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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - September 15, 1964, Dover, Ohio ^    Mg)    '    I    i    i i ;>■'<■    ,<•,','    .' \%<(rv V ^    5?    w.^'x^    £?    ”    SI    fiKSSMI    'I?'    {.rf    ^    '<•>    '    ''-X-    rf,    'I,    y, #,f. ,    &    „'    , iii miiMiiiiii mmiii wwmwr wir rmrw wnmr nimwiWiOTniCounty Gets Taste Of IS77 Superhighway Travel In Mid-October Th it view, taken from a hilltop vantage point, shows the completed Green Gables interchange of Interstate 77. In the foreground is the Route 250-8 portion of the superlane highway that will eventually stretch through New Philadelphia's Southside and extend to Uhrichsville This "remodeled" section of Route 21, near New Philadelphia, takes traffic under the Interstate 77 highway network at the Green Gables inter The Daily Reporter change. The roadway has been slightly widened and center islands installed for the traffic control. VOL 61. NO. 55.    18    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, September 15, 1964 PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Hungary OKs Vatican Pact VATICAN CITY (AP) — The; The accord was only partial, Vatican and Communist Hun-;but n was a major step forward on'^Roman Catholic" activity^ Iin “ “ the Roman Hungary, and Pope Paul Vl!Catholic Church and Hungary, promptly named five new Hun- It could effect relations between garian bishops. But the status the Church and other Commu-of Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty inist lands, and between Wash- was left unsettled. “Toward this aim there has been signed on Sept. 15, 1964, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Budapest, an act with an attached protocol. Such docu- ington and Budapest. It meant that for the first! time in 15 years—since the con-| Income Tax Debate Spices Phila Council City income tax was the big topic at New Philadelphia City Council meeting last night. Discussion on it flowed over into a special session between the finance committee and members of the Police and Fire Departments. Mayor Joe Pritz touched off debate on the tax during the regular meeting by wholeheartedly endorsing a quick move to legislate for revenue via city viction of Cardinal Mindszenty for treason in a sensational trial (STRAIGHT TALK. Dorothy —the Vatcan could resume ad- Straight, 6, of Alexandria, Va., iincome.' ments contain some practical ministrative direction over the holds her book “How the World The ‘mayor suggested with-agreements, assurances o r Church in Hungary.    Began,” which has just been!^rawaj 0f the 2 levies already pledges on a part of the ques- The accord obviously was a published. Actually, Dorothy!approved and placed on the Nov. tions dealt with and, at the step toward the eventual trans- made up the story when she 3 ballot, and urged Council to same time, explain the points fer of Cardinal Mindszenty to was only 4 years old. Her par-of view, the requests and the (Rome, but Vatican sources em- ents liked the story and the pie work toward putting the income tax into effect during the reservations manifested by both phasized that for the present he tures. which Dorothy did, and iast quarter of the year. tints.” a remained in refuge in the U.S. sent it to a publisher.    “I    know it will take a sides on individual points, Vatican announcement said. ‘The two sides have declared themselves disposed to continue also in the future the exchange of views with the aim j of possibly reaching wider agreements.” (street, sewer, garbage codec-[long range financial program in tion etc.).    the city. ; While such a tax has been de- j When City Solicitor Donald dared legal by an Ohio Su-j Zimmerman questioned whether j preme Court ruling, the solici-the 2 levies (one 2 mills and (tor pointed out that legal ex-the other for I mill) could beiperts agree that this status can; withdrawn from the November,be quite quickly changed. In: vote, unless it were done by I fact, the experts declare there Oct. 15, Pritz said County Board is no logic to the high court’s of Elections Clerk Victor Tur- ruling because it permits the ner had advised it was possible, legal status of the tax to be Zimmerman, in reviewing the abrogated, legal aspects of a city income, Further, Zimmerman said, if tax, warned about some of the    ohio risks involved, especially if the Completion Near On 8-Mile Stretch BULLETIN Richard Robinson, public relations director for Division ll, said late this morning that the ribbon-cutting program is scheduled for Oct. 14. Superhighway travel will come to Tuscarawas County in October. Within the first 2 weeks of the month, according to present plans, Interstate 77—from Green Gables to Route 21. south of Strasburg—will officially open. A date for a ribbon-cutting ceremony has not been set pending a conference between officials of the State Highway Department and James