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Dover Times Reporter (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Dover, Ohio Done to change television change the education i a Banco their i by Richard Reeves new York a asking the National Assn. Of broadcasters whether children watch too much television is like asking a saudi arabian Prince whether gasoline prices Are too High. The Nab represents the owners of the country a television stations so its not surprising that the association has just issued a position paper claiming that television is taking too much of the blame for declining Reading achievement test scores and other assorted problems of modern american education. What is surprising though is that the broadcasters Are right. Television is Here to stay. It is our environment More like weather than like Book publishing the medium can to change. What has to change is education the sooner the better. The broadcasters were disturbed a so disturbed that their attention was momentarily diverted from counting Money a by a pair of reports from the California state department of education. One indicated a but did not quite conclude a that poor Reading achievement scores among students could be linked to heavy television viewing. The other one. Widely reported around the country evaluated the Impact of individual programs and said that students a who watch Mash tend to have higher achievement and those who watch a the Dukes of Hazzards tend to have lower to All this. And statistics that indicate the average american Between the Ages of 6 Abd la watches three and a half hours of television a Day the Nab says the real villain is a socioeconomic kids with Well to do Well educated parents tend to do significantly better in school than the kids of poor Folk just As they did when you and i were Young. I wonder though whether there Are any villains More evil than Plain old inevitable Progress. Things just Arentt the same As they were when we were Young. There Are computers and calculators video and video games i dense Quick storms of information racing around our Heads and inside the Heads of our children. Its a cruel world. I spent four years six Days a week and thousands of dollars studying for my degree in mechanical engineering. I got it in 1960 and within a few years Texas instruments was Selling almost everything i knew to anyone who would pay $9.95 for an electronic calculator. Opinion Pounee Juv to "9c3 Dove near a. Ohio Page a-4 tile Ilo Porter monday dec. 13. 1982 Harry r. Horn we pub Sher Jack d shores James e Davis Thomas c. Simmelink be Era manager editor managing editor using the second a Federal appeals court has ruled that the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove did not exceed its authority in Banning by ordinance the Possession and Sale of handguns. This puts the gun control picture in a new perspective. For years the gun lobby has been thumping away at the Public with the deceptive theme that we All have a constitutional right to tote a gun. The guns for everybody people Are big on quoting from the second amendment but Morton Grove also played that game. First off the second amendment should be considered in its entirety not just quoted in part. This is what it says a a Well regulated militia being necessary to the Security of a free state the right of the people to keep and Bear arms shall not be opponents of handgun regulation make much of the clause stating the right to keep and Bear arms. They Brush off the part that ties in this right with the need for a militia at the time the Constitution was written a couple of centuries ago. The courts however have not brushed this off. But interpreted the militia clause As modifying the right to Bear arms. Today so a militia is a vast military establishment which relies on a Well equipped standing army Navy and air Force and does not need citizens and their private arms to assure National Security. Recognition of this underlies the disputed Morton Grove ordinance forbidding the Possession or Sale of handguns with the exception of Law enforcement officers and registered gun collectors. The position that the right to a keep and Bear arms is not absolute has not been reaffirmed by the seventh . Circuit court of appeals in the Morton Grove Case. The court held that the ordinance violates neither the Federal Constitution or that of Illinois. The next step in the fight will be the . Supreme court. After the bomb by Joan Beck Washington a the Reagan administration has been trying Ever so gently to help us get used to thinking about the unthinkable to believe that there really could be life after armageddon to get Over our irrational and unpatriotic fear of the bomb. You can survive a nuclear War by digging a Hole covering it with a spare door shovelling dirt on top and hiding underneath until the fallout goes away a Reagan administration official reassured us a few months ago. Well All survive he said if we just have enough shovels. When you crawl out other Reagan staffers said you simply Send a change of address card to the Post office. President Reagan can to understand Why these gentle suggestions have so riled the peace groups and stirred up the old 1950s better red than dead types. So the administration should be Happy that a group of Light hearted writers who also put out a not the new York times a a off the we All Street journal and a not the Chicago Tribune has taken Reagan s ideas and expanded them into a sort of your of r i end-1he-Bo in b guidebooks about living with nuclear extinction. A meet or. Bomb a answers All the Little Day to Day questions about armageddon and after that the Reagan administration May have assumed we could figure out for ourselves. Even if the government finally decides to dense pack the my missile into a few acres of Wyoming you a yes. You a will still be a bomb target the new Booklet promises. There Are 10,817 targets currently on the enemy list including the baseball Hall of Fame Solzhenitsyn a Uncle s second cousins House Barbara Walters summer Home the factory that supplies 47 percent of the shoelaces used by rapid deployment Force