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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - September 5, 1964, Dover, Ohio Help To Make Labor Day A Safe HolidayThe Daily Reporter VOL. 61. NO. 48.    40    PAGES. Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday, September 5, 1964 7 CENTSMalaysia/ Indonesia Close To War STATE INVESTIGATOR TO SEEK ANSWERS    1Permit Riddle' Continues Here An investigator for the State establishment. Daffom obtain- of the Stucki permit. Department of Liquor Control    ed the statement while investi-    Groh’s    “green light”    signa- will be in Dover next week,    gating a complaint that Stucki    ture for the transfer was seeking some answers for Po-    had cut telephone lines to pre-    brought to light in the wake of lice Chief Garrison G. Groh’s    vent police notification of a dis-    the temporary and permanent signature on a routine liquor    turbance.    injunction proceedings which license transfer request.    Martin, whose division gr^nt- are underway in Common Pleas Allen Martin, chief of the liq-    ed the transfer request Thurs-    Court to close Stucki’s opera- uor permit division, told The    day, said Groh on Aug. ll, how-    tion as a “common nuisance.” Daily Reporter yesterday after-    ever, refused to sign papers giv-    Martin    noted that the    trans- noon that Groh signed a state-    ing his approval to a renewal    See    PERMIT, Page    8 ment on July 31 noting no ob-    "...    .    .    ^ jections to transfer of a D-l and D-2 permit to Franz Stucki from    m    gm m    M    m his brother, John.    C AllIV TV    3 I UA AMTC Martin expressed concern    ma    ma    rn    rn rn J Mw rn mama Waff# that Groh signed the papers in light of 36 complaints that have    I BJ    f    / been investigated by Dover po-    nCIIlO    MW K QHAv    mmm, lice within the last 2 years at    ^    w    ^ Stucki’s Tavern at 206 N. Tus-    Tuesday signals the start of    beginning at 8:30 a.m. with a    £ t carawas Ave., which is operat-    another school year for area    social session, ed by Franz.    teachers and an    estimated 26.-    Mrs. Arline Reiser, president    I OOO pupils.    of    the Dover Teachers’ ASsn.,    I Ten days prior to Groh’s sign-    All schools in the county sys-    will open the program at 9:15 ing of the papers. Police (’apt.    tem will begin classes that day    Dick Jennings, board of educa- Kenneth Daffom had obtained a    along with some of the other    tion president, will give the statement from a 19-year-old districts.    .    welcome and Supt. Emmet Ri- girl, who charged Stucki had    Dover kindergarten and ele-    ley will introduce the guests and asked her to become a prosti-    mentary pupils will report to    staffs and make a few com- tute and to attract men to his    their respective buildings Wed-    ments. nesday at 9 a.m. Those in the DI* lls* ki#« /I O    Junior High, Grades 7, 8 and 9. Dr. John Ramseyer, a former I ll 11 Cl 171011. *43,    will report at 8. A full day of    Dover teacher and now a pro- I; -a.    -    |    a classes is scheduled.    fessor of education at Ohio f1 np/l JniiPd    Dover Senior High students    State University, will    deliver the I lllwvl, ^Ullwvl    will have an extra day of va-    main address. -    cation, reporting    for a full day    Two sessions are scheduled    ?    :    g VII 3 wOlinTS    °f classes at 8 a m. on Thurs-    from ll to noon, one for the day.    elementary staff and the other Glenn R. Junkins, 43. of 922    Teachers in the Dover system    for the secondary. Following Grant St. NW, New Philadel-    will take part in the annual    lunch, teachers will meet for 3 phia. was fined a total of $150    convocation program Tuesday,    hours with their respective and costs and sentenced to 60    building principals. days in jail by    New    Philadel-    Sh 4    There will be an art staff    1—11111    ii phia Mayor Joe Pritz this mom-    meeting for county school    FIRST ARRIVAL. Diane Elaine ing on 3 charges filed against    %P.\AfnofKnmronn    teachers at 3:30 Tuesday and a    Courtright,    representing    Ohio, him last night.    VVGoUlBrVcinC    !!1US1<; f meeting    at 4.30 in    steps    from    the    plane    as she    ar- Junkins was fined $25 and    vcctcdhav    */°xr y    1    u-    u    i    rives in Atlantic City, the first of costs for intoxication. On a re-    YESTERDAY    At New Philadelphia, while 50 contestants who will vie for sisting arrest charge, filed by    High 91.    Low    schools    will open Tuesday, the    the “Miss America” title next Patrolman Robert Airgood, he    Elsewhere    In    U.S.    