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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - November 2, 1964, Dover, Ohio DECISION DAY. Tuesday is Election Day and Jeffrey Scott Smitley appears to be giving serious consideration (left) on how he will cast his vote. With his future, as well as the country's at stake, he appears to be urging everyone to take the time and exercise his right to vote. Jeffrey's vote would probably have gone for Santa Claus anyway. He is the son of Arthur and Judith Stringer Smitley and he and mother are staying with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Stringer of RD 2, Dover, while dad is serving in Okinawa. As a reminder, the citizen who stays away from the polls on Election Day because he wants nothing to do with "crooked politics" has a lot to do with it after all. Larger War? By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER AP Special Correspondent WASHINGTON (AP)—The Communist raid on a U.S. air base near Saigon early Sunday has stirred up new talk here of enlarging the war in South Viet Nam. U.S. officials said today that events seem to be moving toward ; a confrontation between the United States and Communist North Viet Nam, backed by Red China, on the issue of security and peace ; in Southeast Asia. Prince Faisal Replaces Saud In Saudi Arabia DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -Saudi Arabia’s King Saud was n. Johnson will remain in the seat. 188 OF 203 PLAN TO VOTE Student Poll Favors Johnson, Taft, Bow Bv Cindy Noodling DHS News Staff dng Republican Bob Taft Jr. over incumbent Democrat Ste- Indications are that Lyndon phen Young for the U.S. Senate The whole situation seems certain to get urgent attention from President Johnson and his top military and diplomatic advisers in the weeks following Tuesday’s presidential election. Reports Claim K Is Suffering From Sclerosis COPENHAGEN (AP) — Den- Officials said the course the war actually takes in the weeks ahead will depend primarily on decisions to be made by North Viet Nam and Red China. If the Communists decide to step up their support for the Viet Cong forces in South Viet Nam, these officials said, there is every prospect of very serious trouble ahead. If they choose not to increase their efforts, it was said, the United    States    probably    will follow about the same    basic policy it has in the past — that is, supporting within South Viet Nam the efforts of that    country’s leaders to gain the    upper dethroned today    and his broth-    white    House    for    another 4    The pollsters    are members of Ifo™Viet    Co^ebeL™8^    ^ er, Crown    Prince Faisal, was    years,    according    to    a last    a    freshman-college-level    semi-    ,    ..    .    linjprct nH(: v t- ProctHo t rnh    c    q proclaimed    king    of the oil-rich    Peek’s    poll of    local    residents    nar course in    American    prob- arld*a Iii J™ desert    state,    Mecca    Radio    an-    conducted    by    15    Dover    High    lems.    This    was    the    second    such    ^Ss    suffering    from,    day with‘ Secretary of    State flounced.    seniors    poll conducted.    :sclerosis.    uean husk, secretary oi ue- Information Minister Jamil However, voters will split the There were 203 citizens con-1 Knud Jespersen, chairman of lense Robert S McNamara and Al Jujailan read a statement ticket byre-electing Republican tacted in downtown Dover and Danish Communist party,:0 er_P° icy ma ers and experts over Mecca    Radio    saying    Caln-    Cong    Frank    T    Bow    over    Rob.    Miracle    Lane    Plaza.    They    were    added    that the former    Soviet    °n toe Southeast Asian    situa- net ministers and religious con- ert Freeman and by select- asked 18 questions dealing with premier is not receiving visitors lion. T e principal concrete Lyndon Johnson and Barry Coldwater hit the campaign trail hard right down to the wire. Top left, in Milwaukee. Top right, Los Angeles. Lower left, Tucson, Ariz. Bottom right, Chicago. imitative council, in joint ses-: sion this morning, approved the    i *• dethronement of Saud, 62, arid Deputies Investigate voting and current events. because of his illness.    i    action    announced aRer Among the questions were: I Jespersen made his remarks faceting was that the aircraft Should the President alone have in a radio interview shortly be-    "'cee    destroyed    by    the LBJ Concludes Drive In Texas the proclamation of Faisal, 60. Parkinq Lot Mishap the final word on releasing an fore holding a news conference raid on R*en Roa airfield near fident the country “will choose the leadership o J    *7.      .    _ _____»    ...! Sni cron had boon ronla ppd    n______ *»»    •    *r_____i-_> I__ii _ __ By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON (AP)—President Johnson, con- f as the third monarch of Saudi cjtaRons were issued in a Arabia.    