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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - September 24, 1964, Dover, Ohio BeldenPlans New $3 Million Plant At Sugarcreek 1 Construction of a $3 million manufacturing plant will be started by Belden Brick Co. at Sugarcreek next March. Located near its plant on County Road 73 leading to Sugarcreek Golf Course and in an area being industrialized, the new operation will utilize new and different techniques and equipment in the production of a unique face brick.. Officials said the project still is in the designing stage and that the architect and general contractor have not yet been selected. Unexpected discovery of a 4-foot vein of coal covering IO or 12 of the 30 acres in the site has delayed construction, which was scheduled to start this fall. The coal will be removed by spring. Gary Finzer, superintendent of Plant No. 3, today said “we are studying several plans and con- Construction Work Due Next March ducting experiments in production of the new products.” Finzer said the new plant will produce 3 major items, one of] which definitely has been decided upon. It will be a “soft mud” face brick simulating the hand-produced type used in Colonial times and often referred to as “Williamsburg brick.” “There is a definite need and demand for this type of brick because people are seeking uniqueness and character in building materials,” Finzer explained. “It also will help counteract the oversupply of conventionally-produced tunnel kiln brick.” The superintendent said European and early American techniques were studied prior to settling on plans for the plant. Changes in technique were necessary because our No. I objective is to learn how to automate a previously hand-produced line.” Burke Wentz, general superintendent of Belden, is in charge of the project with Supt. Finzer and Engineer Howard Finzer in charge of design. No potential employment estimate has been made but the plant will increase the Caraway School District valuation about one-fifth in addition to See BELDEN, Page 2 The Daily Reporter VOL. 61. NO. 63.    30    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, September 24, 1964 PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS 'California Are Slightly -.    _ Fires Roar Unchecked Jessica St. John of Louisville Ky., a member of the Rotroff Thrill Spectacular, shows the only equipment used by the drivers for their performances—a helmet and standard-equipped automobile. In one of her stunts, Jessica drives down the raceway, up a ramp, soars 52 feet through midair and lands on the top of a parked automobile. ★ ★ Thrills Are Routine For Women Drivers engagement in Coshocton. 8. By Ray Williams Daily Reporter Staff Writer It is considered somewhat out Traveling from show to show „ rac, „ on t for 2 of the ordinary for a young rn a car caravan of their new p m Friday andsSaturday Mar-woman to spend hor evenings Fords and using an accompany- vjn Miller, speed chairman, said driving a car through a wall of mg efficiently-planned trailer as anivals    (here    w    „    b fire, flying od feet through the “home' on the racetrack he d aeWs for each d >s air in an open convertible from girts do not seem to think the    which calIs for 6 heHats one ramp to another, or delib- skillful driving tricks they per- ° erately rolling a car over on its See THRILLS, Page 6 I See COUNTY FAIR, Page 2 top. Yet, for the 8 women performers of the Rotroff Thrill Drivers, it is indeed an “ordinary” way to spend their nights during an 18-week summer tour of 6 Area Seniors Gain Merit Semis..............Page county fairs throughout the    County Fair Pictures, 4-H Story  ...........Page Bewest.    All Court Shortages Adjusted .............. Page For the remaining months of ■    *    ^^    «    * the year, their time is spent in    Workers    Get    Steak,    Pay............Page more conventional occupations,    1964 Was Dark Year For Glenn..............Page such as housewives, college stu-    Yankees Take 4-Garr.e Margin..............Page dents and office clerks.    Ko(ie Dick Ro||j 6)3 Series..................p The group which performed a thrilling spectacle for the grand- Around Tile World ............ ll    Obituaries......................2 stand audience at the Tuscara- Dear Abby .................. 29    Sports....................15    &    16 ................ 