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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - November 25, 1964, Dover, Ohio Don't Miss The Around The World News CapsulesThe Daily ReporterVOL. 61. NO. 116.    64    PAGES.Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Wednesday, November 25, 1964 HOME EDITION ★ NOW READ BY 12,000 FAMILIES PHONE 4-2167    7    CENTSHouse Weighs Redistricting With Tuscarawas In 5-County Group Tuscarawas, once a part of a Simple 3-county Congressional district, the 16th, would become part of a 5-county tier of counties under a redistricting plan to be considered by the Ohio House of Representatives today. After some 3 weeks of meetings, the House Government Operations committee last night completed action on the redistricting bill. After House approval it goes to the Senate. Under the measure Tuscarawas will leave the 16th and become a part of the 18th to be comprised also of Harrison, Jefferson, Belmont and Monroe counties. Where Tuscarawas was the smallest county in the 16th District, it now will be a Judge Gives Charges To Wade Jury Jury deliberation in the case of Bruce Wade of RD I. New Philadelphia, charged with second-degree manslaughter, was expected to begin early this afternoon. The prosecution and defense had argued for 80 minutes this morning and Common Pleas Judge Raymond Rice was giving his charges on law to the jury at press time. The 3-day trial has centered on testimony concerning the collision between a coal truck driven by Wade and the sports car of Orville F. Taylor Jr. of 213 Welch St., Dennison, on Route 250 in front of Motor Freight,; Inc., south of the Midvale junction. Taylor died in the crash, and Wade was indicted by the September Grand Jury. The 38-> ear-old defendant took the stand yesterday to give his version of the fatal crash that snuffed out the life of Taylor, 28. He insisted there were no See WADE JURY, Page 2 fairly-close third in the new 5-. does not move Fairfield County, county 18th.    I home of Rep.-elect Walter Moel- If this special session of the: ler Lancaster Democrat, into Legislature passes a redistnct- ...    ,    „    ... ing bill, it will mean the first the distnct where Republican remapping of Ohio congress- Rep. William Harsha of Ports-men’s districts since 1951. mouth (Scioto County) was just The proposal contained one surprise as it emerged from committee Tuesday night. It re-elected. It does take Clermont County from Harsha’s district, but adds Lawrence. Guernsey County, where Democratic Rep. Robert T. Secrest lives in Senecaville, is left in the 15th District which he has been representing. Earlier proposals would have put Secrest in a new district. These are the district-by-dis- trict changes: 1st and 2nd Districts—Both would remain in Hamilton County, with only a change in the boundary of the 1st District in the Cincinnati area. 3rd District—Presently Montgomery and Butler counties. Would be Montgomery County 5th District—Add Sandusky I Highland, Pickaway, Pike, Ross County to present district of I and Scioto counties. Defiance, Fulton, Henry Ot-j 7th District—Removes War- tawa, Paulding, Putnam, Van I ren from district of Champaign, Wert, Williams and Wood count-! Clark, Clinton, Greene, Logan, 4th District — Remains the ies.    Union and Madison counties. c.jmo- aiiQri Anaiaivo HurL-n 1    ~    ™    8Hi District—Adds Richland same. Allen, Auglaize, Darke i „h Distrlct-Removes der- (0 district of Crawford, Han- and rnont and adds Lawrence to dis- cock Hardin, Seneca, Marion, alone except for Brookville, Phillipsburg, Verona, New Lebanon, Farmersville, Germantown, Miamisburg, West Carrollton and six townships. Mercer, Miami, Preble Shelby counties. Congo Refugees Hunted A Bite' Too Late Apparently a Daily Reporter story in yesterday’s edition concerning an aerosol bottle spray gun to be used by Dover mailcarriers to ward off attacking dogs was just a “bite” too late. At 10:30 a.m. yesterday, approximately 3 hours before yesterday’s story appeared, carrier Lewis Walter walked up to 521 Walnut St. not fearing dogs anymore because he was equipped with “Halt”, the spray gun which is supposed to send unfriendly dogs running. However, before he could reach for his weapon a German Shepherd owned by Mrs. Hazel McFadden lunged from the door, biting him in the face. Walter was taken to Union Hospital where a cut required 4 stitches to close. He also was treated for face bruises and scratches. Weathervane YESTERDAY High 51    Low 31 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE High Low Pr. ; Albuquerque, cloudy 49 29    .. Los Angeles, clear . 