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DuBois Courier Express (Newspaper) - February 20, 1987, DuBois, Pennsylvania Lifestyles Friday february 20, 1987 Page six birthdays held for Over-100 group birthday Celebration a five Jefferson Manor nursing Home residents celebrated their birthdays saturday evening. The combined Celebration was extra special As the five ranged from 99 to 105 years old. From left Sadie Martin of Punxsutawney was born june 19, 1885 Mabel Sebring of Knox Dale was born july 23, 1887 Mabel Richards of Brookville was born sept. 14, 1885 Laura Carrier of Summerville was born Jan. 14, 1882 and Susie Tucker of Punxsutawney was born june 22, 1884. Brookville mayor Harry Brown and Jefferson county commissioner Jere Pearson attended the Celebration. Photo by Joy Norwood give teens Calcium Rich snacks Drmic lists january memorials the following is a list of january Dubois regional medical Center memorials. Checks should be made payable to a cd rec auxiliary Quot and mailed to Dubois regional medical Center development office East unit . Box 447, Dubois a 15801. Memorials May also be place through Kathy Hazlak at Drmic East in person or by calling 375-6101. General memorials in memory of Louise Agostini a by Doris amp Joe Federici amp family memory of Cecil Burns a by Lucy Leech in memory of Catherine Deemer a by cardiopulmonary Drmic West the birthday club. In memory of Charles Erickson a by or. Amp mrs. Charles Wachob. In memory of Richard Florack a by Fetty Dick Dianna amp Jean Markelonis. In memory of Guy Frick a by Drmic administration amp staff or. Amp mrs. Francis Caltagarone amp family. In memory of Mary Green a by Marie Simbeck. In memory of Woodrow k in g a by Shah medical associates inc. In memory of Grace Krach a by Marge amp Mary Slattery. In memory of Ruth Krieger by ice Drmic West Drmic administration amp staff. In memory of John Leon a by the Hoskavich family John Hoskavich or. Amp mrs. James Suplizio Doris amp Joe Federici amp family. In memory of or. Nicholas f. Lorenzo by Agnes Scarnati Kate Kendo radiology Drmic West or. Amp mrs. J. David Benson or. Amp mrs. John Mascaro or. James amp Andrew Luke or. Amp mrs. Anthony j. Defazio Mick ent Eduardo m. Figallo . Or. Amp mrs. Allen Mohney amp Brett family members or. Amp mrs. William r. Hill Ned Cazzolli Jefferson county medical society auxiliary or Dormac West Betty Lowmaster Barbara Bill amp Christine Bowser John e. Smith Ray amp Georgianna Lockitski Robert a. Cardamone or. Amp mrs. . Cherry Drmic administration amp staff or anaesthesia amp recovery room Drmic East or. Jose Costa or. Amp mrs. . Murray cardiopulmonary Drmic or. Amp mrs. . Bantly or. Amp mrs. John m. Biss Edna Johnson mrs. Donald amp Helen Ronald Clover or. Amp mrs. George Gasbarre or. Amp mrs. . Klein Gregory j. Roscoe did my. In memory of Elizabeth Mallon by Drmic administration amp staff. In memory of Dorothy Pugh by John Johnson amp Irene Johnson. In memory of James a. Shaffer by families of Richard uber James Duffalo amp William Shaffer. In memory of Donald Smith by Wilma amp Al Guilyard. In memory of Dorothy Smith by or. Amp mrs. Albert Stanton or. In memory of William Smith by Marge Margalis amp Mary Slattery. In memory of Albert Stanton sr., by Jess amp Ruth Rishell or. Amp mrs. Corey Stepek amp Melissa or. Amp mrs. Mike Polohonki Carol amp Bob Wells Lillian amp Dick Lane Lois amp Butch Calderone. In memory of George Vaitkus by girl scout troop 599. In memory of Malvern Wayland by or. Amp mrs. Terry King Nancy Murray Ken Yohe Celia Adorante Bill Adamsjr. The caring place memorials in memory of the honorable r. Budd Dwyer by or. Michael Dottle amp Joey Mccabe. In memory of Lawren Michelle Ferraraccio by John amp Alice Quinlisk Francelia Weidenborner Dennis Weiden Boerner Helen m. Ferraraccio. Ice memorials in memory of Jode amp Alda Lindemuth by Jode amp Alda Lindemuth families. Hahne regional cancer Center memorials in memory of Guy Frick a by Ray amp Georgianna Lockitski. In memory of Jode amp Alda Lindemuth a by Jode amp Alda Lindemuth families. In memory of or. Nicholas f. Lorenzo a by 3rd floor staff Drmic West or. Amp