troops the Knute Rockne memorial rest Stop and the . Strategic dried egg Reserve. More Are being added daily. Like Reagan a meet or. Bomb persists in seeing the upbeat. Once the bomb has hit a no More wondering. No More waiting. Goodbye mortgages goodbye Boss. So Long to commuting Assembly lines finals Homework washing up. It Breaks that Dull Gray routine once and for the Reagan people for example Haven to bothered to suggest ways to keep from being bored while waiting for the radiation All Clear. The new Booklet fills the Gap. Because you la miss commuting to work it suggests you make video tapes of your route in Advance you can show them twice a Day for a Nice touch of nostalgia. It is very possible that my children May never know As much about Square roots As i do. Or sadly they May not do As much Reading As i do. But i suspect that they a and your children a will be smarter than i am. They will have More knowledge if not More judgment a lot of math and Reading too after All is dog work. If i could have gotten the answers by pushing a Button in 1959, i would have done it. There a nothing inherently ennobling about working out Square roots hours at a time. The time i saved might have allowed me the intellectual luxury of thinking up new questions. And we Jave Many new questions now about education. Our children a and soon their children a Are receiving information and experience in new ways outside the classroom at least. The Challenge of the present is to understand those new learning processes Well enough to prepare them for a future of accelerating change. Their future and americans will depend increasingly on what they know what they know How to do and what they Are capable of learning. Television is one of the things they know about. Good. It is the chief entertainment and information medium of our time a reported the self serving broadcasters in the paper released by their own television information office. Increasingly. The quest of educators must be for More and better ways to capitalize on the useful aspects of the child a viewing those children watching the Box All afternoon Are the Only future we have. And the future of their country is not dependent on rebuilding steel plants in Ohio it is dependent on redefining and rebuilding american education As quickly As possible. Richard Reeves is a columnist Fror Universal press Syndicate. A a sesame Street for adults by Harriet Van Horne other ways to pass the time include pacing a in a 20x20 shelter where More than 12 people Are pacing avoid gridlock a and staring at the Walls a painting a different Point of the Compass on each Wall is a Handy Way to make sure you re not staring at the same Wall you were last month. Try the floor or the ceiling for a refreshing change. You la need some first Aid supplies for your shelter advises a meet or. it suggests such prospective products As milk of amnesia. A listerine. Pesto dismal. Noxzema and Mega tums. You la also need a butter knife and nine pounds of butter per person for minor Burns. Also on your list should be a russian English dictionary a just in cases. The Booklet includes several spots it says Are coated with cyanide that can be Cut out and placed on the Tongue As an easy Way out. Never mind the recipes for using intruders As a protein source and Welcome menu change. What a left after the bomb will be different but not All bad. In the new slim trim United states there wont be any fat in the bureaucracy or on the welfare Rolls or even in the military. The decaying crime infested cities of the Northeast will be gone. So much of the country will have vanished that you la be Able to drive coast to coast on one tank of Gas. There will be new kinds of to shows like a Little House under the Prairie and a Archie s and there will be new rules for acres armageddon dating a expect More Blind plan creatively about where to go on a Date a rubble can be quite romantic especially after dark when it done to worry about giving birth to a mutant they a Are natures Way of trying something new. Think of them As tickets in a big lottery with no limit on the possible so what if infertility is a problem there will be a Post bomb surplus of orphans to adopt. Insects May mutate to horrible size but aphids As big As softballs might make extermination Good sport instead of a chore. The local Gas and electric companies will be gone but a there will be Many fun new Energy sources with no monthly Bill to the Stock exchanges and the Etc will have vanished but you can Start your own business in a new unregulated unlimited unbelievable climate of free Enterprise and in a world full of unmet demand a including a need for new defences and of course new bombs. There. Done to you feel better now Joan Beck is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. New York a there Are problems we should have tackled years ago. Instead we ignored them. And now they Are degrading our society and costing us billions. What sorts of problems illiteracy for one. In this land of free Public education we now have 23 million illiterate they cannot read a newspaper look up a Telephone number or add a column of figures. Their Job prospects Are nil. An illiterate May be capable of digging a ditch but if he can to fill out a Job application form or a social Security questionnaire an employer Isnit Likely to hire him. Welfare for illiterates costs us $6 billion a year. It is also estimated that $237 billion in unrealized earnings is forfeited each year by intelligent persons who have simply not been taught to read in our substandard schools. Richard Mitchell that witty professor who Calls himself the a underground described a typical freshman class he now encounters each september. A they write and speak English As though they were recent immigrants from a foreign we were not always a nation of dunces. President John Adams observed 200 years ago that a an american illiterate is As rare As an earthquake or a a. The Pride and glory in that statement we know illiteracy is a National shame but a recent hearing before a congressional subcommittee on education brought out another hard truth. Illiteracy can be