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Dublin News-Letter (Newspaper) - February 3, 1840, Dublin, Dublin ot.V. _ RICHARD RE IL L T. The Dublin News- From Tuesday February the 3^, to Saturday February the yth, 174.0. Jineeour laft arrw'd two Britifh Packets, which brought iwo French, two Flanders, and one Holland Mails, The King of Pruffia's Propo&ls to the Queen of Hungary and her Majefty's AnAver, both which are contained in the Advices of the 16th inftantO. 9. from Ratisbon. TH E firft Order of his Pruffian Majefty was to his Minifter the Baron de Borck, which tho' dated the 4th of November, was nat notify-ti by the 5aron, till the 6ih of December laft, and then no Part of it was read but the preamble, whereof a Copy was refufed. This Order was grounded upon the Apprchenfion of an Attack from the E-Jefiorof Saxony and another Power. But what follows was ofcen down in Writing with the Confent of the Baron a-/orefaid and the Count de Gotter, to whom it was afterwards tad over, and they found it conformable to the King of Proflia's lnftruflions. 1. I am ready with all my Forces to guaranty all the Dominions poff-ffed by the Houfe of Auftria in Germany, againft all Invaders. 2. For this End I will enter into a Uriel Alliance with the Courts of Vienna, Ruffia, and the Maritime Powers. 3. I will ufe all my Intereft to procure the Imperial Dignity for the Duke of Lorrain, and to fupport his Ekftion againlt all Oppofers, and I dare believe I fhall fuc-ceed. 4. To put the Court of Vienna into a good Stare of Defence, I will immediately furnifh it with two Millions of florins. You will naturally imagine, that for fuch fubftantial Services upon fuch hard Teams, I ought furely to expect a proper Security for indemnifying me from all the Hazards I may expofe my lelf to in the Affair I willingly imbark me. In (hort, what I want is the entire and abfolute Ceffion of all Silefia, not only as my Right but as my Reward for the Toils and Hazards which 1 may incur, in the Career that I am entertf upon for the Safety and Glory of the Houfe of Auftria. His Pruffian Majefty's ftctnd Difpatch was to the Count de Gotter, and dated the 15 th of December. By your Account dated the 15 th Iaftant, jail pot into toy Hands* by Kircheyfes, I have heard how you have been treated by^he Duke of Lorrain, .and in what Language he las been pleaied to an/war your Propofiih. Tho' the faid Anfwtr ufo ftiarp and paflionaie that it feems to cot offal! Meansof an Accommodation, yet you leave no Stone un-turn'd to induce that Prince to look with lefs Prejudice opon the Plan and Views I have propofcd to myfelf which really tend to nothing but the Welfare and Security of the Duke and the Houfe of Auftria ; who may depend on the utmaft Affiftanos that I can give them, if they will but fa-tisfv my juft Pretenfions to Silefia. You may even give the Duke of Lorrain to underftand, that tho' I have demanded th� entire Ctffion of fhis Province, I may perhaps make fome Abatement, and content myfelf with a Part of that Gauntry ; provided the Queen of Hungary will bi pleafed to enter into a reafonable and fincere Accommodation with me, to contract ftrici Engagements that may cohfift with our natural intereib. " The Kiog alio authoris'd the Count de Gutter to de* elare by Word of Mouth, that his Pruffian Majefty will be very ready to embrace every Opportunity for aflifting the Queen of Hungary to nuiucatn the Grandeur of her F�mily, and to make her Amends for the Lofs Hie may fuliain upon this Occafion. SJ E The Queen of Hungary's Anfwer. " As far as can be recollected frem the bire Reading of what the King of Pruffia's Minifters refufed to leave in Writing, his Pruffian Majefty founds the Entrance of his Troops into Silefia upon the Necaffity of guarantying the Houfe of Auftria againft the Defignj of fome other Powers ready to {Wallow it up, and on die Expediency of facrifi-cing a Part of their Dominions for laving the reft. Ne-Wrthelefs, 'tit conftant and notorious that the Queen's Do-minfoos enjoyed a perfeel Tranquility at the time that his Pruffian Majefty entered them Sword-in-hand". If this be, as is pretended", the moil proper, or rather the only Method to preferve the Syftem of the Empire, and the Peace and Happinefj of all Europe, it will be a hard Task to conceive what in the World candeftroy it." " As to the Offers and Demands which the Pruffian Minifters have been pleaied to reave in Writing, we are very far from flighting the FrieodJhip of his Pruffian Majefty, of which we know the Value, and for which we have all the Regard poffibie ; and we are fore we cannot reproach our-falves with having neglected any Oportunity to cultivate it. Bat without the leaft infringement of the Principle, we can't top remarking. 