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Dover Times Reporter (Newspaper) - March 8, 1980, Dover, Ohio A Iii. I a a i i. 1.1. A .1.1-Tjfohb comma Mac shape up the tax collectors Jim Davis Tuscarawas county treasurer Donald Levengood in a Story Friday gave an explanation of How the county is losing a thousands of dollars in interest because mailed in real estate tax payments Are not being deposited or invested in Money certificates As they come in. Levengood said he did t have enough people to handle the deluge of mail on a daily basis. He made his explanation complaint Public thursday in a session with county commissioners and in fact blamed commissioners for creating the problem by not giving him additional Money to hire More part time help to handle the crunch. Levengood is a bit late in making his problem known a at least la Days late. The final Day for paying first half real estate taxes was feb. 25. Levengood knew that the tax payment mail would be heavy around the deadline. It happens every year. It will happen again in june or july depending on whether the usual request for a payment Extension is approved. We protest the Lack of communication Between Levengood and the commissioners a a say in january or Early february a that could have headed off any problem. More importantly we protest the loss of a thousands of dollars in interest to the county general fund. No explanation or excuse a from Levengood on Why the treasurers office needed More Money in 1980 or from commissioners on Why the request was Cut a can make up the loss. A Little pre crunch planning and explanation could have resulted in using just a portion of the interest that would thereby have been realized to hire enough part time people to do the Job. The county a general fund is the direct loser because of the delay in handling the mail. Taxpayers again Are the ultimate losers. It happen again in june. We believe that the entire property tax system in the state needs an overhaul and not just because of Levengood a mail problem. The whole setup is out of whack and needs to be simplified. Ohio Law specifies that real estate taxes be paid by dec. 31 first half and june 20 second half so that the various subdivisions schools townships cities and villages wont have to borrow Money while waiting for the county a distribution of their shares. When was the last time a Tuscarawas county property owner received a tax statement in time to make a dec. 31 payment we searched our clip file for the last seven years and find one instance. The reason is that county commissioners have the authority to Grant a 30-Day Extension of the payment deadline. That Extension has become a matter of routine. The treasurer asks for one and the commissioners Grant it. In addition the states commissioner of tax equalization has authority to Grant an additional 15-Day Extension which also has become a matter or routine. The reasons for these extensions Are similar in All 88 counties a reappraisal recantation of new tax rates and assessments because of voter approved levies Lack of manpower inclusion of legislated tax Roll backs and tax reduction factors computer breakdowns the delay in processing required paperwork by the Ohio department of tax equalization etc., and Infin Tum. Not getting the work done on time is a problem shared by All 88 counties which is ample proof that the system needs work. Not one county got first half statements in the mail in time for payment by dec. 31. Only 43 counties a Tuscarawas was not one of them actually made the official deadline of feb. 14 for closing the tax books for the first half collection according to Robert Kinney tax commissioner. By Law All property owners making tax payments after feb. 14 should have been assessed the mandatory to percent penalty. Kinney however used his authority to strike the penalty for the 45 counties in violation of the Law. He said Friday that one county Crawford Hadnot even started its collection. On the other hand Cuya hoga county the largest in the state was the first to Complete its tax collection a on Jan. 18. Kinney can make a Strong Case for needed improvements in the state tax system. For instance he cites the problems created by the joint vocational school districts which have a single tax figure but overlap into other counties. He said there is one District which needs valuation figures from 20 counties and that if one county auditor is late in supplying the figures tax collections in All 20 counties Are delayed. He also said auditors simply done to have the time to get tax duplicates to the county treasurers in time for an Early december mailing of tax Bills. Tax levies passed in november a elections normally go on the first half tax Bills. But auditors must wait to More Days after the election until the results Are certified before they can begin. Preparing the tax duplicate for the subdivision affected by the Levy vote. The use of computers by More and More counties a including Tuscarawas a should eliminate Many of the excuses for future delays. Streamlining the system also is needed and that will take a combined Effort of All 88 county auditors and treasurers the. State tax department and the Ohio legislature. Levengood said the county was losing $420 a Day at current interest rates for every Day the mail was and is not opened and the tax payments were not invested. That a bad enough. But after Levengood gets through the mail we would like to see a report on just How much taxpayers Money has been wasted in the last seven years by subdivisions which have had to borrow Money and pay interest while waiting two or three Quot months each year for the county to get its act together. There must be a better Way