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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - September 1, 1964, Dover, Ohio Dover School District To Vote On Renewal New Levies Dover School District residents will be asked to approve a 6-mill renewal and a 2-mill additional tax levy for operating expenses at the Nov. 3 election. Resolutions placing the 2 levies on the ballot were approved unanimously at last night’s re cessed Board of Education meeting. The 6-mill renewal, which is to run for IO years, will not be collected until December, 1965. It will be the continuation of a 6-mill levy which expires next year. Board members indicated it is the customary procedure to ask for a renewal levy prior to its expiration to assure continuation of the school program. The 2-mill additional, which would put Dover’s millage at 24.40 for school purposes, still one of the lowest in the area, is being asked to meet increasing educational demands. Supt. Emmet Riley pointed out several reasons for the additional levy, which would yield approximately $104,000. The levy would be for IO years and col lection would begin this December. Riley cited an increase of 650 students since 1959, thereby requiring additional staff, textbooks, services, etc. He also pointed to the up grading of curriculum, t h e changeover to the latest textbooks and the added services provided Dover students in the areas of art, music, foreign language, advanced seminars, resource centers and elementary libraries. Reporter Columnist Marlow Is A Pulitzer Prize Winner The Daily Reporter Along with the increased staff has been a reduction in the class size to give students the advantage of more personal attention. English teachers in the high school this year will have 5 classes instead of 7 or 8 and, See SCHOOL LEVIES. Page ll HOME EDITION .ut •Vmv VOL 61. NO. 44. PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, September I, 1964 -rn' Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Police, Firemen Protest Tax On Income *■* Urged To Make HikeAdequate STATE FAIR CHAMPION. Edward Spec bt 17, (right) son of Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Specht of RD I, Sugarcreek, and a 3 year member of the Garaway Future Farmers of America chapter, had the Shorthorn reserve champion female in the FFA division at the Ohio State Fair. He won first place with his 2-year-old heifer against 30 other entries in his cl ess and then competed with first place winners from 5 other classes for the champion female. He was presented a rosette and trophy by the Ohio Shorthorn Breeders Assn. and the Ohio Polled Shorthorn Breeders Assn. Also shown is Homer Brown, vocational agricultural teacher at Garaway High. for the regular traffic man.” Clark ticked off a number of New Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments last night expressed strong dissatisfaction with a proposed levy that would provide an estimated IO per cent salary hike in January. They called for immediate pay raises, with the threat of wholesale resignation in the departments and emphasized the need for more personnel, a stronger incentive program and more and better equipment. The protests actually came af- for the regular traffic patrol ter the City Council had adjourned its special session in j which the resolution to put an other factors that had to be con-i additional 1-mill levy on the sidered in keeping men dedi-Nov. 3 ballot had been unani- cated to police work: Compen-mously approved.    sation for overtime; fringe bene- | Council President William fits, suc^ as insurance: a long-Ilinig, however, promised that evhy clause, and something at the regular session on Sept. that wouW provide incentive to ; 14 he would direct the Finance the police faced with little Committee to meet with Mayor chance for promotion because Joe Pritz, Safety Director Jo-;°f the limited force, seph Frenzel (absent last night) and the chiefs of the Police and *ire thief Heck backed up Fire Departments to discuss, Clam's remarks, saying that the possible emergency measures mere promise of money meant that might be taken.    nothing. Dover City Council met in a be $985, not including .sealing p0jjce    Louis Clark and    whole department, he in- •■briefing’* session last night.!which will be done at a later Fjre chjef Q Heck    formed Council, was present to I* ive witnesses have been sub-    discussing several items that da,f: Rf:53,(1    *-pu51jc    discussion    punctual,      ----*------- poenaed by Prosecutor Bal lan .    agenda    at    future    I " US* 1° problem w as - severaj bmer comments. Spies in a    “nuisance” action    will be on the agenda at    future    quired because of a boiler in    ^Most    of    tJje Uce    and    fir0_    ter    of the    year.” against Dover tavern operator    regular meetings.    the new section that will be    men    were    present with    a large    Heck revealed he feared los- Franz Stucki, according to rec- service Director II. S. Ream “down” next month for inspec- inumber of ,[heir wives.)    :ing 3 of the 12 regulars in his orris filed in the Clerk of Courts presented preliminary plans for tion.    department (there are IO more office.    a 40.000-gallon sewage treatment    Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthy dis They are:    W. A. Galayda of    p]ant al the north edge    of the    cussed a barrage of signs that l;issillnn ;uv«nt for tho Ohio    ...     