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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - September 2, 1964, Dover, Ohio Midwest Airways Service For County Begins Oct. I .. Story Below The Associated Press Is The Exclusive News Service of The ReporterThe Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VOL 61. NO. 45.    28    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Wednesday, September 2, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Famlliet PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTSSchool Consolidation Put On Ballot Klusmann Escapes From Laotian Prison CLARK AIR FORCE BASE, Philippines (AP) •-It. Charles F. Klusmann, a U. S. Navy jet pilot shot down by Laotian Communists three months ego, was flying home today after escaping from Loos to neighboring Thailand. Klusmann arrived here from Thailand about A p.m. — 3 a.m. EST. An informed source said he boarded a U.S. Military Air Transport Service plane bound for the United States. His exact destination was not disclosed. Details of the escape have not been made public. Klusmann, 30, had reached the safety of and American air base at Udorn, Thailand. There he received medical attention, food and clean clothing. The U.S. Embassy in Vientiane, Laos, announced he was being flown to the United States. See KLUSMANN, Page 2 Lt. Charles Klusmann United Fund Budget Work Is Under Way Joe Richards Gets Hospital Trustee Post V. R. Marsh, president of the Union Hospital Board of Trustees, announced today that Joe Work on establishing the 1964 Ritards, treasurer of Greer Stucki Lawyer Asks For Bill Of Particulars A motion for a bill of particulars on the injunction against Stucki’s Tavern at 206 N. Tus-caraws Ave., Dover, was filed in Common Pleas Court yesterday afternoon. Atty. John Woodard has aked the court to require Prosecutor United Community Fund goal; Steel Co., has been named to got underway yesterday with ^ unexpired term of Clay-the 5-member budget committee .ton Hatch on the hospital board, considering requests totaling Richards, who became Greer tH3 981    treasurer July I, has been with Ray Adkins, committee chair- ,he f*1 fi™ in vari°us dePar‘-man, and James Lonergan, Earl    ^01" ***    . ?? J. ? . Smith Art Heidenreich and Wal- Carrollton High and the Urn- Harlan Spies “to make a definite ter Zimmerman will weigh the versity of Florida, he previously and certain the allegations that retests of each of the 12 par- ™ far Ernst - Ernst ac- said premises are kept and used ticipating agencies before set- cauntlng firm rn Cleveland and for the unlawful sale or posses-tine a goal for the drive sche- t,le us- Quartermaster sion of intoxicating liquor in vio-Tied In October    c<>n>s, Office of Strategic See- latten of the Ohio Revised hast year. the'Dover - New vlc“ and ^nRin“r CorPs dur' Code." Philadelphia UF campaign ln?.War II.    J    As    an    alternate,    Woodard vielded • more than HIO OOO He and hls Wlfe* I'eathan> an« further asked the court to strike toward a $111,110 goal. ’ *heirc? *n r^d.e at J54 the allegation from the prosecu-This year’s requests, with last;    ’    w Philadelphia, year’s approved share in par-' enthesis, are: Boy Scouts $8,632 ($9,253); Campfire Girls $800 ($800); Can cer Society $12,000 ($9,000); Girl Scouts $4,408 ($4,217); Guidance Center none ($4,266); Dover Red Cross $5,381 ($4,546); Countv Red Cross $12,929    ($13,193)'; Salvation Army $18,500 ($16,500); Senior Citizens $2,525 ($1,900); Union Hospital $7,000 ($7,000); YMCA $26,940 ($25,550), and Youth Center $10,666 ($11,000). UF office and campaign expenses are listed at $4,200 compared with $3,875 last year. No funds were requested for the Guidance Center this year In light of a fund surplus created When no psychologist was hired. Biggest increases percentagewise requested are Cancer Society (33.3), Senior Citizens (32.