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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - October 12, 1964, Dover, Ohio Little Theatre Awaits Curtain—Page IS; Bowling Yearbook Beady—Page ll Top-Notch Reporter Photography Makes A Better Newspaper The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION w* VOL 61. NO. 78 22 PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Monday, October 12, 1964 Se rving Over 11,000 Fa rn Riel PHONE 4-2167    7    CENTS Soviets Orbit 3-Man LBJ Plans 20-Hour Day In Campaign 'BANJO EYES' DIES AT 72 Private Slated Services For Cantor Bv FRANK CORMIER RENO, Nev. (AP) — Presi dent Johnson said today Barry Coldwater sees the government as such a terrible thing that he seems to be “running against the office of president, instead „ .    .. . , . . .    , of for jf *»    Cantor was the last of a trio of Johnson took the slap at his ^eat comedy figures t0 Pass Republican rival as the Presi- from the Hollywood scene in dent swung into what promised recen^ weeks. Grade Allen of to be a 20-hour day of cam- the Burns and A1Ien team died paigmng in five Western states Aug* 27, and HarP° Mane of the —Nevada, Montana, Wyoming. Marx Brothers succumbed two Colorado and Idaho.    weeks ago. Coldwater was not mentioned ' Cantor died at his Beverly by name. But Johnson, in a Hills home. Two of his daugh-speech for the Nevada capital of ters, Mrs. Natalie Metzger and Reno, left no doubt about his Mrs Edna McHugh, were at his target.    bedside. Two other daughters, “One candidate,” he said, “is Marilyn Cantor and Mrs. Janet roaming around the country Gari live in New York. A fifth saying what a terrible thing the daughter, Marjorie, who had government is. Sometimes Ijbeen the comedian’s secretary, think he is running against the By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Eddie Cantor will be buried as he spent most of the last 11 years of his life — apart from the public that made him a top star during a golden era of American entertainment. Groman Mortuary announced today that funeral services for the 72-year-old comedian, who died of a heart attack Saturday night, will be private. office of president, instead of for it.” “We here in the West,” said Johnson, “know how the West was won. It wasn’t won by a man on a horse who thought he could settle every argument with a quick draw and a shot from the hip. “We here in the West aren’t about to turn in our sterling silver American heritage for a plastic credit card that reads: 'Shoot now, pay later.’ ” And, Johnson said, the West wasn’t settled “in saloon fights or by galloping vigilantes” but rather by sober and responsible men and women. in Vegas. Roulette wheels whirled and slot machines played their tinkling melody more than 20 stories below him. But he never saw these features of Las Vegas life since his route to and from his quarters was remote from the bustling casino. The President flew to Nevada See 20-HOUR DAY, Page 2 See CANTOR, Page 17 Eddie Cantor Weathervane SATURDAY High 44    Low    20 YESTERDAY High 54    Low    20 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low PT. Albuquerque, clear 81 51 .. Chicago, rain ...... 52 47 T Cleveland, clear ... 49 29 .. Los Angeles, cloudy 78 61 .. Miami, cloudy ..... 81 M New York, clear ... 55 39 Pittsburgh, clear ... 53 26 St. Louis, rain...... 62 49 T San Fran., rain — 74 52 T Washington, clear . 57 35 .. M-Missing T-Traee 23 TODAY 7 a m. ........ RAINFALL Last 48 hours . none TOMORROW Sunrise .......... 6:35 Sunset ............ 