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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - September 22, 1964, Dover, Ohio Seldom-Used Liquor Law Gets Influential Citizens On Teen Serving DARIEN, Conn. (AP)—Three corporation executives, a psychiatrist and a teacher are among 12 persons charged with serving liquor to minors at dinner and debutante parties in two Darien homes. The arrests Monday drew wide attention throughout Fairfield County, one of New York City’s most fashionable suburban areas. The charge is based on a 1933 Connecticut law that prohibits the serving of liquor to anyone under 21, except by his parents. No one could recall it being invoked before. The minimum age for buying liquor in Connecticut is 21. In New York state, just a few miles from here, it is 18. The statute was invoked by Circuit Court Judge Rodney S. Eielson, presiding at the trial of Michael Smith, 18, who pleaded innocent to charges of reckless driving and negligent homicide in the death of Nancy Hitchings, 17, last June 23. The two were in a car that crashed shortly after the parties. Smith’s trial has been continued until Sept. 30. One of those arrested was Carlton Josselyn of Westport, a science teacher in Fairfield Public School who was a bartender at one of the parties. His lawyer, Louis Stein, said: "There were four Darien policemen at the party. They saw everything that went on, including the drinking. I have asked that they be arrested as accessories after the fact.’* Police often stand by at larger house parties to control traffic See LAW, Page % Better Photography •.. A Mark Of Reporter Quality The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VTTTo VOL. 61. NO. 61.    20    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, September 22, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Familia* PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Pre-Fair Crowd Indicates Banner Turnout At 114th County Event +    w    W    +    +    +    '    + United Community Fund Campaign To Seek $111,502 Sam Stauffer Takes Grip On Cheese Crown "Hot and humid with possible showers’’ was the forecast as the 114th annual County Fair opened this morning at the Fairgrounds in Dover. Only a few' patrons u'ere on the grounds at mid-morning but if last night’s free "preview" turnout is a barometer, attendance this year will be extremely good. Today’s earlybirds found practically all of the exhibits in order although a few commercial latecomers were rushing their displays to completion. A capacity grandstand audience is anticipated tonight at 8 when IO county bands participate in the traditional opening night Bandarama. Each band will give a brief performance and then there will be the mass playing of Beautiful Ohio and Star Spangled Banner under the baton of James Baker, county music supervisor. Gerry Tressel of RD I, Mineral City was among the youngsters at the annual Tuscarawas County Fair this morning — but he couldn't do a thing when he tried to move this huge pumpkin which practically matched his own weight. The grandstand attraction Wednesday and Thursday night will be the Rotroff All-Girl Auto Thrill Show, which is making a Area Press Rapped For Police Play' Drive Slated Od. 19-29 For Dozen Groups Dover-New Philadelphia United Community Fund Chairman Joe Dragovich conducted the first of 2 preliminary briefing sessions this morning for campaign workers and captains in Quaker Theater. A similar meeting will be held Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in Bexley Theater. Dragovich announced a current goal of $111,502, or $402 more than last year. The campaign will be staged Oct. 19-29. The goal was set by the UF finance committee, which trimmed requests from the 12 participating health and service organizations from $113,981. Also needed this year is an additional $1,400, earmarked as a reserve for uncollectable pledges. A breakdown of the approved budget shows: Boy Scouts $8,632; Campfire Girls $800; Cancer Society $10,-500; Girl Scouts $4,408; Guidance Center — nothing; Dover Red Cross $5,131; County Red Cross $12,700; Salvation Army $18,000; Senior Citizens Joe Dragovich (right) UF campaign general chairman, distributes fund drive material to Mrs. Herbert Booth (left) of Dover, Mrs. Louis Paris of New Philadelphia, Matthew Gibson of New Philadelphia, Bob Ward of Dover and Paul Young of New Philadelphia. Dragovich will conduct a similar briefing meeting Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in Bexley Theater for campaign captains and workers. The press came in for somefGroh," he continued, "and I „ criticism during Dover City think his nature of being quiet return engagement. A number council meeting Monday night.! is no detriment. He has been !r,    ;    #£{?Pn J V, : of 4-H events are on tap for Safety Director William Sweit- conscientious about his job and Dover YMCA $26,940, and New Wednesday, including the dairy ^ speaking on recent resigna- does a lot of things that don’t philadelphia Youth Center $10,-junior and senior showmanship tions in the Dover Police De- show up on the surface."    ..... t. 9An . competition. The afternoon partment, said that he felt area; Svveitzer continued: "I have .180 nstea ls *Vty.J0J! £am‘ grandstand event will be a pony newspapers were giving far no comment on the recent resig- piV,gn expenses and United Fund pull with Jasper Simpson in more “play” to the situation nations. I could make a lot of charge.    than it warranted.    I    -..***** Judging of the Ohio Swiss “As far as I am concerned," Cheese Assn. entries in the fair, sweitzer said, "a lot of the ar-contest was conducted yester- tides are being slanted. I’m get-day and Sam Stauffer of Stein- ting tired of seeing that we’ve er Cheese Co. at Baltic, took f,ad 7 resignations when 3 of an unofficial grip on the 1964 those who have left the depart-championship wrhen he placed ment are deskmen who can’t be ' rn Dragovich distributed cam- & 3 paign kits to captains and work- See "Around Council Ta- !ers    morning and explain- ble" on Page 9 for other Do- ed some of the drive’s proced- ver Council business.    lures. 1 A film on United Fund also I was shown. statements which could possibly; - I hope those currently on the force will see fit to stay, and I mg wages. I "As far as the people of Do-See ‘PLAY’, Page ll third. That gave hint a total of considered as a law enforcement 1th°^e H,h,? Ilave re*‘8necl or 34 for 5 contests with only one agen, ”    those wh0 stlU are on tl,e ,orce ! remaining — the Ohio Swiss Sweitzer spoke briefly on the Festival. But his lead cannot sick leave given recently to be.,^°ToHr..,h „f pi..cant ^ C*"*®" Groh* »*“"* hope that Council'wm'help”t0 Viln^rl^irl In »n 1    w    thal ’hC 9°'day leave    would ex'    provide a    big boost    by increas- View Dairy in RD I,    Sugar-, tend jn(0 january. creek, took the first-place ribbon yesterday, giving him a “The 90-dav leave," he! grand total of 22 points and sec- stated, "does not count normal    __ ond place in the state races, 'days off, so the leave would go -    D    .    . beyond the Dec. 15 date as has juGGtS RGpOirGO Delbert J. I.adrach of Sugar- been indicated in some reports, a a. I IL * L MI creek Dairy, who held the Ohio “Should Groh need additional At UnriCnSVIIlG crown for an unprecedented 5 rime," he continued. "Mayor (C.    UHRICHSVILLE—The county consecutive times before being    LeMoyne) Luthy and    I    can ap-    has    begun    work    on Eastport dethroned last year by    Ernest    prove another 30 days    at that    Ave.    from    Maple    to    E. 9th St. Schmid of Sharp Run Dairy on time."    and on E. 1st from Water to Star Route, Millersburg, is run- Concerning Groh’s plans for Deersville Ave. A crew is putting ning third in the overall com- the future, Sweitzer remarked: petition with 21 points after tak-1 “Stories have stated that the ing fourth place yesterday. chief has been looking for other Schmid got the second-place, employment. I have been in con-See COUNTY FAIR, Page 2 Jury Report Is Due Today Bond Posted For 2 Pending Raid Hearing Firefighters Controlling Near | Vote Signup Stage Deadline Near By RON SOBLE    that    hopscotched    the    tops    of    i ! CALISTOGA, Calif. (AP) -A ^ °ver tbe mountains! ! monster forest fire is the Wednesday at 4 p.m. th>lj into Santa Rosa also was con-1 deadline for new county resi- u a 10    -i„    k    un, I tamed, but only after three dents to make application for 1 marched 18 miles in 15 hours, ftpf-ir finpprs had laid waste to    .    .    .    •    ...    , Mrs. Fredricka Grant 57 of u nn    1    r ♦ y l naa(iaia,wasie 10 the right to vote rn the presides 1 M nZi Pitv L? on charring 90 square miles of tim- some 25 homes, forced evacua- . .. f , ..    ..    0 vearniri inn    are    frpt on ber and brush and endangering tion of about 2,000 persons and dential election Nov. 3. JI non hnnd parh mdav npndina tw0 dties* neared control by threatened a hospital and a By a new Ohio statute, per-$1,000 bond each today pending firemen today    convent    sons who have been residents an Oct. 14 hearing rn Northern T... _ y . nf in    conveni-    .    .    f.ftunfv for «n days have ^    Waffle    « ing malt liquor and "moonshine. across the rugged mountains isp^sd™" j^vastattag trekfc^anf1ndateaii()r separating the Napa Valley re-jate Monday afternoon. ; dency and vice presidency. Board of Elections clerk Vic- Another son, Francis, 19, and' fd    • Earlier in the day, it had ^Tu^er repeated today They the widow’s former daughter-in- ^county    J    swept into Calistoga, destroying'    £    ke yp „c y law. Mrs. John (Della) Grant,    firefighters    ,or charTg,s    , a"dn Pu«’    tion at the Board of Elections of- 31, remain in County Jail, un-    “town wea^    nrengntei^    tmg ha,f the    populatlon t0 able to raise a $1,000 bail bond. appeared t0 have    Dfa^,    I flight. The foursome pleaded inno-    L    ? j    r™! -,12 /'    Beaten off once, the fire    . exhausted    Calistoga after a    Spread eastward    from Calisto- The report of Grand Jury In- cent at yesterday’s arraignment, .    .    .    . dictments was expected to be;before Judge Charles Eckert biege ot uo da>s- fice, which, in turn, must make a required check with the elec-where the person made early this afternoon by | through their attorneys, Simon Jury Foreman John Dindo of The meandering blast furnace ga, only to turn once more on See FIREFIGHTERS, Page 6 Dover Band Enters Oct. 3 Exhibition Dover High Marching Band will be one of 6 area bands participating in an exhibition Oct. 3 at Carrollton. Sponsored by the Carrollton Band Boosters, the festival will get underway at 8 (fast time) at the fairgrounds in Carrollton. on a tack coat and tomorrow will resurface. Mayor Robert Croniser asked motorists to stay off the 2 tact with Gary and he has giv- streets today. They will be en no indication that that is the blocked off tomorrow. The job case.    is being done on a 50-50    cost “I have a lot    of respect for    basis by the county and the    city. Trains Chug Past Another Obstacle WASHINGTON (AP) — The Fox, spokesman for six shop nation’s    trains    chugged past    craft unions. Tickets are $1 for adults and another    major    strike threat    The unions had called    the 729 Union Ave. NW, New Philadelphia. The prosecutor’s office has been busy since late yesterday morning preparing the report on at least 30 cases submitted. The jury was convened last; Tuesday and remained in session until yesterday. During its hearing, 53 witnesses were called to testify in the cases, which Prosecutor Harlan Spies See BOND, Page 2 Weathervane YESTERDAY High 83    Low    54 Elsewhere In U.S. office last voted. When that check has been made, Turner said, the new residents may then come to the election office and cast his ballot. Workers were busy today setting up the 3    booths in the board office in the    Courthouse where ; JUSTUS    —    A discussion    on    The    board    eliminated    the    cen-    persons who    will be absent at reducing the cost of    the    build-1    tral    vacuum    system    in    the    new    the time of    the election may ing program was continued and I high school and directed Archi-a meeting wfas scheduled to ex- j lect William Dykes to arrange plain the need for the operat- for securing a water sup-ing levy on the Nov. 3 ballot ply from Brewster to the build- Fairless Board Schedules Levy, Building Discussion High Low Pr.    ,    , had said would be presented for Albuquerque, rain . 77 51 .151    I”? ?!ie; cast ballots. Absentee voting already has begun, Turner announced. Ap- deliberation. Chicago, clear ..... 86 Cleveland, cloudy . 82 Los Angeles, cloudy 78 Miami, cloudy ..... 84 New York, cloudy . 70 Autumn Begins Tonight At 7:17 Autumn will officially begin St. Louis, rain .... at 7:17 tonight, about an hour San Fran., clear .. after sunset, when the sun, in Washington, cloudv its imaginary journey around the heavens, reaches the point known as the autumnal equinox. The word "equinox” is derived from Latin words for ‘eaual night," but the days 68 61 59 73 57 .OI proximately 300 ballots have tion met last night at Justus, ter was granted an easement been ma^ed to servicemen and Community leaders and inter- along the west side of the build- other residents outside the Unit-’ ’ • ested dozens will asked to lug site. in exchanRe for an ap- ed Stales. 4Q attend a meeting Oct. 6 at 8 proved water service rate.    Though p.m. in the Justus School audi not all the ballots Severa* repairs and improve- have been printed, Turner said PUtsbureh    '    n    SS    "    ^riHrTto'ments to existing buildings were a sufficient number had been Pittsburgh, clear ... ^ ^    ..    