Burgess of the County Chamber of Commerce. Burgess said yesterday that Gov. James Rhodes will be present along with County Commissioners, county mayors and other public officials. The 4-lane 8-mile stretch will immediately provide a bypass for motorists and truckers who now travel Route 21 and Route 250 through Dover and New Philadelphia or who dodge New Philadelphia by using Route 211. Commission Drops Plan For Levy Request money were to be directed to a See INCOME TAX, Page IO 2 Youths Admit Breakin Roles Philo Man Foreman Of Grand Jury brave Cpuncil to do it.” Pritz declared. saying that the big problem of increasing the pay of city employes was immediately urgent and that the city had to face bigger financial problems in the next 3 to 4 years. Pritz said that in. looking Two youths pleaded guilty; Rice he had no other record ahead he could foresee "the need yesterday in Common Pleas I against him.    of a new fire station on the Court to information concern- Rice returned him to County south side of the city; expansion ing breakins filed by Prosecu- Jail, with the advice that he 0f tbe police and fire forces tor Harlan Spies.    think up some good answers as and subsequent increase and re- Roy R. Drake, 19. of Left | to why he might be placed on placement of their equipment, Hand, W. Va., waived his right probation after investigation to and a comparative increase in to jury trial and counsel in his past has been made.    tbe maintenance John Dindo of 729 Union Ave., admitting his part in breaking Gerald E. Shuman, 20, of New Philadelphia, employe at jnj0 a Newcomerstown home    Canton, also waived july and I F Mfg. Co., was appointed to- jujy 20. He had been caught,    rights to counsel in pleading day as foreman of the Septem- aiong with a juvenile from Loo-    guilty to a breakin at Carling’s ber Grand Jury.    neyville, W. Va., shortly after    Market, located on Route 8, Common Pleas Judge Ray- and bas been jn County Jail,    north of Mineral City, on July 9. tnond Rice convened the jury    ^Tbe juvenile    was    returned to    On    Aug. 32, 2 other    compan- at 9 a m. today and after charg-    virginia    juvenile author-    ions,    Victor Miller, 20,    and Ar- Ing them with their proper du-;ities )    gyle    R. williams, 21,    also of ties. made the appointment of    j)rake, carrying    an undesir-    Canton, were placed on    5 years’ ^*ndo-    .    able discharge from the Army    probation by Judge J. IL Lam-    hour    session    of the Dover Board The Grand Jury is expected to for bejns A\vql at least 3    neck for their part in the same    0f    Education. Police, Firemen For Early Pay On a long-range forecast, IS 77 is expected to provide an economic lift to Dover-New Philadelphia, Strasburg, Bolivar and Newcomerstown because of the much-improved transportation route. If present plans materialize with highway departments of other southern states, IS 77 eventually will link Cleveland with Charlotte, N.C. In addition to several portions already completed in Ohio-near Cleveland, in Summit County, the Canton Expressway and at Cambridge, West Virgin- _    The    ill fate of previous at- General Assembly ^empjs a^ ievjes for county general funds was chief cause for County Commissioners deciding yesterday not to place another m I , on the Nov. 3 ballot.    ia    also    has a section of the Ok Ck The commissioners waited un-!southern route open. til 20 minutes before deadline ' A lengthy article in a recent at 4 p.m. before scrapping the edition of Ohio Contractor proposal of a half-mill levy for claims that “when IS 77 is completed in Ohio by the winter of 1969, it is expected that the in Hike operating expenses aimed at overcoming an estimated $59,-New Philadelphia police and cit President William Hinig at 2(57 deficit in the 1965 budget. firemen last night pulled out all stops in their push on City Council to get a substantial pay raise for the last quarter of 1964. Most of the members of both departments, along with the chiefs, met with the Finance Committee, headed by Councilman Ted Ricker, after the regular Council meeting. The ses- “If I thought the levy would a special meeting Aug. 31 With a strong endorsement    of; ^ 5}1™11!?’ J wouIdbe in fa^or *    of it. Chairman Richard De an immediate city income tax, jjiuth declared at the last-min- they left few stones unturned in Ute huddle in the Courthouse. trying to pry loose funds to gov-(“But I don’t want to waste $1,- er salary hikes for themselves j /,or something I think will for the next 3 months, and on ‘    # The $1,000 was the estimated into next year.    cost 0f having ballots prepared departments, I sion had been promised by Coun-i ls cllY so sboid on funds for the countywide issue at the that it simply cannot provide Nov. 3 election. this money?    