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Dover Times Reporter Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 1

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Dover Times Reporter (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Dover, Ohio Thursday May 15,1986 times in i tii Imes i he importer 30 cents 83rd year no. 275 Dover new Philadelphia o. Dems ignore labors threats on comp Bill by Robert e. Miller associated press writer Columbus a the Republican controlled Senate was expected to Complete passage today of a workers compensation Bill which May have jeopardized the longstanding courtship Between House democrats and organized labor. The Democrat controlled House approved the proposal 74-22 wednesday to Deal top labor chieftains their biggest setback in Ohio in years touching off a feud that could affect labor support in the coming legislative elections. House speaker Vern Riffe jr., a new Boston reacted angrily to reported threats of political reprisal but said he Hopes the unions will recognize that democrats a acted in the Best interest of the working people and the business climate of this Riffe who said earlier that members of his House caucus could get along if necessary without financial backing from labor told reporters he had heard about the threats. A i resent that. That a wrong. I done to condone it and i wont put up with it a Riffe said. He reportedly has a War Chest of about $1.2 million to help elect demo see workers comp. A-3 column i i dad sues Over or. Success i i a i a a misfit now f a Liz is of Ting by Steve Lopez you May have heard about the drug Supply at 8th and Butler where kids Are tycoons and blood spills onto the Street one of the bleakest streets in Philadelphia. This is about the demand that keeps that sorry Little factory going exchanging cold Cash for temporary oblivion. And what happens when the thrill is gone. Joe was on a Roll in 1984, High Balling his Way through the pages of his own american Success Story. Not even 30 years old and he had a Good education a closet full of three piece suits and a fat Job in advertising raking in better than 40 grand. He purchased a Fine foreign machine and met the woman of his dreams. Then he bought a Nice House and picked up a purebred dog for company. A i was Reading stories about yuppies and i Felt like i was one of them a Joe says. And then the relationship bombed. Joe was deflated. All his Fine possessions did no to seem Worth a Nickel. We hat he wanted most had walked out the door. Psychiatrists did no to help. Antidepressants did no to help. A a Friend tapped me on the shoulder one Day and said a Why done to you come by tonight. Well get his Friend turned him on to freebasing the High of the mid-1980s. A five years ago the number of people freebasing cocaine was very Small a says or. Thurman Booker of Eagleville Hospital which treats addicts. A now we see it every Booker says freebasing is done by the poor the wealthy and the Middle class. It traps men some of whom steal to support it and women some of whom turn tricks to support it. Bruce Schaffer a therapist in the drug and alcohol program at episcopal Hospital says snorting Coke is on its Way out. Freebasing he says gives a More powerful High but is More addictive. A a we re talking about people who would do almost anything to get the drug and get High. When they re into it there a no remorse no sense of guilt. They do Many crazy in freebasing you Cook cocaine to an almost pure form and smoke the hardened product. It sends a wild party crashing through your lungs and cruising into your bloodstream. A it was miraculous a Joe says. he started doing it regularly spending $50 to $100 for each High. He missed a mortgage payment or two on the new House and his production fell off at work. Between highs he was still depressed but he had something to look Forward to. The next High. So or. Success .a-3 to special report a lawsuit seeking $7.5 million in damages has been filed by the father of a Man who was fatally shot by former Cadiz police chief Richard m. Zimmerman or. Named As defendants in the suit filed wednesday in . District court at Cleveland were Zimmerman the Villa e of Cadiz several current or former Village officials and Harrison county sheriff Richard Rensi. Edward Palaisa of Chagrin Falls sued on behalf of the estate of his son Allen William Palaisa. Allen Palaisa was shot May 15,1985, after he escaped from the Harrison county jail. He had been jailed on Misdemeanour charges stemming from a quarrel with his estranged wife. Palaisa was shot near his wife a Home about 4vi hours after the escape. He died the next Day which was his 28th birthday. At the time. Zimmerman said that Palaisa had tried to hit him with a club when he confronted him. Zimmerman said he fired four warning shots from a 44-caliber magnum the last of which struck Palaisa in the Back of the head. The suit contends that Palaisa was unarmed and posed no threat to anyone. Zimmerman resigned about two weeks after the shooting and later pleaded guilty to negligent homicide. He was placed on six months probation and was fined $1,000. The suit contends the mayor and Village Council were liable because they failed to Institute a policy to instruct police to refrain from unreasonable and excessive Force. Village solicitor Mark Beetham said wednesday a a in a at a distinct disadvantage because i have not seen the lawsuit. I la have to Reserve any comment until i can see Dover resident Alfred Johnson cleans his ornamental backyard Fountain for feathered visitors to enjoy this summer. Vacationers Battle cry see the .a. By Kenneth Eskey scrip i Howard new service Washington a travel experts say 109 million