17 Behind 1963 With total paid gate admissions running slightly behind last year, the 114th annual Tuscarawas County Fair entered its third day with official fingers crossed in hopes the cooler weather and cloudy skies will not bring rain. Wednesday’s gate admissions were 2,708 with an estimated 7,000 on the grounds. However, I Observers said firemen were j Equipment was being rushed to Secretary Walter Findley said making a stand at each house the scene, the sale of membership tickets threatened, but that the winds this year was much larger keep pushing the fire onward.    ™    *a<2 which may boost admission re- Cement - delivery trucks have charred more than 16 500 acres ceipts slightly above last year. i been pressed into service as of valuable watershed, and no More than 1,500 were on hand water carriers.    ;    coa“.oi ^aS m.slgM*    r for last night’s grandstand pro-1 U.S. Forest Service officials °fflcials said ™ maijy as,5;' gram, the Rotroff All-Girl Auto also reported that a second fire 000 persons have been forced to Thrill Show. The daring stunt broke out early today in the evacuate some of them having girls win do a repeat tonight at, nearby San Marcos Pass area. !Lle?,?m^elrdigdmdsow^Iceth^ By ROBERT COOKE SANTA BARBARA Calif. (AP)—Frightened people scurried from their homes early today as fingers of flamie from a raging brushfire moved into the outskirts of this besieged town. Pushed by 40-mile-an-hous winds, one front on the fire line extended below the foothill road boundary and was moving into the city.    I    ~    ~~~ On The Inside.... Assassination Report Given To President Bv STERLING F. GREEN WASHINGTON (AP) — Chief    Calvary    Monastery,    an 3 Justice Earl Warren presented Episcopal retreat, was not de- the flames rose again. Witneses said that at least 37 homes or other buildings have been destroyed, though the Forest Service could not confirm more than 24. Some residents fled with only their clothes and a horse trailer —holding the family horse—as the blaze plunged down mountain canyons toward town. Contrary to earlier reports, The Daily Reporter cameraman didn’t stick around to see whether Faith and Donald Hochstetler, children of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hochstetler of 417 W. 8th St.r Dover, got up enough nerve to ride the “Bubble Bounce,” one of several new rides offered this year at the Fair. They hadn’t made up their minds as they watched above. ★ * Sandy Valley to President Johnson today the strayed. Witnesses said the fire #» a a a report of his special commis-surrounded the structure but jCllOOl ISSUC va naccorV nn without rlmnrr miinii ! 13 President John F. Kennedy. 14 was County Fair last night, will Dr. Alvarez .................. 27 repeat their feats of daring here Dr. Crane tonight at 8 and leave shortly Goren On commis 13 sion on the assassination of passed on without doing much . a Di.AtM/lAni T/vLm I? UammaJ..    *    °    I    ^    I    I me euiiinussiun menders,    .,    .    ,    .    . PlQllS bhd DGG filed into the Cabinet Room at Two dormitories burned, how-" 15 the White House and Warren ever’ at nearby Westmont Col-! MAGNOLIA - Leaders of 16 hanrtpH inhncnn thp fmir inrh leSe- The fire also swept into the Sandy Valley Citizens Com- ' Montecito, where 20 more mittee for Better Schools metjvok“Jj a‘curfew at the County homes were reported burned, j last night in the high school Ii- Fair last night in wake 0f sev. Flames leaped hundreds of|brary with Mayor James eraj thefts and some vandal fOff The Reporters] County Fair Notes The Sheriff’s Department in thick volume. Johnson appointed the special commission a week after Kennedy’s slaying last November ^eeL reflecting off a towering repeat their feats of daring here Dr. Crane ...  27    Women,s pages..........10    *    u|a^'told'iUo'unearth tte’truth!loom of smoke. People saw the after the show for their next Hospital News ................ 6    Your Horoscope .............. 