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Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - February 24, 1840, Dublin, Dublin Vol.V. RICHARD RE I L he. From Tuesday Februa>y the to Saturday i-ebru.ns 40. Since our laft arrived one Bntilh Packet, which brought on; Fiencn Mail. I T A L Y. an. 11  Naples OT a Day pafles over without brinairp; u5 battering Carrion, Bomb,, Cannon BalL and other warlike Sto.-e* bom Capua. The iwo Men cf War which arc to yo to /bVf-fma, in order to taLe on board the Amniu-ration, &c. laid up at Meffina, have not )et been nb'e to patto'se.i, by reafon of contrary Winds. DP Nailer, Feb. 2. The Troops defined for Lambirdy are 011 1 he Frontiers of the Ecdefiaftical Hate, waiting for OiJcrs to proceed on their march. MS Florence, Feb. 4. M- Bonlo, Chancellor of the Pur veyors of the Army, fet out laft Monday for Pontremolia, in order to give the neceffary Orders for the Reception of the German Tronps corning fiom the Milaneie, and to provide for their fubfiftence on the Route. A Courier is juft fent to Vienna with Difpatches of the greatell importance. DP Milan, Feb. 8. Purfuant to the Orders the Government has received from Vienna, the Troops marching to Tufcany are enjoire.l not to pafsthro' the Pope's Territories, unlels the great Qu3n:iue- of fnow lately fallen obliges them to go out of their ko:t, and 11 Aaftria continues in the Negative, and making Op-p- fri.-in. iii- Pruffi.n Majefty w;!! perh-p go accorcirg o the Rule which Ly?, Who refufes whai's jjft, yields all. MS Yienni, Feb. S. ft i- reported, that the Aga coining hi,her f om the Grand Sci^nicr is charged with tome Pro- for ihe Ccili'i 1 po'als concerning the Binnat of Teme'war, of which the Porte ( ffc.s a ennfi :'cr. b'e fum of Mon-.y DP Yelled a Ccr.'erence v.; Vienna, Feb. 1 1 Count SintzTdorf'j, in when th> y examined thel.fi p ece pub'.ifh'd by the King of PrufJU. rel iting tv h's pretenfio J to fome Principalities and Tor i:or es in Si.ifia, .\I.dc fax-heim, memb ref the Aulick Council, is to ft tout in ad;_v or two for Dresden, wh.re he is to execute an imcortint Commiffion. Upon Attvice that the Pru'lians intend :o attack Jablunka. Orders have been fent to fome of the Regiments filing off towards Silefia, to march to that Town. D P SAXONY. Hamburgh, Feb. 1 7. Our laft Advices frcm Stockholm fay, that the Dyet proceed in their Deliberations with great Order and Tranquility. Several important Schemes are ot the Tapis, the Contents of which are kept very fecret, 2s well as the Refolutions taken on the fubjecl of them. Jn th: mean time the warlike Preparations are continusd al! over the Kingdom both by fea and Land. Thefe Advices add, that there is great plenty of provifions in that City, ar.d that the price of them has fallen considerably, efpecially fince tr.e King's ordering the Royal Granaries to be opened, and Corn diftributed to the Poor at a moderate price. DP F R A N C E. Paris, Feb. 6. According to fome privte Advices f.-om Nantz, Letters have been received there from Leogane in Hifpaniola, importing, that the Vice Admiral Marquis o'Antin had nad frequent Conferences with M. Ee^n ges, Commandant General in that Ifland ; that tne irhab:t:nts had received Oreers to keep a fharp look-out along the Coafts; that the Frigate which the F.^g.'ifh took in tho'e fea?, and carry'd to Jamaica, is called the Gaillarde cf Rochfort ; and that when trie Let'e.s c;me away all the Men of War were ordered to draw up in Line of B^ttU-, and maJte ready for an Engagement. The French Merchantmen were likewife dincled to retire into the nearell Ports, and wait there for further Orders. SJE Paris, Feb. 14. The princes of Heffe D3rmftadt, viz. Lewis, George and Frederic, have all three had their Audiences of Leave of the King. Rich Liveries are making here for the Equipage of the Elector of Bavaria, who intends to go in perfon to the Dyet at Franckfort, with a numerous and fplendid Court. According to laft Year's B11 for this City, there were 18362 Chriiinings, 4017 Marriages, 25284 Bjrials, and 31 50 Foundlings; fo that 66 j 2 died that Year more than were baptiz'd. In 17^9 there were jc;~8j Chriilenings, 4108 Marriages. 