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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - May 23, 1964, Dover, Ohio Page 32, The Daily Reporter, Dover, Ohio Saturday, May 23, 1964 Funnier Facts From This Week's News LOS ANGELES — Sen. Barry Coldwater of Arizona got stuck in the elevator here while campaigning for the Presidential nomination. He was with IO others and a woman staffer for a national magazine when the CBS Building elevator stopped between floors and stayed that way for 12 minutes. “I never thought Rockefeller would do this to me,” Coldwater quipped. ic Presidential nomination in the state. ‘‘We were afraid,” he said, “that they would get hit on the head with some of these signs which say, ‘God Is Love.’ ” BALTIMORE, Md. — Gov. George Wallace of Alabama tried to be funny when he explained why no Negro Alabamans were with him during his campaign for the Democrat- SANTA FE, N. M. - The U.S. Bureau of Land Management Office will auction off some of the oddest-shaped tracts of land in the Oklahoma Panhandle. One strip which stretches 168 miles is 200 feet wide at one end and only several inches wide at the other. Several strips a half-mile long are no wider than 20 feet at any point. Some 4,000 acres of this kind of land is up for grabs. Most of it is land remaining from old boundary disputes or unclaim ed because df surveying errors. What sometimes seems a worthless piece in the assortment turns out to be very valuable, like the isolated hilltop which turned out to be an excellent site for a television relay tower. parking offense Gregg could not explain. Strasburg Library Gets New Books KLAOMA CITY — By ruling of the U.S. District Court the Federal Aviation Agency will continue its 8-a-day sonic-boom tolerance tests over the city despite all kinds of protests. Among the complaints lodged with the court was one by a women who insisted that the sonic booms embarrassed her by causing her brassiere straps to snap. A worker in a dynamite plant claims the booms have shattered his nerves and caused him to develop an ulcer from sheer worry. By Mrs. Arthur Strauss Jr. Telephone 878-5222 STRASBURG — New books received recently at Strasburg library are: “The Fifth Woman” by M. Fagyas; “The Honor of Dr. Shelton” by Elizabeth Seifert; “On The Edge of the Rift” by Elspeth Huxley; “Credos and Curios” by James Thurber; “In A Summer Season” by Elizabeth Taylor; “Family,” Fanny Hurst; “Follow the Free Wind” Leigh Brackett; “Injun Blood,” Bert Cloos; “Death and Circumstance” Hillary Waigh; “Scrimshaw and Sudden Death,” Brian O’Brien; “A Hero for Regis,” Jack Hoffenberg; “Clair De Lune,” Pierre La Mure; “Here Lies,” Doris Disney and “Antarctic Night,” Lt. Cmdr. Jack Bursey. Buenas Madres Club members and guests attended the Mike Douglas television show at Cleveland Wednesday. Those attending were: Mrs. Ben Limbacher, Mrs. Robert Glasgow, Mrs. Terry Howell, Mrs. Richard Flickinger, Mrs. James Samsa, Mrs. Richard Rentsch, Mrs. Larry McGrath, Mrs. David Duvall, Mrs. Don Lab, Mrs. James Kuecher, Mrs. Woody Norris, Mrs. Jeff Abreed, Mrs. Ray Bercaw, Mrs. Glenn Lautenschleger, Mrs. Patrick Howell, Mrs. Bill Bensel, Mrs. William George, Mrs. Richard Sfuder, Mrs. George Gessner, Mrs. Terry Zingery, Mrs. Ward Kreis, Gloria Espinoza, Mrs. Robert Feutz, Mrs. Ed Spidell, Mrs. Arthur Strauss Jr., Mrs. Ileiny Yenny, Mrs. Carl W. Dreher, Mrs. Thomas Whalen, Mrs. William Dreher, all of here, and Mrs. Larry Stein of Baltic, Mrs. Donna Jean Lautenschleger, of Sugarcreek and Mrs. Tony Young of New Philadelphia. leaders. “Gifts with a Gimmick,” a skit, was given by Patrol I. Mrs. D. D. Simpson and Mrs. James Duvall are leaders. Mrs. Simpson, neighborhood chairman, presented membership stars to each girl and Brownie Guards and Girl Scout pins to leaders. A medley of songs was sung by the Brownies and the meeting was closed with taps. Guests were Mrs. Lester Bates and Lynn, Mrs. William Brady, Ginger and Kathy, Mrs. Dale Deibel and Daleann, Mrs. James Duvall, Sheri and Sandy, Mrs. Pete Angelo and Sally, Mrs. Don Meek and Brenda, Mrs. Walter Myers and Linda, Mrs. Ramon Renner, Ann and Ramona, Mrs. D. D. Simpson and Chris, Mrs. Jack Stoneman and Denise, Mrs. Art Carr and Susan, Mrs. William Charnock, and Jane, Mrs. James Dunaway and Kathy, Mrs. Richard Gordon and Candy, Mrs. Paul Hayes and Sheri, Mrs. Dale Hart-line and Kay, Mrs. Glenn Sexton and Janet, Mrs. Ed Smith and Eddae. Terry Lang and Ann McHenry, troop members, were unable to attend. MOBILE, Ala. — Police here received a letter from a man named Jack Hall, address Chicago, asking them to help him select a wife. His only requirements were that she be black-haired and could bake biscuits. ROME — The judge handed Trento Manna a check and asked if it was the bad check he had written. Manna looked at it closely, wadded it up, put it into his mouth and swallowed it. He was rushed to the hospital for X-rays to see if he also swallowed the pin used to clip the check with other court documents. Reports said he had