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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - October 8, 1964, Dover, Ohio On The Inside.... 7 Sweeney Boys Aid Father's Campaign .... Page    1I Cardinals Take Series Advantage........ Page    15 Pictures Of Atwood Inn Project.......... Page    17 UCF Selects 3 More Chairmen............Page    18 Around The    World ........ 18 Dear Abby    ................ 27 Dr. Alvarez    ................ 27 Dr. Crane .................. 25 Goren On Bridge .......... 25 Hospital News ............ 18 Obituaries .................. 2 Sports ................ 15-16-17 Television .................. IO Women’s Pages 12 & 13 No Single Method Helps In Smoking 'Retirement' By ALTON BLAKESLEE AP Science Writer NEW YORK (AP) - A cigar-! ette means a lot — of different! things to different people. And that’s why it is foolish to think there is any one method! that will help all people who would like to quit smoking, a social scientist said today. Smoking gets tied up with different habits, associations, and psychologicaf needs, Dr. G. M. Hochbaum of the U.S. Public Health Service,    Washington, D.C., told the American Public Health Association. “When we speak of smoking cessation, we do not speak | merely of a single, isolated change in a person’s life, but of a rather radical and extensive disruption of a complicated, interwoven pattern of habits, of needs gratified, of pleasures derived, and of tensions released,” he said. “Smokers have claimed variously that cigarettes help them to relax, to concentrate, to sleep, to stay awake, to get over difficult situations, to feel self assured, or to accomplish a variety of other things. It is difficult for many nonsmokers to understand that cigarettes could do all this.” Among any large group of smokers, “the approaches, methods and techniques to facil itate discontinuation will have to differ in some ways,” he said. Dr. Hochbaum said it is not necessarily true that “all people who go to smoking clinics really See SMOKING, Page 18 Growing county-wide acceptance creates an even more interesting paper The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION ..iii VOL 61. NO. 75.    28    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia. Ohio, Thursday, October 8, 1964 Se rving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 J CENTS Tshombe Avers Prisoner' Role By GEORGE MCARTHUR CAIRO (AP) — Premier Moise Tshombe of the Congo complained today he was being treated as a prisoner and held on the outskirts of Cairo watched constantly by 30 Egyptian intelligence agents. He fired off letters of protest to all lifted. Tshombe was allowed a few visitors by Egyptian police and troops guarding the Aruba Palace where Tshombe is being Diplomatic sources in Leopoldville said Tshombe tele- members    attending    the    summit    Phon£d hif. gOTe™1 I0 al‘ow r.„nf»r»n^    nonaligned    na-    ,he ES>'PtJan and AIKer,an d,P- nonangniu na ^ ,omats (fJ |eave their embassies. Leopoldville reports said, . _____ ,    .    however, that a soldier sta- conference and was placed un- der house arrest on his arrival conference of tions. Tshombe was barred from the three days ago. The Congo then blockaded the United Arab Republic and Algerian embassies In Leopoldville. Honed at the Algerian Embassy insisted his orders were unchanged. Nasser and President Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria led the UAH President Gamai Ab. fight to keep Tshombe from the a i m    .    i conference. They have accused del Nasser sent word that nt uain„ 0 Tshombe would be held until the |    g    ge for the blockades in Leopoldville aiel See ‘PRISONER’, Page 22 Johnson Changing Tone In Campaign By FRANK CORMIER IN THE MIDWEST WITH JOHNSON (AP) — President Johnson, who is telling Midwest audiences he expects the biggest election landslide in history, said today one campaign issue is whether to chop up the American economic system for firewood. Swinging into the second day of an 11-state tour, Johnson stopped first at the racially mixed industrial city of East Chicago, Ind., where he appealed for liberalization of the immigration laws — something opposed by William E. Miller, the Republican vice presidential nominee. —or whether we chop it up for firewood.” A marked change in the tone of Johnson’s campaigning became apparent Wednesday in Barry Claims LBJ Is Using 'Double Talk' By JACK BELL LUBBOCK, Tex. (AP) Sen. Large and noisy crowds