219^6 Eurials, and 3289 Found'ings-So that there was a Decreafe Lit Year of 1 149 in the Chriiinings, of 91 in the Marriages, and of 139 in the Foundlings; and an incrtafe of 3298 in the Bjrials. SJE VerfaiPes, Feb. 16. On account of the Reprercntacions of feveral Lieutenant Genera!.;, 'tis thought the Kirg wil make another promotion of Marfhalsof Franc?. Her Hungarian and Bohemian Majefty makes ftrong inllances and ample Offers to ihe French Court to induce her in;o her in-terefts, and pirticulariy againif the King of Pruflh ; and an Exprefs arrived from Vienna the Night before, whofe Dif-patches doubtlefs were of gien moment, as they were handed to the Cardinal by fix o'Clock the next Morning. This Diy there alfo arrived a Nobleman of Dillinilion f;om the Queen of Spain. MS HOLLAND. FI;gue, Feb. 21. His Bntanuick Yi^jefty L re.olved to ad in Concert with their High MightinefTes, in r?g;-.id :o the Queen of Hungary and King of Pruffia, feeing their Engagements are founced upon the fame Treaty, and the Prulfian Minifter has declared his Mailer is difpofed to an Accommodation under the Mediation of the Maritime Powers, Hague, Feb. 24. We hear that the Pruffian Minifters here and at London, have received Inftruclions from Berlin, to p-opofe the Aibitration of the Differences between the Families of Auflria and Brandenbourg to his Britannic Ma- ' jelly and the States General; and that the Queen of Hungary's Miiiilers at London hinted in the Conference of one of the fecretaries o- line, that he did not believe the Queen his Millrefs would be againll fubmitting her Rights to the Decifion of his Britannick Majefty, &c. but that it could never be for her Honour to do it, except on Condition that "I hings would be reilored to the ftate they were in at the Death of the late Emperor her Father. SJE E N GLAND Newcaflle, Feb 1 4. The Pearl of London, Henry Ham-mett, Mailer, wHh eleven Hands on Board, and two Paffen-gers, was drove by Tinmouth Bir with a ftrong Wind at Welt South-Well, and loll the 26th of January laft, on the Steeple Recks. The Mafter, Mate, and three of the Men were f?.ved, who continued on th^ Rocks (which were cover'd with Snow) two Days and two Nights, and h?d nothing to fupport them .but a P.ece of raw Beef; the Rocks are feven Miles from the Land. She was dafh'J to Pieces in lefs than five Minutes, and rothing fav'd. Her Sails were a'moft all fplit, the Balaft wafh'd away, and they were oblig'd to pump and bail Wate* Night and Day. SJE L O N D O N\ February t~. They write from Anrig'U of the 2;:h of D'cmi'?', that Sir Cha.'oner Og'e wa then at Dominica ; th:.t fome of his Piop'e vve-e dead, and a gieat many very ft kly. 1 hat the ltiticn fhip from B'.rbvioes arrived at Ant.gua the 23d of Ducemb r, who ilopt at D-minica. and brought an Account that Lird Catjjcart did j ,,l ,;s he arrived a: Dominic;}, with !)iJ5 Ciicuml'a-.re, thsr i c died 0! a Blordy .?lux after ten Day? i!;nef, during whi'-.i time he voined fo much Blood, thai h: expired pciettiy e-!y and quiet, sir Cha-loner was to U'u f.otn Domiiici the 23d at Nigh:, or the next mcrni g, fur S:. Kit's, to meet the reft cf cne fhips.. GE Several Letters via Briflol from Antigua, mention, that General Fleming, Lieutenant G-vernar ot the Leeward Iflands, lay at the poi.it of Death at St. Ki's, and pofi-tively alTeit that he is dead, after a few Days lilneis. GE In our paper of Tuefaay lait from Dover we mentioned, that the Princefs Auguita, Capt. Gwyn. frcm Barbadoes, funk a Spanifh Privateer the tuft B.oadiide. Since which we are well informed, that fhe blew up and funk by her own Powider taking fire in her Quarter, and amonglt the People od board w-:e four cf the poor unhappy Engiifhmen br!onging~to the B i^antine taken the Day before bound from Carolina to Plymouth, the reft were moftly French. GE They write from Li:bon, that the Cipcain of an Englifh Man of War having