-9), Dover Red Cross (18.4) and Salvation Army (12.1). School Staff For Retarded Gels Pay Hike County Bridge Work Underway County Commissioners said today that work on the bridge on County Road 32, a mile southeast of the Rush Local School, should be completed within a few days. Road and bridge workers are raising the bridge 2 feet in order to prevent flooding from Watkins Creek. During the time the bridge is out, traffic will be re-routed south over Route 258. Need Fruit Jars The Salvation Army is making an appeal for fruit jars in behalf of families requesting them. Persons who wish to con fine new teacher has been hired and the salaries of 2 others increased for the new term at the County Retarded school. County Commissioners have approved *by resolution the recommendations of Welfare Director Lorin Gadd with regard to the school. Mrs. Mildred A. Wright of 117 Beech Lane NW., New Philadelphia, has been hired by provisional appointment at a salary of $380 monthly for 9 months. Gadd said today that Mrs. Wright is a graduate of Ohio State University and a registered nurse. She has worked in out-patient and industrial clinics and conducted nurses’ training courses. In her time at Ohio State, she worked with the retarded children at the clinic there. Mrs. Ruth Carlson of RD 3, Dover, returns to the school after a year’s absence in which she fully qualified herself for the position of Instructor II. Her salary was been increased from $380 to the $400 rate approved for Step “M” for a 9-month term effectivd Sept. I. Assistant Instructor Mrs. Louise Mizer of RD 2, Newcomerstown, also was granted a salary hike from $240 to $252 tor’s petition. Spies filed for both a temporary and permanent injunction, last Thursday, naming as defendants, Franz Stucki as operator, John Stucki of Wilmot, as liquor permit holder, and Gust Lambros of 206^ N. Tuscarawas Ave., as property owner. In his petition, Spies alleged that the tavern premises “are kept and used for the unlawful sale or possession of intoxicating liquor” and that the continuance of such action constituted a common nuisance. . In his memorandum, Woodard claims that the allegation is a conclusion and not, as it should be, a pleading of facts. “The defendant is unable to answer and is not aware of acts that are alleged to be a common nuisance,” the lawyer states 13-Year-Old Wounded In Gun Mishap DENNISON - An 11-year-old boy entered a neighbor’s home yesterday afternoon, picked up a .32 caliber revolver from a table and pulled the trigger, accidentally shooting a 13-year-old girl who was visiting in the home. Brenda Hart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs* Russell Hart of 152 McCarty Ave., received emergency treatment in Twin City Hospital after being shot by Robert Carpenter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carpenter of 220 McCrea Ave. Hospital officials said the bullet entered the hip and traveled into her left thigh. The accident occurred at the James Bear residence at 231 McCrea Ave. The gun was owned by Carol Bear of Cleveland, who told Police Officer George CoLrell she had kept it on the seat of her car as she drove from Cleveland and was in the process of putting things away when the boy en tered the home. There were 4 other children in the home at the time. Cottrell was notified of the accident by Greg Bear, 16. Weathervane YESTERDAY High 74    Low 51 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Detroit, clear  70 53    .. Jacksonville, clear . 95 72 .17 San Fran., clear ... 64 56 .. Washington, clear .. 85 63    .. TODAY 7 a.m................53 TOMORROW Sunrise............5:54 Sunset.............6:55 High 90    Low 62 Forecast: Fair, warmer, hu- Alvin C. York * Sgt. Alvin York, Hero Of War I, Is Dead At 76 By BILLY BOWLES NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -Sgt. Alvin C. York, legendary doughboy hero of World War I, died today. The old soldier, who battled crippling illnesses for a decade, was 76. The sharpshooting native of Tennessee hill country was credited with single-handedly killing 25 Germans and capturing 132 others in one day’s fighting in the Argonne Forest in tribute jars are asked to contact the Citadel Office (6-7833); monthly. Mrs. Mizer, whose po-to make arrangements for pick-1 sition as assistant instructor Up,    See    STAFF, Page 2 2 Phila Levies Filed For Vote Two New Philadelphia levies to be placed on the Nov. 3 bal lot were filed with the County levies are    directed for current operating    expenses for a period of 5    years. One is for I mills and    the other for I mill The 2-mill levy was approved by New Philadelphia