americans will take vacation trips this summer setting new records and spending $100 billion along the Way. Most will travel by car and Many will stay with friends and relatives according to a Survey of 4,000 adults by the privately supported . Travel data Center. A fall signs Point to record Domestic tourism Levels this summer Quot said Douglas frechtling the centers director and chief economist. Frechtling said he expects foreign travel to drop 20 percent this summer a much More than that in some parts of Europe. A terrorism is the major fear a he told reporters Here wednesday. A this is not going to be a Good year for travel in Western Europe. Its not going to be a Good year for travel in Eastern Europe either mainly because of the chernobyl nuclear the reduced spending Power of the Dollar especially in Japan West Germany and France was cited As on Page a-3 a British citizens criticize americans travel plans. A Ohio a Outlook on tourism this summer. Another reason for staying closer to Home this summer. But interest in Canada has soared. Twenty six percent of those surveyed said they consider Canada a travel bargain up from Only 16 percent last year. Frechtling said the highly promoted worlds fair in Vancouver May draw As Many As Many As 8 million american visitors this summer. On the other hand Mexico is seen As a travel bargain by Only 12 percent of those surveyed Down from 20 percent in 1985. A apparently a said the report a americans Are aware of the rapid Price inflation in mexican travel costs that offsets the advantages of the falling peso to the other Survey findings cities Are in this summer and Small towns Are out. Cities in fact Are now More popular than Ocean beaches As a summer vacation destination with Small towns and Rural areas ranking a Distant third. Western cities should do a brisk tourist Trade. A you might surmise a said frechtling a that cities like los Angeles san Francisco Seattle Portland and Denver would be the most with gasoline prices Down sharply 82 percent said they will travel by Auto truck or recreational vehicle. About 15 percent will travel by plane Down from 16 percent last year. Airlines Are beginning to raise fares and go slower on discounts making air travel less of a bargain. About 43 percent of vacationers will stay with friends and relatives 42 percent will stay in hotels or motels. Vacation trips will average 6.1 nights away from Home slightly Shorter than last year. About one third of vacationers say they expect to spend More on travel this summer than they spent in 1985. Not surprisingly americans earning More than $30,000 a year Are the most Likely to travel. Nearly half of All travellers Are Between 25 and 54, but older persons tend to stay away longer when they do travel. Day boarded plane before his arrest ice Box fizzles phone line sizzles by Donn Handy t r sum writer Warren a retired air Force maj. Richard Day of Newcomerstown. Posing As a navigator and wearing an out of Date flight suit with a majors Cluster got As far As boarding an air plane at an air Force Reserve base near Here last thursday before being apprehended. Day 54, is being held in the Trumbull county jail Here on a $50,000 Cash Bond after deputies arrested him on a warrant from Tuscarawas county in connection with his charge of carrying a concealed weapon. He is fighting extradition attempts by Tuscarawas county sheriff Harold Mckimmie and a hearing has been set for May 23. A what the hell kind of Security do they have at that base that someone like that could get that far a said Trumbull county sheriff Richard Jarmus himself a retired Serviceman. He said he suspects Day was let into the base just because he is an sex Serviceman in spite of Security concerns at military installations following the . Bombing of Libya last month. Chet Delfi Gnone Public affairs officer at the base in Vienna had Little to say about the incident but admitted that Day had slipped through initial Security precautions. See Day. A-3 Cleveland apr a woman said she got the cold shoulder from a manufacturer when she tried to complain about her refrigerator. Her persistent phone Calls however burned up the company who took her to court to Stop her. Cuya hoga county common pleas judge James j. Mcmonagle presided Over a settlement wednesday in which Donna Hicks 38, Cleveland agreed not to Call the company. The company White Westinghouse consumer services co. Of Pittsburgh agreed to try to Settle the woman a claim. She made 130 Calls to the company a customer relations office March 31. She logged 262 Calls april i. Between 9 . And to . Tuesday Hicks placed 60 Calls. Hicks said her problems with the refrigerator started soon after she purchased it. First the rubber Gasket around the door broke then a fan malfunctioned lately the defrost timer does no to work. She spent $190 on repairs for the refrigerator she bought for $399.95. A i Haven to had any service since i bought it and this was a Brand new Box a Hicks said. A i done to have a warranty to stand on. But its a moral the company said the toll free Calls in the last week of March Cost the company $300 to $400 and the continuing Calls from Hicks caused ill will for other customers who Are unable to reach the company. Alfred r. Cowger jr., lawyer for White Westinghouse said Hicks Calls were made by an automatic dealing feature on her phone. He said Hicks would Call the number identify herself and say she wanted to Register a complaint about the Kelvin Tor a manufactured by White consolidated industries Parent company to White Westinghouse. A it was incredible a he said of her persistence. A i omit a Kimberly Barth for the Birds i i

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