80 Miami, cloudy ..... 78 I New York, rain 50 ;San Fran., cloudy . 60 Washington, cloudy . 56 (M-Missing) TODAY 7 a.rn.............. RAINFALL Last 24 hours .05 TOMORROW Sunrise .......... Sunset ............ High 54    Low 38 Forecast: Fair and mild. 52 76 43 54 46 . 43 inch 7:25 5:00 M .06 No Paper Thursday The Daily Reporter will not publish an edition Thusday due to the holiday, in order to allow its employes to spend the day with their families. Articles for Friday’s edition should be in the Editorial Department by ll a.m. Many Groups Won't Miss Holiday Dish Rebels Murder 30 Before Rout By KENNETH L. WHITING LEOPOLDVILLE, the Congo (AP)—Belgian paratroops and Congolese soldiers searched today for some 200 whites still missing in the northern Congo. More than 900 refugees have arrived here from the former rebel capital and another 500-600 awaited evacuation at Stanleyville Airport. Of the 63 Americans trapped in the rebel zone, 34 and the bodies of two murdered missionaries had arrived in Leopoldville. Scattered fighting continued in Stanleyville, which fell Tuesday to Congolese troops and white mercenaries after the paratroops landed to rescue the European and American hostages threatened Dr. Carlson Executed En Mass Firing trict of Adams, Brown, Fayette, borrow and Wyandot counties. 9th District — Remains the same: Lucas County alone. 10th and 12th Districts—Split Franklin County. lith District—removes city of Warren from present district of Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Portage and Trumbull counties. 13th District—Removes Sandusky County and adds Medina See TUSCARAWAS Page 39 Bv JOHN SWAELENS BRUSSELS (AP) - American with death. Several rebels and a Belgian paratroop sergeant were killed during the night in mop-up operations. Much of the skirmishing took place near the airport where the foreigners awaited evacuation to Leopoldville. Premier Moise Tshombe canceled plans for a triumphant entry into Stanleyville today. “He may go tomorrow,” an aide said. Phyllis Ririe (left), 25-year-old Mount Vernon miss, and George Clay, a South African, were among the massacred hostages in the rebel capital of Stanleyville. Miss Rine was a representative of the African Christian Mission, and Clay, married just 3 weeks, was the Congo correspondent for NBC. ★ ★ Ohio Was Girl's Desire To Do More 'WE GIVE THEE THANKS; Community Services Tonight,    Thursday Union Thanksgiving services i Uhrichsville and Dennison unin many communities tonight ion services also are slated for and tomorrow morning will    tonight at 7:30 in the Methodist signal a restful time out for a    Church at    Dennison    with Rev. special appreciation    of the    Frederick Morganstem of the year’s blessings.    Uhrichsville    Moravian deliver- A noticeable increase in traf- ing the sermon. The services' While most residents will Hee was taking place this morn- are sponsored by the Twin City gather with their families to- jng wjth pie terminals tieing Ministerial Assn. morrow to give thanks, there family reunions at bountiful ta- Rev. John Uhle of the First are others, not so fortunate, who hies tomorrow. Business and in- Lutheran Church in Strasburg will be observing the holiday dustry, for most part, will come will deliver the sermon for the in hospitals and county institu- t0 a standstill late today so em-    community    service    tonight at tions.    ployes may enjoy the holiday.'    ‘    ‘ Efforts are made by staff The Dover Ministerial Assn. members, however, to provide will conduct union community the basis for the celebration Thanksgiving services tonight and the traditional Thanksgiv- at 7:30 in the First Methodist ing feast will be served to most church, patients and “county guests.” [n New Philadelphia, the Min-Five 22-pound turkeys will be jsterial Assn. will hold a union prepared by the Union Hospital service in Fmmanuel Lutheran kitchen staff, headed by Mrs. Church at 7:30 with Rev. Calvin !t0 Be Thankful” tomorrow Joseph Dragovich, to serve IOO Myers of the First Methodist ! 10:30 patients. Patients also may as speaker, choose chopped sirloin for their, The offerings in Dover and menu which will include mash- New Philadelphia will be given ed potatoes, dressing, succotash t0 the Christian Rural Over-or green beans, molded cran- seas program, berry    salad,    hot    rolls    and    a    The annual united service of; choice of    pumpkin    or    mince pie    the Evangelical Pastor    Fellow-    Bev I)on^(l    Westmoreland of See REBELS Page 2 : ______ . ,    ... P .  ....... .... thp rhiirrh nf thp Rrothrun    ’    *    118*- * 7:30 in the EUR Church there. Newcomerstown and Sugarcreek community services will be observed tomorrow morning. Rev. L. O. Nist of the Naza-rene Church will present the topic “For What Have I Got at in College Church. Sugarcreek^ united service is set for 8:30 a m. in the First United Church of Christ with friends. Red Cross workers or ice cream.    ship will be held tonight at 7:30 A similar meal, centered: jn the New Philadelphia Church See DISH, Page 2    'of God. Blind Hell But Thankful Be At Stove CLEVELAND (AP)—Blind for Cleveland Welfare Federation 16 years but thankful to God and a Golden Age center names he’s still alive, Nicola M. Perna I of people who weren’t likely to plans to celebrate Thanksgiving j enjoy the traditional meal-lone-by cooking turkey dinner for ly people and needy families, nine needy people he doesn’t He called his guests personal-know.    jly. The happy blind man will “Both ovens and all six burn- have two elderly persons and ers will be loaded,” he said, two families, including three “I’ll do it all except the carv- children, to help clean off the Ing.”    table. The menu? A 16-pound bird Bema, 48, hasn’t let himself with all the trimmings, chest- j feel remorseful since he lost his nuts and a class of wale for a sight July 4, 1948, in an indus-toast.    I    trial accident. He was burned Perna obtained from the|    See BLIND, Page 27 the Church of the Brethren as speaker. Dover Grace Lutheran Church in Dover will hold services tomorrow at 9 a.m. Rev. Clarence Portz of Magnolia will serve as guest speaker. Sharon Moravian Church will hold services tonight at 8. A pilgrim harvest meal will be Salary Bill Tab 525,000 For County A bill now pending in Ohio Legislature to increase county officials’ annual salaries would cost Tuscarawas County in excess. of $25,000 per year. According to the measure’s provisions the salaries would be paid on a 50-50, state-local basis. County officials would receive increases totaling more than $50,000. The House Government Operations salaries subcommittee approved an ammended bill 3-2. It provides raises for judges, auditors, treasurers; Common Pleas Court clerks, sheriffs, recorders, commissioners, prosecuting attorneys and coroners. j    . ,    ,    It would be proportionate with Mounded evacuees were taken    the noDulation of parh rmintv medical missionary Paul Carl- to hospitals in Leopoldville. The MOUNT VERNON, O. (AP)- gun firing mowed down 15 per- L proDos^ the bill would rn son was killed when Congolese rebels killed at least 30 foreign-' Phyllis Rine looked on her mis- sons, one of them Miss Rine. creas£ thF    . rebels fired into a group of    ers    and wounded more    than 50    sionary work in the Congo as a The girl who represented the    missioners> auditor> prosecutor white hostages, a Belgian refu-    in    murderous attacks    as the    challenge and didnt think she    African Christian    Mission head-    cjerk courts sheriff record- gee arriving from Stanleyville paratroopers began landing. was doing enough. She wanted quartered in Cincinnati, had er treasurer and coroner $3 OOO said today.    