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Doylestown Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1982, Page 3

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Daily Intelligencer, The (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Doylestown, PennsylvaniaSunday Mamik incr 21. Pagea-3 Andropov appears leading for user presidency Moscow Yuri v. The new sonet communist party chm. Has us Power few Man rapidly thu up Tom us now appears to be the top candidate to assume the late party chief Leonid i. Bre Shaev s other poet of soviet sources and communist diplomats say. Whan a Reshit died not. 10. The setting that Andreyev the Edge in taking Brezhnev s party Post but no one ruled out constant in u. Brezhnev s Long time Friend and aide. In the past few sources Battle to succeed Brezhnev hut that Andropov won after getting the support of defense minister Dmitri f. Foreign minis Ter Andrei a. Gromyko and ukrainian party Hose Vladimir v. Sherbl Taky. When Andropov was Naiad Gen eral Secretary of the party two Days after Brezhnev it was believed that Chernenko would be a lob which confers head of state status. He is still seen As having an outside shot at the Job but Only if Andropov has decided that he does t want it. The announcement of the new in. of Uniec thug i maw supreme the National which will vote on a and waged a Tough Lues by us Reagan s missile plan must survive Congress Washington president Reagan is hoping the latest plan for Basing my nuclear missiles will be Able to survive both a soviet attack and congressional scrutiny. Reagan is expected to announce monday that he has approved an air Force recommendation that the 100 intercontinental weapons be clustered in underground shelters within a 14-Square-mile White House and Pentagon officials say. The announcement was expected to come a few hours before Reagan gives a nationally Tele Vised address on arms control monday night Reagan s my known variously As spaced Bas and comes in response to z. Dec 1 Deal be set by Congress for proposing a Home for the missiles. Then which begins a lame Duck session nov. 29. Will have 30 legislative Days to veto the plan in a vote that is expected to be close. It has forbidden the Pentagon to set aside Money for Basing the weapons. The question of How and where to deploy the 000-Pound missiles has been unanswered since the weapons were first proposed in 1073. More than 30 different Basing plans have been considered. Even though the weapon system has no More than billion already has been spent on research and development. The Pentagon has set the total program Cost at about but critics say the final Price could be double that. Supporters of the program say the weapon is needed because increasingly accurate soviet missiles have made the current . Force of minuteman and Titan intercontinental vulnerable to destruction in their silos. Bach or will have 10 warheads and will be highly accurate. While the my is scheduled to go into production next the base won t be ready until 1m6. In the Reagan proposed putting the first 40 missiles into existing minutemen but the idea was turned missing girl returns Home Washington a Mother and her missing 6-year-old daughter have been reunited Miles from Home after police in Virginia and aided by a newspaper found the child and arrested her father. Missed my Rachel Moore said in a Tele phone interview saturday. Police said they found Genny in a Motel with her Edward j. Who was arrested on a felony warrant and was awaiting extradition in the Solano county jail in Fairfield. Moore was charged with abduct ing Genny on feb. 17 in Alexan Dria. A Washington suburb. Investigator Jim Scutt of the Alexandria police department had run out of leads in his search for Genny when the associated press transmitted her photograph to accompany a Story about president Reagan s signing of the missing children act on oct. 12. A waitress who saw the photograph in a California news paper told authorities she had Denny at the restaurant pie who saw the photograph also called Pouce with information. While police were working on those Scutt said new information was received As a result of Peony s picture appear fax to a National a Fahne i no vember and that cd Pouce Tome Ore. Always knew i would Hemiy Tat i melted her t All the Down cold by Congress. Although the president could make some last minute the version of he is most Likely to approve would put All 100 missiles into an area about 14 Miles Long and a mile wide. Backers say the missiles would be saved by a theory which holds that incoming soviet missiles would Knock each leaving some my weapons Able to retaliate. Another option is to build More than 100 silos for the leaving some of the shelters empty that would make it More difficult for the soviets to target the say my advocates. Has Many As have All the other Basing plans one is Charles a physicist and Nobel laureate who headed a defense science Board panel that studied the idea. Townes has reportedly questioned whether the missiles can be put into or silos quicker than the soviets can come up with better weapons other critics say my is a waste of Money they unproved guidance technology has made All land based missiles vulnerable. The United they should build improved missiles for us Trident submarines. One my sen. Ernest says have sufficient votes to Stop production of the my when the ques Tion reaches the Senate. In the Senate voted 50-46 against boiling Effort to take my Money out of the fiscal 1983 defense authorization Bill. A leading House critic is rep. Joseph p. Chair Man of the defense appropriations subcommittee in that chamber. His Effort last week to Cut my Money Ilioiu of the spending Bill failed by Only 7-6 during a drafting leading him to say. Think the my is i the sensitive to critic has not announced where it wants to put the although Sites in new Mexico and Wyoming Are believed to be the current favourites. Rachel Moore found in California nurse who was at work when Genny was taken by her father. Mrs. Moore said her Only lost weight during the nine month ordeal. They