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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - May 14, 1964, Dover, Ohio Reporter Columnist Marlow Is A Pulitzer Prize Winner The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VOL. 60. NO. 260.    40    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, May 14, 1964 '•JJS? Serving Over 11,000 Familiee PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTSNATO Ministers Want\Relaxed'International Relations Parley Fails To Alleviate French Issue By JOSEPH E. DYNAN THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP)—The North Atlantic pact foreign ministers today headed off a potential conflict between Greece and Turkey, but they failed to heal differences between France and the other members on the future of NATO. In winding up their spring session they pledged their best efforts at ending the cold war with the Soviet Union. Yet they noted in their official communique that little progress could be expected unless the Soviets permit the reunification of Ger-i many on a basis of self-deter-1 mination. 5 Killed As Plane Hits Home Area LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP)—; Five blocks away, 800 children of the Paul Lowry family,.view, Brig. Gen. Boyd Hubbard, Five persons died when an F105 dren were attending classes injDerwent, 3, and Josephine, 3 Nellis commander, had warned NEW BOMBERS EN ROUTE — The Pentagon disclosed that the first planes in a newly-modified fleet of U. S. bombers are en route to South Viet Nam. The planes are 2-seater Douglas ATE Skyraiders (above). ★ ★ ★ McNamara Set To Give Viet Nam 'Background' fighter plane plunged into a new housing development where housewives were hanging out laundry and children were playing on a sunny afternoon. Moments after takeoff Wednesday from nearby Nellis Air Force Base, the jet lost altitude, wavered and then knifed into the tract. The plane exploded, spewing flames over a wide area. Seven dwellings were destroyed. Lincoln Elementary School.1 months. Aside from Hebert, all They were not endangered. The plane plummeted to earth at the far edge of the development, just short of a cleared area the pilot was fighting to reach. The dead: 1st. Lt. Raynor L. Hebert, 26, pilot, of Port Arthur, Tex.; Betty Lou Le Dane, 31, and her daughter, Teresa, 3; two chil- were residents of the tract. In five days Hebert would have gone on 27 days leave. An unidentified truck driver gave this account: “I was rounding the corner and could see the plane coming in nose up and tail down. It struck the first house with the tail aflame and skidded across the rooftops to other homes.” I Two weeks ago, in an mter- contractors that building homes close to the air base was “courting disaster.” The development is seven miles away but in the path of runways, those on the scene said. Its homes are in the $15,000 price range. Vincent Rohde, another eyewitness, said that when the plane hit “it was like a bubble filled with water. It was just a big See HOUSING, Page IO The ministers promised they would speak more freely and more frankly to one another in the future in an effort to remove misunderstandings and thus bolster the NATO system. “Every suitable opportunity should be taken to bring nearer to realization the wish of the German people for reunification in freedom,” their commu- WASHINGTON (AP)-Secre-tary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, returning from another trip to South Viet Nam, said today he would be happy to report to a congressional committee on the situation there. The House Armed Services Committee has indicated it expects McNamara to appear to nique said.    ... J discuss complaints of obsolete This is an oft-repeated aim of)---- NATO, and they said again that the German problem can only be settled by the will of the German people. Turning to the immediate problem of Cyprus, the ministers expressed concern at the Greek-Turkish Cypriot fighting and said NATO would support fully U.N. efforts to bring peace to the troubled island. Some of the concern over Cyprus wras eased earlier in the day w'hen Greece and Turkey agreed to accept the mediation of the NATO secretary-general in their bitter dispute over the eastern Mediterranean island. Storm Damage Minor As Inch Of Rain Falls Although lightning flashed intermittently and the rains fell most of yesterday, very little damage resulted and power shortages were few. The rain totaled an inch. The Ohio Power Co. stated today that only a few line fuses in the vicinity of County Road 81 and near Strasburg went out as a result of the lightning. The General Telephone Co. said they are receiving twice the normal number of service calls, most of them concerning tree    limbs    across telephone lines. Dover Service Director H. S. Ream stated that lightning reportedly struck in the vicinity of Prospect St., but city crews found no damage to electric lines in the area. rru    