Dubois Courier Express Newspaper Archives February 12, 1982 Page 13

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

DuBois Courier Express (Newspaper) - February 12, 1982, DuBois, Pennsylvania The courier express Duborg a. Friday february 12,j982 across i actress Redgrave 5 Ceramic piece 9 polish 12 possessive pronoun 13 spindle 14 labor group 15 discover by Chance 2 was 17 tibetan Gazelle 18 billboards 19 japanese currency 20 at flood level 22 unplayed Golf Hole 23 Grain for whiskey 24 stringed instrument 27 water run off 32 novelist Zola 34 Printer s measure pm 35 Man s nickname 36 fighter Pilot 37 British Imperial color 39 prepared instrument 41 Quot Mikado character 44 prepare a salad 45 Trojan Mountain 46 Deer 48 Ostile 51 greek letter 52 Arab garment 55 minstrel s answer to previous Puzzle Usu in t to in i Uhn s o n Ohi i a of a t of Imp pm o Ani song Cind of us Cojanu annul cd p he my Flower 56 Kin 59 Wood chopping tool 60 soviet River 61 part of a Chain 62 namely 63 Eye infection 64 Eastern beasts of Burden Down 1 Northern Constellation 2 you would cont 3 Sisters 4 depression initials 5 heterogeneous 6 nerve part 7 family member 8 commentator a Nio i Raj if for maj nip ked Eise Anno Hud a Udo Odd a us Cju Imu u Kiddo a udoh r. J Bijj ii. J. No Jissi of s tit itts lol 9 Indian music Mode 10 flying saucers abbr 11 mediocre 16 Call out 21 skin tumor 22 babylonian deity 23 los Angeles quarterback 24 raw boned 25 charitable organization abbr 26 nothing for 28 renovate 29 italian River 30 departs 31 companion of Odds 33 Southern Constellation 38 environment Agency abbr 40 Shoshone an Indian 42 actress Novak 43 prophecy 47 gallic affirmative 48 serb 49 Public vehicle 50 court cry 51 server 52 continent 53 horsefeathers is 54 questions 57 technique 58 foxy i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 in 20 21 22 z3 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 4 44 45 a 46 7 48 49 50 a 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 Lincoln statue Given Facelift Springfield in. Up the statue at Abraham Lincoln a Tomb received a face lift just in time for the 173rd Celebration of Lincoln a birthday on Friday. A team of conservators and conservation technicians from Washington University in St. Louis repaired and re polished the statue at the burial site. The team is part of the sculpture conservation Laboratory of the Center for Arch geometry at Washington University sometimes described As a Monument Hospital or a health spa for statues. Chief conservator Phoebe Weil said the team has restored monuments from Alaska to Florida but the Lincoln statue was the biggest project in the seven year history of the Center. A the sheer size made it a spectacular project a is. Weil said. A no photograph can capture the entire effect of the the Tomb contains the coffins of Lincoln Mary Lincoln and three of the couple s sons. Larkin Mead a design including a 10-foot-High statue of Lincoln was dedicated in 1874. Wed said harsh weather air Pou ution and years of rubbing from hundreds of thousands of visitors had left the once Glossy Bronze statue a mottled Black and Green. After the statue was cleaned and polished the Arch geometry staff applied a Patina a or chemical coloration a to the Bronze and used blow torches to heat the Metal. Is. Weil said the result left the statue a Rich Glossy translucent Brown. A resin was added to protect the statue from further attack by wind rain and pollution. The entire project is expected to be completed in March when work on nine statuettes from the tombs Interior is finished. Is. Weil said the statuettes were being shipped two or three at a time to St. Louis for restoration. The smaller figures depict periods in Lincoln a life and stand in a hallway leading to the burial chamber. Steal Camp items Ridgway a Ridgway based state police Are investigating a theft at a Camp near be Lite in Elk county along or 24002. Police said someone broke into the Camp owned by Bob George of Kittanning and removed a 25-Inch color to a Chain saw and a Heater. Total value of the items is $950. Get the latest in sports in the courier express hello stranger. Searching for answers to All those who what where questions about your new City As Welcome Wagon representative its my Job to help you overcome the new in town feeling. By bringing you some useful gifts. Community info. Advice on reliable businesses in your new neighbourhood. And More. A Welcome Wagon Call should be one of the very first Nice things to happen when you re new Here. In Opal elder 375-0409 Qway does an a 9�n?pus squirt Ink Jack Straus of Newport by wins a prize por this question. 