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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - May 23, 1964, Dover, Ohio Pafe 42, The Daily Reporter, Dover, OhioMay 23, 1964 HEART OF JULIET JONES By Stan Drake Stamps In News sr. rn I £ til IA>«OCTawA WH afl')»OSPE>*OA>*CiL] ■ftp' iii i*i lijjoi k TitiiiiiysTMy rn By SYD KRONISH AP Newsfeatures Writer 'JfHE REPUBLIC of Togo has honored its fourth anniversary of independence by releasing a set of 4 stamps which were issued on its lndepen» dence Day (April 27). One stamp shows phosphate mines, Togo's main mining industry. Another stamp depicts the phosphate plant at Kpeme. A third illustrates a railroad. The fourth bears a ship at a phosphate wharf. Also issued by Togo was a set of new stamps commemorating the first anniversary of the signing of the African Charter. These stamps have a common design showing an African breaking the chains of slavery with a map of the African continent in the background. These stamps were printed for the Togolese government in Israel. Last week this column reported the first-day information on the John Fitzgerald Kennedy memorial postage stamp. Further information on this new postage stamp has been provided by the U. S. Post Office Department. Postmaster General John A Gronouski said the stamp has been "the most carefully planned stamp in postal history." He stated that a 7-man team from a New York design firm has worked exclusively on the project from Jan. 16 to March 17* when the design was approved. The full-face photograph of the late President was gleaned by a team of artists who examined hundreds of photos. The chosen one was discovered quite by accident in an advertisement in the Bergen (NJ.) Evening Record. The designers felt this picture conveyed personal warmth and vitality. Mr s. Jacqueline Kennedy agreed. Afghanistan has issued a new stamp honoring the opening of the New York World's Fair. This stamp features the flag of Afghanistan with other flags in the background and the symbol of the fair. mmm YOUR I.Q. Which poet addressed poems to a louse and a mouse? 2. In what game does the team having superior ability to squidge and squop win? 3. What was the name of Rip VanWinkle's dog? 4. The original Ku Klux Klan was organized during what period in American history? 5. To what sport does "blood and sand" refer? 6. lf you were a horologist, what articles would you be engaged in making and repairing? 7. In what state is Notre Dame University? 8. Which 2 nations fought the Punic Wars? 9. Of which state is Sacramento the capital? IO. What is meant by "killing the fatted calf"? Answers •SujDjolaj puo 6uj4soej ‘diujojhd^ *6 *a6oaq4JD3 puD atuoy g -Duoipuj / *saip40M puo s>pop -9 •6ui|L|6j4|ng g -poud uoqan-qsuoo ■®d > JPM G *s>Iu!mXIPP!J. Z ’stung 4,goy •[ The Top Ten Best-selling records of the week based on The Cash Box Magazine's nationwide survey. 1. LOVE ME DO, Bealtes 2. MY GUY, Wells 3. HELLO DOLLY, Armstrong 4. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET, Beatles 5. CHAPEL OF LOVE, Dixie Cups 6. LOVE ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART, Ray Charles Singers 7. BITS AND PIECES, Dave Clark Five A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE, Peter & Gor- 8. don 9. tions IO. (Just Like) ROMEO AND JULIET, Reflec-IT'S OVER, Orbison ;

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