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Doylestown Daily Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 1

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Doylestown Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Doylestown, Pennsylvania Weather mostly sunny and warm today and again sunday Mil Tiest today Ned 50s and to set 50s fair tonight Low. Cd Imper 30s and mid 40s. Of Chesl sunday mid Fin and Low to 70s. Jibe lath jute Tsetim 161st year a vol. A xxvi. No. 259 Quot a newspaper for every member of the family a Doylestown. Saturday afternoon. October 30. 1965 2 lections�?24 pages you la find amusement. 10 Bridge. 10 comics. 11 Channel swim. 2 dear abby3 editorial. 4 obituaries. 2 society. 5 sports6, 7 10 cents copy outnumbered leathernecks hold fast attack on Danang fails i cd Fin in Hock toll Llomo test Saigon up a a company at 2 20 a in about to four to one today repelled a far not in massive communist attack the scene of a during thursday a raid to two Miles West of Ila Nam Miles 380 Miles Northeast of Saigon grenades and Small arms fire. Communists withdrew they left of . Marines outnumbered a St the huge airbase not it the first time the a . Official said american behind 22 dead and the marines it a a communists had attacked a casualties were not determined. Be Marble Mountain air facile communists had attacked a known by picked up ii weapons including f f Fth n v communist suicide squad As me u tig in a a a a Liht to the sex swedish made machine West of the Danang airbase. Defensive position. Leathernecks outnumbered runs. 15 other carbines and no communist attack wa., s01k at least 46 guerrillas were the attack a my ear headed about four to one fought the automatic rifles. Known killed a 1 by a hard Core company of Viet on ban 1 ,0 ban Ltd at one a by m re a. Of Man and damaged 22 others a a Point. Warme company and 70 mortar we a4 skyhawk Jet Moniben Worth $2.5 million each Wen carried out against the Chu took in strip. 52 Miles to the South a a Micutka Island Maka Ipi a the United states exploded a Hydrogen bomb 2,300 feet below j he airfare of a ii 1 to 1 1 j col. I i a Little Aleutian Island f if i ctr it w la. To produce Dafa needed to it ref Iciano Riim Nauish earthquakes from support Agene Ruck ground nuclear expo department w the Island the tee 1 Long shot p i timing n in e in surface radiate takings following the blast. A Over thing that up used to happen happened Pickett project among the by the atomic of the defense Quot main re on Jyh the Detona aim mama Gnu i Inners Point a. Mesday and again four Day predicted. Marine casualties in the Quot pc Cong regulars with three other com Nav from to Quot la n 50 &Quot<1 70 mortar two a4 skyhawk Jet bombers it unfavourable Wrath Sun re blast eau t\7i Ivd Quot Raider a i to Union companies a re serve the it a in a Quot he is. Z. . A it who. A a Ltd it Ltd a a a a a a a a 7. 2-. A Small of ground Wilh autom tic a Ufa has 57 guarding Tho Region to present Sponden morn Stuart Kox destroyed and damaged in ? l l j Bond. U the ase i be vial Cong attack earn Nam from Nee paddies Bon my. .ecoih.,. Rill. Mortars neb attack Wka Tho to reported Iron. To a a i the Ful the $10 in a con 000 ton ill show sign t million h Komi hospitals Complex gets Nois it protest As Daylight time fuds. Rhodesia a not ready third Center opens Bucks gets Praise residents May form on senior activity Chic i nit Borough and pleaded for Coop by 1 k0nad mat run oration by the entire common intelligencer staff writer Ity. Eighty seven residents of the Samuel tries president of Coventry Woods Centennial Hills and Webster Glen sections by Florence so Haff haul ten Salisbury Rhodesia Puli intelligencer staff writer a British prime minister Bucks county cited yes Britain not believe. A Ted /"1iv he re inn a Quot he by Ard of directors of Tho is african majority Quot Ltd Ltd tide Quot Loz zit affix town nip Las Rule keep them out of institutions and brought greetings from night noisily protested the idea to a j u a u let and Ive to bpm be Opportunity congressman Willard s. Curtin of having an apartment com j1�?T prot a a Ltd to develop new interests. Who is in Geneva on business pie built in their residential to me 30 a inc in a the commendation of the for the Federal government. Trea to get a Hospital in the county program made by Lonergan closed the program township. Wilson ruled out the use of state senator Marvin v. Keller a Ith a plea for a reverence and the group filled the rumpus any air a tack military inva an j Robert Lonergan. Comm love the aging As exemplified room in the Home of . And Sion any other form of Force Njuty consultant from the state a the Bible a mrs. Edward f. Gutekunst. 