mrs. . Devittorio. In memory of Dorothy Pugh a by mrs. George Kosko Grace Beatty Adelaide Morpanini Audrey Woods Esther Wachob or. Amp mrs. Harold Hauck or. Amp mrs. William Brown Sammy amp Hilda Caramela. In memory of Alma Stratton by or. Amp mrs. . Stormer or. Amp mrs. . Gartman. In Honor of Brian Truesdale a by Delbert h. Truesdale. Lifeline memorials in memory of or. Nicholas f. Lorenzo a by or. Amp mrs. John Maruca mrs. Anna Maruca. Neonatal intensive care unit memorials in memory of or. Nicholas f. Lorenzo a by mrs. Winrot j. Carlson Nancy Carlson Elensky amp family. In memory of Dorothy Pugh a by mrs. Oscar Hayes or. Amp mrs. Elmer hailstorm or. Amp mrs. Sam Caramela or. Amp mrs. William Brown or. Amp mrs. Ray Baughman mrs. Josephine Kosko. Area clubs list activities big run homemakers at the regular meeting of the big run homemakers in the Home of Faye Weber the ladies celebrated ten years of continuous meetings. The names of charter members were read and recognition Given to the Many deceased. Discussion followed on projects worked on trips taken and the Many comical incidents related. Show and Tell period offered a wide variety of ideas. Peggy Buffington president opened the meeting by leading in praying of the lords prayer. Discussion of future projects followed with minutes and treasurer reports Given by Dee Hollis Secretary. The meeting adjourned and ladies lunched on anniversary cake baked by Miriam Haag. Work period featured trinket boxes. Next month the ladies will finish the boxes and velvet Angels. Ward Yoke of big run is the Winner of the voice of democracy contest sponsored by the Punxsutawney . Auxiliary. Ward a Sophomore at Punxsutawney High school is the son of Laura Yoke of big run and Ted Yoke of Clee. His maternal grandmother is mrs. Margaret Johns of Creek ladies auxiliary #965 the Falls Creek ladies auxiliary #965 held their 30th anniversary dinner feb. To with 28 members present. Mildred Burkland was commended for being the first woman to Ever receive the Eagle award. Dinner was prepared and served by the men. A Check for $250 was presented to the ladies by John Bretton president for the work the auxiliary does for the St Ptg the feb. La Highland St. Ptg meeting was opened by Dan Streaker in the absence of his wife. After the pledge Banner awards were Matusky first place and mrs. Bigney second place. Mrs. Bigney introduced her student teacher. Miss Long. The Young astronauts have been collecting the Campbell soup labels. Enough labels have been collected to obtain software for the computers. Class winers for the foxes pizza Points were or. Matusky or. Tinnick and mrs. Try Vnak a rooms. Dottle Mccabe has volunteered to prepare the lunch for National teacher s Day. A fitness program will begin at the school in March or april. Kindergarten orientation is set for tuesday March 17 at 7 . And registration is monday March 30. The next scheduled Ptg meeting is scheduled for wednesday March la at 7 . In the school Are favourites with car thieves Chicago up owners of 1984 Chevrolet Samaros beware. A report says ifs the most Likely car to be stolen. Certified collateral corp., a Chicago firm that searches serial numbers and provides car theft and Price information for insurance companies said general motors 1984 Camaro was americans most stolen car last year. Samaros of various years filled five of the to spots on the organizations most stolen list and pm models accounted for the entire top to list. Ranked second and third on the most stolen list were the 1985 and 1986 versions of the Camaro a Low Slung sporty Coupe. By Aileen Claire Nea food editor teens love to snack. Help them turn this Quick Way of eating into a healthful Boon. Whip up a Batch of Calcium Rich muffins for them to take to school or Munch on Between meals. Lure them into the breakfast habit with tasty milk shakes or dogs to drink on the run. Much emphasis has been put upon increasing Calcium intake especially for women. Government diet research reveals that teenage girls on the average get less than 60 percent of their recommended daily intake for Calcium. This is crucial since the most of the