t>    u    Harold    Dawson    of 115 Superi- Dawson    -The oh,»    Pub- A    was    not so Iuck ,IeF re. he LU,lit,es Commission    hear-1    d    a(    a    m /esterd mg continued    here today    with|(hat    u    htni    had hit his TV The ministers instructed NATO Secretary-General Dirk U. Stikker to act as conciliator but there was no reference to this step in the communique. Officials explained that Stikker would be acting under a See NATO, Page 2 equipment, and to report on the I Maxwell D. Taylor, chairman general outlook of the protract-(of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, dis-ed war in the Southeast Asian cussed with U.S. officials in Hearing Moves To Dennison country. McNamara was asked by newsmen how long he thinks the war will last. He replied that it will be “a long war, a hard war—the path to victory will be long.” He said, however, that “I firmly believe that persistent execution” of plans will lead to eventual success. The Pentagon chief also told newsmen plans are being developed to more than double the personnel of the Viet Nam air force in a few months. The Vietnamese air force now has about 400 pilots. To another question, McNa-; mara replied that the size of the U.S. training force in Viet Nam is sufficient at the present, but that if more men are needed to help in the expansion of the ground and air forces Viet Nam the program of replacing the present T38 and B26 planes with the Navy-designed Skyraider aircraft. McNamara said the types of planes sent to Viet Nam were chosen for two reasons — because they would be useful in the guerrilla type war; because they were intended for operation by the Vietnamese. Returning with McNamara were Taylor and Arthur Sylvester, assistant secretary of defense for public affairs. This was McNamara’s fifth See MCNAMARA, Page 2 DAY BRIGHTENER An America says it’s raining cats and dogs, but an English-and training, the men can be man •    ^    cajjs    jt    beastly    weath- sent. McNamara said he and Gen. er. STONING THE NILE — Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev (left) and Yemeni President Mohammed Abdullah Sallal (center) toss symbolic stones into the Nile while visiting a dam site in Aswan, United Arab Republic. President Abdel Nasser (right) participated in the ceremony heralding completion of dam's first stage. the C. P. Hi,th. engineer of com-, 0(her residcnts ^ meree nnd signals for he Penn- arca w(,r(1 wl,hout televislon ,or Sylvania Railroad, testifyng as whije to the proposed type of gates The u s c of A En. to be installed at the Jewett gjneers sald there has bee„ m. and 3rd St. crossings.    jje    runoff    from rain and The Jewett St. crossing will have, according to Ruth, automanual gates with a crossing watchman on duty during the busier times of the day when trains are shifting in the yard. However, his duties will differ as he will be possibly in a raised watchbox, operating a control panel. Second witness for the railroad to be questioned by Atty. Calvin Hubbell, was William Schreiber, claims agent, who has done investigations of accidents at the 2 crossings. He reported 6 accidents from 1957-63 at the Jewett St. crossing, none killed, 3 injuries and 5 property damages. The 3rd St. crossing showed 6 accidents from January, 1960-63 with none killed, 4 injuries and 6 property damages. Atty. William Richards, representing the Cooperative Legislative Committee of Operating Brotherhood and Brotherhood of Maintenance and Way, is expected to begin counter claims later today. Atty. John Vandervoort is the examiner. Clay Talk Underway Evans Pipe Co. officials, United Brick and Clay Workers Union, and Hal Roach, federal mediator, were meeting this morning in an effort to settle the strike which began April 23, idling approximately 260 employes. "Thou Shalt Not Steal" A resident of Quaker Trailer Court complained to New Philadelphia police last night that a salesman failed to deliver a Bible she had purchased for $6.15. The man, she said, was to have returned at 5 p m. that Dover Dam gates are still open. Philo Youth Given Music Scholarship Fred Kaserman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kaserman of 326 Beaver Ave. NE, New Philadelphia, has been awarded a music scholarship by Bowling Green University where he plans to major in music. Active in high school music organizations, he currently is serving as student director of the A Cappella Choir and dance band. He has also been active in Hi-Y, Future Teachers of America, Speech Club and Junior Jamborees. Fred’s outside activities include membership in Dover Concert Band and this past season he served as solo clarinetist with the County Philharmonic orchestra. He attended Baldwin - Wa-lace Band Clinic 2 years, was a member of the All-Ohio Boys State Band 3 years and was recipient of the scholarship to Chautauqua in 1963 where he studied clarinet under Louis Paul of the Pittsburgh Sym- Mercer