238 by Britain to impose an african office of the aging at the Dedi Quot a very eligible group for colonial drive to capacity majority government on this cation of the county a third a a d under the poverty program Many stood around the edges White ruled . Tis Ity Center for senior citizens. Are our senior citizens a the of the room and on the Stair he also warned White ext re the new Center located at Arost group of poor people in Case. Miss that Britain we not 17 West court Street Doyles be , Lone Gati my org Ltd be group alarmed after stand idly by if they try to town formally opened Fol no a b rce Quot Bich _ a. A take the Law into their own owing the dedication Cere 15, studying the problems Warminster Board of super Hall do Mony which held in the older it Zens work to act visors last monday night voting he said although Britain had auditorium of the Dames Cora a Una fund decided to forego the use of House Doylestown. Military Force it still might More than 250 persons who t 11/�?~i annl o pm Loy economic sanctions filled the Hall to capacity heard Valyo Wilson said he and rhodesian county commissioner Joseph prime minister Ian Smith had o. Canby Promise county sup a \�/kv7q i a greed that a Royal commission port for the program and Al a. La Lii Liv Cli might find a solution to the Cio Council president Frank crisis. Flatch pledge the support of tit sees solution Union members and officials i Nance a i believe that Given time a a a l rur Ranis to enrich the Short time in my View a the pensioners. Time present time past a Roy Sellers of masons Hill Hoad Iii upper Moreland township tries out the hand of his is22 Eli Terry shelf clock under the watchful Eye of a a newsy Quot. His i i year old cat As he prepares to turn Hack the hand one hour for Eastern Standard time which arrives at la . Sunday. Staff photo by Kudo m Ilia re Reading in the press of the All running at Large Council. School jolts Al Stoke in in Thoro in favor of approving a petition for a change in zoning on a tract of 39.4 acres on Newtown Road from i residential to a o apartment. Office zoning called a meting in the gute Kunst Home 1� be what could be done to rect the resident Republican incumbent Colin by Marian Muhlberger intelligencer staff writer Shimen Theodore Davis we till Fri a Haeim Nart Surry us did by the sound land Jarn Philips Morris i White Tai Aiea from having Apa t to fury political Battle in Lyl i i Ouis Ricco seek re ments built on 20 acres of the Pinr a Anil i inner Moreland. I a re for spam Ana 1 per Moreland election against democratic 4 i township the Borough of hat hopefuls Edward a. Duterv Johnson City. Tex us practically All Tho residents Boro has gone almost unnoticed Donald d Devlin Alfred f proposed Royal commission can Captain j. P. Perry of Bucks Al i Baines Johnson and her bom a dog were in favor through a municipal Campaign Scipio. ., and Mary Coleman. Hammer out a solution which county United services found Waukegan ii Boyfriend. Pat Btu Kensington Hospital that could have some tar reach tax collector candid ties Are can Lead to an honorable and at Ion which Bas contributed sub Rupent. Flew to the lbs ranch a lid gang a new Hospital in Ink results if an upset occurs Alexander l. Parry. Republic acceptable basis for ind Epen Stan tally to the senior citizen Friday night and close friends in an it them voters in the Borough will in an j Rthur w. Rudolph. Wilson said program noted the important said planned to try to gain sad a ets no Penalise the peo elect four councilmen one tax Democrat. Wilson expressed his Hopes place the program has in the president Johnson s consent to w a having to have an collector and three school i for an Early settlement before United fund budget. marriage. Apartment Complex built to get rectors All at Large contests taking off for Zambia on his a a in Mason Doylestown Bor. A. A Hospital in the township. _ a a _. Hie president s wife lady Horn Rush count Prendez. Herb no reportedly a. A a a by Trees of cd try Woods. R0 eng Hill rolled tie said Bis labor government equipping that a people dont get by it in co a Send t0 her younger rent to a Nisi Hlls and Webster 3 like All previous British a youth just lasts daughter governments a is irrevocably promised the support of the committed to eventual Rule by Rhodesia a nearly 4 million vietnamese woman Black africans Over its 220,000 Whites. He added however. Arrested As say that it probably will be some time before Power can be Danang Viet Nam up b p. Million concerning the report that Road. S marriage. In a ,.r to re he ?9 4 in halloween spree acres of which 19 acres has mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter by an agreement of Sale from More than 35 massive piece press Secretary for mrs. John Theodore j. Dadirrian of of firewood some two to in soc said Luci and Nugent Southampton been accepted by Fri a Lect in diameter a w Ere a s. Ai Rived a the ranch aboard a die Board of trustees of Ken school directors Clyde k. Gep flirt. Norman c. M Aires and Edward g. Glasser . Seek re a Lection opposed by democrats Robert i. Soh Mitt and Virginia la Neubeck. Other contests include those for inspector of elections in tonight s the night a the dogs hark the night is dark. And spooky things Are be n the witches ride. And children hide tonight is halloween a this halloween poem by seven year old Judy Holland daughter of . And mrs. Robert Holland of bed Minster township sent to the daily intelligencer by her Sisters Nancy and Donna third and fourth graders at the township elementary school. A we thought thu poem cute. We Hope you think so the girls wrote expressing the Hope that a a you can Fand space to print it in your to cd Down last night from a North no i Mary m. Hammon. Lost and found jets Tai aircraft shortly before so no toa Hospital for a new s3 High soon behind the Home of ,"lm,1 lican is running against a Pic a Emily i. Greener. D Socrat Tost male Ltd usable Ana White. Transferred to the Blacks an 80-year-old vietnamese a the British government. Woman arrested As a spy tic president s daughter wished supervisor John p. Ramsay do not belie a that in the suspect Friday when . 13 Riany no senk mls Carpen Quot to came to the meeting late a Greet Deal of crat present tragic and divided marries found Lier carrying i said no a now made aware of the groups High ground about foul and one in a Gnu a District no condition of Rhodesia majority drawings of Marine Stalla any Kllc pm ans dislike for the unknown. A years ago i have just re y Rule can should come to Vlad. Moi concealed in a Basket of Duci Law s Kings a the group protested the acc turned from the Hospital Ai it Wilson said. Banana.-. Boyfriend Down with her when Recy in which the Board of a Bema operation a he said �?o4 period of time is needed the woman arrested at a Sec comes to the said supervisors last monday night Dol fully this morning to remove the fears and of Loek six Miles South of a Carpenter. Approved he Petitioner s re Quot i can t imagine How i Hospital on Newtown Char is Dejohn 44 rolling Hill drive Holland. On of his Lawn. A i transported teat Wood with North no. 2 District in Roy. Neitheimer. Republican Hildien pm. Vicinity of carvery Villa 27-3001. Riegelsville 2 fount in will share in a Lector by Frank i yol no in. Intelligencer staff Willer in Riegelsville the Gatewo a of upper Bucks county a near in unique school District a Iang Cmunt will have voters put Ting Bucks count Ian into Northampton county office at stake i it a Bingle school director s seat. With incumbent Republican Rthur w Osborn running against Democrat Roert lit shares school s Stem Riegelsville although in Buck county hares its elementary school system with the City of Easton and its system rather than the surrounding Bucks joint re of Palisades i unusual arrangement sex Isis in Only one other area Iii Pennsylvania in a locale of up per Montgomery county which sees children in the Rural Potts Grove area attending school in Boyertown Berks county other Borough offices list new Comers t. Numis Johnson a re publican against John \ f ran Kenfield. Democrat for mayor filling the Wist of outgoing god Retiree Robert a Fink incumbent gof tax collector Grace Utley against Richard f right a Democrat and incumbent gop councilmen Francis j Weiss and Waller Furlaga. With fellow party newcomers Naomi i. Trout Hamel and Ross v Okes. Against democrats Thomas Sarkady. Franklin Rinker. Frank Huff and Robert Lehr. Bipartisan in two other upper Rucks municipalities full Republican and democratic slates will Greet voters with the exception of two bipartisan nominations one each in the townships of Spring Field and Durham. The exceptions Are Clifford p Whitsell by nominated to a succeed himself As auditor in Springfield and Samuel Berger to succeed himself As Durham Justice of the peace. In other Springfield office five newcomers will he on the ballot along with one other incumbent. In the latter instance present tax collector Rhine f Miller a Republican will run against Democrat Earl c. Shearer for that office. Other races list republicans Mary fallen Orben and Dean. Reiss against democrats Joseph t Povenski and Mark w Mease for the respective of fires of school director and i von wit 1 against Ruth deluded demo l0st enlist Pointer White with Brown township supervisor Effort to the Soots answers of Sain about 7 Sears in Tau am allots. Answers of Sam. Hunt i Sears old missing Ainee for. Oct. 32. Re Myra Nard. 318 i8<8 791-8377. Gimber. Republican is run f0un0 Small who Emale Dof. Ullh Ming against Regina Al Kerr Light Tan markings Tail wb-378o. Democrat and in so he no. 2 f0un0 0, pm car of Vav Wett 0ak. Harriet s. Kinna. Republican land Avenue. Ijoyi Eston. Call is St. Suspicions Between race and , is believed to be the race time to show. That the eldest Viet Cong suspect App re Rule of Law. Equally with the bended so far in the Vietnam continued