5:49 High 60    Low 40 Forecast: Cloudy and cool. Road Employe Head Charges 'Exaggeration Ermile Dennis, president of Local 195 of the county’s Road and Bridge Department Employes, today termed County Engineer Charles Young’s account of a record check in Saturday’s Daily Reporter as “an exaggeration of fact.” Young told The Reporter that Dennis and 4 other men had entered his office while he was out and demanded time records from an office girl. Dennis issued the following statement: “I would like to clarify a few of the things that Engineer Young accused us of doing. Passengers: Pilot, Doctor And Scientist Bv HENRY S. BRADSHER MOSCOW (AP) — The Soviet Union rocketed a space ship into orbit today carrying a pilot, a scientist and a doctor — the world’s first space vehicle to carry more than one person. An official announcement said it was sent aloft by a powerful kind of rocket. As the space ship circled the earth every 90 minutes, the pilot messaged that all instruments were working well, the physician examined his colleagues and they had lunch. The space ship is named Vosk-hod—Sunrise. Aboard were Col. Vladimir Komarov, the pilot; Konstan-tine Feoktistov, scientist; and Dr. Boris Yegorov, physician. The booster rocket sent the space ship into an orbit that ranged from 255 miles to 110 miles above the earth, an official announcement said. Some scientists abroad considered this historic first one more big step in the Soviet race with the United States to the moon. The United States plans to launch its first two-man vehicle some time early next year. There was no indication how long the space craft — its size and weight not given — would remain aloft. But the official Tass news agency said this first manned orbit by the Soviet Union since the summer of 1963 was designed to test the See 3 MEN, Page 17 “In the first place, we did not ‘invade’ Young’s office. We merely asked the office girl for See ROAD, Page 2 Doverite    Injured As Car Hits Tree Three persons were injured,1 taken to Union Hospital in a one seriously and 4 motorists I Meese ambulance. Patrolmen one seriously, a    .are    continuing    investigation. cited in 5 auto accidents in- Dover firemen were called at vest,gated by state patrolmen 2 a.m. when the car, owned -----Erma    Fish    of    Sherrodsville    and    a™    caus!ng    other    d?.ma8ed Police Nail ll Speeders School Bus Is Stripped Thieves looted a St. Joseph’s School bus over the weekend, stealing a tachometer and clock over the weekend. Gerald Shahan, 33, of rear 210 driven N Tuscarawas Ave., Dover, is Minor damage listed as “fair” in Union Hospital with a compound fracture j 2 to his right leg a ■ fordriving l^ of center after Ie(* t0 Police Saturday night that and forehead1 Parrish, 29, . c. . „    fit.a    I    Rev.    Fr. Marcellus Fuller y ‘ 1    ’    K?ed sa*d they also left some switch- Larry D. Edwards, 26, of Rd|«! °n’ causing the battery to Uhrichsville, and Ronald E. i 1 ‘    ’ RD 2 Port Wash-! John W. Hurst of 814 lith St. New Philadelphia, report lacerations sustained in a one- i ington, were cited by patrolmen NJV I someone stole from his auto a tachometer while it was car mishap Sunday at 1:55 a.m. on boule lit* west of Dover. ] their autos collided headon on a Doirnimon ’e-mi Shnhan trav- Sharp curve on Township Road| Patrolmen said snanan, tray    F llfh nf nhrirhcviiip Sat- parked    at Boulevard Lanes. cling east, ran off the right side 163 south of Uhrichsville, Sat- f . .l.  i ..rwi ctrnfL fi trpp unlay at 12. of the road and struck a tree, unlay at 12:40 p.m. Parrish reel im r au ^ ^ He was ceived a cut i0Wer lip, but was demolishing Entrance was gained by breaking a vent window. Dover police made ll speeding arrests over the weekend, 8 of which wrere in a 25-mile hospital zone on the Boulevard. Cited were: Clarence R. Bev-an, 22, of 221 2nd St. NE, Carl V. Martin, 40, of 346 Fair Ave. NE, James M. Wemple, 20, of 1906 E. High Ave., and Roy E., Simmers, 22. of 1024 Miller Ave. NW, all of New Philadelphia; Carol E. Jeffries, 26, of 405 Seneca Dr., William E. Lieser, 39. of 1505 Cross St., both of Dover. and Jovce E. Newton, 20 of Uhrichsville. Posting $11.20 bonds were: John P. Sarver, 31, of RD 3, Guyon, W. Va.; John E. Dillon, 50, of Barberton; Robert J. Light, 