Regains County Dem Reins Two Collisions First Of Many, Cuban Former Chief Exiles Say After Attack Gets Backing On First Vote Occur At Phila Intersection Two auto accidents at Wabash and Union Aves., another crash that injured 2 persons and a hit-skip were investigated by New Philadelphia police yesterday. Mrs. David (Julia) Toomey, 53, of 1920 Walnut St., Dover, was cited following a mishap at 5:57 last night when her auto struck the rear of one operated by James V. Mason, 16, of 725 State St., Newcomerstown, who stopped for a red light. In an accident at 11:05 a.m. at the same intersection, Mrs. Danny (Lucy) Johnson, 44, of 515 Union Ave. said the brakes failed when she tried to stop for a red light and her auto knocked down hedges at the Paul Jarvis home at 1001 Union Ave. Cars driven by Norma H. Newton, 33, of 39 Johnson Ave., Dover, and Michael Erwin, 17, of 1055 Kelly St. NW collided at 11:37 Wednesday morning on 4th St. NW, near Cedar Lane. Mrs. Newton’s 18-months-old daughter, Diane, was admitted to Union Hospital with a lacerated scalp and concussion. She is “satisfactory.” Ervin was treated for a strained back. Rob'- t J. Morrison, 16, of 724 Miller Ave. NW reported yesterday that his auto was struck MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Exile forces say their attack on a sugar mill and port in eastern Cuba is just the beginning in their war of sabotage and nerves aimed at toppling Fidel Castro’s Communist regime. The Revolutionary Recovery Movement, a military action group, said in its “first war communique” Wednesday that a combined raid by seaborne commandos and guerrillas already in the hills gained control of the port of Pilon for three hours and left the sugar mill burning. It said other raids would come soon. Prime Minister Castro in a statement acknowledged the attack, but said it came from a ship standing at sea and not from ground forces. Castro’s angry comment was broadcast by Havana Radio about 15 hours after the attack, which the exiles said took place at 3:50 a.m. Wednesday. The communique did not give the number of the attacking force but listed commandos, frogmen, combat engineers, signal corps and torpedo units, as well as guerrillas, as participants. Baltic Firm Gets Car Pact phony. At present, he is study-1 Abby .................... 29 ing with Harper Froman of Dover. Fred is an Eagle Scout and received his God and Country Award under Dr. F. W. Hoer-nemann at First United Church of Christ where he has been active in choir and Youth Fellowship. The County Juvenile Officer and Prosecutor will be sporting a new Chevrolet Biscayne 2 Tuesday night while it was park- door V-8 sedan in place of their ed at his home.    ; 1960 Falcon. I*,*' -"lr-1"    County    Commissioners au thorized the purchase of the car ON THE INSIDE from Tri-County Chevrolet of  ........    T|........|........................—    I Baltic, which entered low bid.. .    ,    .    . m3t '    '    -    Of JI,750. This price involve. mgt°n thatJhe . ^    °,! Around The World ............ IO    allowance for the old car. Man Faces Sentencing In Contempt Gary F. Johnson of Uhrichsville was cited for contempt of court by Judge J. IL Lamneck in order to appear for sentencing in Common Pleas Court on July 6. Lamneck, on March 16 had continued hearing on a motion for contempt by Prosecutor Harlan Spies, giving Johnson 60 days to comply with a Nov. 9, 1963 court order. The order forced Johnson to pay $60 per month for support of 2 children. The court entry states that Johnson had paid only the sum of $90 following the order. At this week’s hearing Johnson was released under his own recognizance until sentencing. The exiles claimed they suffered no losses but said there tenacious fighting” with was “a numerically superior Communist army.” A spokesman for the invaders said Castro forces suffered considerable losses. While commandos held Polon, said the communique, engineers set off demolition charges at the mill, then withdrew. Guerrillas returned to the hills, the exiles said. Some townspeople in the area welcomed the attackers, they added. Castro said the U S. government, “not satisfied with the Economic blockade and other aggressions, is using mercenar- See EXILES, Page IO Uh'ville's Creek Request Referred To U.S. Engineers UHRICHSVILLE - Mayor Robert Croniser has been informed by letter from the Office of Emergency Planning in Wash- problem in Big Stillwater Creek ...    .    | has been turned over to the U.S. _    0,her    automobile    agencies    en.,Army    Corps    of Engineers. Dr. Alvarez .................. tered the following bids: Tri-; The letter, which was in re- Dr. Crane .................... 31    County on a Belair, 2-door V-8,! sponse to a request for assist- Goren On Bridge ..........  31    $i,850; Weaver Chevrolet Co. of ance from Crosser, was sign- Obituaries ..................... 2    New Philadelphia on a Belair edby J*?