were reunited in the far fled police station nov. The same Day Moore was arrested. I saw she looked thin and Pale. I hugged her and i i m so Happy to see you. How Are she was Happy to see mrs. Moore said in a Telephone interview. Scutt said the Moores were get Ting divorced when Moore persuaded his wife they should reconcile for Genny e Sake. They signed a Legal reconciliation agreement and sold their Alexan if Andropov does not take the president s the sources the 71-year-old Gromyko is the next Moet Likely candidate. Gromyko s most namely successor As foreign the sources would be Anatoly f. The 18-year-old ambassador to the United states a Job be Naa Neid iwo Muns n years. Other additions to the depleted top soviet leadership also Are Likely soon. On the party s 300-plus member Central committee is Sanction the naming of new members to the which three members any of the u it haday Arago. Last january. Mikhail a. The chief Kremlin Idolo Gist and the Man who was thought to have sponsored Bra Nev i Rise to Power i died at 79. His demise reduced the ruling body to 18. Brezhnev s death made it and Andrei p. Kyrilenko. 76. Is said Loci or incr. The All powerful Rul ing body ton. As late As last Kirilenko was seen in Public at Brezhnev s funeral but standing Well away from the other sign he is out. His picture did not appear in tin gallery of other politburo members in Advance of revolution Day on nov. Another Clear sign that has stepped Down or been pushed aside. Soviet sources said it appeared that at least two men now holding non voting candidate status on the politburo would be elevated Vladimir i. And Boris 77 Andropov is said to be grooming who has risen in the soviet Hierarchy on a highly successful career in Industrial As a replacement for Premier Nikolai a. Pope John Paul ii Waves to crowd saturday in Italy Pope attacks Italy violence Sicily a heavily guarded Pope John Paul n travelled to this organized crime Strong hold saturday and lashed out at the wave of thai Nas claimed 130 lives in Gangland murders this including four just hours before his arrival police picked up two West germans and an austrian carrying empty Cartridge magazines and a Bayonet in their backpacks near the papal route two hours before the Pope got to Palermo. They had no police said. Police said two of the men would be placed under formal arrest but did not say what they would be charged with they said they did not know whether the incident was related to the papal visit and refused to give any other details. The Pope was shot and wounded by a turkish extremist in St. Peter s Square on May and a year later escaped unharmed when charged by a Bayonet wielding renegade Spanish priest in Portugal. After his motorcade passed Yards from the spot where Italy s top crime fighter was assassinated in the Pope went to a Palm lined Central Square saturday and threw Down an immediate Challenge to Palermo authorities and citizens to put an c1lu by us deeds of barbarous which for too Long have bloodied the streets of this splendid offend human As do subhuman discrimination against fundamental rights and eco nomic and social the White Robed pontiff told a throng of More than people standing shoulder to shoulder in sunny weather in Palermo s pol Teama Square. In a massive Security hundreds of police lined the route Over which the Pope passed standing in the Back of a Glass enclosed White jeep authorities sealed off the City Center to private traffic and erected Metal barricades to hold the crowds away from the pontiff the 62-year-old Pope did not mention the mafia by name in his made in response to a Welcome by City but later in remarks to University he denounced what he called mafia phenomenon John Paul told the professors they have me Power which from the strength of ideas and which is needed More than Ever today As an antidote to profound particularly to those connected with the mafia phenomenon that concerns today s society it is that certain repressive measures can halt some manifestations of violence. But the Only Way these evils can be completely overcome is through the patient work of forming making the first Tnp by a Pope to Sicily in nearly 600 years and the first Ever to the polish born pontiff in effect gave his support to a Campaign against the mafia being waged by the Island s roman Catholic Church mafia violence reached new Levels of ferocity this capped by the september assassination of Gen Carlo Alberto Dalla his wife and bodyguard in an ambush in downtown Railimo. Dalla Chiesa had been sent to Sicily to direct the government s Campaign against the crime which has become the largest single supplier for heroin addicts in the United states. In the latest wave of suspected mafia gun men armed with pistols and sawed off shotguns killed four people overnight m the outskirts of Palermo in two separate ambushes the Pope returns to Rome sunday night Dol fikh currently is a member of the Central committee secretariat and chief of the committee s heavy Industry which was overseen by Kyrilenko. Despite his Tikhonov is said capable of maintaining a rigorous work schedule. But his Rise to the premiership was said to have been on the orders of and Brezhnev s death weakens Tikhonov s position. While is expected to be elevated because of his experience As an ideologists and his Broad Contact with communist parties both in the soviet bloc and in capitalist countries. Al Salvador army says insurgents retreating san Al Salvador hundreds of troops began leaving Chala Venango province in North Al Salvador after retaking four of six towns seized by leftist rebels last military sources said saturday one of the who asked not to be said the military suffered 40 dead and 60 wounded during the 10-Day operation by soldiers the defense ministry has refused to disclose army casualties it was not immediately Clear if the entire operation had ended or if Only part of the Force was Leav ing the which rebels opposed to the .