u    i____„___oi-o hairier onllanfod on Pnhlie 5 Witnesses Subpoenaed In Stucki Case 2nd Dover Sewage Plant Discussed Massillon, agent for the Ohio J,jtv that wouW ^ capable are being collected on Public Department of Liquor Control, ,^ servjng    a small industry    and    Square. He said he recently re-    meeting) is the answer r)o\ 6i Police ( hief Ciairison (?. md (ionics    ceived 3 request from the Com*;    }|p nnintpH nut that Cost of    the installation,    -    munl,v Fund (or installation of Oroh and Capt. Kenneth Oaf- form Juanita Carbary of .11714 ,    Vmv"r^n^T'non another sign. Council President W. 8th St.. Dover, and Donna    .rn Arthur Hanoi said the matter Bowdle of Strasburg.    3“    Dummermuth,    would    be $61, ^ ^ brought up a( the ^ The 2 girls reportedly have u,-    ,    .    ,    ,    ,    ,. meetine SignedI affidavits before Prose-    Re™    an extelS The °Peratlon    of Po“ce De: uhs Omer p, euler Spies charging Stucki with    hejnore^feasto e man exienuing    partment #|so was    djscussed department attempting to entice them into sewer lines to me present piani sunervision at the focal; rn i a u a a *    i hrnsititi.tinn and cam rim* nv.ir    on the Tuscarawas River.    WIW bupemMw    (ll    ™ ioiw| Clark said    he did not personal patrons for his establishment.    A cost breakdown shows:    PoinlJ    l ily blame the    administration,    be- volunteers), simply because they were not getting an adequate living wage. He stated, and it will be 6 He pointed out that the levy iyears in January since firemen In a prepared statement, Clark declared: “I question whether this lew (the one voted at the might not pass in November, that it extended for only 5 years and that it did not even meet his men’s demands for a living wage, much less take care of the other pressing needs in his Junction  ______  r___ lien has been set for 9 a.m. *»•«<>•. 3nd ,and and riSht-of Sept. 9 before Common Pleas I way, $6,009. Judge J. IL Lamneck, who last Thursday issued a temporary injunction at Spies’ request. twill begin the first of next week _ for    repairing a 26-year-old roof, The cost will A* hearing on a anent'in- Plant and installation, $24,000; [)auJh’. c'fy councilman an d cause he knew they were well notion against Stucki’s opera-! 3 200 feet of 21-inch sewer main, j ffad of thf *afe,>    1    aware    of    the problems, since he nction against «ucta s q*ra    ^    ^ ^ ripht.of. Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthy and had often discussed matters Safety Director William Sweit-|with the officials. zer said they will submit a re- Ream also noted that work F0,t latei- Clean Strasburg Street un lhe liKht P'anl- The Dover street sweeper was in Strasburg this morning) deaning Wooster Ave. prior to: resurfacing. Service Director IL j S. Ream said village officials hired the sweeper at a yet-un-i determined hourly rate. The job was expected to be noon. DAY BRIGHTENER Judge Ignores Guilty Plea, Drops Charge ‘‘We have to compete with industry and business around us,” the chief emphasized in speaking of the threatend resignations from his force. “We need something more than IO per cent,” he said with regard to pay. “There would be nothing wrong with $6,000 a year got a raise. The fire chief agreed with Clark that his men, after the first year, had no incentive for their work, except seniority. Promotions to captaincy were based on seniority, he explained, but with the shortage in his crew, there were only 3 captaincies. “We read in the newspapers that the Council finds money for everything else,” one firemen challenged. “How come they can’t find money for us?” A policeman repeated this question and asked how, in the face of the so-called money shortage, $5,000 could be spent on a Gradall and $10,000 voted for remodelling the property NEW SWITCHBOARD. Mrs. Carroll (Maxine) Varner, secretary to Dover School Supt. Emmet Riley, checks out the new Letch Dial Telephone System as Edwin Caudill, sales representative of General Telephone Co. looks on. The new system, the first one installed in a school in General Telephone’s Eastern District, features a ’’meet-me conference’’ in wh icb 4 inside parties may hold a conference simultaneously. Calls to the 4 elementary buildings and Junior and Senior High offices will go through this central switchboard. The board can hold up to 5 calls and is designed to facilitate intra-school communications. The system was installed in the Administrative Building when remodeling of the high school offices got underway this summer. Cost of the system, In use in most of the areas larger industries, was $275 for installation plus a $15 increase on the monthly bills. See PHILA PROTEST, Page 6 Sign in a reducing salon:    Central    County    Court    Judge McGregor Named Reporter's d:eb;j~—'fa,“^Retail Advertising Manager 'Hotbed' Raided At Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The national headquarters of Negro group was raided by police inside the riot-torn section of Dover Youth Wins Award At Ohio Fair Jack Walter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Walter of RD I, Do- Pleading Atop Car DAYTON, Ohio (AP)—A worn-1hide plunged down a 25-foot em- nn who pleaded for help from bankment. y    1    Police    Sgt.    S.    J.    Navy    said Woman Drowns against George Crow, 30, of 408    _    .    .    „ „ .    r.u    i    ^    $    u    Promotion    of    Roger    McGregor 2nd St NE, New Philadelphia, retaj, advertising manager of for lac k of evidence.    