1. * That the Bind by which all the Msmbers of the Empire are united, founded upon the deareft Stipualtion of the Golden Bull, obliges every one of them toaffik any one them who (hall be attack'd in the Dominions which make *ftrt in the Germanick Body.- and this is in effect the hftance of his Pruffian Majefty's firft Propofal, tho' it does ** extend fo far as the Engagement that refults from the Guaranty of the Pragmatick Sanction, with which the fa** Empite j8 charged. If fuch Bands are not valid^ *A� Seturity can the Htnfe of Auftria hope for the fu .2. ' That the Alliances with Raffia and the Maritime Powers, known to all Europe, were in being before the entrance of the Pruffian Troops into �Jefia ; they are ftill in being, and 'tis very certain that 'tis the Intention of thofe Powers to confirm them more and more. Should the Queen therefore lofe any part of her Dominions, when the principal view of thofe Alliances is to preferve them entire.' 3. " That the Queen cannot but gratefully acknowledge his Pruffian Majefty's good Intentions with regard to the Election of the Emperor. Bur on the other hand, as the Election ought to be free, and to be made in the manner prefcribed by the Golden Bull, fo rhe Queen is moreover of opinion, that nothing has a greater tendency to thwart it than the difturbances raifed in the heart of the Empire.' 4. That no Prince never gees to War to force another to accept any offer of Money. What his Pruffian Majefty has already taken from Silefia under pretence of fubfifling his Troops there, added to the homenfe damage that refults from the ruin of the Country, already furpafles the two millions that are offered.' c. ' The Queen has no manner of intention to begin her Reign by difmembring her Dominions. She thinks nerfelf obliged in Honour and Confidence to maintain the Pragmatick Sanction, againft any direct or indirect Infraction of it: And from thence it follows, that (he cannot confent to the entire Ceffion of SiUfia, nor to any part of that Dutchy. Neverthelefs flie is ilill ready to renew rhe fincereft Friend-fhip with the King of Pruffia, provided it may be done without fuch direct or indirect 1 nfraclion of it, and without injuring the Right of a third Perfonj and provided that the Pruffian Troops retire without delay from her Dominions. This is, in her opinion, the only Meafuri confiftent with Equity and Juftice, with the Fundamental Laws of the Empire, with the Maintenance of its Conftitutjon, with the Publick Welfare, and the Balance of Power in Europe, and is confequently the only Step that can be conducive to the true Glory of his Pruffian Majefty. HeT Majefty the Queen makes no fcruple, molt earneftly to entreat his Ptuf-fian Majefty to embrace this method; and fhe even conjures him to it by all the Confiderations whatfoever, that may pof-fibly make an Impreffion upon the Heart of a great Prince. Nor does Ihe fcruple to order this Anfwer to be communicated to the Minifters of his Pruffi&v Majefty in Writing, to give the ftronger proof of the Sincerity which abounds in the prorcedings of this Court; thof his Minifters could not be prevail'd on to aft in the fame manser." SJE The following Letter from the Queen of Hungary to his Britannick Majefty, is faid to have been delivered to the King by her Envoy Extraordinary the Count d'Oftein, in a private Audience. Moft Serene Prince, THE Diicovery of the Miftake concerning the Will and Codicil of the Emperor Ferdinand I. feemed to warrant the Preservation of the Peace and Tranquility of the Empire; and all the Chriftian Princes whem it concerned were equally pleafed with the happy Situation and Profpect of Affiirs, when the (aid Tranquility and the publick Safety were difturbed by a Power from whom ic was leaft expected. The King of Pruffia, in Contempt of the repeated Af-furances which be gave me of his Inclination to maintain a conftant Friendship with me ; in Contempt of what he own'd to be my Right of Succeffion to the Hereditary Kingdoms, and Dominions ;. in Contempt of the Laws of. the Empire, of the public Peace, and of what is prefcrib'd upon that Head-in the Firft Article of the Golden Bull; in Contempt in itiort of all Laws divine and human, and in Violation of the Bands which fervefor'the Balis of civil So ciety ; that Piince, I fay, has at the Head of a numerous Army, in the midft of Winter, attack'd and invaded the Dutchy of Silefia, without any previous Representation, and without having made-the leaft Mention to me or my Minifters, of his pretended Rights, of which however he cannot aUedge any but what have been aboiifhed or extin-guifhed by folemo Conventions. Friendfhipis made