the Flop inter r editorials analysis columns letters founded july to 1903 Harry r Horvitz publisher Jack o. Shores general manager James e. Davis. Editor a Thomas c. Simmelink managing editor saturday March 1,19s0 Dover new Philadelphia. O. Page a-4 its time we got mad about the mess we re in by Melvin Maddocks just about now we begin to feel really sorry for presidential candidates. Right before your nightly news camera their smiles Start to go a bit ghastly a not to mention their chuckles. So personable a Mere three states Back those chortle clearly intended to certify ones humanity come to sound instead like rejects from a sit com laugh track. The overworked voices desperate with Hearty Confidence grate like sandpaper on sandpaper. No matter what they Are saying they seem to be saying Quot water a the Bright but unfocused eyes stare out at audiences As if the rows no longer were filled with people but with teleprompter. The right hand a the All important waving hand the a for Victory hand a begins in spite of itself to go cautious from pressing too much flesh at too Many factory Gates. As they pull themselves together to announce another Victory a anything above 15 percent of the vote makes an eligible Winner these Days a the candidates have All the panache of Lifeboat survivors. Being courted can be Only a Little less arduous than courting. About now the voters ears Are getting nearly As raw As the candidates voice from All this by Art Buchwald los Angeles a things keep changing in the movie business All the time. A Friend of mine has been working on a movie script about a funny cat who does to commercials. He has very Good connections in the film Industry and therefore thought he would have no trouble Selling it to one of the studios. But Leo Hadnot reckoned with the Mappa ratings system which is supposed to be a guide for audiences As to the Content of the pictures. The first knowledge he had that he was in serious trouble was when his agent called and said Quot what a gotten into you you just sent me a movie script which is for a a it a not Only for kids a Leo said defensively. Quot its for the whole a but All you can get with it is a go rating a the agent said. A i can to go to the head of a Large studio and ask him to make billboards out of fear that he will read one More slogan. He tunes in his to set by Remote control just in Case one of those Fellows May be sitting there in front of a fireplace saying Quot i want if he is forced to see another masterful jaw. He will he swears write in his vote for Don Knotts. Dimly he gets the message though he has More and More trouble distinguishing among the messengers. It is As if All candidates Are becoming one candidate a the candidate a promising to catch up in armaments without increasing taxes and to restore full employment while controlling inflation. Services to the old. The Young the disadvantaged the discriminated against will multiply even As big bad bureaucracy is Given a drastic shrinking. Look dear voter. See the Happy Farmer bring in his Well supported sheaves. See the City streets not Only Safe but a can you believe it a clean. See the Long Island Railroad run on time. All this will happen As of the first tuesday of november if. The candidates Are driven to excesses they never would have dreamed themselves capable of a year ago. The Fine Points a even the not so Fine Points a begin to get lost in All the image packaging the Media Blitz the incessant tallying of polls. Issues what issues an Issue becomes the nearest Blunt instrument one candidate a a go picture. They have their standards to think Quot maybe they re looking for a change of Pace a Leo suggested. Quot after All there Hasni to been a a go picture in Quot ill make a Stab at it a the agent said Quot but they re going to laugh me out of the Leo later ran into a studio executive at a party and asked him if he had read the script. The executive was very patronizing. Quot i loved it. It was really funny and very Light. Its a great family picture. We touch it with a 1-0-foot two Days later Leo was having lunch at a Maison with a writer Friend. A i think i ought to Tell you this for your own Good a the writer said. A ifs All Over town that you wrote a script for a a go movie and i done to think ifs doing your reputation any Good. Your name came up can hit another candidate Over the head with. As the frenzy drives the candidate to Promise everything the voter is driven to believe nothing like Ambrose Bierce who Many punishing presidential campaigns ago wrote in his dictionary Quot politics a strife of interests masquerading As a contest of we Are better than this they Are better than this. Is the presidential Marathon any Way to treat a candidate is it any Way to treat a voter is it any Way to treat a country other democracies seem to get the electoral process completed in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the Cost financial and otherwise. For one year out of four must we risk every Quot crisis at Home and abroad being turned to the uses of partisan politics by the highest of office seekers including of course the president every four years about this time everybody a candidates and voters a seem prepared to agree that there has to be a better Way. Perhaps this time we should take ourselves seriously. Like gasoline guzzling the Marathon residential Campaign May be a wasteful expenditure we no longer can afford. Melvin Maddocks is a Christian science Monitor news service columnist. For a Job at one of the major studios the other Day involving a picture that included incest three a murders and the seduction of a 14-year-old boy by a 40-year-old-woman. Everyone knew about your cat picture and they