adult Bone Structure is formed by the age of 20. Why such concern Over the shortage of the recommended dietary allowance Rda of Calcium because the better developed the Bone mass and density Are during the teen years the better Chance of preventing the Bone disease osteoporosis in later years. Teens need an Rda of 1,200 my of Calcium and daily weight bearing exercises such As walking Light jogging bicycling dancing and skating to help build Strong Bones. A stroll through the mall with stops for such snacks As cheese Yogurt tacos cheese pizzas or hot Cocoa is right on track. Chili Cheddar Corn muffins 1 cup All purpose flour 1 cup yellow Cornmeal 3 Tablespoons sugar 2 Tablespoons Chili powder 1 Tablespoon baking powder a Teaspoon Salt 1vz cups shredded Cheddar cheese divided 1 egg beaten 1 cup milk 2 Tablespoons butter melted increase Calcium for teens by providing muffins and dogs. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Butter top and insides of 12 medium muffin pan cups set aside. In a medium bowl Combine flour Cornmeal sugar Chili powder baking powder and Salt mix Well. Add i cup Cheddar cheese toss lightly. Combine egg milk and butter add All at once to dry ingredients. Stir just until dry ingredients Are moistened. Spoon into prepared muffin cups. Top with remaining i cup Cheddar cheese. Bake 20 minutes. Serve warm. This Kitchen tested recipe makes i dozen muffins 188 my Calcium per muffin. Muffins keep better when Frozen Strawberry nog 1 cup skim milk it cup sliced strawberries 1 egg 1 Tablespoon sugar a Teaspoon pure Vanilla extract in the Container of an electric blender place milk strawberries egg. Sugar and Vanilla extract cover and whirl until strawberries Are pureed pour into a tall Glass. Sprinkle with Nutmeg if desired. This Kitchen tested recipe makes i portion about a cups 340 my Calcium per portion a 1987, newspaper Enterprise Assn Welcome Back motherhood by George r. Plagenz Welcome Back monogamy motherhood and family. Welcome Back the old fashioned Mother who is there when the children get Home from school. Exit Helen Gurley Brown the Cosmo girl 9 to 5 for married women and a having it exit too a cd inks double income no kids. It would be Nice to report that a desire to return to the traditional values is behind this dramatic shift in our lifestyles. But it is probably truer to say that fear of aids and a desire for status is responsible. The aids scare has brought a return to commitment in human relationships and a move away from casual affairs. This also has resulted in a decline in drinking. Women Are on the marriage bandwagon with 72 percent of single women in a recent poll saying they would like to get married in the next year. A singles Are cocooning. They want a Safe Haven with somebody a is How one pollster analyses the statistics. An amazing 42 percent of women discuss marriage and children on a first Date. How is the return to Home and Hearth tied in with a craving for status Well in a Day of Many millionaires Money no longer confers status a especially if it takes two paychecks to get you what you want. Two paychecks is something today a yuppies and baby Boomers Are coming to consider vulgar and proletarian. Quot moms at Home Are in. Working moms Are out a says a new York research firm. A women Are going Home again. Its an indication you Are living the Good life if you can stay Home with your its also Worth a rung or two up the social ladder for a Man to be Able to say his wife does no to work a which translated is to say a she does no to have to women will remain in the work Force in Large numbers but unless they Are single it is Likely to count against them with the membership committee at the country club. It Isnit Only a desire for status however that has turned women a faces toward Home again. The dream Wasny to working. To Many women the dream of the Good life meant a having it ally a career husband and children in that order of importance. Now it has dawned on Many women that having it All was a myth a which forms the subtitle of a new Book on the subject. Written by Carol Orsborn a businesswoman wife and Mother the Book is titled a enough