ufe of as a Cloak to cover the moft dangerous Defigns, and to put tham in Execution with a furprixing Rapidity. The paft Agescan't parallel an Enter-prize of this Natute; thofe t� come will hardly give Credit to it; and the very Writing produced to colour this Proceeding will fhew the Injufticc of it.y -. Mean time, 1 have neglected nothing to convince the King of Pruffia of my fincere Difpofition to cul.ivate his Friendflup. With this View i let the Marquis de Botta to him, to concert and fettle the moft proper Meafures for tying the Bands of that Frienafhipt and good Neighbourhood. The Inftru&ions of that Minuter were only limited by the bare Reftri ction of not contracting Engagements that might be prejudicial to any one whatioever, or contrary to the Pragmatick Sanction, fq folemoly guaranteed by the late King of Pruffia at the Dyet of the Empire. Thefe-Advances on my Siue had no more Efied than the Reprefentations of feveral Princes. The Opportunity which ofler'd fo favourable to Vi.wa already form'd, the Defign of invading another's Patrimony, and the defire of difturoiag the Pe�ce of his Neighbours, prevail'd with him above al! other Confiderations. Confequently let any one judge what Fate o-ther Dominions may expd^, if thole Princes who have the Peace and Safety of the Publick at heart, don't unite their Forces and Couniels (9 ftep die Courfe of fuch Enter-prizes. My Interefts are not the only ones at Stake upon this cc~ cafion, but thefe of the wh >le Empire, and of all Cnr.iiten-dom. Setting private Intereft afide, it is the General Intereft of al! the Chriltian Princes, not to fuffcr the Bands cf Civil Society to be btoke with Impunity. I know your 'Majelty has the fame Sentiments as I hivs upon this Head, and that you have nothing more at heart than to preferve a Union in the Empire : And as that Union is expos'd to extreme Danger* I don't paufe one Moment to have Recourfe to your Majefty, whole Fiiendflup, Alliance, and Royal Word I depend on, as well as your conftant Cares for the publick Tranquility; to the End that by virtte of that Friendfbip which I fhall always carefully cultivate, and of the Alliances which unite us, it may pleafe your Majefty fpeedily to concert with me the fureft MeafuTes to cut up the Evil by the Roots, before it fefters and fprcads farther. As for my Part, I fhall oppofe the prefent Danger with all the Forces that God has put into my Hands. I expert no other Reward for my Efforts for the Common Caui'e, but two Things : An entire Reparation of the Damages I may have foffer'd, as well as my Subjects, and the Foreigners that have depended on the Mortgage of Silefia; and proper Securities againft being expofed to fuch Enterprizes hereafter, &c. N. B. The Queen of Hungary'3 Letter to the States.' General in the fame Terms, mutatis mutandis. SJE RUSSIA. Petersbargh, Dec. 27. O. S. The Princefs R�gent has made a Prefent of 100000 Rubles to CountMunich.in Confederation of the fignal Services he has done to the Empire. Befides which, her Imperial Highnefs has given him 70000 Rubles more, to frnifh the fine Palace he is building, and pre-fented him with a magnificent Service of Plate. The Princefs gains daily more and moie the Affections of all the Subjects of this extenfive Empire, by her gracious Behaviour, by her indefatigable Application to the Affairs of Go-vernment, and by the pains (he takes to make the people aa eafy as poffib'e. Count a'Oilerman, Vice Chancel .'or has made ftrong Reprefentations to the King of Pruffia's Minifter, upon the March of the Pruffian Troops into Silefia. General Ufcha-koff and M. Ehmer, Auditor General, returned toSchi&el-bourg a few Days ago, and figmncd to the Duke of Cour-hnd, ' That the Senate, in the Name of the Emperor, * declar'd him divefled of the Title of Dukr, That hia � * imperial Majefty Iikewife deprived him �/ ail the other � Employments and Dignities which had been conferr'd upon ' him ; and that as to the Fate of his Perfon, he fhoukl * fbon be acquainted with it.' Count Charles die Biron ia condemn'd to be deprived of his Title and Employments, to have his Eftate confiscated, and to be banifh'd for the Remainder of his Days into Siberia. SJE There is now on the Road to this Place an Ambsfiaoor from the Emperor of Perfia, Thamas Kouli Kan, who has no lefs than three thouiand Pet fin-, in his Retinae, with fifteen ELphants, fo that we gpprehend his publick Entry wi.i be very magnificent: Great Pieparations are making for hist Reciption, and Major-General Apraxen is gone to conduct him irom Aftrachan. it's faid, that he has large and valuable Prefents from hi< Mafter to this Court. AH things a-e now pet f Qly eafy and lettled, fo tint we have a Prof;e