minor mishap involving auto- I he broadcast announced aft- nl0jjiies operated by Eddie !. er the minister’s statement that mis 32 ()f m Emerson Ave., Faisal had accepted the den- Dover, and Ronald D. Walker, ,    .    ..    .    35, of 424 Anoia Ave. NW, New The broadcast said nothing philadelphia, investigated by See STUDENT, Page 2 Dover, Phila .‘"7 „—r.—V I -----,    rnuaaeipnia, invesugaieu 'jy about Saud s future p ans but sheriff deputies Saturday night.    \|IaC reports circulating rn the Arab wag reported that the Walk. y f CUllU JllCi world the past few days said er vebjcie struck the Mills    au- Baid the ailing ex-monarch w ho tomobile whije attempting    to    a    I ■ I I had been king since his fathers in the parking lot of    the    A    PA    I Iff Of! death in 1953, may go to live Hajfway House, near Midvale,-Hi C    Ll) I UU See PRINCE, Page 18 located on Route 250 and 8._ Applicants Sought To Assist In County Agriculture Census to announce the results of his! Saigon had been replied.    the Democratic party” in Tuesday’s balloting, fact-finding mission to the So-1 Officials virtually ruled out heads today for his^native Texas to wind up his any immediate retaliatory ac- campaign See U.S. BASE, Page 2 viet capital. The dictionary definition of sclerosis is: “induration (hardening) produced in an organ by increase of its interstitial connective tissue; also degenerative replacement of tissues of | KNR the spinal cord or brain by neuroglia (tissue which fills the interstices and supports the essential elements of nervous tissue, especially in the brain, spinal cord and ganglia).” Khrushchev is 70. Jespersen wras vague on the' 5 Youths Shocked He scheduled three speeches at Houston and a finale at Austin.    j Then, accompanied by Mrs. Johnson and their daughters, I Lynda Bird and Luci Baines, the President will go to his tr y t,nCDIinn t t Johnson City ranch — to wait. MILLERSBURG - In Juve- The D/mocratic National Ccmrt Saturday 5 young Committee als0 planned a final people pleaded guilty to de- NBC ,e,evision ^    a, struction of 78 shocks of corn p m EST tonight in which John- son and Sen. Hubert IL Ilum-_ .    j    .phrey,    his    running    mate,    will Each was oidered to pay Mil- make last-minute appeals for Weathervane at the J. B. Miller farm south of here. Following are the locations of voting precincts in Dover: Ward I—Precinct A, Memorial ___^ ......          „rr________---- Hall, 410 Wooster Ave.; B, precise nature and gravity of ,^f73 a[^d uJrfrJ/ace^h°^ votes. Committee aides said the Albuquerque, clear . 68 41 high school, 520 Walnut St.; C,;Khrushchev’s reported illness. Barry Charges War 'Bungling' By WALTER R. MEARS PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP)—Sen. Barry Coldwater, bunting votes and luck, charged today that the “sheer incompetence” of Democratic strategist* has set the U.S.-backed war on communism in South Viet Nam on the brink of disaster. The Republican nominee for the White House chose his campaign inaugural as the last major address of his race against President Johnson, offering anew in San Francisco the same words he uttered two months ago in Prescott, Ariz. Coldwater fired off a statement in Phoenix demanding a “full and immediate explanation” from the Johnson adminis- SATURDAY High 58    Low    30 YESTERDAY High 67    Low    30 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. tration of the Communist bom- Plans for taking the 1964 Census of Agriculture in Tuscarawas County were announced today by Samuel Baio of New Philadelphia, appointed last last week as census crew leader for the county. St. Joseph’s School gym, 526 N Tuscarawas; D, Dover Avenue at least 18 years, high school School, 1305 Dover Ave.; E, J. education or its equivalent, E. Steitz residence, 1711 Dover availability of car for use in Ave.; F, Weigand CMC, Sling enumeration, good physical con- luff and Tuscarawas Ave. dition for driving, walking Ward 2—Precinct A, City ga-and standing, financial support rage, 437 E. 4th St.; B, Lonnie lie described it only as scleroses KH RU, Page 2 through period of employment The job will be completed in (wages are paid at the conclu-3 stages, Baio indicated today. I sion of the enumeration), abil-First will be recruitment and ity to write clearly and neatly, training of enumerators to pass a written examination, count all farms in the county. I In addition to piecework, About one enumerator for each 150 farms will be needed A Civil Service test wall be given Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in the New Philadelphia Post Office for prospective enumerators. Persons interested may contact Baio at 246 Carrie Ave. NVY or by telephoning 2-1409. In addition to In addition to piece-work cents a mile for use of their cars. The job involves locating each farm and ranch in the district assigned to him (or her), determine if the operator See CENSUS, Page 2 400 Attend Dem The job will provide about 3 weeks of temporary employ- hnnfp A*. Phi In ment. Pay rates are designed    "'I? to provide earnings of $10 to An estimated 400 Democrat $10 dail>    supporters    turned    out    Saturday Edwards garage, 306 E. 7th St.; C, Russell Albaugh garage, 839 Crater Ave.; D, Jacob Durn- Philo Police Busy With Vandalisms batlon for a year.    