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Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - February 21, 1840, Dublin, Dublin |Vol.V. RICHARD R E I L L T. THumb. 433 The Dublin News-Letter. 7 -"*"L * i ^ 1 __^____l..... i i. - - -1-'--~--- - - - __i �n~n From Saturday February the 21/?, to Tuesday hebruary the 24^, 1740. Since our la ft arrived one Britift Picket, which brought one French and one Ho1 land Mails. RUSSIA. Mofcow, January 9. fc�-l9 ^aHr.mss Kouli Kan, fince his Return from f g * the Expedition againft the Great Mogul, bent his Thoughts on the means to chailife the Usbeck Tartars, who for thefe feveral Years part did all that lay in their power to traverfe his Dcfigns, and fpirit up the Perfians to a Revolt. In the month of September laft this Prince affembltd an Army of 40000 Men in the province of Chorafan, and gave the command of it to one of his beft Generals. This Army, which was very ftrong in Cavalry, began its march in the beginning of October towards Great Bucharia, the Country inhabited by thefe Tartars. The Usbecks being informed of the Approach of the Perfians, went to meet them, and gave them Battle near the River Amu; the Difpute was bloody, and the Usbecks were rooted, tho' twice as ftrong as their Enemies in number, they fled with fo much precipitation over the Amu, that great Numbers of them were drowned in attempting the paflage. The Perfians alfo made hafteto pais the Riv^r, and marched directly to Buchara the Capital of G-ent Bucharia, in order to take Advantage of the Consternation which this Defeat would occafion in the Country. The Cham hai'ing afTembled in. hafte all the Troops he poffibly could, polled himfelf within a few Leagues of the City, reviving to wait the approach of the Perfians. The latter ittack'd the Usbecks again, killed great Numbers of them, took many prifoners, -befides a very confiderab'e Booty. Then the victorious Army carried Buchara by ftorm, which j-is >a'large City, defended by a Rampart faced with Turf,  and a Caftle where the Cham refined. The Perfians fpent three Days in plundering the Town, and made great flaugh terofthe Inhabitants; after which they fet Fire to it in feveral places, whereby great part of it was reduced to Afhes, with many Mofques and Baths: The Booty made in that City was prodigious, the merchants Quarter being well ftoek'd with all forts of valuable Commodities, and the Cham not having had time to fend away his Treafures. After the Perfian Army had halted a few Days in the Neighbourhood of Buchara, they proceeded to the conqueft I Of tie reft of Great Bodtaria. We have fince received Ad-Vice, that all the province has been brought under the Do-� KouUKW ^ThjfcAdvantages of this Conqueft great, and'wrH cbnfiderably increaffe' his power. >Great Bucharia, which was the Sogdiana and Bactria of the Antients, lies between Perfia, the Great Mogul's Dominions, and the Country of the Calmucks, Tributary to Ruf-fii. This province is 150 German Miles in length, and 140 in breadth, and is reckoned one of the bell cultivated and beft peopled Country in Great Tartary, the foil being extremely fertile, and the mountains abounding with rich i Mines, which Kouli Kan has refolved to improve. The Conqurft of Bucharia fecores the province of Chorafan from the irruption which the Usbecks afed to make into it. SJ E Petersburgh, Jan. 31. The Court has received a Courier from Mofcow, with the Confirmation of the News they had heard that Thamas Kouli Kan bad feized upon Buchara and Grest Bucharia. This Conqueft makes that Prince (till a nearer Neighbour to Ruffia than before, fince Great Bucharia border, upon the Country of the Calmucks, and is but a little Di(h"-ce from Orenbourg, the firft Place where there is a Ruflhn Garrifon.: Some Perfons having exprefs'd them-felves in an unbecoming manner, concerning the Proceedings againft (Be Duke of Courland, the Court hasfoibid any pub-lick Difcoufe upon that fubject. The new Commiffioners which thePrincels Regent had appointed to examine the late Duke of G wland have reported, that it is needlefs to proceed to any further Examination, for that he appear'd quite outofhis fenfes, and