29,    of    the    tragic    event    “as_far    as    it^J1^,    0S,nHngftIf^'    “ with Schneider of East Sparta, chairman, presiding. Methods of providing infor- Steering Group Discusses Vocational School Visits Fourteen of the 22-member Atty. Richard Hanhart of Do-steering committee for the pro- ver, chairman of the informa-posed countywide vocational tion group, led the discussion high school discussed the infor- and, along with his committee Albuquerque, cloudy 79 Weathervane YESTERDAY High 81    Low    51 Elsewhere In U.S. questions chicago, cloudy Los Angeles, cloudy Memphis, clear .... New York, clear ... mation subcommittee’s verbal members, answered report during a meeting Wed- from the floor, nesday night in Dover High. During the course of the 2- Hanhart briefed the group on hour session, the group accept- the facilities and programs st Pittsburgh, clear ed the resignation of Chairman various technical schools visited ^ Louis, clear .. Garrison Finzer of Sugarcreek, and also on the existing voca- san Fran., clear . who informed the committee tional and shop programs and Washington, clear that press of business necessi- facilities in the county’s high tated his resignation. Finzer, schools. superintendent of Belden Brick One point developed was the Co., Plant 3, will be involved classrooms available now in exin a $3-million-plus expansion isting schools which might be program in the Sugarcreek area. , used to handle some phase of Named as his successor was a vocational program. Dr. Linton Honaker, superinten- Hanhart said that some con-dent of the county school sys- sideration should be given to tem.    1    ^    VISITS, Page 6 71 92 83 86 81 77 89 Baltic Highway Talks Oct. 15 To Involve 3 State Routes of terminates. This portion has a Department a public length of 2.4 miles The extension of SR 643 in The Ohio Highways will hold hearing Thursday, Oct. 15, at Cjark Township begins at the 10:30 a.m. in the Baltic Mu- northern terminus of existing nicipal Building to hear argu- SR 643 at its junction with Coun-ments for and against a pro- ty Road 393, proceeds north, posed highway improvement east, northeast and east along project.    County Road 393 to its junction Proposed is the extension of with State Route 93 and there State Route 557 in Holmes and terminates. Tuscarawas Counties; the relo- The proposed abandoment of cation of State Route 643 in SR 651, in Crawford Township! Holmes County; and the aban- and in the village of Baltic be-donment of State Route 651 in gins at the junction of existing Coshocton, Holmes and Tusca- State Route 643 with State raw'as Counties.    Route 651 in the village of New The extension of SR 557 in Bedford, proceeds southeast, Clark Township and in the VII- east and northeast along State lage of Baltic begins at its Route 651 to the village of Bal-junction with County Road 393, tic, then continues southeast proceeds south along County along Cass St. to its junction Road 393 to the Holmes-Tusca* with Ray St. and there termin-rawas County line, southwest ates. The portion of existing SR along Buena Vista St., and 651 on Cass St. between Butler southeast on Cass St. to its and Ray Sts. will be designated junction with Ray St. and there, SR 557. • Low PT. 62 . . 50 T 66 . . 59 .02 62 • • 51 # • 51 e • 65 e • 60 • • TODAY 7 a.rn.......... RAINFALL Last 24 Hours .. . None TOMORROW Sunrise............6:16 Sunset.............6:18 High 67    Low    46 Forecast: Fair and cool. 98 miles can be discovered, and to"re-’ southeast> and from shiPs 30 mation on the 3-mill operating port its findings and conclu- miles at sea-    levLand, bond •f*® ** aJ™' K    5    I    posed junior high building, In Santa Barbara itself — a which will appear on the Nov. community of 60,000 nestled between the sea and the Santa sions to him, to the American people and to the world.” The instructions they received from Johnson IO months ago, when he ordered the inquiry, were to “study and report upon all facts and circumstances” relating to the slaying in Dallas last Nov. 22 and on “the subsequent violent death of the man charged with the assassination” — Lee Harvey Oswald. In discharging this duty, the seven have interrogated hundreds of witnesses in secret hearings, studied thousands of investigation reports, traced Oswald’s movements abroad, re-enacted the killing and compiled some 20 volumes of testimony, depositions and exhibits. The end product is the “Summary Report,” a book of more than 700 pages, which will be issued Sunday. No schedule of release has been announced for the supporting volumes. See SANTA BARBARA, Page 2 Fires Destroy Uh'ville Homes 3 ballot, were discussed. Plans were made to send speakers to all district PTA meetings on    the following schedule:    Magnolia Elemen tary, Oct. I; East Sparta Elementary, Oct. 20; Sandyville Elementary, Oct. 21, and Waynesburg Elementary, Oct. 26. There will be a general meeting for all interested citizens Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. in the library. A report last night showed UHRICHSVILLE - A vacant home and one occupied by the j the following organizations have Frank Threheane family on S. ' ism. Several