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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - October 5, 1964, Dover, Ohio Ifs Yankee-Cardinal World Series Beginning On Wednesday—Page ll Growing county-wide acceptance creates an even more interesting paper The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VOL 61. NO. 72.    22    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Monday, October 5, 1964 •im: Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 I CENTS57 Use Red Wall Tunnel To Escape East Germany Guards Locate 'Route' After Penetration RERUN (AP) — Fifty-seven East Germans escaped to West Berlin this weekend through a long tunnel dug under the Red wall, the West Berlin government reported today. East Germany said one of its border guards was shot dead during the escape and called it murder. It was believed to be one of the biggest mass escapes since the Red wall was erected in the summer of 1961. All the refugees, 23 men, 31 women and 3 children, came through unhurt. Red guards found the tunnel just after the escape and fired submachine guns into the passageway. The East German Defense Ministry said the border guard was killed “by aimed shots from armed bandits” who had penetrated into East German territory through the tunnel. It seemed possible that the guard was in the tunnel and fell under the fire of his comrades. Informed sources said this was believed to be the third succesfsul tunnel exploit recently. West Berlin authorities try to keep escape methods secret. The latest tunnel was under Bernauerstrasses on the French sector border. When it w?as learned Red guards had found; the tunnel the city government! announced the escape. Since last Saturday the ref-Se* TUNNEL, Page 13 JA INTERVIEWS HELD. James Blough of Dovers General Electric Co. plant, sponsors of one of 5 Junior Achievement companies to begin operations this week, interviews an applicant, Carol Baio. Miss Baio attended a 6-day JA conference at Indiana University eariler this year. E. M. Owens, president of the Dover-New Philadelphia JA, announces that 350 applicants have responded this year and a screening committee has selected the 150 teenagers which the program can accommodate. They will be assigned to the 5 groups of 30 under guidance of advisors from local plants to conduct independent business enterprises. Baltic Nan, ll, Takes Own Life Not Blameless For Church Split Prelates Agree RALTIC — Holmes County Coroner Robert Houston has bam. Trover, a member of Old Order Amish, had told his wife, the former Ada S. Miller, about 3:30 p.m. that he was going out; Both votes came as balloting to out com.    started in the assembly in St. When he did not return, she Peter’s on a crucial schema on summoned neighbors to search Christian unity, “De Decumen-for him. Houston set the time ismo”—on ecumenism. of death at approximately 4 Altogether four votes p m.    taken on various parts of the There was no note and no first of three chapters in the known explanation for the sui- schema. ( ide. Holmes County Sheriff    In    the voting, the prelates: James Taylor investigated. Born near Farmerstown, he was a son of Mr. and Mrs.; Jonas A. Trover of RD I, here.; Others surviving are 3 daugh- j erts and 2 sons, Sarah Ann.: Emma. Kila, Jonas and Andy I Jr. of the home: 3 sisters, Mrs. Garbage Tossed On Phila Porch MAMMOTH CLEANUP OPERATIONS CONTINUE Festival Throng Touches Fantastic Heights By Dan MUes DaUy Reporter Staff Writer SUGARCREEK — A sense of normalcy returned to the village early Sunday morning as the latest stragglers of a fantastic crowd made their way homeward. Attendance at the 12th annual 2-day Ohio Swiss Festival ranged in “guesstimates” from 70,-000 to 90,000. W. L. (Whitey) Beechy said: “You could almost walk on heads the length of Main St.” He served as emcee for the various activities Sylvester Miller, secretary of the Swiss Festival Committee, reports he was told by a man, who labeled himself as a “professional judge of crowds,” that approximately 70,000 jammed their way into the community for the 2 days. The village was crowded again Sunday afternoon as I All available parking space many persons came to view the | was gone at noon Saturday, window displays. An error in a couple of Ohio metropolitan newspapers, which stated the festival was Saturday and Sunday, also brought in many disappointed visitors. They did, however, get a chance to see the weary townspeople begin the mammoth cleanup operation. but buses from Cleveland, San dusky and other communities, along with several hundred automobiles, continued to stream into the