was only worthy of Companion. Dr. Smith, who cime here a few Days ago fr�m SchlieflUbourg, has declar'd, that his Difbrder is not feign'd, as he at firft thought, but that he was in a real Delirium ; that he fpit Blood very violently, and that they could not expect him to live much longer. The laft time the Commiffioners queftion-ed him, inftead of anfwering their Queftions, he afk'd to fpeaknvith the late Emprefs, declaring that he had feveral things to difcover to her. GE Petersburgh, Feb. 1. Count d'Ofterman has declar'd to the Marquis deBotta, that the renewal of the di finivtieTrea-ty of A'liance beetwen this Court and that of Pruffia, dees not in the lea ft tend to prejudice that which fubfifts between Raffia and the Houfe of Auftria. Some Difpatches of the greateft Importance are lately arriv'd from M. Beftucheff, Minifler of this Court "at Stockholm; fince which it has been refolved to caufe a frefh Body of Troops to mirch toward the Frontiers of Finland." GE SWEDEN. Stockholm, Feb. 7. The Diet is fpedily to deliberate upon a very important Affair, the Determination of which is expected with the utmoft impatience. A frefh Body of Troops, with Ammunition, it's faid, will in the Month of March be tranfported into Finland. The Count de St. Se-rerin, the French Embaffador, had a long Conference the ether Day with Count Gyllemburg, about maintaining the Treaty concluded lor ten Years with France. The Report o> a Change in the Miniftry, which have been current, are I entirely diffipated. GE ITALY. Florence, January 14. Orders are fent to Sienna and Pourtremoli for providing NeceiTaries for a Body of 15000 Men to be formed there. They talk of fending 3000 Men to the Genoeze Sea-port La Spezzia to garrifon there, in order to prevent the Spaniards, who are upGn the lame Intent. MS "* Rome, Jan. 20. The Pope has fent a Brief to a!! the Roman Catholic princes, importing;, " That his H-lnefs had with the utmeft Grief heard that the King of Pruffia taking Advantage of the prefent Ci'cumftances of the Houfe of Auftria, is entered with an Army into Silefia, in order to feize upon that Dutchy : That all the princes who have the maintenance cf ihe Cdtholick Faith at heirt, ought to unite their Forces to prevent the confequcnces of fuch an Enterprize: That the Interefl of the Houle of Auftria, and of the Queen of Hungary, are not only in a likelihood of fuffefing thereby, but likewife that of the Church : That if meafures are not taken vigoroufiy to oppole the Defigns of the King of Pruffia, it is to be feared that Herefy, which has fatally extended itfelf already fo far, will entirely overwhelm the Dominions where the Cathoiick Faith is yet preferved in is utmoft purity : That motives of fo great importance ought to animate the princes of that Communion to give Mcrks of their Zeal fir the true Religion, in defending and fupporting with ail their power theHoufe of Auftria.' His Holineis has charged his Nuncio at theDyetof Franck-fort, to earneftly exhort the Electors to confer the Imperial Crown on the Grand Duke of Tufcany, as being the ab eft to defend Europe, and the Empire in parr.cular, againft the Enterprizes of the common Enemy to the Chriftan Name. SjE Genoa, Jan. 24. The mafter of a Gecoefe Pink arriv'd herejin four Days from Marleiiles reports, that when he was off the Port of Toulon, he faw four Frerch Men of War come out of it, but cou'd not tell whither the;-were bound. They write from Por.mahons, that Admiral Haddock was preparing to fail from thence with ten men of War. SJE Rome, Jan. 28. On the 24th the Obfequiesof the late Fmperor were celebrated by the German Colege at the Church of St. ApoHinaire, at which feveral Cardinals affift-ed. On the 26th the Tycer overflowed, ocafioned by the late extraordinary Rains, the Waters rifirg fo high that the Government was obliged to fend Bread and other Provifions about the City in Boats, to fupply the People that by the Inundation were confined tb their Houfl-s. LG Naples, Jan. 31. We have received Advice, that the eight RcgimmtJ, wiaA- return WW filer'Stag of Spain's fervice, have at laft begun their march to Tufcany, where it is faid they will