*** Y’ PhilliP^- di rector of the Government Readiness Office. It explained that the necessary work on the creek does not come under the program of his office. Dennison Man Cited In Crash State patrolmen cited Paul E. Tarbert, 37, of Dennison following an accident at 5 this morning on Route 250, south of New Philadelphia, when his auto went left of center and collided with an oncoming truck operated by James W. Thron-burt, 43, of Loudonville. Tarbert apparently fell asleep at the wheel, patrolmen said. There were no injuries. In an accident an hour later on Route 8, south of the Tuscarawas - Stark County line, a truck driven by Ellis May, 38, of Akron, hit the rear of a car operated by Clarence R. Brick, 62, of RD I, Magnolia, who had slowed down for a turn. There were no injuries or arrests. Howard (Bud) Mercer returned to power as chairman of the Tuscarawas County Democrat Central and Executive Committee last night, steamrollering over 2 opponents. Ninety-one of the 120 eligible precinct committeemen attending the 'session in New Philadelphia Elks auditorium named Mercer on the first ballot over Atty. James Patrick of New Philadelphia and Dale Robinson * of RD 2, Uhr- Mercer    ichsville. Mercer received 67 votes. Patrick, who was expected to provide the main opposition, got only 17 and Robinson, 5. The ease with which Mercer regained the chairmanship and changed the county Democrat setup at the same time was credited to his political in-fighting. Mercer was Executive Com-; See MERCER, Page 2 Phila Man, 44, Denies Attack On Young Girl Arthur If. Rothacher, 44, of 521 Ridge Rd., New Philadelphia, this morning pleaded innocent in Southern County Court to a rape charge filed by the father of a 14-year-old Uhrichsville girl. Judge Richard Musgrave ordered the man returned to County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bond. Rothacher asked for time to retain an attorney, Rothacher, jailed yesterday by Chief Deputy John Barlock, made a statement, in which he contended the girl went with him willingly. The attack allegedly occurred late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning at an “undetermined location” about 8 miles out of Dennison. Deputies said Rothacher picked the girl up near the railroad station at Dennison. It was reported Rothacher talked to the girl earlier Tuesday and that she gave him her telephone number. Dennison police notified deputies at 4:31 Wednesday morning after the girl was reported missing, but the alert was canceled about 2 hours later when she returned home. Rothacher, formally charged with “unlawful and forcible rape,” turned himself in at the Sheriff Department yesterday afternoon after he learned he was being sought. Judge Musgrave indicated that a hearing will be set up within a week if Rothacher does not retain counsel. Secrest Is Named To DeMolay Post It was announced at the Tuscarawas County Chapter, Order of DeMolay, meeting Wednesday night that Larwence Se-crest of Dover had been appointed governor of the 8th District. Adjournament for the summer was discussed but no action was taken. Several advisors commented on the .success of a mother - son banquet held recently at Chuck’s Restaurant. Installation of officers will ba held at a public meeting Saturday at 7 p.m. in Masonic Temple at New Philadelphia. The next regular meeting will be May 27. Report Strike Progress Some progress was reported Weathervane YESTERDAY High 73    Low    50 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, cloudy 87 55    .. Chicago, clear ..... 58    39    .29 Cleveland, rain  65 48 1.36 Los Angeles, cloudy 70 53 Herman Gasser, chairman of Miami, cloudy ..... 85    71    .09 the Tuscarawas Agricultural New York, cloudy . 67 58 .14 Stabilization and Conservation)Pittsburgh, cloudy . 67 52 .61 Committee, announced today Louis, cloudy ... 60 44 .04 that the signup for the diverted:‘^an Eran., clear ... 56 48    .. wheat program has been extend- Washington, clear .. 79 58 1.17 Wheat Program Signup Extended cd one week — or until May 22. Sports .................. 17    4    18    2-door, V-8, $1,890; Weaver Mo Television .................... 20    tor Co. of Dover, on    a    Belair Women’s Pages ........ 13-14-15    2-door, V-8, $1,973 and    on    a Bis- Your Horoscope ............. 29    cayne 2-door, $1,900. in a bargaining session at Can-!, Gasser stated that any wheat ton yesterday between area con- .arme^.    more 10 orrna tractors and the striking Iron;*10" abo°* tbe    ^ould Workers Local 550, which has oont    a office at 145 closed down jobs involving steel Broadway, New Philadelphia. in an 8-county area. Another ; Office hours are 7 a rn. to 4 session is scheduled Friday. 'p.m. Monday through Friday. TODAY 7 a.rn.............. 50 RAINFALL Last 24 hours ... I inch TOMORROW Sunrise............5:08 Sunset.............7:36 High 72    Low 37 Forecast; Fair and warmer. ;

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