See    STUDENTS.    Page    14    week. (AP Wirephoto). was fined $100 and costs and    Hl«h    1    ovv    1    r    "     ------- given a 30-day jail sentence, Albuquerque, cloudy 90 63 .34    &    K * __ with 20 days suspended. On the Los Angeles, cloudy 81 60    WM    IWW mm mw    rn WM mw W'ww rm assault and battery count filed    Miami, clear....... 86    72    .55    w    M    mf by his wife he was fined $25    New York, clear    .... 92    70    .. and costs and given suspended Pittsburgh, clear ... 90 57    mw    OW    M ^ nA mw w JI rn ma 30-day jail sentence.    ^t. Louis, cloudy ... 87 59    mWa    O    w mmS    KWK Jr 5 rn C M jw Police were called to the San Fran., clear ... 61 54    ..    * Birds Eye Inn at 1285 Broadway Washington, clear . 94 69 .. The Thursday night murder    of Xenia, brother of Doverite at 8:15 where Junkies reported-    TODAY    of Edward Lee Richardson,    35,    James Richardson,    remains a ly was intoxicated and assault- ' am-• 51    ~    ~    ”1    ’    mystery, according to Dayton ing his wife, Ruth. When police    RAINFALL    Special Tabloid . . ,    police. arrived they asked him to Ro l ast 24 hours rn inch    , Wednesdays edition. The .    thtrt’    ‘his    T™' with them and he refused. Af-    TOMORROW    Dally Reporter will carry a    20-    lng sa,d    had    few clues. er setting Junkms to the sta- Sunrise ........... 5.a,    tabloid    on    Strasburg,    its    n0 suspects "°r «* murder hon he resisted being put into Sunset ..........  6.0O    h    n( ^ fu(ureb The weapon, believed to be a 38- a cell tearing a button from ftgh 82 Im,50 pictorla, revjew a,s()    caliber pis ok A motive has not Allgood s slurt.    k precast. Sunny and mild    ry several interviews of town    been established, they said. I..    1    ~    personages. Those interested in Richardson’s body was found *■■■-    *    ii    1    r-w    ■-    HAV    obtaining additional copies tying outside his car on a ON THE INSIDE    UMT    ZfrX-XC    Should notify The Reporter Cir- street in Dayton’s east side. He rn,    ..i,    :    I-    I    DDiruTCMCD 3V;MJz culation Department (4-2167) by was shot in the chest. Around The World    .......... 8    BRIGHTENER*^    5 pm,. Tuesday.    for*240 t° «0 "and Im MUS Hospital News .............. lf    Buying a load of topsoil Is ed-    pJush^n^edRtoiT Monday "to    founcl scattered near the man's Obituaries .................... 27    ucational. It teaches that while publish an edition Monday to body. Sp?irts  .....-......... ®    !°    ll    some thhigs are dirt cheap dirt j^jmit    mim.    Richardson’s wife and her Television ............ 17 to 21    isn’t one of them    Labor Day holiday vs it h mem- Women « Pages IO & ll ‘    hers of their families.    See    slaying,    Page    ii Rioting Puts Further Gap Between Foes By TONY ESCODA KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — New race rioting flared in Singapore today as Malaysia and Indonesia moved closer to open war. The rioting, blamed by some Malaysian officials on Indonesian agents, has left IO dead. The king of Malaysia signed a decree today which proclaimed the entire country a national “security area.” The decree permits local authorities to impose curfews and ban Unlawful assembly and gives police sweeping powers. In Indonesia, President Sukarno, who has vowed to “crush” Malaysia, held another emergency meeting with his top advisers. The official Indonesian news agency Antara said he will make an important announcement soon about the See RIOTING, Page 14 9 Young Phila Boys Involved In Theft Ring Summer thefts from Dinger’s and Maurer’s Markets and other business places in New Philadelphia apparently have been solved by New Philadelphia police with the apprehension of 7 juveniles and 2 youths within the past week. Police were notified Tuesday afternoon that a young boy was sleeping in a truck and it was believed he had stolen a cake and 2 small pies from Maurer’s Market. When police investigated the boy admitted he had taken the pastries and that he and several other boys had stolen things from there 5 or 6 other times this summer. Police secured the names of the other juveniles involved and turned the names over to juvenile authorities. Police Chief Louis Clark said Royce E. Barker, 20, of RD 3 New Philadelphia was picked up this morning. An 18-year-old is being sought. The older pair have both signed statements stating they were involved in the theft from Maurer’s and to the theft of merchandise from other stores in the city this summer. ;

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