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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - September 16, 1964, Dover, Ohio Levy Request 'Lost,' County Health Off idols In Quandary—Story Below Over 600 Man Hours Are Needed Each Day To Produce The ReporterThe Daily Reporter HOME EDITION Serving Over 11,000 Fa milletLargest Circulation In Tuscarawas County VOL 61. NO. 56.    32    PAGELS.    Dover-New    Philadelphia,    Ohio,    Wednesday,    September    16,    1964    PHONE    4-2167_7    CENTS Carolina Joining' WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina will announce tonight he is leaving the Democratic ranks to become a Coldwater Republican. The conservative senator's intentions were reported today by an unquestionably informed source who would not permit attribution. The announcement is scheduled for a television speech which Thurmond plans to make from Columbia, S. C. at 6:15 p.m. (EST). Thurmond himself declined to I/1    Ll"    comment on various earlier re-1 ll IIH tin rOP p°rts °f his p*an to make the I ml IHI ll I I WW j shift, but he did say, “I hope _    _    to help establish a strong two- Ciipmam Jam# party system in the South.” JUlTBnOGrS And he Pcrmitted advance w WiiWWI 90 quotations from an address he ■    ^    •    prepared for Thursday, introit*    \m||iA|i|    ducing Sen. Barry Coldwater of HI    JalUOn    Arizona, the GOP presidential W    nominee, at the Spartanburg- By MALCOLM W. BROWNE Greenville Airport. SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP) - At the very outset of that Brig. Gen. Lam Van Phat, the speech, Thurmond charts his former interior minister who or- new position: SJT* lheJ,bflHr,'n'f.(™P last “I am indeed happy to have Sunday, surrendered to govern- the opportunity t() p^sent t0 y0H ment authorities in Saigon to-jtod the m/n wft, , f f , Sen. Strom Thurmond Railroad 'Peace By NEIL GILBRIDE WASHINGTON (AP) - New strike talk threatened today to break the nation’s uneasy railroad labor peace that followed last April’s extraordinary White House settlement. A different set of unions are involved this time, but the basic issue is the same — demands night, bringing an end to the crisis for the time being. my heart should have the support of all South Carolinians Phat was one of several rebel and all Americans who cherish leers uho \vithdreu with their the ynjted states Constitution troops and tanks to My Tho, 40 and the freedom and stability miles south of Saigon after the which this great document was coup collapsed Monday. The designed to preserve for all Saigon Radio warned today that Americans of all generations.’ Levy loss' Jolts Health Authorities for job protection in an industry with drastically declining employment. The 150,000 members of six AFL-CIO railroad shop unions reportedly are ready to walk out Monday, although a management spokesman said no formal strike notices had been served. “Unless there’s some agreement, they don’t expect to be at work Monday,” said Edward J. Carlough, spokesman for one of the unions. presidential emergency board j friction in the Industry for last month recommended cer- years. tain protection for shop men who lose their jobs or are The emergency board recom- moved to lower paying jobs due mended a five-year guarantee to technological changes. Sweeping changes in equipment and operations that sharply cut railroad employment have been a source of labor of present pay to any shop employe whose wages are reduced and five-year guaran- See RAILROAD, Page IO ★ Auto Union Sets Friday Deadline In Ford Talks lf he did not surrender to SaJ- Tonight’s announcement will Ron authorities, the government not ^ Thurmond’s first break would not be responsible for with the Democratic party. his safety.    As    the    States    Rights candi- Phat heard the broadcast in date j,e carried South Carolina, My Tho and came to Saigon. Also expected to surrender soon was another officer on the want ed list, an ex-chief of suburban Cia I)inh province, Col. Khan Minh Trang. Phat was the fifth coup lead er to surrender to the government and to be placed under arrest. See THURMOND, Page IO Former Zoar Mayor, 54, Dies “We should be given 72 hours notice,” commented chief railroad negotiator J. E. Wolfe in Boston. “I    have not been told that they    have set a strike date.” Other railroad sources said ,    'there was    no question that a Tuscarawas County Board of stnke by shopmen who main- Health authorities and TE & tajn railroad equipment would j^ESTT Friday at the Ford Mo-Health Assn. officials were jolt- j haft most of the nation’s trains.! rn in nnntr-.^ harooin. ed yesterday to find By GENE SCHROEDER DETROIT (AP) — The United Auto Workers Union today set a strike deadline of IO a.m. that a halt most of the nation’s trains,, tor co in new contract bargain-precipitating a national emer- proposed levy for an additional gency like the one that caused    x lca,uCm IiaHCl x I Resident Johnson to step in last Reuther announced the dead- mg. UAW President Walter P. berculosis program will not be SDrine. on the Nov. 3 ballot. Last March 3, the Health the line just before entering Carlough, organization direc- bargaining room. nn„_j    .    .    .    .    