1982 United feature Syndicate. Inc. A an octopus squirts its inky a liquid to escape enemies. The a a Ink is a Brown fluid produced in the octopuses body and stored in a special Reservoir known As an a link when an enemy such As a hungry Moray eel threatens the octopus instantly turns a Light color and squirts a dark mass of Ink into the water. This Clouds the enemy a ability to see. The Ink forms a shape that resembles an octopus and serves As a Decoy to hold the enemy a attention. While the enemy is Busy attacking the inky fake the real octopus scoots away to safety. Yoo pm win an offi Cio Johnny wonder fun flyer if your question ii a clo Johnny wonder co this newspaper . Boxum Soots cml Cammi. Additional Aid now for needy Page eleven by Steve Gerstel Washington up Congress moving with unusual Speed has come to the Aid of the poor the elderly and the jobless a with Money. With a minimum of opposition Congress wednesday approved additional Aid for the unemployed thrown out of work by the recession and the poor and elderly who cannot pay their fuel Bills in the Century a coldest Winter. Congress voted $2.3 billion to provide states with Money for additional and extended unemployment benefits and $123 million for fuel assistance programs. A i say to you these people can to wait a said sen. Lowell Weicker r-conn., urging approval of the fuel assistance. A the people Are freezing now the Winter is the Senate approved 95-0, and sent to the White House the emergency jobless benefits Bill. It was approved by the House tuesday. The Senate added the emergency fuel assistance Money 85-0, As a rider to a Bill providing additional Money for the commodity credit corporation. The Bill with the rider attached was approved by the House 264-52, and sent to president Reagan. Sen. Daniel Moynihan d-n.y., warned unemployment would reach to per cent by mid year and said a a done to doubt for a minute we Are in an economic recession that could become a sen. Edward Kennedy d mass., who sponsored the fuel id amendment said there were three essential reasons for approving the extra Money a a the coldest Winter in a Century. The serious forces of recession creating unemployment. And fuel costs Are up from last a this measure is essential for millions of americans a Kennedy said. A it is essential we act Kennedy said 25 states will run out of Money to help the poor with fuel Bills by the end of this month and another seven states will exhaust their funds by the end of March. A this is a very real problem a said sen. George Mitchell a Maine. A this is not a figment of someone s imagination. But sen. Harrison Schmitt r n.m., asking for hearings on the proposal said a this amendment does not have the urgency behind it. A in fact the states have not requested action at this time. The states have adequate resources at this time although they May not get through the Winter. A the question is whether the states have a pressing need and we done to have any documentation that this is the before the vote on his amendment Kennedy incorporated a proposal by sen. Lloyd Bentsen d Texas which would allow states to allocate the emergency Money next summer for poor and elderly people trying to beat the heat. The emergency Money Bill for the commodity Agency would provide it with another $5 billion to keep Domestic farm programs operating. Give a dog a Bone and hell Burn your barn Down Coldwater Mich. Up authorities have a suspect in a fire that heavily damaged a Small barn in Batavia township but they say they May have to let the culprit go because he buried the evidence. Investigators said tuesday sundays fire apparently was set by a dog that discovered a Bone wrapped in soldering newspapers in a trash barrel. The dog toted the Bone into the barn starting the fire they said. The fire caused about $4,000 damage to the barn owned by Joe Szafranski bringing Good things Sale Preston Energy saving portable Heaters efficient Infra red Quartz heat. Helps you save Energy. Warms people directly s4le a Energy control with infinite settings regulates automatically a top mounted control is easy to see easy to adjust a automatic safety switch turns a Heater off if tipped Over a a Tower of heating Power beams heat vertically horizontally a warms you comfortably almost instantly from head to toe or in single Quartz tube slim line Model a ii. 25.88 regularly 34.99 ii at 1500 Watts it s the most powerful Standard voltage Heater. Swing up handle. 12%&Quot x 12%&Quot x 33&Quot. Dual Quartz tube Best Selling Model 39.88 regularly 54.99 in features the built in Quality and attractive styling from Presto. 1500 Watts x 8&Quot x 30/4 Quot size. Over >15 off Preston deluxe portable Heater 29.88 Reg. 44.99 Radiant fan forced Model that heats instantly. Features dual top and Bottom element heat control and safety tip Over switch. Over a Hoff Preston temp asure 600� Heater it Reg. 49.99 38.88 automatic temperature sensing Heater that turns on warm and turns Down automatically. Works like a miniature forced air Furnace. A shop Penn traffic Dubois 10 . To 10 . Daily a for your convenience use your Penn traffic master card or visa charge accounts ;