Council on Aug. 24, and at that time Council was advised by City Solici-He further points    out    that John!    tor Donald    Zimmerman that the Stucki    holds    a    license    from    the j    levy would    be placed on the bal lot in 2 parts. Nine-tenths-mill would be set as a renewal of an existing levy and would not become effective until the 1965 tax year, Zimmerman said. The remaining 1.1 millage would be further split, with one-tenth going directly for current operating expenses and the 1-mill balance directed to park and recreational expenses. The second levy, which will appear on the same ballot, was approved, by council at a special session Monday. The estiva j mated $35,000 expected from the levy would go for increases in the salaries of city employes, including the police and firemen. Zimmer man explained to Council, in passing the resolution, that since the levies were £ designated as “current operat-13 ing expenses” Council would State Department of Liquor Control to sell beer and wine and such sales do not constitute a common nuisance. Court action for an injunction against a nuisance demands a pleading in compliance with both common and Ohio law, Woodard claims. Common Pleas Judge J. H. Lamneck has set 9 a.m. next Wednesday for a hearing on the permanent injunction. Iv&W ' 7:: ’/.j >. / 7 ' ON THE INSIDE , rn,v „    .    rn Around The World ............ 8 Dr. Alvarez .................. 27 Dr. Crane .................... 27 Goren On Bridge ............ 25 Hospital News ................ 2 Obituaries .................... 2 Sports .................. 15    k    16 Television .................... Women’s Pages ........ 12    & Your Horoscope .............. 27 HOSTAGES UNHURT AS GUNMAN ESCAPES Tries For $75,000, Gets $5 DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) — Two housewives' and their three small children were held as hostages Tuesday in a bizarre $75,000 bank robbery plot that netted a lone gunman $5. FBI agents and police from Dearborn Heights, a Detroit iuburb, were seeking the bandit today. He fled after a brief gun battle with Sgt. Virgil De-Greace of Dearborn Heights police. Police said the man held Mrs. Monica Boczar, 37, and her 2-year-old twins, Janette and Jeffrey, as hostages for a harrowing 45 minutes while her husband, Bernard, 40, was dispatched to fetch $75,000 from the nearby Michigan Bank branch where he is manager. Boczar, at work, was told by the bandit in a telephone call that Mrs. Boczar and the children were hostages and he must come home. Boczar called police and then went home. At his house, the bandit ordered Boczar to get $75,000 from the bank. In a hectic series of events, Boczar left home for the Dank moments before DeGreace arrived, helped Mrs. Boczar and her children to safety and was hurt in a shootout with the holdup man. have to order by special motion the monies to be used as described above. He further emphasized that future councils would have the right to channel the monies from these levies to other expenses. Rescue Ends Vigil At Well For Young Boy By SANDERS CARTER FREMONT, Calif. (AP) — A 3-year-old asthmatic boy who fell 25 feet down an abandoned dry well was rescued Tuesday night, “scratched up and a little wild-eyed” but otherwise unhurt after three hours. A crowd of more than IOO cheered as Fremont policeman Duayne Watson, 26, pulled Jerry Bettencourt from the foot-wide, 90-foot deep well with two ropes. The boy had been breathing with the aid of an oxygen tube lowered to the bit of rock where he was wedged. He was taken to Washington Township Hospital for 24-hour observation. He was said to be in good condition. Jerry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gary George Bettencourt, tumbled into the well about a halfblock from his home after he and two playmates removed a cement-filled bucket that covered the opening. The other boys ran to tell Mrs. Bettencourt, 24, who said, “My heart just broke. “I ran to the well and said Jerry, are you down there?’ Then I ran to call my husband. “I stayed for the first half flour while they tried to get him out, but then I couldn’t take it any longer.” The boy was pulled from the well as rescue workers sank a parallel shaft six feet away. His ather, a 25-year-old heavy equipment operator, stood by with the boy’s grandfather and two Catholic priests. mmmmm mmmmmsm: News Briefs shen Local, Tuscarawas-War wick, Salem-Washington and Gnadenhutten. Petitions bearing 1,229 signa tures well above the 794 required (35 per cent of the qualified electors in the 4 districts) were presented at the County Board office Monday morning asking for the vote. Dr. Linton Honaker, who officially became the new county superintendent 21 hours before last night’s meeting, issued the following statement, in part, in regards to the Southern Local proposal: “Section 3311.26 of    the Re vised Code (by which the district was created) is silent upon the exact method that should be used to verify the signatures on a petition of remonstrance. His wife, Gracie, and his five However, it would appear that sons and two daughters, had it is the duty of the County maintained    a bedside vigil.    Board and therefore    of the Hospital    spokesmen    said    county superintendent,    to check death was due to “general de- the validity of such signatures, bilify resultant of a combing- “After a study of the petition of conditions incident    to his    tion presented by Steve Pas- France in 1918. He was awarded the Medal of Honor, and won lasting fame. York entered Veterans Hospital here Aug. 29. Death came at 10:40 a.m. It was his third trip to the hospital this year and the last of a dozen hospitalizations in the past two years. His final illness was described as an acute infection of the urinary tract. He had been in a coma almost since admittance. Rush Transfer Also Is Okayed For Nov. 3 Vote Residents in 4 county school districts comprising the newly-created Southern Local District will vote on a consolidation at the Nov. 3 election. Residents of Rush Local District will vote on a proposed trans-fer of a western section of the district to Gnadenhutten-Clay District, also at the Nov. 3 election. Both issues were placed on the ballot at last night’* County Board of Education meeting and both stemmed from citizens* petitions demanding a vote in answer to board actions by resolutions. Voters deciding the Southern    ~ Local merger are those in Go- I ■ is    ■ Airline begins Regular Local Service Od. I See YORK, Page 2 Work Started On Store For Marlowe Drug Remodeling got underway yesterday in the Reeves Realty Co. building at W. 3rd and Wal- rn* St to accommodate Mar- honest effort secure names lowe's Drug Store, which will that were valid and to have quinelli, a resident of Tuscarawas County and a qualified elector of Tuscarawas - Warwick District, I would make the following statements: (1)—There are a series of names on the petition which probably might be invalidated due to the method of signing and the lack of a proper address. (2)—I find also several names that are apparently non-residents of the proposed Southern Local School District. (3)—I believe that the circulators of this petition made an Dover Parade Entries Sought A progress report on the 43rd annual Dover Halloween parade was given and a project launched at last night’s Jaycee meeting. Lee Bierie, parade chairman, announced he is accepting petitioners.    marching    and float entries and „ ,    x    ,    “Additionally,    since    many    of    may    be    contacted    by    calling 6- Marlowe said the interior of petitioners have stated that 1185. The parade will be staged the building, which formerly ^ey favor this consolidation of Oct. 28 at Miracle Lane Plaza, housed the A & P Store and Goshen, Gnadenhutten, Sa- occupy it some time in October. David Marlowe, vice president of the firm, announced today that a lease for the 4,000 square foot building had been signed with Reeves Realty. Marlowe’s, which has been in the same location 31 years, will not be moving far—just 65 feet across the street. them signed in a valid manner. “Therefore, I would recommend that the County Board pass a resolution to place the issue of the proposed Southern Local District on the Nov. 3 ballot since this eventuality appears to be the intent of the Tuscarawas County once again will have regularly scheduled air service beginning Oct. Bill Hepp, public relations director for Midwest Airways of Cincinnati, said today the airlines would