i    “Other    Europeans may be to do more.    been in the Congo since 1962. ea’ch; the engineer by $3,335 The refugee, Fernand Deprey, found dead in various parts of Today the 25-year-old girl, Shortly after she airived, she:and gach judge b approximate- was aboard a Belgian Airlines    the    city,” a U.S. Embassy    wh0 used to live near here and    vTol1°,.    *.ve    ^ $5,000. There are 2 Combiner that arrived early today    spokesman said.    wag a Mount Vernon Hi h    ed 10.000 miles    to do what I    mon Pleas Court and a Pro. from the Congo with 163 hos- Rebel chief Christophe school graduate, is dead-slain had always wanted t0 do” bate jurist serving the county. erin* narmroon^sy UnZ 1    and othterof the in the streets of Stanleyville by she had written in her appli-* A chart prepared by Record- I unlearn* the rL .Sd dt Comrnumst-backed “Congolese only minutes away.    cation for appointment to the er Ted Underwood shows cur- “I w’ls a prisoner in the Hotel 1 ,s BePui,llc have disap-j    Rjne    was    |t,[jed by mission that “I’ve been chal- rent Tuscarawas County salar- Victoria,” Deprey said. “Carl- j ^ '' ,toited    mid    machinegun fire in a massacre tonged by the great need for I ies with the increased salaries son was in a ?rnnn nf ahnnt I ™ J . ,    .    ouues    lorn, stanlpvville’s Laumumba workers in the Congo,” and a in parenthesis and compares son was in a group OI about IDU Tshombe s central government"1 aianieyviue s Laumumoa    .    . .    .    n    .    .    them with Franklin rmjntv who were forced to sit down in that rphpi ip-iHpix mmtt hp n1oHp Square. As Belgian paratroops roommate of ners in cincinnati uiem wan franklin county the street    that rebel leaders must be made    .    .    th    square    to    res-    and the African nation, Zola (Columbus). The county chart .HI U ft, i I i , ,, to answer for the murder of two aPP,oa(-nea square lo rts    .    follows* When the rebels heard the    cue foreign hostages held by Brown, said Miss Kine didnt xouuwa. paras (paratroopers) were on See CONGO, Page 27 I the rebels, the deadly machine- think she was doing enough— Commissioner $5,500 ($8,500); the way, they opened fire into    '    «    chmn Pmpp 27 Auditor $8,200 ($11,200); Prose- the group and Carlson was shot    _" ’    cutor $7,000 ($10,000); Clerk of down. Afterward as we went to    a    t    ti r\*JI    Cl    I    Courts $8,000 ($11,000); Sheriff meet the Belgian troops I saw    ...    DUX    IlG    UI Cl ti t I *V.    TI IU    $6*650 <$9’650); Recorder $6,- his body in the street. He had    1    \AhAAl MA VI Alf    650 ($9,650); Treasurer $7,750 been shot through the head.”    JvllvUI I Iwllvy ($10,750); Engineer $8,700 ($12,- Deprey    said    that    during    his Up until last week,    it was    is not only good    for killing “bad    035); and Coroner $3,100    ($6,- imprisonment by the rebels, he believed the “highest” anyone smells,” but drowning sorrows. SJI    ||    IOO). had come to know Carlson well. could get in the County Jail It was used for the latter. Ma AN \lT13llPr The Franklin County chart “He was    very    cheerful    and    a    was the second floor.    The prisoner    proceeded to di-    I IvlUII JI I IO 11 VI    follows: great moral example,” he said.1 The Daily Reporter has learn- lute it slightly with water, drink    Commissioner    $10,900    ($13,- At    the    airport    a    foggy    drizzle    ed differently, from a    “reliable    it and    become “higher” than a    Dover School District net-    900); Auditor $13,000    ($16,000); fell on    thousands of    waiting    Bel-1source.”    kite — pardon us, the second    ted $51,776, New Philadelphia    Prosecutor $13,000    ($16,000); It seems that an inmate re-    floor.    $75,140 and Uhrichsville $64,890    Clerk of Courts $11,550 ($14,- cently was given a    bottle    of ”Ne    pretended he was a    as their shares of the regular    550); Sheriff $11,300    ($14,300); deodorant or disinfectant to    re-    bird,”    one inmate reportedly    quarterly distribution of the    Treasurer $12,300 ($15,300); En- move what he termed    a “bad    said-    school foundation fund totaling    gineer $13,500 ($16,835) and    Cor- smell.” But—he didn’t    use it    In aay case,    deputies aren’t    $64,866,207 to 745 state school    oner $10,500 ($13,500). for that.    .talking, nor are most of the districts.    i —- The concoction contained a other inmates-good portion of alcohol, which ;> Fire Runs the Newcomerstown k'lans> relatives or friends of Street Methodist1 pcrsons who had been in rebel territory. Shivering refugees in light tropical clothing shuffled about looking for relatives and Greek Immigrant Has Never Forgotten By CHUCK CAPALDO DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) —Iselves. In making the announcement Tax Exempted -. today, State Auditor Chester W. COLUMBUS (AP)—The Ohio j Goble noted the sum was a drop supreme Court yesterday held ti of $1,455,055 from the August that the headquarters building 1:52 j quarterly payment.    owned by the State Teachers County system schools will Retirement Board at E. Broad ...    . divide $212,661. The 525 lo- and Sixth Sts., Columbus, is .Square where fire damaged the caj sch00j district total was used exclusively for a public carburetor and hood of an auto $21,753,034.    purpose and thus exempt from •‘This k somethin* rf,. n.,r owned by Davleane Byron of Other area local districts bv taxation The 5-2 decision re-Mv husband »££ 414 W‘ 5,h St“ Dover;    counties    and    their    payments    in-    versed the State Board of Tax My husband enjoys. At i:30 pm. t0 the Albert    Carroll    $39    652'    Coshoc-    'PPeals an(i franklin County New Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon - At to Public displayed in the chancel. The A Greek immigrant and his wife doing it Eighteen years azo ak«i kl    „,c cluded: Carroll $39.bDJ; Coshoc- ^    *    \.hlrh    Honied Youth Choir, under the direr count their blessings rn the when! h. .tTSS L y^L.*£ \*Mh.°™ at >°23 Tuscarawas ton Harrison $74,492; Appellate Court which denied Youth Choir, under the direc- count their blessings in the tion of Mrs. Phyllis Ronald, will number of free turkey dinners present special music and Rev. they serve at their restaurant William W. Matz will give the Thanksgiving Day. message. DAY BRIGHTENER .xUi/, This will be the 18th year that William J. Sargent, 64, and his wife, Arlie, 53, have opened the door of Sargent’s Cafe to all comers. “We sort of look forward to when he started, he wanted to Ave NW see people happy. He still does, electrical where a defective n0imes $127,204; Stark $843,788, exemption. “We’re not under any illusioniminor damage^wtring3 The and Wayne $3#1,4a0' AMIS * that it is a cure-all for their loss was set at $15. problems. It sounds corny, I--- know, but we get an inner glow.” The Sargents distribute tickets to various city agencies, for young and old alike. They served over 900 meals last THE INSIDE this every year,” said Mrs. Sar-A sure sign of old age is when gent, a city employe who takes Thankseivine and are exDecUne you (CCI your corns more than time off tai her job to help a|)Uut I 009 persons Thursday your oats.    roast    15 to 20 turkeys, make the    J I stuffing and prepare the vegeta-........ bles. Sargent, crippled by arthritis See GREEK, Page 2 lr CHRISTMAS Sixty - two exempted vil- j lage school districts received    O N $3,166,620. Sharing in the total ^    * are Dennison ($34,794) and New-    Dear    ^ .comerstown ($42,552). Carroll- your Horoscope ............61 ton s check totaled $9-,03-.    Uhrichsville    Pages .....34-35-36 In addition, $75,265 was paid    Around the    World ..........27 to 21 county boards of educa-    Goren On Bridge ............63 tion, while the state’s share    Obituaries ..................  2 of the teachers’ and school    Sports ..................44-45-46 employes’ retirement systems Women’s Pages  .......28    to    31 amounted to $14,450,074 and    Dr. Crane ...................63 I $2,889,874, respectively.    Dr. Alvarez    .................61 t ;

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