20, of Limaville, and Margaret M. Vogt, 38, of Cleveland. Bevan, according to officers, posted a $31.20 bond at police station after he refused to specify a date for a court appearance before Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthy. Police said the youth used profane language when brought to the station. A Saturday morning court date has been set. Results Not Satisfactory For Barry PHOENIX, Ariz (AP) — Sen. Barry Coldwater of Arizona heads into the final three weeks of campaigning still thwarted in efforts to dramatize the back-to-the-Constitution stand he calls the overriding issue in the presidential contest. In wide-ranging attacks on President Johnson in his coast-to-coast journeys, the Republican presidential nominee has tried out a variety of approaches to the voters with results that do not seem to have satisfied him fully. He has assailed the President for promoting coexistence with the Communists. He has argued with administration officials over the reliability, deliverabili-ty and control of nuclear weapons. Coldwater has pictured himself as a champion of Social Security while condemning the Johnson proposal for tax-financed health care for the elderly. He has called for a five per cent annual reduction in income taxes, promising at the same time to balance the budget. He has charged the President with “reckless spending” and mocked Johnson as a man who carries a “shopping list” from which he invites voters to select their benefits. Coldwater has called for a “return of morality” to the White House. He has sparked some of his loudest applause by See NOT, Page 17 'HOW BLOWETH THE WIND?' At first glance up at the First National Bank building, people thought they were seeing things. At second glance they were. By some quirk of nature, breezes were blowing the American flags in opposite directions.    (AP    Wirephoto.) County Dems Hear Victory Prediction more Speaking before 300 Tuscarawas County Democrats, Maryland’s U. S. Sen. Daniel B. Brewster Saturday than j made his remarks during a party and banquet in New Philadelphia Elks auditorium. His talk was the highlight of a $3-a plate feed also attended rn not treated. Area Home Vandalized In one other accident Satur-Howard Lawyer of RD I, Do- day at 2 a.m. at Routes 36 and ver. reported to sheriff depu- ^ West of Gnadenhutten, pa-ties Sunday morning that van-; trolmen reported a vehicle driv-dals had thrown a Uone through en by Edward Campbell, 49, of the screen and damaged the Gnadenhutten went out of con-door at his residence, located troit striking a utility pole. They at Township Road 384 and said his brakes failed as he Route 211. Damage was set at made a left turn onto Route 16 $25.    I    from 36.  -   ;    Paul E. Flickinger, 29, of Girls SOOD Windows RD I, Dover, was cited into No one was found Sunday Port Washington mayor’s court nigh when Dover police invest!- after his auto rammed the rear Sated a report girls were soap- of one driven by Homer Bedrel. hlUlU    >    ...    i.L    I'*    I    C__IVII'DL'n On..,..    4 ing car windows on W. 4th St. See INJURED, Page 2 On The Inside.... Quakers Win Third Game By 24 0 Tally .... Page U $ Gets Olympic Gold Medal..........Page Dennison Students Air Course Desires......Page Dover Girl Recoils Fascinating Hawaii Uh'ville Council Outlines Levy Needs Judges Disagree On Delinquency Cure Page Page Page 11 12 15 16 17 22 night predicted victory for his by national and state office party in the Nov. 3 elections and seekers as well as those bidding took a verbal shot at the Re- for county berths next month, publican party, labeling it as “if we have anything to fear, “preaching gloom and doom in- d is only apathy,” Brewster told stead of being apostles of the his near sell-out audience. “We positive.”    