Demuth was backed by the Couldn’t the city borrow mon- other Repuboican member of ey now to increase the pay for the board, Delmar Baer, who, its workers so that the workers in his 8 years as commis-themselves won’t have to bor- sioner, could recall several lev-row?    ies for the county general Wouldn’t it be    possible    for    *und which voters had rejected, Routine Matters Dot Dover School Talks acted be in session for the remainder |jmes of the week deliberating on the possible indictment of some 30 persons involved in charges running from rape to non-support. told Judge Fire Station Hit By Truck Truancy Case Is Continued Raymond incident. Shuman told Rice yesterday that he had quit school after the lith Grade and had been in trouble only once. He was recently caught on a similar charge in North Carolina, he said, and after being fined, was salary oT$5 OOO Several routine items were OOO balance after final payments i Council to provide present re- the Iatest beinS the proposed upon in last night’s 2-(are made in current projects. jUef by usinj; funds anticipated}1^ for funds for the Planning c -    during the coming year? Commission. Some of the major expendi- ®    "    i Resignations of Donald Moss, I tures include $7,960 for the re-1 lfc    P®1 a"d    Jacob    Dunimermuth,    sole bus driver, and Karen Striek-1 modeling, new plumbing, cab- ™ust wait ual tuba mr salary, Democrat of the board, strong-maker, secretary, were accept-1 inetry, etc. in the home econom-' increases will it be possible for,    „    ’ ed. Jack Levengood was hired ics departments and a total of Council to make the expected See LEVY, Page IO as Moss’ replacement. Also hir- $9,425 in the remodeling of the W Jlkes’0^_196° retroactlve to  - ed was John McKittrick as cus-1 Senior High and Junior High of- October 1964.    ■ todian-maintenance man at amices.    Ricker    replied    he personallyU0V6T rUDIl terstate route will attract industry to the southeastern portion of the state, particularly to the area near Marietta. “Already much land has been purchased along the Ohio River for future Industrial development,” the article states. “The superhighway, which is routed near the present U.S. 21, See HIGHWAY, Page 14 There were no citations. Mental Health Planning Group Readies Survey Deputies Probe 2 Area Thefts UHRICH SVU Minor damage was listed to a I District County Wall of the Dover Fire Station Musgrave, this morning on W. 3rd St. yesterday when tinued a truancy charge from the Army. it was struck by a semi-truck against Mrs. Harley King, 47, operated by Harry F. Ruth, of RD 2, Port Washington, af-37, of RD 2, New Philadelphia, ter she told the court that she Police said Ruth was attempt- and her husband were going to Ing to turn into the alley where move to Carroll County this the weight scales are located, week. Mrs. King was picked up yesterday by sheriff deputies after she had failed to send her »-i Abe schlabach of RD I, Dun-year-old daughter to school dee> reported to sheriff deputes! week. 'I he girl attends (jes yesterday morning that a Gnadenhutten-Clay School. wheel barrow, a 10-gallon milk. Judge Musgrave said that the jean, metal lids for a cooler Members of the County Citiz-jsame family had refused to and a power saw were stolen ens Committee of Comprehen-' send the child to school last sive Mental Health Planning year, but that no action was Project met last night in Un- taken because the family mov-ton Hospital.    *    "J.    the    county    Howey- Chairman Mrs O. L. Carl-    cr the Kings    returned    before    ty Road 97    was    reported miss- son aired*final plans for a coun-    the beginning    of    school this    ing yesterday l>y    Aden Miller of tywide survey to ascertain what    year.    Mullet Coal    Co.    of Mount Eat- help is now being given in the    The judge said    other    action    un. areas of mental health.    would be taken if the family re- j - Chairmen for the various mains in the school district and groups are now appointed and does not send the girl to school, the areas to be studied include Mrs. King was released on educational, legal, clergy, web $800 bond. ing this summer. Clprk-Treasurer George a pb. PuPds. Some changes were made f hniilna al Park and South buildings to submitted a building, 2 overcrowded dassess. Grab To Take 90-Day Leave Dover Police Chief Garrison Groh will take a 90-day sick leave starting Wednesday. In his announcement this * morning, Groh cited poor health and the need for a rest after 35 years on the department. Groh has been chief 7 years. Capt. Ray Ries will continue as acting chief. He assumed the duties for the past 2 weeks while the chief was on vacation. Safety Director William Sweit-zer said this morning the city's Ile said he could not answer}was admitted to Union Ho^ital 7‘toMghTta at?*JUDTdi* the proposed questions last night yesterday and a New Philadel- cuss nromoUonal examination. Supt. Emmet Riley submitted *>u* promised that he would phia pupil received emergency; for a captain sergeant and pa- , »i»m„„tarv ni.ccw,™    -    -........  -    treatment, both for injuries re- trolman post,'created bv the re- ceived at school. An industrial cent resignation of Capt. Ken-employe was admitted following neth Daffom. It was stated that the esti-' could not see how increased sal- substitute teacher list and payif,™ *he project ,or ,he raises were granted Robert! Sindlinger, Linda Snyder and Charlotte Sprout, all teachers an elementary classroom re-1    pAy    HIKE,    Page for obtaining additional train- Port* stating that Dover’s aver age elementary class size is 28 fund report, which shows a $2,-j DAY BRIGHTENER from his barn, on County Road 96. The loss was set at 855. Theft of equipment valued at stampbook. $100, from a drag line on Coun A breakdown shows: 371 pu- Around The World ............ 9    and ^Irs- William Adamson of cials, including Council Presi- RD I, Dover, was listed as dent Arthur Hanni, Mayor C. It takes the average housewife about 4 checkbooks to fill one teachers at Park, and 429 pu- Approval was given to Riley’s request for a 2:30 p.m. dismissal Wednesday, Sept. 23, for a See ROUTINE, Page IO ON THE INSIDE Around The World ... ........ 9 Dear Abby ............. ....... 15 Dr. Alvarez ........... ....... 17 Dr. Crane ............. ....... 15 Goren On Bridge ..... ....... 15 Home Building News . ....... 13 Horoscope ............. ....... 17 Obituaries ............ 2 Sports ................. . ll & 12 Television ............ ....... 5 Women's Pages ....... ti & 7 accidental amputation of 4 gers. fin- Daffom today said he would not consider withdrawing his Craig Adamson, IO, son of Mr. resignation. Several City offi- nrl re \17 i 111A /In/•/,>• n / ••    ,    •    «•       *__ a sliding board to the Also listed as “satisfactory” is Millersburg, who lost 4 fingers Weathervane fare, medical and private agencies. On Oct. 19 the group will hear a speaker present the possibilities of getting federal aid for Turn Sprinkler Off A Dover Ave. resident com- Gasser Dairy Closes Attorneys reportedly are handling the unexpected closing Sunday night of Gasser Dairy Co. on E. 4th St. The owner, James Perms, was not available for comment nor was Mrs. Esther Gasser, Draft Analysis Planned YESTERDAY High 74    Low    45 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Chicago, cloudy sample will seek to find out to between what extent men have moved right hand at Alsco Inc. in Sugarcreek. Patrick Jones, 6. of 736 S. Broadway, New Philadelphia,    ,    .    .    . was treated and dismissed for a \leveland; cloudy broken right arm received while    ^e.es> ' ‘J wrestling at South School. Mtaim, clear . ... 86 **    "    JZ 81 72 WASHINGTON (AP) - The in the draft pool, government plans to analyze    This involves men Selective Service histories of|18% and 35. Selective Service from one deferred classification Pirernen At Session possibly 290,000 men as part of a headquarters said there are to another, thus avoiding indue- massive study that could lead to about 29 million men in that tion.    Dover    firemen Sam Dunfee 53 57 61 n 49 57 50 .13 a halt in the military draft. | pool.    (    Men    being    drafted    these    days Jr. and Don Kendle are at- ..... —    Officials    told The Associated. The purpose of the sample, average about 22 years old. tending a 5-dav training ses- local ^heto Vn'^the Treatment of plained to Dover police last    widow of    Frederick    Gasser’ j    Press    today that Pentagon    authorities explained, will be to    Roughly IOO,OOO    men a year    are    sion    at the Ohio    State    Fire mentally disturbed people. night that a neighbor’s sprinkler    founder and    longtime    owner of    experts    conducting the draft    “get a more    definitive view of    inducted, all of    them going    into    School at Columbus.    Chief    Clar- Dr Raymond Crawley report- was getting his house wet and    the dairy. Mrs. Gasser sold the    studies    for President Johnson    the status of    people within the    the Army.    ence    Shilling said    Dunfee is ed on possible recommendations I dumping water in the basement,    business to    Pernus    following I    have asked the Selective Serv-1    pool,” from    which men are    A nttle-noticea request for psychiatric hospital care'Police shut it off since the neigh-the death of her husband last ice System to take a I per centi called for induction. within the county.    1)<)rs were not at bome-    .vear-    sample of the records of all men Among other things, tho Sci; DJLUT, J'^ge I    %htiqg. t0 enrolled in a course on water .pumps while Kendle is study* Pittsburgh, cloudy San Fran., clear .... 69 Washington, clear . 77 TODAY 7 a.rn.............. 50 RAINFALL Last 24 hours None TOMORROW Sunrise............6:07 Sunset ............ 6:34 High 68    Low    42 Forecast: Partly cloudy and cuoL ;

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