concession operators have reported merchandise stolen and one tent was slit. Deputies said all youths will be asked to leave the grounds immediately after the rides shut down. “Flicka,” a horse owned by Tex Dryden of Sugarcreek, member of the Tuscora Trail-riders, was found blacked out yesterday morning in the 4-H horse barn. Ralph Swinderman, caretaker, said the horse apparently tried to back out of his stall, broke his lead rope and became tangled in it. He fell into but recovered without further aid. When “Flicka” fell he hit a divider in the double stall and a pony neighbor was pinned in his half. The divider had to be removed to free the pony. Water St. were destroyed by fire late this morning. The places were still burning at 12:45. Uhrichsville firemen could give no cause for the blazes. The homes are adjoining. No injuries were listed. pledged support to the commit- a large amount of hay placed tee: Waynesburg Rotary, Mag- in the stall and it cut off his nolia Lions, Waynesburg Lions,;air supply. Ruritan Club, Sandyville FTA! Swinderman summoned Dean and Waynesburg Chamber of Mahaffey of Uhrichsville, mem-Commerce. Several of the or- ber of the Saddle-ites. They ganizations have made financial freed “Flicka” and revived donations to the committee. I him. He “passed out” again Philo Adult School Has 360 Enrolled New Philadelphia Adult Evening School will begin Monday with 24 classes in operation, Coordinator Ted Fait said late Wednesday afternoon. Enrollment in the 24 classes will include 360 people. Class members were being    Deersville, Harrison County, notified today by mail as to Rogers’ two brothers, former class time and room assign-1 Harrison County Auditor Carson Car Crash Kills Deersville Man NEWARK, Ohio (AP)—A collision at the intersection of Ohio 440 and 37—scene of several recent accidents—took the life today of Harry Dell Rogers, 68, ments. NOTICE REPORTER SUBSCRIBERS When Calling The Reporter Circulation department — C a 11 4-2167 Before 5 P.M. Call 2-1687 After 5 P.M. Rogers, 60, of Cadiz, and Fred Rogers, 66, of Flushing in Bel-; mont County, were listed in critical condition. Mrs. Samuel Schoemacker, 56, Columbus, in the other car, also was hospitalized. rwmm mmmmm mm§ Fire Runs I    £ New Philadelphia — this morning at 8:30 to 222 Front St. SW where curtains over kitchen stove caught fire. Damage was confined to the kitchen. Mrs. Daisy Jackson lives at the residence, which is owned by Frank DeMattio of RD 4, New Philadelphia. The Tuscarawas County Volunteer Firemen’s Assn. has equipment on the grounds each day. The Strasburg milt, on duty Tuesday, extinguished a fire la the parking area, where rags stacked in a vehicle had ignited. The Baltic unit was on duty Wednesday, and for the remainder of the week, Fairfield Township, Mineral City and Bolivar volunteers will be on hand. Bob Ross, booth worker under the grandstand, was gracious enough to hold a little boy’s balloon for him, only to find that the lad wanted to straighten out a disagreement with a small friend. When Bob saw him attempt to pound the' boy’s head on the cement, he returned the balloon. That ended the argument. The Dover Gardenettes have converted their 4-H booth into a beautiful garden with moss covered rocks forming a tiny pool in the center of a grassy plot. Noticed several people tossing coins into the water. Don’t imagine the coins will make the girls wealthy but they do deserve congratulations on the numerous blue ribbons the exhibit has been awarded. UNFURL UF FLAG. The second in a series of briefing sessions for Dover-New Philadelphia United Fund campaign workers was held this morning in the Bexley Theater. Shown with Warren Fuerman (right) New Philadelphia division chairman, are Crawford Nichols and Mr s. Richard Martin. All are from Dover. Joe Dragovich, general drive chairman, outlined campaign strategy and a film on UF was shown. The drive is planned for Oct. 19-39. Division chairman for Dover is Otto Buehler. Which commercial establishment has had a display at the fair for the most consecutive years? A safe bet would be that not too many can top Jake Hilt-brand’s record of 31 years show- See NOTES, Page I News I Briefs | I:    a WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate Rules Committee agreed today to ask President Johnson for access to the income tax returns of Philadelphia contractor Matthew McCloskey and others figuring in the reopened Boldly Xaker investigation. ;

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