is enough exploding the myth of having it she found that trying to care for a husband and two children while holding a full time Job left her a overworked and overstressed. The parts of me that were my greatest asset were not getting the nourishment and replenishment they needed. There was no time to have fun together As a family to be alone to Experiment with new she Cut Back on her career and organized superwoman Anonymous an organization that now has 2,000 members All of whom have taken up Carol Orsborne a cry that Quot enough is this will be Good news to the children of these and other sex superwoman. Most of them Are probably like my Young Friend Katie. I asked Katie once when she was 14, if it bothered her that her Mother Wasny to there when she came from school. A i guess it would be Nice if she was Here a said Katie. Her Mother who was listening to our Conversa Tion interrupted to say Quot but Katie you have my phone number at the office. You know you can Call me if you need a ooh i done to need you a said Katie. Quot i just said it would be Nice if you were never underestimate what it Means to a child for a Parent to just a be norwegian marauders founded Dublin a one of the first towns in Ireland a in the 9th Century. February 21 Elizabeth r. Evins Jim Lydick mrs. Robert Wilson Edwin Gustafson Norbert Smolukas Bobby Conrad Rev. William Peck Joan Snyder mrs. Frank Hollis or. Lori Jean Maholtz Elsie place Carrie Richards Best wishes from clothe courier fun on a Book tour to new zealand where there were 15 million sheep none of whom could read. I blame my hips on All the people who when i am on a diet say a but i made this dessert especially for i blame my husband who knows very Good and Well that when i look at him from across the room and smile i am really saying i am dead on my feet and want to go Home. I blame my Mother for my hair that friezes and goes out of control in the rain. Its All genetics. I blame my son for me not winning the Pillsbury bake off when he spit out my croissants and said Quot maybe you should learn to play a musical one never gets her Confidence Back after that. Yes tomorrow will be spent in isolation where i will put All my ills and bad decisions where they belong. At the feet of those i trusted with my Faith and my future. If i cannot be reached to hear about my lottery winnings or if Redford invites me to dinner guess who is going to get blamed the Jerk who invented Quot blame someone else Day a that a who. A blame someone else i think about Wayne Wingate whom i dated in College. Wayne had Success written All Over him and he was going to take me with him. We would get married go to new York and have two and a half children. He would practice Law and i would be a feature writer for the new York times. Then one evening we went to a movie to see the classic a citizen Kane Quot and just As Orson Welles muttered the mysterious Quot Rosebud before he died Wayne leaned Over and said a Rosebud is his it could have been Good for both of us but no Wayne had to destroy our relationship forever. No thanks to Wayne i never even saw new York until i was 39 years old. I think about a policeman who asked me to move my car from a fire Lane at a shopping Center 25 years ago. I had just had three children in five years and could barely fasten my seat Belt. I had talked myself into enrolling in an exercise class at the shopping Center and was running late. If that insensitive neanderthal had not taken away my parking place i would be Jane Fonda today. I blame my agent for sending me tomorrow is a very special Day for Many americans. Ifs officially designated As a blame someone else its a Day set aside to share responsibility and guilt for the mess we re in. Some people observe it with Large parties tables of food and parades with funny hats. Personally i like to sit alone in my room talking to myself and sinking into a Black pit of self pity. I like to devote the entire Day to thinking about people who have screwed up my life taken away my dreams and altered the course of my destiny. By Erma Bombeck at wits end

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