of    the    Sheet    Metal    Workers*1 “We are prepared to join with action on a proposed TB skin IntemationaI Association, said the company in good faith to retest program until the levy had    ^Fn    “agraed    SOlve the qU*Sti0nS tha‘ ** Sti“ been voted on in November. I There has been no' report of had been wrapped up there. Although he failed to mention it at the time, the national economic agreement Reuther announced covered only hourly rated production and maintenance employes at Chrysler. Agreement since has been worked out regarding parts depot workers. Douglas Fraser, UAW Chrys- See FORD, Page IO Already detained were Maj. ZOAR — Herman J. Disch-Gen. Duong Van Due, former inger, 54, former mayor and village councilman here, died yesterday afternoon in his home 4th Corps commander; Col. Huynh Van Ton, former 7th Di vision commander who agreed following a 2-year illness. to return to Saigon from My Bom here, he was a life resi-Tho earlier today; Col. Duong dent. A son of Mr. and Mrs. Ilieu Nghia, commander of the Jacob Dischinger, he formerly See SURRENDERS. Page IO Weathervane YESTERDAY High 69    Low    43 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, cloudy    71    54    .09 Chicago, cloudy ....    62    51    .. Cleveland, cloudy ..    62    46    .. Los Angeles, cloudy    77    61    .. Miami, cloudy ..... 87 New York, clear .... 75 48 Pittsburgh, cloudy . 69 47 St. Louis, cloudy ... 82 61 San Fran, clear .... 82 54 Washington, clear . 83 58 TODAY 7 a.rn................44 RAINFALL Last 24 Hours ... Trace TOMORROW Sunrise............6:08 Sunset.............6:32 High 75    Low    52 Forecast: Cloudy, showers was employed with the Collinsite Refactory Brick Plant. He was a member of the Zoar United Church of Christ. Survivors include his widow, Helen; a son, Raymond of Bolivar; 2 daughters, Mrs. Fred (Shirley) Minnix of here and Phyllis of the home; a brother, Carl of RD I, Bolivar; a sister, Mrs. Henry Mohart of here and 6 grandchildren. Services will be Thursday at 2 p.m. (fast time) in Gordon Funeral Home at Mineral City with Rev. Clemens A. Wahl of- i CHRISTMAS DECOR. The Dover Retail Merchants' Council is seeking opinions on this Christmas decoration on display in the National Bank of Dover window, lf comments are favorable, 20 of the trees, which cost $200 each, will be erected throughout the downtown. David Marlowe, president of the merchants' group, has appointed John Davis, Gordon Singhaus and David Godfrey to the Christmas decorating committee. The trees, if approved, ore the permanent type and will be added to in the future. On March 6, health authorities insist, they forwarded a letter to county commissioners outlining their plans and asking that the commissioners prepare a resolution for the additional levy. Today, commissioners said they had no copy of the March 6 letter and had made no journal entry on the resolution for See ‘LOSS’, Page 2 unsettled,” Reuther said. Although Ford has offered the progress in negotiations since a,union virtually the same economic package the UAW accepted from Chrysler last week, Reuther said there still were questions to be settled on such matters a;s wage inequities, relief time for assembly - line workers, and production standards. Dover Police Chief Garrison work by the Midvale Fire De- hoped to avoid the necessity of ] tpi-da^af^ nartmpnt saved total destine- codifier a ctriw> HoaHiinp hut nnw; .    ^    noon,    apparently not Fire Destroys Barnhill Store Groh Unlikely To Continue As Chief Of Police BARNHILL — Fast, efficient The UAW leader said he had Phila Scholarship Fund Drive Slated 76 1.50 fjciating. Burial will be in Zoar Cemetery. Friends may call at Department the funeral home from 7 to 9. Ted Herz, manager of Jaffe’s day, Store, and IO Bands Play At Fair Opener Ten county bands will par- lost, due to extensive smoke ticipate in the annual Banda- partment saved total destine- setting a strike deadline but now tion of Golder’s Grocery Store that one was necessary he was here last night at 8 after fire- prepared to spend as many men had the blaze under control hours as needed at the baramin about 30 minutes.    ing table to reach an agree- According to Fire Chief Jack ment. Ohler, nearly 50 per cento! the Meanwhile a "7rh^, night’s Civil Service Board meet-building was destroyed with the, threat loomed on the Chrysler in® but a(Wed <<use r Qwn entire contents of the building; scene.    !    6    3 planning to return to his post following a 90-day sick leave, which also began yesterday. Safety Director William Sweit-zer said today that there was no discussion on the leave at last imagination” concerning Groh’s The UAW placed Chrysler expected retirement announce- rams nn nnpnino- nj„ht nf fho rhe. di^coyei'ed at 7-55 under a new strike threat Tues- ment at the end of the 3-montb rama    on opening night    of the    p.m. by Mrs. Earl Zurcher who day, although    Reuther an- 1964    County    Fair next    Tues-    lives near    the store, started I n0unced only a    week ago today daY-    around the    chimney in the fur- j that “an historic labor agree- The    bands    will give 5-minute    nace room    in the store’s base- ment worth 54    cents an hour” individual performances and ment. It burned through the j-- then join for several numbers first floor and finally through under the direction of James the roof. Witnesses said the be Baker, county music supervisor, flames were shooting 20 feet in DAY BRIGHTENER Oct. 17, which will ..i    .......