village. Those in charge of handling the parking reported that ve- Following the Antique Auto and Swiss Festival parades, traffic was bumper to bumper for several hours as motoriks, some obviously very patient, headed out of town. Of the 2,000 souvenir programs printed, 4 were left over. Two Cleveland television stations, EYW and WEWS, had hides were parked bumper to j news teams on hand Friday and bumper on all roads within a 2-mile radius of the village. Saturday, capturing the high-See SWISS FESTIVAL, Page • Weathervane SATURDAY High 71    Low 45 YESTERDAY High 63    Low 41 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, clear Chicago, clear .... Cleveland, cloudy . Los Angeles, clear . Miami, clear ...... New York, cloudy . Pittsburgh, cloudy . St. Louis, clear .... San Fran., clear ... Washington, cloudy TODAY 7 a.rn............ RAINFALL Last 24 hours ... TOMORROW 74 61 59 94 85 68 64 66 77 66 50 44 45 66 81 M 41 37 55 52 .OI UAW. GM Announce Accord Former Clerk Pleads Guilty To Embezzling 45 none Sunrise............6:27 Sunset.............6:00 High 63    Low    35 Forecast: Fair and cool. «mm rn mom mmmm- mmm. rn By GERALD MILLER VATICAN CITY (AP)—The Vatican Ecumenical Council, in a J ruled suicide bv hanging in the historic vote today, overwhelmingly agreed that the Roman Catho-rieath of Andy J. A. Troyer, 41, lie Church was not blameless in the discords that have split the of RD I, here, whose body was Christian world, found by neiehbors Saturday at The council — a gathering of 9 p m. in the hayloft of his Roman Catholic prelates from News Briefs CAIRO (AP) - A carrying Premier Mrs. Josephine Smythe, 48, .. former Mill Township clerk ..1 now living in Uhrichsville, to-.04 day pleaded guilty to the embezzlement of $329 from Mill Township funds. Mrs. Smythe, whose arraignment was delayed a week because of the late service of her secret indictment, appeared in court again today without a lawyer. “I don’t want an attorney,” the woman said, although she admitted she could turn to relatives for help in the matter. When asked by Common I Pleas Judge Raymond Rice what her plea would be, Mrs. Smythe asked for an explanation of her alternatives. The judge advised her she : could plead innocent or guilty * or stand mute with the court plane entering a not guilty plea for Moise her. He informed her that the rn \ ira .......~    mm    rn On The Inside.... Johnson May 'Revive' Congress lf........Page    IO St. Joseph's Remains Unbeaten .......... Page    ll Gnadenhutten Wins First, Browns Triumph . . Page ll Oliva, Robinson Snare Batting Honors .... Page 12 Lucille Schie Tops BPA Qualifier..........Page    12 A Rabbit's Dream .................... Page    13 Elizabeth Begins 8-Day Canadian Visit .... Page 15 There Was An Unexpected Visit..........Page    16 Gnaden Seniors Make Apple Butter........Page    18 Around The World ........... 16 Dear Abby ...................21 Dr. Alvarez .................. 21 Dr. Crane .................... 19 Goren On Bridge ............ 19 Hospital News .............. 2 Obituaries ................... 2 Sports .................. 11-12-13 Television ................... 17 Women’s Pages .......... 8    &    9 || —Accepted a statement that restoration of Christian    unity around the world —    also voted was a main aim of    the council, approval of an    exhortation for >2,094-16. all Catholics to    work    for Chris- j —Affirmed that    Christ    had tian unity.    desired    unity    of    all    men,    2,081- 30. Tshombe of the Congo to the second world conference of socalled nonaligned nations was diverted mysteriously to Athens, Greece, today. The move threatened to turn the conference itself off course. penalty for the charge against her was a prison term of I to IO years. “ITI plead guilty,” the former clerk then said. Prosecutor Harlan Spies then See CLERK, Page 2 Coldwater Team Mapping Strategy By GEOFFREY GOULD . capture the White House. WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen.; Coldwater was busy during Barry Coldwater and his run- the morning hours, however, ning mate meet with their top I taping television appearances campaign braintrusters here for use later in the campaign, today to map the final month of j That put off his session with their admittedly uphill fight to j Rep. William E. Miller, the -—'vice presidential nominee, un —Deplored differences that have caused separations in Christianity, and declared that such separations occurred were “sometimes not without fault on both sides,” 2,051-57. —Approved an appeal to Catholics to work for Christian unity advising them