greet- Barry Coldwater charged today ed the President in East Chica-! President Johnson is basing his go before he flew to Indianapo-! campaign “on political doublers,    talk as to his own record and In his Indianapolis speech, political deception as to mine. Johnson likened the American ^he Republican presidential economic system to a sturdy oak with its roots in the Midwest. “And the Issue today,” he The old adage that too many cooks spoil the soup didn't apply in this case. Making "homemade” onion soup prior to the dinner are Richard Gray (left), Dave Godfrey and Dr. Robert Hastedt, all of Dover. nominee charged into the Southwest after a foray into New Jersey, marred somewhat by heckling in several spots. In a speech prepared for Lub- said, “is whether to tend this bock, Coldwater said that even oak with care, nourish its though Johnson was in the growth as it must be nourished! See BARRY, Page 18 Dover-Phila Clubs Have Rotary Outing I Good food, rifle and pistol shooting and a hayride tour highlighted a joint stag meeting yesterday of the Dover and New Philadelphia Rotary Clubs delphia was the winner of a blanket made from wool sheared on Brown's farm. The blanket raffle netted each club $35. Volley ball was played, with held on the Dr. 0. K. Brown the New Philadelphia club win farm on Route 8, near Dover ning 3 out of 4 games. There Dam. Forty members of Dover club, 38 from the New Philadelphia unit and 7 guests attended. were several wagon trips over the countryside to Dover Dam. Dr. Elden Krantz of Dover also gave a sheep-shearing dem- Among the guests was John onstration for non-farming mem- Bill Gerber (left) of Dover, chairman of the Rotary affair, provides the manpower for a 100-year-old cider press, while Dr. O. K. Brown pourc in the apples. Brown owns the press. Young Awaits Written Okay To Proceed On Repair Work Avery of Euroa, Australia, an area extension agent there, who presently is touring the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. Jerry Schwab of New Phila- Right-Of-Way Squabble Ends A squabble over a blocked right-of-way has been settled and the case dismissed in Common Pleas Court. James and Lois Kreizwald of County Commissioners said brides or roads which have RD 3 D had asked for today that County Engineer not been dedicated as public    . . Charles Young’s claim that roads,” Young stated, “it can Pcrman injunction against some road and bridge repairs constitute illegal expenditure of:Merle and Rebecca Ward, also performed in the county might    public funds and    could    result    of RD 3, after the latter had be illegal, is a    problem for the    in a mushrooming    of requests    constructed a ditch on right-of- prosecutors    for repairs    ;way leading to the Kreizwald Young yesterday said he He said that in the case of the i J . would not proceed with repairs Rush Township road, the town- ProPerty in Dover Township authorized by commissioners ship clerk, who has been in and threatened delivery trucks for a Rush Township bridge on office for the past 19 years, trying to enter. Road 424 until he had a written | could find no record that the j xj,e court entry notes that opinion from    the prosecutor    road had been dedicated.    the Wards have promised not to regarding the    legality of the    obstruct the right-of-way, and work.    “The    commissioners    stated    the Kreizwalds, in turn, have “If repairs are ordered on today with regard to their au- agreed to prepare a drain for hers. A turkey shoot had to be halted because of darkness. Taking charge of the rifle and pistol activities was Don Mathias of E. High Ave. Ext., New Philadelphia, an avid gun collector. He provided several cap and ball revolvers, flintlock rifles and muskets and carbines for the shooting fun. The food included chicken livers, hush puppies, onion rings and mushrooms. Iowa and Illinois. For the first time since his nomination, Johnson began grabbing almost every opportunity to shout for a Democratic victory — nay, landslide — in November. Toned down were his efforts to take a nonpartisan, above-the-battle stance. Johnson, swinging through Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky today, gave an all-out demonstration of his new campaign style last night in Peoria, 111., at the convention of the Illinois AFL-CIO. Speaking off the cuff in a smoky, bare-raftered armory, Johnson hollered out a rhetorical question about the campaign: “Are we going to get the See ‘TONE’, Page 18 Stucki Tavern Hit Again, I Counts Filed Checking scores following a muzzle-loading rifle match are: Harry Frownfelter (left), Marvin Weisgarber and Don Mathias, all of New Philadelphia. Weisgarber was a guest while Mathias supplied the rifles and muskets and was chief "loader," accomplished via a powder horn. Baltic Driver Faces 3 Counts thorizing the work on the road. Isurface water flowing from based our decision and '•*---- ‘we based our I adopted the resolution for the j work because the road has been on the approved map of the j township road system, prepar-I od by the engineer’s office, and [because the township trustees r. • » *    m    nf have been regularly receiving Raymond L. Lev g , « , mUpoap from thp statp for Baltic was jailed by Dover police yesterday for speeding, unsafe operation and driving while under the influence of alcohol. Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthy today set a bond at $300, but delayed arraignment until Leven-good could contact an attorney. Levengood was returned to City Jail in lieu of the amount. Officers said Levengood was arrested after he was observed weaving on N. Wooster Ave., crossing a yellow line and traveling 50 miles per hour in a 35 zone. The man declined to take a blood - alcohol examination, police said. mileage from the state for maintenance of the road.” When Young first called to question the legality of the work, the commissioners said they referred the matter to the prosecutor for his opinion. At that time, Young agreed to See YOUNG, Page 2 Woman Heads County Heart Association The Tuscarawas County Heart Assn. met yesterday in Union Hospital and elected officers for the coming year. Mrs. Myron Yakley of Sugarcreek was elected president, succeeding Dr. R. E. Rinder-knecht of Dover. Dr. H. F. VanEpps of Dover will serve as vice president and their premises so as to prevent Mrs. David Lewis of New Philos flooding the right-of-way. K DAY BRIGHTENER The best time to tackle a small problem is before he grows up. Berry Is Named To Committee State Sen. Kenneth F. Berry (R) of Coshocton County has been named to a legislative study committee of the Ohio Assembly to review Ohio laws relating to conservancy districts. The committee will consider laws on times and methods of notification of assessments by districts and also those relating to issuance of financing bonds for construction of such districts. House Speaker Roger Cloud, chairman of the Legislative Service Commission, said the adequacy or inadequacy of the laws will be studied. .02 .42 Weathervane YESTERDAY High 61    Low    33 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, clear 78 47 .. Chicago, clear ..... 66    50 Cleveland, cloudy . 58 41 Los Angeles, clear . 89 68 Miami, cloudy ..... 83    69 New York, clear ...    56    39    . Pittsburgh, cloudy .    58    36    . St. Louis, clear ....    73    55    . San Fran., cloudy ..    66    56    . Washington, clear .    61    36    . TODAY 7 a.rn............... 39 RAINFALL Last 24 hours — None TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 6:30 Sunset ............ 5:55 High 58    Low    42 Forecast: Fair, windy cool. New York Visit Brightens Ohio's Industrial Outlook and adelphia will continue her duties as secretary. Mrs. D. M. Romine of Dover will serve as treasurer, replacing Helen Gefeller, of Newcomerstown, who had held the office since 1955. Dover Jaycee Larry Graham was named 1965 county chairman for the Heart Fund drive in Tuscarawas County. The Jaycees have supplied a chairman . ..    .,    „_____ for the countvwide campaign A runaway* gas delivery he last ll Years    P    g truck owned by Buchanan OU Mrs. John' ciereszewski of Co- of New Philadelphia dam- By John W. Saffell Reporter Columbus Bureau COLUMBUS    -    Continued brightening of Ohio’s industrial picture has been strongly forecast by Fred P. Neuensch- “And by the end of this year,” the deputy director said, “we will have contacted all 500 of them.” “This department is a sales business and the only way we The “Saga of Stucki’s Tavern” entered a new chapter this week after the State Liquor Department’s “Special Squad” raided the tavern at 206 N. Tuscarawas Ave., Dover, on Sunday and handed out 2 citations. The owner, Franz Stucki of Baltic, was charged with Sunday sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages on Sunday. The tavern’s status, which is more involved than one of the television afternoon serials, is this: An appeal is pending before the Fifth District Court of Appeals on a Common Pleas Court decision last month that the tavern was a “common nusiance.” A temporary injunction was granted. Stucki posted a $3,000 bond to continue in business while the appeal was pending. Hearing for a permanent injunction to close the tavern for good was delayed pending a decision on the appeal. Stucki’s liquor permit expired on Sept. 26, but the Liquor Department is permitting Stucki to continue to operate pending the Appellate Court ruling. Liquor officials state that they have a request for a permit renewal on file and that the tavern is open on what is known as a “receipt number.” The next move apparently is up to Prosecutor Harlan Spies, who will have to initiate an action in Common Pleas Court to sick up the $3,000 and close the tavern for violating terms of the temporary injunction order. State liquor officials state that Spies will be notified of the 2 new citations, which they said nvolves the selling and consumption of high-power beer Runaway Truck Damages Garage Dover became a member of the association. She had served as last year’s chairman for the Heart Drive in Dover. Special guests attending were Nathan Hanson and Walter Page, both representatives of the Ohio State Heart Assn. and Donald DeRosen executive director of the East Central Heart Assn. wander, deputy director of can sell our product (Ohio as Ohio’s Department of Develop-!an industrial site) is to knock ment.    °n doors. Ifs a sales team ef- The forecast came as Neuen- fort and our plan now is that at    ,    .    __ schwander and an 18-member least once every 2 years, we will [™er 3.2 per cent alcoholic con- team completed its industry- contact those 500 industries, seeking tour of New York City “However, we will not neglect last week in which    the group    °Wo    either. While we will confound 23 industrial    firms def-    tinue    to make    these visits, 75 to initely interested in    locating in    80 per cent of    our time is spent OMo. The team contacted a to- on Ohio industry because our tai of 174 firms during its New York visit. And next month    the group plans a trip to Chicago with the same purpose in mind — finding new industries for Ohio. When the Chicago trip is completed, Neuenschwander said, it will mean that the Ohio group will have hit every major manufacturing center in the United States. ; tent.) Doverite Fined In Fatal Mishap Ronald G. DeMeo, 23, of RD records show that 80 per cent 3, Dover, has been fined $24.70 of the state’s expansion See VISIT, Page 2 will in Northern District County Court as the result of a Friday traffic accident which was fatal to Emil L. Colin, 31, of Sher-ridsville. DeMeo pleaded no contest to the passing on a Hillcrest charge, filed by state patrolmen. The nearly headon crash A New Philadelphia woman; occurred on County Road 85, complained to Dover police at [northeast of New Philadelphia. 7 last night that she almost ran Woman Motorist Reports Of Near Miss With Train aged the siding of a garage owned by Albert Weinsz at 327 W. 4th St. at 12:11 p.m. Wednesday, Dover police said. The operator of the truck, Otto W. Welz, 43, of 810 S. Broadway, New Philadelphia, said he set the emergency brake, but it apparently slipped, causing the vehicle to drift backwards. Since its founding June 22. into a train at a crossing on S. Policy Move Affects 1963, the Ohio development Tuscarawas Ave. She said it ^    OW* C* W team has contacted 405 of the was extremely dark in the area county vJTTice MaTT top 500 manufacturing concerns as listed by Fortune magazine. Tots Take Walk Two 3-year-old toddlers, a boy and a girl, who wandered away from a W. 6th St. home about noon yesterday, returned 20 minutes after Dover police were notified. and recommended that a flag-; New absentee policies adoptian should be stationed there ed at Monday night’s County or flashers installed.    Board    of Education meeting will Another crossing complaint, apply only to the immediate from a New Philadelphia man, I county office staff. To clarify was received several hours Tuesday’s story on the meeting earlier. He said a train had Supt. Linton Honaker said the blocked a Tuscarawas Ave. crossing for nearly 20 minutes. The crossing was clear when officers arrived. “policies affect only the immediate county office staff, encompassing only the supervisor and clerical personnel** ;

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