dangerous. On the Highway and on the Assembly line illiterates Are killed because they cannot read safety signs. An executive of the Polaroid co., Lynn Stoker told the committee that mistakes by illiterates have forced the Assembly line to shut Down at times. What a More. Barbara Bush wife of the vice president and a longtime crusader against illiteracy recently remarked that a most people done to know it but we spend $6.6 billion a year to keep 750,000 illiterates in what this country needs obviously is a a sesame Street for adults. That is a massive crash program that will Rescue 20 percent of our population from crippling ignorance. The very presence of 23 million illiterates a plus several million More who can read but done to is altering the character of the nation. Most ominous it is putting our democracy in peril. No nation Thomas Jefferson warned can be a both ignorant and the Mission of a sesame Street is to teach Small children to approach the written word with sunny Confidence. To that end. The program makes the alphabet into an enchanting tuneful game. Now. A to program with dancing letters Isnit Likely to stir much passion in a Street Wise teenager. Nor is to Likely to reach the inhuman Barracks of migrant farm workers or the tar paper shacks of Mississippi. But if we Are Clever enough in wartime to teach thousands of illiterate draftees to read and write surely we can find a Way to unlock the printed Page for adult illiterates. At present literacy programs Are being conducted at the Community level. Literacy volunteers of America a private non profit program based in Syracuse. N.y., is doing Noble work. Business firms a appalled by the poor Reading skills of recent High school graduates a now have company classrooms where Young people Are drilled in Basic skills. These Are Stop Gap measures. Until there is a massive federally funded literacy program it is predicted that the ranks of the illiterate will swell by i million a year. Does anybody perceive the social dynamite in that statistic Harriet Van Horne is a columnist for special features Syndicate. Reader viewpoints some words for our congressmen to the editor i think it is time our president and Congress justify Why they think it necessary to place a 5-cent gasoline tax on the Public when they can give billions Sweet revenge to the editor i read with Sweet revenge. The to sports article on dec. 8 headlined i recall the 1959-1960 basketball season and the first game of the sectional playoff. The place was Dover memorial Hall and the teams were Dennison St. Mary a and Hiland. When the Buzzer sounded the score was St. Mary a 51. Hiland 50. But wait Only one clock Buzzer sounded. The other clock had three seconds on it. After a lengthy discussion a no Buzzer controversy Hiland was Given the Ball at mid court. In the Long three seconds that passed the Ball had changed hands several times and to and behold when the other clock Buzzer sounded Hiland had scored and won the game 52-51. Nuff said de dotto Uhrichsville editors note the game was played March 5, 1960, and actually ended with Hiland winning 56-52. There was no last second Buzzer controversy. The Only confusion came with 15 seconds left when an official blew his whistle and stopped the game to Clear Popcorn off the gym floor just As a Hiland player Sank a free throw. It was disallowed. When the free throw was attempted again it was missed but it had no bearing on the outcome. Of dollars of the taxpayers Money to unappreciative foreign nations who never repay it. They also allow illegal aliens to keep coming into our country placing More Burden on the taxpayers by taking their jobs welfare payments and causing nothing but trouble for the general Public. Why do our congressmen continually harass the senior citizens on social Security by threatening to reduce their benefits they paid in All those years to receive these benefits which on an average Are Only paid 7 to 9 years. Why begrudge these people their few years of happiness because their Money was taken out of the social Security fund and used in other divisions of the government and never returned i believe it is time our president and congressmen take a look at themselves and the things they Are doing to the people who elect them and pay their salaries. When they can balance our budget and straighten out the economic problems we have Here in the Usa. Then will be the time to try and cure the ills which have existed in All these foreign countries. . Streater Dover 5-cent Gas tax hike will Cost jobs to the editor it is hard to understand just How our government can figure that a 5-cent increase in the Federal Gas tax is going to create More jobs. Lets say the average person drives 15,000 Miles a year. Lets also say he gets an average of 15 Miles per gallon of Gas. That a a total of 1000 Gallons per year and an increase of $50 in tax. Now lets say there Are 1000 cars in Dover and new Philadelphia that Are average. We have $50,000 taken out of local sales and $50,000 going to Uncle Sam in the Way of taxes to create new jobs. Now lets say the average person earns $10,000 a year. Logic tells us that 5 jobs Are going to be lost because of this $50,000 tax. But wait Uncle Sam is going to give Back to Ohio 85 percent $42,500 of this amount to create these jobs and keep 15 percent $7500 for administration costs. But the state has to have administration Cost of 15 percent $6735leaving Only $36,125 to create new jobs. Now remember the numbers because Only 3.5 jobs will be created for every 5 jobs lost or a net loss of 1.5 jobs for every 1000 average cars. The old saying of figures done to lie but liars figure still holds True. How much longer can we stay the course thanks to you Reagan its working trickle Down for All of us. If we continue to stay the course Well All trickle Down to poverty. Logic tells us this tax wont work. Common sense tells us it wont work. And the track record of the Republican party assures us it won t work. E. Wayne Rennicker editor s note the 5-cent tax won passage in the House with to 140 democrats and 96 Republica

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