to avoid mis-truths about other Christians and to follow lives that would bring credit to the Catholic Church in the eyes of non-Catholics, 2,056-50. Council spokesmen, briefing newsmen on the activities in Al Bricker of 143 5th St. NE the dosed council session in St. reported a pre-Halloween prank Peter’s, said the voting today, 12:02 Sunday morning. He said toric new Roman Catholic way d .someone threw garbage on his to refer to Protestants. The doc-front porch. No one was found, ument uses the term churches, a rn. in the residence with Bishop Andy E. Yoder tI checked a report of an argu- residence. Lingier Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. GMO Seen At Ohio Polls Dan I). Yoder and Emma Troyer of RD I, here and Mrs. iK brother Vernon 7™ lip J* “J.    !n_,effect:.    aJf_a?p™«La    J* I, here. A daughter and brother are deceased. Seniles vvill tx Tuesday at 9 j3Verything was quiet at 12:57 and not communities or sects, Sunday morning when officers    as    in    the    past Burial will be in    the    Trover    becked a report of an argil-    The    spokesman explained that family cemetery in Clark Town-    men* and possible fight at the , r- j I..,,,    ,...n    of thp    Rose Room on W. High Ave. ship. Friends may    call    at the    A( 8;I2 pm Saturday po|K.e received a report youths were destroying evergreens on Franklin Square, 4th St. at W. High Ave. The boys fled when they saw the cruiser. Theft of a girl’s bicycle 2 weeks ago was reported Saturday by Mrs. Richard Scott of 225 Forbes St. NE. Mrs. Donald Stephan of 1967 Delaware Dr. reported Saturday COLUMBUS, Ohio ( AP)—Sec-j morning that a luggage rack See PRELATES, Page 18 j    .fesSL    mm;    * Bum's Rush rotary of State Ted W. Brown estimated today that 4.225.000 voters will go to the polls Nov. 3, a record for Ohio. Although final registration figures are incomplete. Brown said there is sufficient evidence to indicate that the 3,594,211 registrations in I960 will be surpassed. An all-time voting total of 4,208.811 went to the polls that year. Brown said he arrived at his estimate by using the figures supplied by all but a few of the 35 counties that conduct county-wide registration and the 12 with partial registration. had been stolen from her auto. A New Philadelphia man complained to New Philadelphia police Sunday afternoon that he was standing on public square, “minding his own business,’ when a bum started “pushing him around.” Police could not locate the rowdy transient. Rescue workers, one himself a victim, help a victim of a tornado from wreckage in Galliano, La. Neighboring Larose was hit by 3 tornadoes, spawned by Hurricane Hilda, as 18 residents were killed, including 3 children. Rescue workers had to flee before they could search all the rubble churned up by the tornadoes because of onrushing Hilda. I Polling Site Changes Slated County Board of Elections Clerk Victor Turner today announced 4 changes of polling places for the Nov. 3, election. In Dover’s Ward 4, precinct D, the South Moravian Church at 310 Main St. will be used by voters instead of Horn Electric. Two changes are listed in New Philadelphia’s Ward I. For Precinct D, the new polling spot will be Central-Chrysler Plymouth Inc. at 543 W. High Ave. instead of the Gayle Jackson garage. In Precinct A, voters will go to the new county garage at 8th St. and Front Ave. SW, instead of Baker’s Food Market. The fourth change is for Precinct 5 in Goshen Township which will now be the Nazarene Church on Township Road 3221 the late Sen. Joseph R. McCar-instead of the Goshen School. Thy, R-Wis., did. Coldwater ap- Tumer noted that the voting by absentees and disabled persons began today and would continue to 4 p.m. on Oct. 29. til afternoon. The indications are, from sources close to Coldwater, that the Republican presidential candidate will keep hammering away at his “soft on communism” charge against President Johnson. That phrase drew tremendous crowd reaction when Coldwater used it during a three-state whistlestop swing by train last week. Johnson poured scorn on the accusation at a Saturday news conference and advised Coldwater to drop it. Johnson said it was “the product of a third-string speechwriter” that got into public print without “prudent screening.” The President added that “the new and frightening voice of the Republican party — his way of referring to Coldwater — was merely trying out this charge to see if it works.” Coldwater does not relate the “soft on communism” charge to alleged internal subversion, as Local Issues Remain Block To Final Pact (Early Story Page 3) DETROIT (AP) - General Motors Corp. and the United Auto Workers announced tentative agreement today on a national labor contract, paving the way for an end to a nationwide strike that has idled some 280,000 workers. In a joint statement, the two parties said: “General Motors and the United Automobile Workers today announced tentative agreement on terms for a settlement of all national economic and national contract issues between the parties. “The parties will now concentrate their efforts in resolving local issues.” Louis G. Seaton, vice president of General Motors in charge of the GM negotiating team, said GM and the union had yet to resolve local issues in 117 of 130 plants across the nation. He said the new national agreement would not become effective “until these matters See ACCORD, Page IS See STRATEGY, Page 9 Land Annexation To Dover Okayed County Commissioners today approved the annexation to the City of Dover of an acre of land owned by Gene and Thelma Spence and located east of Evergreen Dr. Last week several residents had protested the action, and the commissioners postponed a decision until a consultation with city officials. Phone Jingles On Family Want Ad! A Reporter Advertiser had no trouble selling her “Don’t Needs’’ after placing this Family Want Ad: FOR SALE: CARPET 15 x 25 PHONE DODOO You’ll find buyers waiting to purchase the things you no longer need when you place a Reporter Family Want Ad! Do it now! To Place Your Ad . . • PHONE 42167 The “Result” Number Wrong I Number! I A raid on a New Philadelphia establishment proved fruitless for city police Saturday morning, although Chief Louis Clark said he took 2 bets on football games over the telephone while' the search was underway. Clark, saying the raid was a result of a tip that football bets were being taken there, said no charges are expected from the telephone call incident because of “lack of evidence.” “I talked to Prosecutor Harlan Spies,” Clark said, “and there just isn’t enough to go on.” Clark said 4 officers took part in the raid. Clark said the telephone caller identified himself as “Joe” and wanted to place a $1 and $2 bet on a football game. Clark said the man hung up before he could obtain more information on or learn his identity. Clark continued that he confronted the owner with the fact that he had taken the bets for him and got the reply: “You didn’t take them for me. It must have been a wrong number.” Hilda' Leaves Trail Of Death, Destruction, Misery Hurt In Smashup NEWCOMERSTOWN-- Bright lights from an approaching car caused the auto of Ellie L. Carl, 56, of here to veer off the highway on Routes 16 and 36 last Friday and strike a utility pole. She suffered minor knee injuries. By BEN THOMAS NEW ORLEANS, La. (AP) -Hilda — never a lady and now no longer a hurricane — spent the weekend in Louisiana, leaving behind death, destruction and misery. President Johnson quickly declared the region eligible for federal disaster aid. Thirty-five deaths were attrib-{the Gulf of Mexico around the | Larose, a fishing town of 5,000 j winds, toppled on to the city hall attributed to Hilda’s winds and; uted to the storm, which also'resort town of Fort Walton on the banks of Bayou La-1 and killed eight persons, ail accompanying rain by authori-i wiped out nearly half of Louisi-j Beach, Fla., early today by a fourche 50 miles southwest of; civil defense workers in the ana's $100-miIlion sugar crop — almost ready for harvest — and caused millions more in property damage. cane strong surge the north. The last remnants of Hilda — jfrom Hilda knifed across south-now only a weak low-pressure j em Georgia and into South Carcell — were being pushed into I Olina. of    cold    air from    New Orleans, was struck by one    small Vermilion Parish town. of the many tornadoes which    A Negro woman was killed at „. .    .    . .    spun off Hilda’s advancing    Jeanerette when a recreation Hign winds ana heavy rains wjncjS Twenty-one persons were center — being used to house killed and nearly 200 injured. hurricane evacuees — col- At Erath, the city’s water j lapsed, tower buckled under hurricane Three traffic deaths were Lions To Sell Candy ties. A repairman working on| UHRICHSVILLE — Members downed electric lines in New of the Twin City Lions Club Orleans was electrocuted and a will conduct a house-to-house woman drowned in a rain-swoll- canvass selling trick-or-treat en drainage ditch.    candy Tuesday and Wednesday than 200 persons were ni£htf’ “I[Dennison Uhrichsville. The candy will sell tor More persons See HILDA, Page 18 Ii* ;

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