not, but included no other disposition of the case. LIGNERON, Belgium — Widow Marie Cortevin last week married Jean M. Simoneau. Si-moneau’s brother had married Madame Cortevin’s daughter IO years ago, and the daughter now has 4 children. So the new Madame Simoneau is now spending her honeymoon trying to figure how she will explain to those who inquire that she is an aunt and a grandmother to the children of her daughter who is her sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Numbers and sons have moved to the Andy Harvey property on 3rd St. SW, formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Renner, who have moved to 9th St. SW. Mrs. Mary Bower of Phoenix, Ariz., is visiting the Dean Ruths. Mrs. Dean Huth visited recently for 2 weeks with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pyle and son in Canton. LONDON — Pop singer Brian Gregg paid the price of fame in court last week. Gregg tried to explain to the judge that his fans had taken the license plates and headlights from his car as souvenirs. saying, “This happens all the time.” “If what you say is true, then this appears to be an occupational hazard for which you have to bear expenses,” said the magistrate and fined the singer for having no plates and for the Mrs. Majel Duncan, Mrs. Frieda Bennis, Mrs. Nina Newmil-ler, Mrs. Violet Linerode and Mr. and Mrs. Cary Walker toured the Fenton Glass Factory of Williamstown W. Va., Monday. Girl Scout Brownie Troop 791 held a mother - daughter banquet Tuesday night at Chicken Manor. Tables were decorated with miniature Brownies made and decorated by Mrs. Art Carr. “Johnny Appleseed” was sung and Patrol 2 presented an atomic hat show'. Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Pat Fearon are patrol Shown in This order; YOUR FAVORITE DRIVE-IN TH EAT RE Tonite! 3 Color Features! Newest Tarzan . . . JOCK MAHONEY in “Tarzan’s 3 Challenges’' 2. ROCK HUDSON, ROD TAYLOR in the Thrilling Epic of the Air Command “A Gathering Of Eagles” 3. JOEL McCREA in “THE TALL STRANGER” I MILE NORTH OF STRASBURG ON 21 and 25o"" SUN., MON., TUE. at 8:00, Cartoon Carnival ... Then The Lavish, Colorful epic adventure CHELMSFORD, Eng. — Peter F. Shufell, a mechanic at the Ford Motor Plant here, had quietly stolen, piece by piece, all the parts he needed to assemble a complete car. At which time, police arrested him, but fined him only $140 since he had not completed his work of assembly. Hepatitis Hits Alabama Prison MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP)-An outbreak of infectious hepatitis at Alabama’s Kilby Prison has left 3 inmates dead and 19 hospitalized. The last death reported was that of David McLeod who succumbed to the liver disease Thursday night. Prison Commissioner Frank Lee said the first cases of hepatitis appeared about the first of the year. He said a blood plasma program in which prisoners had participated since December 1962 had been discontinued, even though doctors determined there apparently is no connection between the plasma program and the hepatitis outbreaks. Car Kills Worker PIQUA, Ohio (AP)—George D. Dysinger, 47, of nearby Covington was killed Friday when a mower he was operating was struck by an auto on Interstate 75 just north of U. S. 36. Dysinger was an Ohio Highway Department employe. QUAKER ENDS TONITE 7-9 GLENN FORD “ADVANCE TO THE REAR” PREVUE TONITE ll P.M. SUN. CONT. 1-3-5-7-9 TOL BRINNER RICHARD WIDMARK GEORGE CHAHXRIS PLUME mo HELL WITH THE MOST Lr FEARLESS [hill Mi iii! 2 / / // :f//' ’///A BREED FLIGHT FROM ASHHA" Bishop Appoints New School Heads YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP)— The Rev. Emil S. Kalafut has been named head of the new Canton East Side Catholic High School, which will open its doors to 300 pupils in September. Father Kalafut is an assistant to Auxiliary Bishop James W. Malone, superintendent of the Youngstown diocesan schools. Bishop Emmet M. Walsh also announced Friday that the Rev. John N. Hoey, principal of St. John High School in Ashtabula, will be in charge of the new John F. Kennedy High School in Warren. Train Kills Boy CINCINNATI (AP)—Clarence Walton, 8, is dead from injuries he suffered Tuesday when a freight train knocked him off a trestle near his home in Maysville, Ky. Brought to a Cincinnati hospital, the boy died Friday. Classified Ads Pay Off BEXLEY TONITE! “MOVIE MARATHON” 7:30 “Evil of Frankenstein” 9:00 “Nightmare” 10:00 “Love On A Pillow” Prevue Tonite IO P.M. SUN. - MON. - TUES. EVENING ONLY 7 & 9 ADULTS ONLY! -VA ROVAI FILMS., ‘ “ r. INrERNIAUONAl preier>talioii Vjf brigitte bardo! robert hossein cove ON A LOW EL CID ii IN COI.OR STARRING CHARLTON HESTON SOPHIA LOREN , PASSION f EASTMAWCOLOR | EXTRA ATTRACTION! TrtE8eA7L€S COMC TD TDW' TECHNICOLOR* MMT swatter fttltai.d thru UNITED MUSTS PIL SUNDAY MATINEE ONLY 2:00 P.M. THE MOST ACCLAIMED MOTION PICTURE OF OUR TIME! "HST PICTURE!”t Winnir •r lo Metdtmy Amardt! - 1961 »«.«»««» r»*j bult. min, ADULTS >1.00 _ ( ini J) 50c ;

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