The Daily Reporter was an- t row pleaded guilty at a pre- nounced ^ hKy General Man. limlnary hearing to taking $8 Iames Ij0nJergan and Ad. belonging to County Recorder v|rtising Dlrector David Lind-Ted Underwood in an April 24 ^.g McGregor, who has served as breakin at the Recorder’s Of fic5- „    ,    promotion    director    of    the    news- ti . ie r.innt/ luntu «>. «.    oumi    Judge Peliell gave this ex- paper the last veal*, joined The the top of her car after it plung-she parently lost control on ^bination when asked why he Re orter in MaVf 1962< od into the Great Miami River ;an oil.slick area of the roadi; dismissed the charge after Crow a^vertisii drowned today as it slowly sank. At least a dozen bystanders watched as the woman screamed, “I can’t swim!" A witness said as the woman stood on top of the vehicle, and she jumped into the water, “kicked around a little,” then disappeared. Authorities recovered her body about two hours after the mishap and identified her as Josephine Johnson, about 50. The woman, driving a 1963 One witness, Ene Snook, of admitted the theft: “There was Dayton, said he saw the accident. He said the woman’s car spun across the road and disappeared over the embankment. “I parked my car and ran down there. By then she was out the back of her car and she said she couldn’t swim. She stood on it until it sank, then kicked around a little and went down,” Snook said. He continued: ivertising salesman. no proof he took the money. Crow was fined $5 and costs on another petty larceny charge filed by Underwood, who claimed Crow broke into his office and took $2.45 in county funds. Crow had pleaded not guilty to this charge but this morning changed his plea to guilty. Assistant prosecutor James Thomas this morning stated!tion for newspapers the size of| Crow is being held to the Grand The Reporter, they have been as an The 25- year-old New Philadelphian will continue that work. His merchandising background includes 7 years with the Kroger Co., during which time he completed that firm’s management training program. A series of regional publicity clinics were inaugurated by the newspaper last fall under McGregor’s direction. An innova- woods,” he said, “but we are still watching the situation.” A squad of IOO policemen made the raid Monday upon    .    .    , Muhammad's \frican • Asian has received sn award at North Philadelphia, where quiet) Cultural dt enler,‘^w0 b?0?k" the Ohio State Fair for recog- reigned today after a weekend from where the riots broke out nition of safety achievements of looting and pillaging.    late Friday night.    during lhe last year The 0hio The four-square-mile area Inspector Millard Meers, who t’ami and unn,p i still was under tight security, led the raid, said police found ,, . .    ®    ^ with a 24-hour curfew in effect flammable fluids used for mak- n,ueo Ine- presented the awards and more than 1,200 policemen ing fire bombs, a loaded revolv- t0 ordy 3 ether Ohio young peo-on patrol.    er, two bayonets and a knife, pie. Mayor James IL J. Tate said ^hey arrested Shakyh Mu- Walter, chairman of the Farm the restrictions will remain in hamm!.l(*. desi Obeli by fleers Bureau State Youth Committee, effect at least until labor Dav rn \ m'T me er of ,he received the award for his com-effect at least until Labor Day. Black Muslims.    mittee*s work on the “Safety in a statement late Monday Muhammad was held in $10.- Behind the Footlights Project.” night, the mayor said the area    on    charges    of violating Teams of 2 to 5 members, who titnu I'ovfpomoltt niiiot ” With    41_______u     -*_____-*    -    5* Roger McGregor was “extremely quiet, ».i». (he even less activity than normal “I think we are through simple dramatics, il- Uniform Firearms Act,,, A un    normal.    lustrated to civic groups the im- out    of    (he    —VVy^Utmad    »“ a" tion to stay off the streets. His attorney, Cecil B. Moore, president of the Philadelphia 'chapter of the National Associa-b tion for the Advancement of at Ohio State University. ................. it)    Colored People, called the high    Two other area persons re- \lvarez .................. 17    bail a ransom and said the court    reived honors at the fair in Crane ................... 17    had “succumbed to hysteria.”    the Junior Dairy show, which ON THE INSIDE living in the home, on the highways and in the community. Walter is a 1961 graduate of Dover High and will be a senior Around The World Dear Abby Dr. Dr j uo TTvr...^ -, _______  "I    can’t    swim.    I    tried    to    get j Jury on a breaking and enter- widely discussed at trade as- model car* apparently” was on;someone to go in after her butling charge in connection with,sedation meetings, as has the ter way to work when the ve*lthey wouldn’t.”    the    thefts.    paper’s    advertising    workshop. Goren On Bridge ............ is    Muhammad, 33, came here    officials termed “one of the best Home Building News ........ 8    from Greensboro, N.C. He has 'in years.” Hospital News ................ 2    been arrested four times. Mu-    Sally and Peggy Wachtel both Obituaries .................... 2    hpnmad once described himself    of Holmes County we*; in the McGregor and his wife, Deb- Sports .................. 13    &    it    J-    a    Muslim    leader    and    also    dairy    breed    of    Guernseys    4-H. orah, and 4 sons, Vincent, Television y said he represented the Phila- Sally had a reserve grand cham- Rodney, Craig and Scott, reside) Women's Pages ........ to    &    ll    delphia    Fighters    for    liberty    and    pion and Peggy won in junior at 1122 5th St. NW.    Your Horoscope .............. 19    Justice.    showmanship. ;

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