foon be joined by fome Troops that are to embark in Catalonia. DP Milan, Feb. 1. Five new Regiments are to be railed forthwith in this Dutchy, at the Expenceof fome of the great Families, among whom are thofeof Baromeus, Vifconti, and Clerici. DP The King of Sardinia is repairing Fort Brune:ta, with all poffible Diligence, and has ordered fome Troops to march to that fide; and we hear from Mantua, thar 1500 Men are arriv'd there from Triefle, and they expect 4000 more in a little time. From Parma we have Advice, that the Hufiars that were quarter'd there are to march to Tufcany. DP Florence, Feb. 5. On th� 29th paft the firft Column of Auftrian Troops arrived at Pontremoli from Lombardy. On the 30th at Night a Meffenger was difpatched by the Regency to the Great Duke of Tufcany, to iett'e a fupp'y for the extraordinary Expences which the Body of Auft.-ian Troops from Lombardy into Tufcany will occafion. On the 31ft the Regimen: of Lorrain Foot Guards, in Garrifon in our Ciftles, was reviewed, and 600 Men werechofeo in order to join the Auftrian Troops in the Sier.efe. M. de Braitwitz is preparing his Field Equipage, and all manner of military Stores are getting ready at the Old Caftie5". A Body of 3000 Foot and a Party of Horfe of the Auftrian Trcops from Lombardy, are expected to arrive in a few Day* at Viareggi*, in their march to Pifa, Empoli, &c. the Places of their Rendezvous, where the neceffary Preparations are made for their Reception. LG PORTUGAL. Lisbon, Jan. 3. The Fleet deltined for the Bay of All Saints and Femambuco, confifting of 40 fail, fet fail this morning, under convoy of two men of War. The intend, ed Revolt of Negroes in Brazil was very luckily difcovered in time, for they had formed a defign to maflacre the greareft part of the Portugueze. The Lad Tyrawley, Envoy Extraordinary from the King of Great Britain, gives us hopes that the Embargo on provifions in his Britannick Msjefty's Dominions will be taken off in a little time with refpeft to Portugal. We are vaftly impatient to heir that this Thing will. certainly be done, becaufe we dan'c doubt but it will put a flop to the frequent Robberies com-mitted in this City. A few Days ago a general Vifu having been made in all the Quarters of this M trrp jiis, upwards of 300 Robbers and Houfe-breakers wtre taken up ; one of the Ringleaders was apprehended at the fame Time, and there was found upon him a Lift of ail the pj laces and Houfes of Noie in every Quarier, with a particular Ds:-fcription of their Apartments, Galleries, Chambers. &c. The publick is flill very uneafy about Goa, t; e Incians b -fjre that place incrcafing in number every Day. SJE SPAIN. Madrid, Jan. j t. A Lift has been priaced here of all the Englifh Ships that have been taken fince the Commencement of the War, the Number of which appears to be 407, and their Value to be 3850300 Piallers. Whether this Account does not appear romantick, is humbly fobmitted to the pubiick. GE GERMANY. Vienna, Jan. 28. Veldt Matfh.il Count Palfi ^ railing three Rrgirmnts of Huff-r- fir the Queen's fervice, at his Eilate in Hungary ; and "'is :aid he has offered her Majdly to engage therein 1500 Huog rian Gentlemen, who are ready to give the iiiongeit pro-i's of their Attachment to the Houfa of AullrH. Th? Djniage wnich thePrufiiaD Troops have done in Silefia is elieem-d at ten millions. 'Tis reported that a Dn'covcry has be n made at Olmutz, of a Correspondence which the Prulfians held with fome of the Inh bitants. SJE Breflau, Jan. 30. We hear that the Garrifon of Great Glogiu have made another fally on the Troops that form the liege of that place, and kill'd 20 or 30 of their Enemies. The King of Prr.ffia having, during his ftay in Silefia, informed himfelf of feveral Circumftances relating to the murder of Major Sinclair, who was returning to Stockholm from Conftactinople, his Pruffian Majefty ordered Enquiry to be made after fix perfons who were difguis'd like Ruffian foldiers, and purfued the faid Major as far as Chriftianftadt. It is reported that the Taylor who made the Cloaths for the, fix men has been taken up: If fo, we may get fome new Light into this Affair, which feemed