broad category Between 25 and 44. But the upper end of the age scale also kept growing a the number of people Over 85 grew by 21 percent to 2,711,000. A this aging trend is expected to continue As the Early baby Boom generations head toward Middle age a the report said noting the population changes by age group a a primarily reflect patterns established years earlier by the relative numbers of births each the number of people 65 to 74 grew by 9.1 percent during the period and the number from 75 to 84 Rose 14.2 percent it said. In other categories the census reported a 10.3 percent increase in those under 5 years old a 3.4 decrease among 5 to 13 a 8.5 percent decrease among 14 to 17 a 5.1 percent decrease among 18 to 24 a 13.3 increase among 25 to 34 a 23.9 increase among 35 to 44 a 0.9 percent decrease among 45 to 54 and a 2.9 percent increase among those 55 to 64. A the population aged 25 to 44 had an Overall increase of 17.6 percent Between 1980 and 1985 and is now Over 30 percent of the total . Population a the Bureau said. Amish Mother argues in court satellites grounded in . Space program Shin ton up a Star Quot and other Pentagon pros May Reserve All future space in flights for the military la commercial satellites on sidelines under a National Ity Council task Force profit was reported today. He tentative recommendation it bar commercial satellites future shuttle flights a wins lentil approval it would it nearly impossible for the e program to pay for itself Washington Post said. The senior inter Agency group on space a Csc task Force has tentatively decided to end commercial satellite launches aboard shuttle flights to make room for the backlog of military payloads including those needed for a Star wars experiments the Post reported. Quot the recommendation has drawn opposition from Nasa and the satellite Industry which would be forced to rely on the French owned ariane rocket or foreign governments to launch its satellites. No . Company launches satellites. The senior inter Agency group is expected to discuss the satellite recommendation at a meeting later this week with president Reagan administration sources said. The group is preparing a $5 billion to $7 billion proposal to build a new shuttle orbiter and unmanned rockets following the Jan. 28 explosion of the challenger which killed seven astronauts. Administration officials told the Post the panel does not know How the space Agency would handle the customers who Are already booked for shuttle launches but it has created a special task Force to develop a a transition the officials said the backlog in tests needed for Reagan a strategic defense initiative a space based missile defense research program popularly known As a Star wars a prompted the panel to consider the changes. One official said the National Security backlog could reach 75 satellites by the mid-1990s. Charleston . Up a Nancy Hanson drove a horse and buggy 300 Miles from Pennsylvania to appear before West Virginia a supreme court and argue her two sons should not have been Given to her a husband because of her Amish Faith. A lower court had awarded Arthur Hanson sr., custody of his sons Arthur jr., 9, and Albert 6, after he said the Rigours of the strict mennonite sect based in Pennsylvania were harmful. With her horse tethered outside the Capitol Hanson told the justices wednesday she was being denied her rights of free speech and religion. She eschewed a microphone in the court since All modern conveniences a including electricity a Are forbidden by the Amish. Arguing that modern ways Are not necessarily Best she portrayed television As a source of evil and assailed the a sex and drugs in the Public Hanson is fighting the August 1985 ruling by the Berkeley circuit court that awarded her former husband the two sons. The custody Battle began when Hanson sought to take her sons from Pennsylvania to Kentucky. The sex husband who since remarried initially proved of the excursion changed his mind when Learned they were going bicycle. He intercepted his sons in West Virginia and took them to Rogersville my. A a Young boy is hard pressed to defend his rights in a broken Home Quot she said. A Albert clings to me when i see him begging to be with me a she said. A those boys know there is no fairness to their Hanson planned to stay in Charleston with Charity groups until the court rules. Has a but he by

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