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Dover Daily Reporter Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 5

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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Dover, Ohio Lets Tell chinese by David Lawrence Washington while the government of the United states does not recognize the government of red China there is no reason Why the american president should not speak to All the people on the Mainland of Asia. Though there has been reluctance and Long delay in placing upon the piping regime the responsibility for the trouble in Viet Nam and the unrest in Asia president Johnson has at last pinpointed the red chinese government As a real threat to peace and As the sponsor of the revolutions and guerrilla warfare in Viet Nam. But there is need for a Long Range program to Hammer Home this fact especially now that news dispatches reveal the intention of the piping government to continue to develop an atomic bomb. Nuclear weapons in the hands of an irresponsible government can terrorize All the Peoples of Asia and result some Day in a world holocaust. It is not the Mere Possession of nuclear weapons which is a threat to Mankind it is the existence of an irresponsible regime which at any moment can misguided by disregard the risks of nuclear War. Chinese must be told when the United states entered the first world War president Wilson proclaimed the doctrine that a the world must be made Safe for today nearly 50 years later it is apparent that dictatorships not Only still threaten neighbouring countries but with nuclear weapons available can destroy huge segments of the world. For several years now the people of the soviet Union have been learning something about the dangers of nuclear War. There is reason to believe that the military men in Moscow Are not Likely to Start a nuclear War because it is apparent to them that the retaliatory Power of the United states is More than enough to destroy the soviet Union. But do the people of red China know these same facts of life what Steps if any Are being taken to inform the people of Mainland China concerning the dangers that can arise if nuclear weapons Are developed for use by the piping government the Only Way the world can be made Safe for democracy today is for people to be Able to control the acts of their own governments. The time is opportune now for president Johnson to address the chinese people and to set Forth the disinterested purpose of the United states and its citizens in helping other nations throughout the world. The american people would be glad to help the people of red China just As economic Aid and military assistance in a crisis have been extended to other Peoples on All continents. Formosa leaders Caa help there is a historic Friendship Between the people of this country and the chinese. Unfortunately China today is divided. But there will be no Chance of reunification until the people of the Mainland come to realize that any government set up in piping in the future must be responsive to the wishes of All its people and mindful of their safety in a nuclear world. There Are on Formosa Many Able leaders who could play a constructive part in the rebuilding of the chinese Republic. A population now estimates at More than 700 million is not a readily governed As is that of Formosa but the government in the latter country has made rapid strides in providing administrative As Well As economic improvements which have raised the Standard of living on the Island stronghold of the chinese nationalists. Returning businessmen Are Strong in their Praise of the efficiency displayed in Formosa. There is no reason Why the Plain truths about the future of Asia cannot be voiced in a series of speeches by the president of the United states so that All chinese people May become aware of the sincere desire of this country to be of assistance not Only in preserving peace and in preventing nuclear War but in building up the economic opportunities that could bring a better Standard of living to the population. Word can be spread it has often been said that it would be hard to reach a nation of 700 million people but in these Days of communication by relay through satellites in space there Isnit an area of the world that cannot be reached some Way. At first Only a Small number of persons might listen to their radios and get the message from abroad but word of Mouth communication increases rapidly when a concerted Effort is made to communicate with the people of any country. Even if not immediately successful it is a project that in the Long run can help to build a truly Friendly relationship Between All the chinese people and the american people. An a Dalliance for peace could include the people of the Mainland of China As Well As the Peoples of the rest of Asia. It could mean a pledge by the United states to come to the assistance of any nation in Asia which is threatened by a nuclear attack. Nato pledges America to give military help to european countries logically the same ported Ion can be afforded to Asia and make unnecessary the spread of nuclear arsenals. Copyright 1965, new York Herald Tribune inc in in Bonanza for Post by Drew Pearson Washington a it looks As if the Magazine founded by Benjamin Franklin has struck a Bonanza thanks to modern mining and the securities and Exchange commission. Oldest weekly in the United states the saturday evening past and its Parent the Curtis publishing co., have experienced Tough financial sailing due to the carving up of the advertising Dollar by television. The posts chief competitors life and look own 5 and 4 to stations respectively and make a Small Fortune from each station. The Post ladies Home journal Holiday Combine stuck to the old fashioned Justice department anti monopoly theory that there should be no monopoly in news dissemination. As a result circulation has continued High