carried oil on board his fhip by tores twelve Perfons of levcrai Nations, and refufing to reflore them, tho' demandid dv the King of Portugal, and by the Britifh Minitler the Lo d Tyrawley, his Majefty fent Orders to all the Forts, to fink lum if r e attempted to go oft; which fo intimidated him, that he fet the Men at Liberty, and begg'd the King's Pardon. SJS Letters from Cadiz of the ;;h cf February, N.S. mentioa thut a French Tartan was arrived there with two Millions of Pieces of Eight, and 160 Cg> of Cochineal from Vera Cruz, which place Ihe left the 6 h of January Lft, N. S. and that four otrers were to fol.ow m a fhort time, viz. three trench ar.d one Dutch. SJE This Day there wis a Council at S:. James's, and we hear there will be a Proclamation iffued out this Week for a further Encouragement for failors and other perfons to in-lift into his Majeily's fervice. GE To morrow Admiral Vernon will be chofen Member of Parliament for Portfmouth, without Oppofition, in tho room of Admiral Stewait. The ftate of the national Debt on the 31ft of Dec. 17 tjc/g was 46,1 29,9461. 3 s. 5 +d. Increafed to the 31ft of Decrj 1740. Nil. Paid off in that time 186,000 I. Remains) the 31 ft of Dec. 1 740, 4^,943,946 I. 3;. 5Jd. M^ This Week his Majefty will appoint the fubakern Officer? to the eleven new Regiments. DP Extracl of a Letter from Capt. William Kittier, dated at the Citaie! of Pamoelonii, January 28, 1740, to Mr. William Ki'.tier of Ringwocd. , " I fh-.ll now take Leive to troub'e you, in as few Wordk as I cm, with whit is part, viz. After we v.e e taken I was kopt three Days and three Nights with Mr. Spratt continually on the Qumer Deck unoer Gunrd, all the People elfe were ty'd their Hands behnd their Bicks, except the Mate who had all the Liberty he defire !. The People that were tyed were put into tne Fore L'.llle three Days and three Nights, until the'.r Hands were Dhiier'd and fweij'd after a difma! Rate, and slm.ll ft.rved. We were 12 Days after taken getting to St. Si ba,tun%: When we arrived there I was directly taken on fhore, ar.d carried before the Inten^l-ant and examined, ar.d then pu: into Pnfon. We iiv^d there ind-fferent we 1 1 1 Da. s ; then we were march'd, 27 Englifh Men in Number, !cr P.impr'onia, feme of us almcjtfc naked, and the bell but � ouble Pin fcathe ed : After the fifit Day's March, about 7 or S o'Ciock in the Evening, Mr. Glover, |ohn Slade, and mvfdf, jump'd out of a Windoiv and efcap'd ; but Fortune being agiiir.ft us, for after we had been Libertines 48 Hours, and cnciur'J the F ights of a hui^C-ed Fox, thro' Woods and over Mountains higher than the Clouds, and fwimming over Rivers, without Victuals or Drink except Water, we were taken within three Miles of France, two thirds dead. We had about 1 2 Shillings in Cafh, which the Spaniards took from us, and coupled Mat Glcver and myfeif together with Handcuffs, and put us in Jail that Nighr, and next Morning march'd us for this Place, which is forty Miles as bad Road as ever I faw. They ford'd us to walk it in two Days link'd together, every ftep Hajf-Leg in Dirt, a�t nothing to eat more than Bread, and vdjey litile Wine; the firft Night put into a Dungeon, the n^st Day put into the Liberty of the Citadel, which is elevea�r twelve Acies Land wall'd : We all liv'd fo 14 Days, ifa Englifh, untii fix Mafters who had fome Money made their Eicape, then all were lock'd ciof'e Nfghc and Day in four feparate Place-, two of which for the common People the moll -Jifrnal that ever .Man liv'd in, bein� Dungeons under Ground and ovir Sr.o^ in dirt; tiie Mailer'- Place, and them they call Cnr.'ftians, is much better. We lived fo 7 Weeks, and no mere Allowance but one Pound of Black bad Bread On Chrillmas day the Letters came and my Credit: The 19 h of January King George's Bounty came, (whom G d rrefervc) wren we were al! revered to walk tO> the Garnlon at D;y, and r.ow I Jive vtry well, and beg all Friends to be ccnten; till Fortune turn-. I am forced to leave off. Your Humb'e ^-erv-nt, W; ui'.iu Kutier, ;