on Page two Rhodesia it pal appearing on tuesday ballot Bucks bar Assn. Backing retired judge amendment la Auk e g a la. No agent s continued on Page two residents paints expressed Surprise at the news. A i know nothing about Nugent s father said. A i Haven to Nard a thing about the elder Nugent an investment broker said his son in Washington and that he had no told his parents of any engagement plans. Luci reportedly broke the news to her father while he a a Bethesda naval Hospital go-g of get it Back again . Anniversary Observance Harold Stassen to speak in Doylestown wednesday runs against Caroline a Black. A Democrat mayor James t of Aton is running unopposed on he Republican ballot Asar four judges of election one in each District. They Are Betty Jane Leidy North ill c n v w Coombs. North 2 cd Harold Bickhardt. South i and a Vernond a Flowers South 2. Found Hills skirt. Call 348 3534 anti identity. Durham township in Durham township slated for the two Justice of the pea a openings arc incumbent Litzen Berger and gof newcomer Elizabeth Zylstra unopposed for it school director cecum continued on Page Tun 7 Horsham supervisor candidate Kohler hoping to Colton in his dad s footsteps Harold Al Stassen. A Mem Ber of president Lyndon in up Quot recovering from Gall bladder Johnson s International Cooper a ii 11 a in f. He Effier president not been Defeated for reelection ant kidney Stone surgery. The action year commission will of the Bucks county bar ass would be continued Quot Page two Luci speak at an open meeting at cation today urged Public sup for v Days he a. 8 pm. Wednesday. Nov. 3, in port of a proposed stat constr Tuaila serves and will receive area cd men Nan so the Bucks county courthouse in cd Nal amendment to permit no othe salary. Friday by Scranton Doylestown assignment of refiled judges to the Pennsylvania Council of 7 7 Stassen will speak in Obser coun duty. Juvenile court judges also is Harrisburg up gov. Yacc of the 2mh anniversary the nov. 2 ballot will carry sued a plea for support of the wham w Scranton Friday an q the uni cd nations at the it As proposed constitutional amendment. Bounced the appointment of the inv a a on 0f the Doylestown amendment 1-a. Judge Paul s. Lehman of local civil defense i Areg leg of women voters a if the proposed amendment Lewistown chairman of t h e rectors William p Cole for discuss cooperation is passed Heefner said. A Are Council declared a the list of Muford twp., Bucks c o t a tin of judges of High experience ref red judges constitutes a Pool areas of education Trade re. Source development and peace eos court business and thus perlite assignment would be made by the Pennsylvania supreme court the Pennsylvania supreme court tour to George heme hades. Principles e temporary basis. Heefner j urged bar associations to Active Tot Lansford. Carbon county. As t0 x time of the league t xu1 a in cd Only judges who rely support the proposed Amend Aud Vale Maitz Tor Richland dark to the ume of league tired voluntarily and who have meat. Lebanon county. Continua o. Page two Stassen among member nations in the. Ice j Lucs la Lii pics cd jul us u. Usu Ulvi a a. A a via help dispose olt miscellany of expert workmen who could twp. Montgomery county and a a lop Mem .1 sex Supply a much needed Reform in j. List for Penn twp of judicial we Sim Ireland Cecil j a a by chief Justice John c. Bell of just a in for Karns City Butler 1 league Luci Linch has a per manent observer at the ., s Harold e. Stassen Wynne James prefers to remain Quot Neutral Wynne James ., Doylestown attorney and realtor and Well known democratic party member said today his name inadvertently appeared in connection with an advertisement endorsing first assistant District attorney Ward f. Clark As a candidate for Bucks county District attorney. Quot i prefer to remain Neutral a said James a former democratic congressional candidate Clark admitted that James Nam should not have appeared in the advertisement and blamed it on a a mix up among some of his committee people. Clark said Many attorneys have contributed to his Campaign but have pret Rcd to remain Anonymous. J. Fred Kohler calling for a return to bipartisan government in Horsham township j. F Rederick Kohler democratic candidate for supervisor said today his experience a former a it Distant Secretary treasurer of the i township would put him in a to a sit Ion to bring about municipal i refer in. If he i it elected Hoilier assistant score tary treasurer for 13 year i when his father e. Carl Kohler d township supervisor. The democratic candidate said that Many of the problems which have developed in the township government within the past few years Stem from the one party government in the township. Kohler blamed the three mar All Republican Board of Supei continued on Page two Kohler

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