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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - October 10, 1964, Dover, Ohio Tornadoes Bag 3rd Conference Triumph 22-18 St. Joe Tops East Canton To Stay UnbeatenThe Daily Reporter VOL. 61. NO. 77. 46 PAGES. Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday, October IO, 1964_   7    CENTSTraffle Mishaps Kill ★ ★ ¥ ★ - County Death Toll Soaring; Total Now 21 Tuscarawas County’s 19th, 20th and 21st traffic fatalities were recorded late yesterday and early today in 3 separate accidents. The twisted wreckage Route 8 near Dover Dam Y ■NM | I Malvern 24 i Strasburg 0 I I ; Uh'ville 14 I Carrollton 14 i Midvale 22 I ; Dennison 8 I I rf Nc'town 45 S Rosecrans 22 I I Cantons. 48 I Sandy Val. 14 Fairless 22 I Perry 14 S ? Massillon 58 Steubenville 0 Louisville 38 N. Canton 12 Ashland 16 Mans. Mad. 0 i    v - .. It is the worst “separate death” 24-hour period on record. Twenty - three fatalities were recorded in all of 1963. Dead are: Gary D. Schupp, 9, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Schupp of RD I, Gnadenhutten. He died at 5:15 last night in Twin City Hospi- , , . .    ,    .    _ ,    „    _    x    al    a    tm. j .l , * • La •    •    ■    .    tai from injuries sustained an (right)    carried    Delores    K.    Brown,    26,    of Akron    to    her    death    last    night    in an accident on    hour earijPr WhPn hp was stmrk . The station    wagon    (left),    was    the    last    of 3    vehicles    the    death    car    struck._ by an auto while riding his bi. _    -    cycle on Route 36 near Lock ■ aff    I    if    I    f    '    J    '    JHHHHNHKZE..    ........    ~    "    qpvpntppn Workers Take r#%    .    .    ,    a Tv VI Ii WI J I Ufiv    mm T lm^    I ne BfVA    ron» who was killed instantly _    2 \fMm rn rn a W IlldIU Vteet | at 6:35 when the auto in which I Allfflfl# ^lwwlAA    United Fund Division Chairmen Named .... Page    3    she was riding slammed into    a leUUIIIy ^/lllvv    Mrs. Emmet Riley In 'Culinary Corner'........Page    20    semi-tractor trailer    and 2 other Photo Finishes That Made The Week........Page    24    autos, one headon,    on Route    8, Four county road and bridge Dover Student Gets Heart Grant............Page    27    near Dover Dam. employes and one former em- Elmer Silveus In 'Wonderful Life'.......... Page    28    Wooster    R.    Weaver, 43 of 313 Ploye “invaded” County Engi- 18th Olympiad Opens In Splendor Pages 36, 40 JJ. 1-Sc TI?0 neer Charles Young’s office this — was killed instantly at 8.45 this morning in his absence to    r\l*l    I    morning when a B & 0 Railroad^wuhoutTe-ufnouce, Er-    phl,a Attorney    Gets Order    MSU 195, Road and Bridge Employes; To Talk With Jailed Client    — F.^Mme^Siyr^reSntai    A New philadelPhia attorney side each other in Newport Aug.    ju™f ^“other^rsons,31? of tive; Donald Seward, a depart-    has Sained a court order t0 be    Thp lawvpr.«. rpnnpc.t annar    whom were    admitted to Union ment truck driver, and Gary    allowed private conferences with    ™ la >er s request appa    Hospital and    are Hsted as “fair” Levengood, who quit his job his client outside the cell block    ottomevs    hv    Codo    22 of today* several months aeo walked in- i„ rniint„ Taii    causal attorneys by Code 22 of st t Patrolmen said the ,    conins    ago, waiseu rn m County Jail.    the Rules and Regulations for Q„hlinn hftv riHincy hic MpvpIa to the office and demanded the    Att Richard L. Stephenson    the Tuscarawas County Jail.    west ^werwed into the oath of records from an assistant clerk. . J,    ^    u    This paHp    th*    Vinita    west> swerved into tne patn or They reportedly told the girl, asked for the order after he was    i    “wvPrf^lh    lh^r    Hpnts    an aut0 going in the same di‘ Linda Orin, that the records    appointed by the court to rep-    l‘on “f S *f » a m to    4 30    rection and driven by Keith R' were Dublic and demanded to resent Dale Seibert 20 of RD    t    J    J*    ,    *    Simpson, 29, of Newcomerstown. wire puoui ana aemanueu lo    resent uaie aeioen, cu, ox nu    m on weekdays and does not    Th % H ’    ’    thrown neain^t the se® J v    ,    ,    h Uhrichsville. Seibert plead-    specifically allow prisoners to    vehicle’s windshield    No    citation When \ oung    returned    from    ^ jnnocent t0 a grand jury in-    be removed from the cell block.    was issued cupybig de^kUs in them<onffice' dicitnTeni charging him with cut- Common Pleas Judge Ray- He was taken t0 ^ clty copying aesxs in inc    ting Joe Touvell, als# of RD I, mond Rice signed the order per- t Rntimnr nmhnHnr* Hns checking the records for road    Uh*ichsville( wit’h a knife while muting Stephenson to visit rttb    3 B°timer ambulance* Hos* g Tho/tad" asked “for records their 2 cars were St0pped be‘ Seibert-    COUNTY DEATHS, Fag. IS going back to November, 1962, t    '    .    ...    I contained in 15 books.    _ Young was infuriated at the    I        *___ RL    ■ intrusion and demanded to know    Br    FOC    FOSSI    wC    I    Mi    IC W Cs lf why they had not shown the cus-    ^    * See TAKE, Page 33 __Dover    police are looking for    ism also was listed, police said,    everything was okay when he r* c* L*    D ♦    A    some “progressive thieves” in    with the thieves using a pop    checked the grill at    3. Gang-right Keportea    connection with 2 breakins early    bottle to prop open a beer tap,    Police explained that the vise State patrol received a call today.    causing a full keg to drain.    grips (one pair was found at last night at approximately ll Their first “hit” was the Officers said soft drinks also the bar) were needed to bend p.m. from a Dennison area res-    Sinclair Service Station at Front    were dumped into the cash    a steel bar which protects a win* ident that a gang-fight, involv*    and Wooster Ave. where they    register and that merchandise    dow at the rear    of the bar. ing 30 youths, was taking place    stole 2 pairs of vise grips. They    was scattered about.    Earl Haynes,    owner of    the on County Road 37 near Route used them minutes later to en-    Owner of the bar, Delmar Es-    gas station, said nothing else • 8. The patrol notified sheriff’s ter Espy’s Grill next door.    penschied, said he closed about    appeared missing. Entrance deputies and both went to the    There they lifted $75 to $80    2:15 a.m. Dover Merchant Po-    there also was gained through a area, but no one was found.    from the cash register. Vandal-    beeman Joe Bendetta noted that    window. ;

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