but advertising is Down. And the greater the circulation without advertising the greater the loss. Fabulous find is made however the Curtis publishing owns 98,000 acres of Timberland near Timmins Ontario of which it leased 46,000 acres to Texas Gulf Sulphur in 1963. Later it became known that Texas Gulf had discovered fabulously valuable Silver Copper and Zinc deposits adjacent to and on the Curtis land. This however is Only part of the Bonanza. The real Bonanza came in a lawsuit filed by the securities and Exchange commission against Texas Gulf last month charging that it had hushed up the Ore strike while 13 inside officials made a killing by buying their own company a Stock. On the basis of this official Federal government action Curtis stockholders now plan to sue Texas Gulf charging deception and damages. They also will probably move to collect the full value of the Ore on Curtis land. T coverup is attempted at the time Texas Gulf signed its lease with Curtis to explore and exploit minerals on 46,000 acres it had drilled a Hole 300 feet from Curtiss land and on nov. 12, 1963, struck amazing pay dirt. Texas Gulf officials moved the Rig away planted Trees around the Hole to make it look undisturbed and hushed up their find until they could sign up for Curtiss land at a rate of a to per cent Royalty. On april la 1964, when the new York times carried a Story of the Ore find Texas Gulf according to the Sec issued a press release denying it. Texas Gulf Stock meanwhile zoomed from $18 to $32. Curtis will now claim that it is entitled to 90 per cent Royalty not to per cent. In addition it owns 52,000 acres of unexplored land on which geologists believe there must be valuable Ore deposits. On the basis of 27 holes drilled on the 46.000 acres leased to Texas Gulf this 46.000 acres alone is estimated to have 6.400.000 tons of Ore valued at $61.89 a Tony or $390 million. This does not include the 52,000 unleashed acres. So the Magazine founded by Benjamin Franklin now has a Backstop even More valuable than to stations. A american nazi publicity rep. Charles Joelson a Justice department official the other Day As to Why the american nazi party was not included in the approximately 300 organizations on the departments subversive list. A the american nazi party despite the noise it makes is a very Small group and has a very Small membership a replied j. W. Yeagley assistant attorney general in charge of internal Security at a closed door appropriations meeting organizations on the subversive list a in a is that not also True of some other quire Joelson. A it May very Well be a conceded Yeagley. A we do not have evidence of their direct foreign association and do not want to give the american nazi party the publicity which it is finding difficult to get a do you know that this group in the District of Columbia alone has engaged in 17 acts of either incitement to riots or disorders a asked Joelson. A i am not saying we Are always right in everything we do in this area of fighting subversive organizations a replied Yeagley a but we can give logical reasons. There has been no proceeding on this since 1955. It was our conclusion that we would gain Little and lose quite a bit by a hearing on the american nazi copyright 1965, Bell Mcclure Syndicate news of yesteryear to years ago the marriage of Betty lint and Robert Mitchell took place in the new Schoen Brunn Community moravian Church. Misses Frances Abel Helen Baxter and Elsie Cenci All of new Philadelphia entertained a pre nuptial party for miss Patricia Wise Bride elect of j. Eugene Kennedy of Dover. Bill Phillips of new Philadelphia new member of Union country club golfing fraternity walked off with a major share of prizes in a tourney. 20 years ago it. John e. Jerry Steitz of Dover was one of 150 members of the 49th officer candidate class to graduate at Camp Lee a. Miss Cara Knapp 27-year member of the Dover High school faculty who was retiring was entertained at a party with 50 fellow teachers present. Miss Mary e. Brucks daughter of or. And mrs. Ferdinand Brucks. Married it. Charles Henry Romig Nephew of or. And mrs. J. M. Romig of new Philadelphia in first evangelical and reformed Church. The engagement of Joyce Hague daughter of or. And mrs. William Hague to Cpl. William Anderson was announced. 30 years ago plans for Atwood dam fourth of the Muski Ngum conservancy District flood control projects in the Dover area were completed and sent to Washington. Miss june Myers of Dover was among the seniors certified for Bachelor of arts degrees at Wittenberg College. Dover Board of education rehired a a Bupt Rearick for the fifth year As athletic coach. 40 years ago the fare from Dover to Canton on a Blue line transit bus was 80 cents. Dover a mayor issued a warning to motorists returning from soft Ball games in the evening to observe Speed regulations of 15 Miles per by John Metcalf saturday Rains of i wonder Why it is. That so often it will rain. When the ending of the week. Brings a saturday again. I eternally have Hopes. For a saturday of fun. But it seems so frequently. Down the Drain i see it run. And the week i sit and wait. As no doubt so Many do. And when saturday is Here. Skies Are Black instead of Blue. Either Outing or a game. Which i plan for saturday. With a single lightning stroke. All too Oft is washed away. So i think this coming week. I wont plan a single thing. And perhaps next saturday. Balmy skies at last will can i. V q. What about the care of Cork floor tiles a. This Type of tile is Given a steel disc polish at the factory a process that seals them or a thick coating of Vinyl plastic. They should be kept Well waxed and any Type of Wax can be used but polishing waxes Are Best for them. Cork tile floors can be washed with soap or detergent and warm water and spots can be scoured with steel Wool. No other finish than Wax is recommended

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