to be quite forgotten. The King of Pruffia has fent a great Number of proteftanC preachers into Silefia, who on trie 18th Inftant began to preach in many Churches there, where the prayer which j the King has drawn up himfelf is always recited. SJB 1 RatisWon, Feb. 2. Jt is confirmed that a fort of Con- { grtfs will (peedily be held by the princes of the Empire, j relating to the Capitulation to be propofed to the new �n�~ i peror. They write from Munich, that when M. Kling- ) ranf had his firft Audience of the Eleftor of Bavaria, he,| made many propofaJs to that prince from the King of,1 Pruffia ; to which the Elector anfwered, " That he would with p'eafure accept of the propofals made by his Prnfian Msjeiiy, but that as his fole View was to preferve peace and Tranquility in the Empire, he was refofved to avoid doing any thing contrary thereto. The Bavarian Troops which were in march towards the Frontiers of Tyrol have received Orders to halt; from which favourable Circumftance it is believed, that the Differences between the Courts of Vien� na and Munich will be accommodated in a friendly manner. SJE . Vienna, February 4. Oar laft Advices from Silefia inform us, that the Prulfians are drawing nearer to the Frontiers of Moravia, and have pnt Troops in feveral Places in order to prevent fuccours to be thrown into thofe Towns which are flill garrifoned by the Queen's Troops. As their Forces are much fuperior to thefe under the Command of Count Brown, this General has been oblig'd to divide his, \ in order to ibengthen the moft important Pofts, and the De* files on the Frontiers of Moravia, until he receives the fuo cours marching to him from divers parts, which will enable : him to take the Field. DP5 Hanover, Feb. 6. We hear from Magdebonrgand Hal-*! berkadt, that the Prnifian Troops are in motion there, in order to form an Army of Oofervation of 25000 men, ItV faid that the Court of Berlin has refolved upon this, on Account of the Army of Obferva ion which is to be formed ' forthwith by the Hanoverian and Hefiian Troops. Extract j of a Letter, faid to be directed by the King of Pruffia to fis-! vera! princes of the Empire, is bonded about here, in which that monarch c'xprefles himfelf to the following parpofe, in regard to the Affair of Silefia ; ' The prejudices formed in regard to this Affair, do not alarm me; I expected it would be fo; i am not lrfs inclined to judge favourably of the Equity of the princes who h�ve imparted tome their Reflections upon this fubj-cl; I even Batter myfelf, that when tiiey h.ive thoroughly weighed the Reafons that determined me to act as I have done, they wit do me Joftice : Therefore, full of Confidence in this refpect, andfortify'd againft any frivolous Fears, I perfift in the Resolution to'< finifhwhat I have begun, &c SJE: Vieana, Feb 11. The firft Column of old Wirteinberg** Dragoons pafled by this place yefterday in their way to: Silefia. All the Officers are order'd to be with their Regi-i ments before the 26th Inftant. Prince Lobkowi:z is to have; the chief Command in Bohemia, whence they advife, that they are railing the Country Miliita with the utmoft Dif-1 patch. The fame thing is doing in Moravia; and thofe 1 Troops are intended to gu,ird the Defiles and Avenues of thofe Provinces. MSfl Hanover, February ij. The Miniftry have fent an Ex-1 prefs 'or London with Difpitches cf the utmtrtt Importance* the return of which was the mo-e impatiently expected, as 18 is (aid, that i: will decide whofe Ctufe the King of Great Britain will efpoufe in this critical Juncture of the Empire/ Mean while every thing is qoret here, jho' all is in Motion among our Neighbours. This Tranquiiicy (gives room to hope, that by his Briiannick Majcity's Care, in Concert with other Powers, 'omeexpejient will be found to bring the Courts of Vienna and Berlin together, and that thofe two Powers, as well for their mutual Advantage, as to prevent the-Dangers which threa.en the Empire, will lifteh to the Plan j of Accommodation that is much'fpoken of, of late; and 'tis-allured thai a Maiifte.- i� foun expected thcre-witb a Com*i{ million Ubta hL Prulhan Mijefty for that purpofe. MS ;