-backed government attacked last month in a major offensive the sources also did not explain Why the army retook the rebel held towns 50 Miles North of Salvador the defense ministry earlier claimed it did not consider the towns valuable because they were worthless a military commander in just South of Canala Venango on the Central american country s main North South said troops began leaving the Battle zone late Fri bound for their garrisons two Jos de Agua and Al remain in guerrilla the sources said rebels also Are believed to still control six towns in Morazan province and one in san Miguel province near the honduran Border farther East. There was no Way to independently confirm the latest troop movements because the govern ment has banned foreign correspondents from the Battle zone reports Are assembled based on military guerrilla Broad casts and interviews with Refu gees. The defense ministry has claimed 156 guerrillas were killed in naia Venango. The rebel radio Venc Eremos claimed Friday night that guerrillas killed or wounded 549 government troops since the Start of the october offensive. More attention directed at missing children the next feb. Scutt said mom vanished with Venoy and All the Money from the Condo met in Toa Taf mrs. Moore with continued from Page Al said Candy Gilchrist who formed an Agency to help parents with missing children after Johnny disappeared. Abductions have shaken communities from new York to Alaska and Given Rise to similar local agencies across the country. This highly publicized Trage Dies focused National attention on the problem of missing children. President Reagan signed a Law last month sponsored by rep. Paul and sen. Paula to have descriptions of missing children entered into Fri s National crime information computer. The two cases that moved the lawmakers were the disappear Ance three years ago of 6-year-old Etan pats near a new York City school bus Stop and last year s kidnapping of Adam also from a shopping Center. Etan has never been found. All that was found of Adam was his severed head. Newspapers around the country have written about missing Chil Dren this and a Gastner and televisions shows recently have giving us jew Wieri attention. Child a private group i new is the Only child tracking Agency with National for a to child find compiles statistics on a child and notifies parents and local Pouce if a reported sighting is verified. Since it Wae formed two Yean child find has located j80 most of them to the put really touched a said spokeswoman Kristin Cole Brown child find says it has support groups in every state. At state fairs in friends of child find helpers hand out leaflets telling parents How to pre vent child abductions in Westchester officials Are putting child find s directory of missing children in the and teachers Are urged to Telephone parents when children Are More than 30 minutes late. In is Gilchrist s friends of child find distributes Tion posters with the Agency s hotline number to churches and doctors offices where children Are patients. When that strategy was used in a dentist recognized one abducted child alter he had filled her cavities. Utah residents were particularly disturbed after several abductions hit close to Home. Jeff and Elaine Runyan s a year old Rachael a disappeared aug. 26 from a playground in a Small town near Salt Lake City. A non offered and the Runyans flew to new York to Appeal on National to. The child s nude body was discovered sept. 11 i a Canyon Creek. Have never seen a More Beautiful place to raise children. It just makes you feel like you re not Safe said Dorothy Williams of Salt Lake who is Active in Utah s child find chapter. In Utah an their together information birth official custody records that police might need to Trace a child a state Law has been proposed to require known sex offenders to Register with authorities. Maria a 4-year-old Provo was abducted on the family s California vacation a year ago Don t know whether your child is dead or the girl s said of her ordeal. Can t allow yourself to Grieve because your child May be alive and she May be waiting for you Maria was alive. She was rescued 10 Days later when a Ransom demand led police to the kidnapper but for months after she vomited every time she saw a Man like her wore a Beard. Child find s Many of them parents of abducted Chil try to counsel the families. Mrs. Martin said she would have appreciated such support. When Maria was she said she received Crank Telephone Calls. Thought i was going she said. I had met a Parent at the time who could have you re not we Nave glue through that would have been the Oklahoma child find which offers emotional support and referrals to Detec lawyers and doctors who will give free is led by or. Robin whose three Chil Dren were taken by his sex wife four years ago. They have not been found. Gunning practices his letters to his children and putting them in a drawer for them to read if they return Alaska presents special problems for distraught parents because it is so easy to hide Chil Dren in its vast said Nancy Barros of who has formed missing children of America the Volunteer efforts across the country Are not matched by any Federal program to track children the Fri says abductions should be handled initially by local police. The Agency said it would not get involved in parental abductions unless three conditions were met a felony warrant was out the Parent had crossed state lines and there was evidence the child was in danger local police policies vary they will not get involved if it appears the child has run away or been abducted by a Parent mrs. Gosch said she believes Pouce in West Des Moines have not pursued her son s Case vigorously. The Tosches have hired private detectives at a Day and have mailed handbills to Law enforce ment agencies around the nation. Taken every cent that we worked for for 15 years to have to her cur Educa she said. Gerald director of Iowa s division of criminal said police had interviewed 371 people and checked cars but had come up empty handed in their search for Johnny. Just Don t know whether he s five blocks from Here in the Cornfields or Miles Frorer cum run

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