A)[ mj|. ()utside the )0. approved and tuition and trans- prepared to take care of the mill limitation expires at the portation was granted to a hand- absentee \ oting. end of this year. 50 cents for students and may (oday after a scheduled day- strike against most of the na- and nights are not quite of the be obtained from any band break walkout was postponed tion’s railroads except the same length as yet in Tuscar- member.    The    Dover    Band    will    indefjnjtely.    Pennsylvania    and Long Island receive 20 per    cent    of    all tickets There appeared    little    likeli-    railroads, the    Southern Railway hood of a renewal    of the    strike    System and    the Florida East threat by 150,000 shop workers    Coast. after negotiators announced a! Francis A. O’Neill, member of;occur Saturday here, when the "tentative settlement" of their The National Mediation Board, sun will rise at 6:17 a.m. and job security dispute.    said talks were to resume today!set at 6:17 p.m. From then on 78 71 83 67 74 59 TODAY 7 a.rn................55 RAINFALL Last 24 Hours — None TOMORROW Sunrise............6:14 Sunset.............6:22 Hich 78    Low    62 sold. Other bands participating will be Massillon, Canton Lincoln, Glenwood, Minerva and Carrollton. DAY BRIGHTENER awas County, as sunrise today was 6:14 a,rn. and the sun will set at 6:22 p.m. The equal day and flight will Forecast: Cloudy, showers, cooler. I Voters will be asked to approve a 17.9 mill operating levy, based on current valuation. As be ( ct- ,} a p m of Jan. I, 1965, property valua-lion will increase, automatically decreasing the millage rate to 17.5. Of the 17.9 nulls, 15.5 mills possible are renewal and 2.4 mills are additional. [capped child to attend a spe- In the 1960 presidential elec-cial school outside the district, tion, 1,229 absentee votes were The next regular meeting will recorded in the county, 385 from servicemen. The announcement Monday came about 14 hours before the scheduled 6 a.m. strike deadline and ended the second major "to try to wrap up the balance untn spring, the nights will of-of this dispute."    ficially be longer than the days. The sole issue involved in the! _ negotiations is job security, Sit on an antique bcasebaj£ ment on four of the major issues sofa “rid    involved and feel certain we will great-grandmother wore 6 petti-1 ^ ab,e tg comple(e )he ^ coats-    Intent very soon," said Michael threat of a virtually nationwide problem that has increasingly City Dump Hours Set rail tieup since April.    I    aggravated    rail    labor relations "We have reached an agree-since railroad modernization The city dump on W. Front Dear Abby On The Inside.... Dixie's 'New Breed' Backs Borty .............. Page Warren Report Due Next Week .............. Page Philo School Board In Routine Work............Page Harry Jones' Teepee Topics.................Page Ream To Undergo Minor Operation Dover Service Director H. S. Ream was to enter Union Hospital tonight for a minor operation Wednesday. He is expect-1 ed to be released Thursday afternoon. Around Tile World 6 Horoscope 19 Hospital New. Shoplifter Caught A 17-year-old Dover boy was 'caught shoplifting a ball of string at Al’s Value Center on N. Wooster Ave. at 1:10 Mon-19 day afternoon. Police said Man-2 ager Thomas Smith apprehend- 4 5 7 14 began wiping out thousands of St jobs oveY the past 15 years. No details of the tentative agreement were announced. Ext. will open at 7 a.m. Dr. Alvarez .................. 17    Obituaries .......  2    ed the youth but indicated he and close at 6 p.m. during the Dr. Crane .................... 17    Sports ................. 13    &    14    would not file charges. Police fall months, Dover Service Di-jGoren On Bridge  ......... 17    Television .................... 12    said the youth’s parents agreed! rector IL S. Ream said today.'Home Building News .......... 8    Women* Pages ........ lo    Si    ii    to "take care of the situation.", This Ad Resulted In Rental You'll find an excellent demand right now for rentals. This person wi I I certainly agree with that statement. MODERN four room apartment. Tile bath. All utilities furnished. Everything private. Inquire Wooster Avenue. Many renters were interested J in this apartment, but this person could only take care of j one. That means many renters are still In the market for a similar rental. To contact these renters about your apartment place your ad today. To place your Ad Phone 42167 The Result Number j ........... ;

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