They also    program vvas pre-recorded.    Chicago, clear ..... 65    53 paid court costs    of    $2.o0    each.    | rpbe pres[(jent put in a busy    Cleveland, cloudy ..    66    47 Sheriff James    Tailor    made    day jbe \ybRe House Sunday    Los Angeles, clear .    66    52 the investigation.    after    an    early    morning    return    Miami, cloudy ..... 80    66 from New York where he told a    New York, cloudy ..61    48 huge, cheering audience at    San Frau., rain ....    62    56 Madison Square Garden that he Washington, clear .. 65 39 will win. Ile said Americans are See LBJ, Page 18 Two major vandalisms, plus    boys told    him to go ahead.    ^ I .*    n J several    other, minor cases,)    William    Breehl of 622 S.    elections    DOCH'Q mermuth    garage,    1300    Crater    Sjgnaie(j    the end of Halloween    Broadway    stated while he was    r> Ave.; E,    Howard Sharp garage,    |jn j^ew    philadelphia over the    parked in    a private lot owned    DQ HS J pQClQtOt S weekend.    by    Ridgway    Milling    Co.    his    auto 409 E. 18th St. Ward 3—Precinct A, Municipal Building, E. 3rd St.; B, Robert C. Catcott residence, 121 Virgil Beitzel of 121 9th St.;was struck by an unidentified See SITES, Page 2 Man Is Arrested On Support Count From Vote Count In order to avoid confusion and thereby maintain the efficiency of the tabulation of the votes, the Board of Elections is TODAY 7 a.m.    38 RAINFALL Last 48 hours None TOMORROW Sunrise    6:58 Sunset    5:20 High 74    Low    50 Forecast: Partly cloudy and mild. bardment that killed four Americans and wounded 20 while • • destroying six jet bombers ear- • • I ly Sunday. • • “This administration owes ••/every American an explana-•26 tion,” the Arizona senator said. “A ; I it owes the cause of freedom a full accounting for its dereliction of duty in Viet Nam.” Later today, Coldwater planned a good luck visit to See ‘BUNGLING’, Page 18 October Drier, Colder In Area SW reported to police that    vehicle, causing a small dent in someone broke 3 windows in his the front fender; home with a BB gun. Paul    Ruth Addy of 132^ Front St. Schoelles of 407 Ray Ave. NE    SW reported someone put told police Sunday that vandals scratches on her windshield    restricting the Board rooms. had smeared the side of his res- with some sort of an object    basement hall, County Commis-    near Abby ..................21 idence at 3:30 a.m. with ioma-! while it was parked at her resi-    shiners office and the Record-    Your Horoscope .............23    According to figures based on toes and black paint    dence.    er’s offices, in the Courthouse Around The World  ........18    averages    of    a    55-year    period. in other incidents investigated Walter Davis of 337 Ray Ave    Tuesday from 6:30 p.m. until    Goren On Bridge ............23    October was much colder and Maxwell Steiner, 42, sought . nniirp George Mvers of 309 iNE said someone cut the t0P    the closing of the tabulation to    obituaries ................... 2    considerably drier than normal. , oWiff    ™    o    n„n    > I ’ * tojfUhovs were    on his convertible while it was    authorized    precinct and county Television ...................9    The    normal    temperature    for writing obscene words'on his    Parked at Quaker Stadium FU- j board    nersonel......Sports 9    ....    ..    -    night    for    a dance in New Phiia- i Ave., Dover, since Qualifications for appoint me it delph|a Eagles Hall    arrested    Sunday. Include. U.S. citizenship, ak < PnhArt EYfUHHan nf Pantnn Qtninnr u/hrt xvi 2 Tires Are Stolen Kenneth Norman of 706 Ray Ave. NW, New Philadelphia re- Robert Freeman of Canton, seeking the 16th District’s U S. Congressional scat, as well as county candidates were introduced by Dean Swaldo of RD by sheriff deputies on a non support charge filed by Mrs. I    hscenp^^rds^    on"    hi    si    Parked    at    Quaker    Stadium    Fri-    board    nersonel.    