have the votes. We’re going to Sen. Brewster, currently on a vvjn. But we’re going to do it state-to-state campaign swing, with your assistance.” The senator asked county Democrats to “give us your hands, give us your heart, give us your vote. Do it for Ohio, Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey. Do it for the United States. But really do it for the benefit of all mankind.” Earlier Brewster launched a denouncement of Arizona Sen. See DEMS, Page 17 in behalf of the Lyndon Johnson - Hubert Humphrey ticket, Quantrill ★ Akron Driver, 34, Faces 2 Counts In Fatal Crash Nina Quantrill Dies At ii 4 Teenagers Hurt In Crash Five teenagers from Uhrichsville and Scio were injured in an early morning crash Sunday on County Road 19 in Carroll County. Listed as “good” in Twin City Hospital are: Linda Gagner, 16, of 618 N. Water St., Uhrichsville, and Dennis Armstrong, 14, of Scio. Miss Gagner, driver of the auto, sustained a fractured dislocation of the wrist and Armstrong had lacerations to his head. Treated and released were; Dale Malterer, 16, of 504 Ray St., Uhrichsville, owner of the vehicle, for lacerations to his chin and foot; Michael Gagner, ll, for lacerations of the leg, and Darla Armstrong, 16, Scio, lacerated lip and contusions to both legs. Sheriff deputies are continuing their investigation. The auto was a total loss. Around The World Dear Abby ....... Dr. Crane ........ Dr. Writes ......... Goren On Bridge . 17 Horoscope ........... ........ 21 . 19 Hospital News ....... ......... 9 . 19 Obituaries ........... ......... 2 .. 21 Sports .......j....... .. 11-12 13 . 21 Women’s Pages ...... .... 8 & 9 U. S. Sen. Daniel B. Brewster (D-Md.) (left) discusses the campaign trail with 'Corbin Miller of 310 Grant St., Dover, Tuscarawas County Chairman for Young Citizens for Johnson and Humphrey, Robert E. Sweeney, Democrat nominee for Congressman-at-large, and Judge Rankin Gibson, candidate for Ohio Supreme Court Judge. Kina Quantrill, 87, of 127 W. lith St., Dover, a niece of the; late William Clark Quantrill, died Saturday night in the home of a niece, Nina Crawford of Akron, with whom she had resided the last 2 years. James L. Corvelli, 34, of Ak- Born April 14, 1877 in Dover, | ron, driver of the auto in which she was a daughter of the late Delores K. Brown, 26, of Akron Benjamin Franklin and Caroline was killed Saturday night in a Hagerman Quantrill. She had; 4-vehicle smashup on Route 8, been employed by the S. Toom- j has been charged with man- ey Co. for 58 years. At the time; slaughter by Cpl. A. T. Carlock she started there they were) of the State Patrol.    manufacturing horse - drawn Corvelli also was charged with sulkies and buggies, driving left of center. He is to She was a member of the appear in Northern District First Moravian Church of l)o-County Court on both charges, ver, the Three Arts Club and Corvelli, whose auto struck a Women’s Fellowship. She also truck, and 2 autos, was trans- taught Sunday School for sev-| ferred from Union Hospital Sat- eral years, and was a member I unlay to an Akron Hospital. He of the church’s Northern Divi- j j suffered severe lacerations to sion. ‘his scalp and face and a frae-: Survivors: Nieces, Mrs. Ruby, •tured right arm.    I    See QU ANT RI LL, Page 17 f’ Test Signup Deadline Near Acting Dover Police Chief Raymond Ries today issued a reminder that Tuesday will be last day to make application for a vacant patrolman’s job. A Civil Service test for that position and promotions to fill a vacancy created by the recent resignation of Capt. Kenneth Dafforn, will be held at 7 Friday night in City Hall. Tests also will be given for other city jobs. Renters Are Always Looking! Many people are looking for an apartment or home to rent. You’!! get results fast through a Reporter Family Want Ad If you have an apartment or house to rent you are ready to place a Family Want Adi Hurry —Call Now! To Place Your Ad . . . PHONE 42167 The “Result” Number 11 ■■■!»■ 11 mil ;

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