institute Monday through Friday passenger and freight service at the New Philadelphia Municipal Airport on that date. The present schedule calls for 4 flights in and out of the airport, 2 to Cleveland and 2 to Columbus. A decision to service the county was made last week by Midwest officials, but announce ment of the action was delayed pending a decision on stops to be made. Midwest’s 10-passenger, twin-engine Lockheed aircraft will begin on the following schedule: New Philadelphia to Cleveland flight will leave at 8:45 a.m. and arrive at the Lake Front Airport a 9:15 a.m. See AIRLINE, Page I lem-Washington and Warwick See CONSOLIDATION, Page I No Chest X-Rays Ballard’s Market, will be renovated, including a new front. Plans for a grand opening will be announced later. “We have expanded at an accelerated rate over the last 3, Tilers wa* rmintv years and the need for a new; Department officials said today and more modern store became there wouid ^ no chest X-Rays imperative, he said.    ,    gjven this Saturday at the clinic “Since it is impossible to stay j at schoenbrunn. in our present location and have the type of facilities we want and need, we decided to make the move across the street.” The featured gift shop also will be expanded in the new location. DAY BRIGHTENER During September, the Jaycees will receive a percentage of all referred Fuller Brush sales as a result of an agreement arranged by Sam Mascot of Dover, district manag- Health er* Proceeds wiU be used for various upcoming projects. Sam Peters stated that the caboose at Dover City Park has been renovated and that painting will be completed this month. Tom Miller announced completion of the bowling sheet fund-raising project. George Telle presided in the rn, . ii.    .    With radio, television, and Hi- a.jSenfc%?f William Barkett, pre- The building to be evacuated Fj the American family is more; “dent- Jhe SeP‘; I5,.™*1'"? wlU owned by heirs of the Bracks soun(| ^an ever.    i be a dinner at Village Green is estate. Restaurant. 'OPERATION SACKTIME' ENDS FOR 14 COLUMBUS. Ohio (AP)-Reg-istrar Dave Mainwaring of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles said today he is “considering” a job Pair Held In Theft Sheriff Tony Young yesterday    _ went to Muncie, Ind.,    where    offt;r *rom the    °bio Auto    Deal- James M. Stewart, 24, and De- ers Association and will make lores A. Schopp, 21, both of    UP !*1S mind    about the    post Muncie, were being held    by po-    Wltaln a week. lice there for theft of a    car at Mailbox Is Stolen Uhrichsville Aug. 20. The auto, owned by Robert Dorsey of RD I, Dennison, was taken from! A New Philadelphia resident behind the Ford garage on E. notified police this morning at 1Guinea Pigs' Want Exercise By RALPH DIGHTON j I. There are no physical prob-    he admitted    he    had “one    real Associated Press Science Writer lems likely to arise from long    craving.” LOS ANGELES (AP) — Four- confinement in space cabins or “I have got to get up and teen healthy young men con- from high gravity stresses dur-    move around,”    he told news- fined to bed for a month in a ing atmospheric re-entry that    men. “I feel    like running    until space-science study got up with one overwhelming desire: exercise. Feminine companionship was second on the list. Operation Sacktime, conclud- periods by injury or disease. can’t be met with proper exer- I’m out of breath.’ cise.    “Well,    girls, of course,** ha 2. The same exercises would said. “I’m going to call ray girl be valuable in rehabilitation of first thing and see if she still inpatients hospitalized for long members me.” The robber fled when De- 2nd St., Uhrichsville. Charges 7:25 that someone had stolen a ed Tuesday at the University of When Steven Ellickson, 19, Greace became temporarily were filed in Southern District mailbox sometime last night or! Southern California, also turned ended four weeks of supervised See GUNMAN, Page I County Court.    I    early this moi fling.    up these findings:    I    bed    rest    in    a    campus    residence His reaction was typical oI tim 14 student guinea pigs teated foe tolerance of space flight Sea SACKTIME'. Page « ;

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