said that you had lost your touch to write a real Quot i believe in the cat picture. Maybe i can sell it to an Independent producer who will take a Chance. You never know when a family picture could take Quot in a talking to you As a Friend a the writer said. Quot this town is dead set against a go films. Your Best bet is to take your name off the script before everyone in the business has you marked Down As a Leo did get one bite on his project. A producer called him in and said Quot i done to like the Story now but maybe you could fix it Quot How a that a by Virginia Payette you know what a a they re saying they re saying we can get used to almost anything after a while a even $3 gasoline $5 hamburger and 20-percent interest rates. They say and i done to have to Tell you who Quot they Are do i that the american taxpayer is a docile Breed a Long suffering fellow who will take almost any amount of fiscal abuse Yea even to the Point where irresponsible government spending gnaws away half his income. Sure he May grumble Over 13.3-percent inflation but As the years go on and prices keep going nowhere but up hell become so numb hell forget How it was when things were cheap when Farmers could afford to ship their crops to Market and when the men he sent to Washington did no to always pass him up in favor of the special interest groups. They say and they really believe this that we can even learn to put up with increasing evidence of the greed fraud stupidity and dishonesty of our fearless leaders. That we will look the other Way when they vote themselves automatic pay and pension increases to keep themselves comfortable in a galloping inflation they push on the rest of us with their reckless spending. They act As if the time to give some thought to what we think comes around Only every four years. And that a not often enough to make them change their merry ways no matter How Many pompous press releases their Quot ethics committees grind out. They prefer to go with the strict definition of Quot Sufferance a which Means to Quot put up with Quot which is surely what we have been doing the past few years. And which is Why we Are suffering now. Ask anybody galloping inflation is painful. But do we actually realize How much we Are hurting a and Why or Are the politicians right Are we getting used to it maybe we need a few agony raising sessions in the Fine Art of suffering. Just to Quot Well lets suppose the cat is owned by this luscious divorced Chick played by to Derek and one night she gets raped in her apartment while the cat is watching. Boys a mental wreck and seeks help from a doctor like Dustin Hoffman. She goes for him and you have this great nude scene Between them which we watch through the eyes of the cat. Quot then they try to find the rapist. The cat recognizes him on the Street and chases him across town with to and Dustin in hot Pursuit. They finally catch him and beat him up. It turns out the rapist is boys sex husband. What do you think of that a Quot you want to make a picture like that for movie Heaters a my Friend asked. Quot what do you mean Heaters a the producer said a i want to make it for Art Buchwald is a los Angeles times Syndicate columnist. Blast us out of our benumbed state where we pay five figure prices for a new automobile with scarcely a visible twitch. Maybe we need to remind ourselves that thanks to our governments defeatist Energy policy and with Detroit caught Between government and the automobile unions it costs us 90 percent More to own and drive a car now than it did six years ago. That folks is pain. Lets say a touch Quot a Little oftener. Lets Tell ourselves every Day that it is government mandated wage rates and government inspired building codes that have helped double the average Price of a Home in the past to years. Doubled tripled and in some places quadrupled. Can we really a get used to paying $150,000 for a three bedroom cottage and did no to you cry a Little when you got Down on your Knees to your neighbourhood banker to thank him for letting you have a mortgage at 14 percent sure you did. Done to be grateful that you got the Money at All be mad at our geniuses in Washington. And get mad All Over again on the first of every month when you write out that hefty payment Check. The most dangerous potential for real numbness though is in the supermarkets where everything on the shelves seems to crop up a few pennies More each week. Most of us Are so groggy by now we reach automatically for 89-cent lettuce $4-a-Pound meat and 50-cents-a-Roll toilet paper. We wince a Little then shrug and toss it into the cart. That a bad. That proves Quot they Are right. Here a another one bought any new clothes for the kids lately if $18 jeans $20 sneakers and $150 Winter Coats did no to make you howl you have a masochistic ally High pain threshold. Try thinking about How fast outgrow All those High priced duds. That ought Doit. How about the Price of roller skates. Braces. College. Or even Nursery school think you la Ever get used to that the Point Here is that you should t. You should Rise up and holler to High heaven As the Farmers did when their tractors rolled into Washington and As the Oil men say they re going to when they ride their rigs Down Pennsylvania a. To protest the Quot Windfall suffer hard fellow taxpayers. Suffer right up to election Day and then go to the voting Booth and let it All hang out. It May be the beginning of the salvation of us All. Virginia Payette is a United feature Syndicate columnist. Stand up and be counted. Every ten years when there a a census a prudent citizen averts his eyes from All whatever happened to Quot go pictures ?

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