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Dover Daily Reporter Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 4

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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Dover, Ohio Of comments by Harry Yockey an Ortii Prtrt we a a a a a by Karen panning commission Sherwood Dover High Junior a c j entitled a let us be Young a was Negus Al Illus published on Page i of the daily a development of a Community As reporter on thursday. It resulted a a 1 Nae in a number of Calls from readers who expressed their appreciation and also congratulations to miss Sherwood. The editorial which was a condensation of an English theme she had written then rewrote a number of times before submitting it to us was an Appeal for adults not to pressure the younger generation to grow up in a hurry. She wrote in part a maturity is with a business Calls for adequate planning and regulatory procedures. It is clearly evident that Tuscarawas county is cradling a development infant. Almost anywhere you go in the county there Are signs of Progress. Industrial and business expansions Are taking place or Are in the making. There also Are a number of residential allotments springing up. Additional sections of interstate Highway 77 Are being constructed bringing us closer to the at the moment it is up to commissioners to Supply the funds if the commission is to become operative. The Money would provide for an administrator to oversee the pc work costs of a suitable office for the commission and attendant expenses. Money spent in putting the sub afr Wood Lodge works divisions regulations into effect # a a would bring a number of dividends. Improving a Giying these would include orderly de r it is my personal opinion that commissioners should question employment by an $11,000 elected official of consultants when he can leave his position in the afternoon to go to work for a private contractor. Something gained Over a period of Day when the express route will be time. It is something which is a result of deliberate understanding and Basic determination. Maturity cannot be forced upon an individual it must have time to Flower and along this line i have received a letter from the Post prom parents committee of new Philadelphia. In effect it supports miss Sherwood a contentions that Young people have More maturity than we sometimes will give them credit for having. The letter reads a so often these Days we read news items regarding the waywardness of youth. Vandalism is rampant Loose morals seem commonplace drunkenness and dope addiction prevail. Even in our own Community we learn of adolescents taking shots at windshields running across the state line breaking into libraries Etc. Such stories often make the older generation shake their Heads and wonder what the younger generation is coming to. / a therefore we feel that when Young people show the opposite tendencies these too should be published. Such was the Case at the new Philadelphia High school Post prom party last Friday night in Union country club. Before the party began Likely trouble spots were noticed and chaperones posted there. But these persons wasted their time for there was no trouble from the 300 boys and girls who crowded into the clubs ballroom for 4 hours of fun. The youths there were thoughtful and considerate. They enjoyed participating in the activities scheduled for them. There was not a hint of vandalism. There were no a sneak outs. I am sure that there could not have been found anywhere a finer group of Young people. A parents teachers and merchants contributed toward a Safe sane and memorable prom night. I am sure that the actions of these boys and girls express a a thank you that will be appreciated by the entire Complete in this county. The new route 250 Between new Philadelphia and the twin cities also is under construction. All this Points up the urgency of pushing the subdivision regulations controlling planning development in All of the unincorporated areas of the county. The most immediate need is funds to make the regional planning commission operative. Administration of the regulations a elopement and with it the elimination of future costly problems for county commissioners engineers and health officials. The Best minds and the most willing hearts among the county a leaders in business and Industry have strongly supported the movement to have the subdivision regulation adopted As a prime need for Tuscarawas county. I am certain similar backing would be forthcoming if commissioners acted now to provide funds for the regional planning committee. A conflict of interest work by Engineer Young come of those attending the annual county chamber of Commerce dinner thursday night in Atwood Lodge were critical of the slow service. The criticism has popped up several other times when there have been Large dining crowds at the Lodge. Otherwise complaints have been nil. Officials of the Federal catering co., which is in charge of the operation and Muski Ngum conservancy District officials Are aware that banquet service As of the moment Isnit up to snuff. They have held several conferences this week on the matter and corrective measures Are being take. It must be remembered that for most of the people employed at the is the responsibility of the commis i noticed in thursdays paper that Lodge it is a new Type of work. Be Cinn oct intr 4-via _ i a _ e i a. A a ii Sion assisted by the county commissioners and county Engineer. While the pc has been duly formed and despite heavy Odds and opposition has gotten regulations into effect it lacks the Money to carry out its responsibilities. In fact the commission does no to even have an office or a desk where its business can be conducted. Yet As of this month any land Developer in the county a unincorporated areas is bound to Deal with the pc from the very first moment to seek approval of his plans. There now is a Bill in the Ohio Assembly which if passed will adequately spell out How funds can be levied in any Given Community to support regional planning commissions and their work. However in Tuscarawas county your i. Q. How to score based on too questions to Day with a Dally average As follows 0 or to Correct answers rates you As a memory Genius 7 or 8, very Superior 5 or 0. Excellent 4, Good. 1. Do More Rivers in North America flow northward or southward 2. What drug used in malaria is obtained from the dried bark of a South american Evergreen tree 3. Give the month and Date of Paul revered famous ride. 4. How Long did president Dwight Eisenhower serve in the u. S. Army 5. After Sundown will a desert Cool off More quickly than a Forest 6. Was Omar Khayyam on Oriental poet of China Iran or India 7. Do seals Bray bleat bark or honk county commissioners questioning the $1,079 Bill submitted by county Engineer Charles Young to cover consulting services furnished his department by Paul a. Prince and associates of new Philadelphia. The Bill covered the work of Prince and 2 other men in his firm on county Bridge work. Commissioners questioned the need for consultants along with Youngs employment by the red Malcuit construction co. Of Strasburg which has done work in the past for Youngs department. It also is noted that mrs. Betty roman former Secretary in Paul Princess office was employed to work in Youngs mapping department. Ohio Law provides that an elected county Engineer must be a registered professional Engineer and a registered Surveyor licensed to practice in the state. While Ohio Law up to oct. 1965, ruled otherwise county engineers now May a accept compatible private employment to the extent that such employment does not interfere with the proper exercises of official i understand that Young has been employed on a regular afternoon shift for the Malcuit co., which is working on route 39. At the same time of course he is drawing $11,000 annually from the county having just gotten a $3,000 raise through recent legislation. The commissioners argument is cause of unemployment in Carroll county the Lodge was constructed in that county to help alleviate that situation. To Date there has been quite a turnover of employees because they did no to measure up or they did no to like the work especially when they were under the pressure caused by a full dining room or banquets. In a number of instances the chef Sidney Anvoots after a Large turnout of diners has worked All night to get his Kitchen Back in shape. Every Effort is being made to Iron out the problems As quickly As possible. Meanwhile it May be necessary for the Lodge to limit the size of banquets until they can be served with dispatch. I also have heard comments that the menu language is just a Little too a a foreign and that even waitresses taking orders sometimes Are at a loss to know exactly what is meant by the wording. Also that there should be some easier Way of arranging for banquets and food desires. It should not be necessary to go out to the Lodge to make these arrangements. All in All Many Fine compliments have been heard about the Lodge and its facilities. One Canton Man recently told me during a Telephone conversation a the Atwood Lodge is one of the Best things that has happened to this area in a Long it would be unfair to expect the Lodge which has been open less than a month to have All the Community. We can be proud of the head on a Quarter Dollar look to the left wholesome and cooperative attitude or the right of the majority of Young teenagers should have the Opportunity to enjoy the kind of life that goes with being Young. Time and mite time again As evidenced by the above letter they aptly demonstrate that Young while he finds time to 8 z work for Malcuit at Sarae time efficiency found at similar places a. As you to k at it does the eagles must Call upon a consulting Engi which have been in operation for neers in connection with work done years. The general Public will just on Bridges and county and township roads. It was pointed out that during his first 4 years in office Young did not employ consultants except on 2 Bridges involving Federal funds. Being employed by a company which does county work also is another Point in question. 9. What Bird can kick hard enough to kill a Man to. Do you connect the name Dupont Curie or Nobel with the discovery of Dyna have to Bear with them until the a trial run is Over. This would be june 5, the official opening and dedication Date. Answers won 01 in so 6 up 8 8 l scientists now figure the Van Allen radiation Belt is no threat to manned space flight. That a Nice they can be mature when maturity Buji -9 Saafi is Bax Uvaas a Juji f seems to be a definite a conflict but we re still not volunteering to is in order. Go Judy g a juju inf Quot a a i interest setup. Go

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