Sports ..................13-14-15    j October is 53.4 degrees. Last Iva Steiner of 137 W. Iron ririve windows ston signs anil da-v ni8ht-    To    offer    eclual    opportunity    to    Women’s Pages ..........10-11    month’s    average was 47 3 de- T""" 10 frnnt windows of Jackson ODti- Eu8ene GoPP of 215 3rd Dr the newspapers and radio, the Dr. Crane ...................23    grees,    or 61 degrees colder. I F-iir Ave    SW,    told    police    someone    had    cut    board    is    providing,    with    the    per-    Dr Alvarez .................21    The    highest    mark    was a 79 A Fair Ave.' resident reported 'he ,0P of ,hisJ con™r,i,bi? *wlf mission ?f Engineer Charles R. - reading    Oct. 17 and the low was a man near her home had ex-11* was Parked ln ,he ,(KI block VounS- ,he use of thc off,ces of Dover, since June 12, was Steiner, who will be arraigned in Northern District Court, ported to police that someone 2, New Philadelphia, and Bes-stole 2 retread snow tires, with sie Demis of Uhrichsville. black wheels, from his garage sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning. The dance was sponsored by child, 15, during the period June 12 to June 30. A native of Tippecanoe, Steiner listed his address as RD 3, the Young County Democrats I Montrose, Mo., where he was Coub.    [employed    as a ranchhand. is charged with failure lo pro -j d himscl| ln front of j of N. Broadway Friday night. vide support for one minor ^ma}i giris    Mrs-    Larry Abbuhl of 232 Min- John McConnell of Midvale stated teenage boys were on his car with shoes while it was parked downtown. He told them he would call police and the nich Ave. NW told police that the engineer as a press room. The board asks that all candi-1 dates, their representatives and DAY BRIGHTENER around 8 p.m. Friday someone other interested persons honor shot at their garage. Mrs. Ab- these restricted areas, and ........ .......................... buhl said the bullet came that the news media not be in- ^us’[ “as hani to'find a" husband *P»?, implied by E. A. Reis- with, in their press- a[ter marriage as before. Ier- New Philadelphia weather Many women discover 19 on Oct. 24. Normal precipitation for October is 2,58 inches, compared with last month’s rainfall of 2.18 inches. The figures were based on a through a window and lodged terfered iii a window frame. room, by unauthorized persons. observer.Cast Your Vote Tuesday! Polls Open At 6:30 AM., Close At 6:30    .Computerized' Campaign Polls Point Toward Johnson Victory VOL. 61. NO. 96.    24    PAGES.    Dover-New    Philadelphia,    Ohio,    Monday,    November    2,    1964    PHONE    4-2167    7    CENTS Raid On U.S. Base Hint Of By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP) - The long, strident election campaign comes ^ to a close today with every indicator of a computerized, poll-conscious era pointing toward victory for President Johnson. In 27 hours of elapsed time, beginning at 12:01 a.m. EST Tuesday in some New England towns and winding up with the closing of polls in western Alaska, some 70 million Americans will choose a president, 25 governors, 435 House members and 35 senators. Although he made no predictions on the extent of the victory he confidently expects, President Johnson obviously hoped he would roll up more than the century’s record 60.8 per cent of the vote registered for Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936. This would give him a massive victory in the 538-vote Electoral College. GOF presidential nominee Barry Coldwater was predicting the “Upset of the century” would make him the winner despite the poll indicators against any such result. Privately his aides were conceding only Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Alaska and Hawaii to President Johnson. Aides of Johnson said they had given up only on Mississippi and Alabama. They believe they have a chance to carry every other state, including Johnson’s native Texas and Goldwater’s native Arizona. The two standard bearers make final televised bids for votes tonight. The President and his running mate, Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, will appear on a pretaped program arranged for Hilo: 30 p.m. EST on the NBC network. Coldwater and his running mate, Rep. William E. Miller, will appear on a pre-taped 9: solo p.m. EST program to be carried by CBS. Johnson heads for Texas this afternoon for election eve campaigning in Houston, Pasadena and Austin. Then he will fly with his family to their Johnson City home to await Tuesday’s returns.    * Coldwater, battling to win vital California, speaks today in San Francisco. Tonight he ends his vote-hunting travels in the little Arizona town of Fredonia, where he wound up both of his Senate campaigns. Then he flies to Phoenix to spend Election Day with his family at their home overlooking the Arizona desert. Miller spent Sunday in Washington and plans to remain in the capital today before going to his Lockport, N.Y., home Tuesday. Humphrey scheduled rallies See ‘COMPUTERIZED’, Page 18 The Daily Reporter Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County ;

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