—- _____,     Atty-    proclaimed “Dollars for Schol- Wednesday Frank    Fitzpatrick,    have    been    ars    Day.” Industry, businesses    ry» announced that extra Dover- named    co-chairmen    of the    1964-    clubs and interested individuals:    New Philadelphia buses will op- Dollars for Scholars”    drive    also    will be contacted to ob-    erate during the fair. He also tain    memberships in the Foun-    sa*d several outside exhibit Walter Findley, fair secreta- the air. Ohler said that the heat was tremendous because of the shin- Slayer Sentenced LANCASTER, Ohio (AP) -John L. Carder, 17-year-old con-1 has applied for a meat-cutting period. Capt. Raymond Ries has been named acting chief for the 90 days, having served 2 weeks in that post while Groh was on vacation. Groh, chief for 7 years, and on the force 36 years, reportedly 65 in New Philadelphia. Herz is vice president of the Ration. Citizens’ Scholarship Founda- spaces still are available. Findley is in his office daily Don’t tell the tired - looking atlon person he needs a vacation uutcll3    ,yuiuim31u„    *■ wuuua-1 “The    Citizens’    Scholarship lion'of New Philadelphia and Foundation meets an important;^ tJ»S mj. purges to    obtain    entry    tags    now and dents attending technical    avoid    the    last-minute    rush Plans    for    the    campaign    in-    schools,    colleges    and nursing See FIRE, Page IS ★ victed meat cleaver slayer of Mrs. Vanetta Brucker last April 6, today was sentenced to life imprisonment in Ohio Penitentiary. Fitzpatrick is a member of the educational need in our com-board of directors of the Found- munity,” Herz said. “All stu- chances are he’s just had one. elude a door-to-door solicitation schools are eligible to apply for in New Philadelphia on Satur- aid.” —------  The    New Philadelphia chap ter was founded last November See PHILA, Page IO Wilson Resigns Director's Post COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP—Gov. James A. Rhodes today accepted the resignation of Department of Development Director George E. Wilson with what he said was “sincere regret.” Wilson announced his resignation recently—effective next Jan. I. New Philadelphia Will Salute City Employes At Fete New Philadelphia’s municipal employes will be honored at a smorgasbord dinner Oct. 19 in; Elks Lodge auditorium with the general public invited to join in the “good citizens” salute. The program will include talks and awards. The $2.50 tickets will go on sale soon with attendance limited to 250, including wives. The committee on arrangements comprises Al Bricker, I position. Howard Sharp of the civil service board said examinations for filling a captain’s spot, created by the recent resignation of Kenneth Daffom, and a patrolman’s job will be held Oct. 16. Sharp said those presently eligible to take the captain's exam are Sgts. Jack Paisley and Thomas Holmes.    The remaining sergeant, Joe Bell, has not held the rank 2 years, a prerequisite for the test. Sharp and Sweitzer both noted, however, that if either Paisley of Holmes do not sign up for the test, all members of the department with 2 years service would be eligible. SNEAK PREVIEW. Construction is expected to begin within the next 3 to 4 weeks on a 70,000 square foot Hart's Family Center similar to this one at Bridgeport, on a 12-acre tract along Route 250, south of Schoenbrunn. C. M. Dingledine of Lima, general contractor, said this morning that area grading and tree removal should be completed by thery/'e added that he plans to use local contractors for phases of the project. Hart's will be the largest single store in the area and will feature nearly all types of merchandise. A parking lot for 800 vehicles is planned. An Akron native, Wilson took public relations director, chair-over as director of the new de- man; Police Chief Louis Clark, partment in January 1963 when fire Capt. Elmer Renicker, Rhodes began his term. Wilson Service Director Bill Stevenson, said he plans to set up a pri- street Supt. Jim Rankin and vate development company ear- Bill Valentine of the sewage dis-ly next year.    posal plant. On The Inside.... Doverite Writes About Civil Rights Page 6 Pastore Next Dem Whip, lf..........Page    IO Johnson Marks A 'First'..............Page    16 Chance Blanks Yanks Again..........Page    18 Court Records ................ 2, Horoscope . Hospital News ................ 2 Television . Obituaries .................... 2 Dear Abby Around The World ............ IO    Dr.    Alvarez    .................. Women’s Pages ........ 14    Ic    lo    Dr.    Crane      31 Sports ................ 17    ii    18    Loren    On    Bridge      31 This is a corner of the Golder StorO, left In shambles by last night's fire. UF Chairmen Have Session Some 30 division chairmen for the 1964-65 Dover-New Philadelphia United Community Fund drive, slated Oct. 19-29, met for dinner yesterday in Espen-schieds. Joseph Dragovich, campaign chairman, acknowledged the large turnout and announced plans would be finalized for the drive within the next 2 weeks. On Tuesday, New Philadelphia workers are to meet at 9 a.m. in Quaker Theater for a training session, including the showing of a United Fund film. A similar program will be held Thursday, Sept. 24, at I a.m. in Bexley Theater for Dover campaign workers. The main discussion yesterday was organization plans for the driM* Dem GOP Shop Unions Want Protection Strike Talk Menaces ;

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