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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - March 31, 1964, Dover, Ohio You Can't Drivt After Midnight With 1963 Vehicle Licenses—Below The Reporter Prints More Want Ads Than An/ Other County Paper VOL. 60. NO. 222.    32    PAGES. HOME EDITION Serving Over 11,000 Families Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, March 31, 1964 PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Crago Held In Swonger Death Warther and his new 1831 Stevens-"John Bull" engine and train * * FASHIONS REPLICA OF 1831 RAILROAD UNIT Warther's Productivity Continues By Tom Parker    ;    Started    last    Christmas    Day,    j    engineer manipulating the con- Price of the mural is in the Daily Reporter Staff Writer    Dover’s master carver spent    trois.    $2,000 range and will reproduce Ernest (Mooney) Warther has    “about 1.000 hours” carving    the original run of the historic done it again!    the train, according to his son,    I Housed    in a    special 16-foot ex-    train, between the New Jersey On Easter Sunday he finish-    David, 33, now general manag-    hibit case, a    mural    to run the    cities of Amboy and earned carving another project in    er of the Warther Museum at    length of    the    case    has been    bridge. his 78 creation-packed years—a 331 Karl Ave.    commissioned to be painted by The history of the “John Bull” scale replica of the 1831 Stev-    Carved totally of hippopota-    the noted Cleveland artist,    engine is familiar    to perhaps    sport    shirt. The slightly    built ens-“John Bull” engine, fait-    mus ivory, the finest known, the    Glenn Shaw, creator of murals    many high school    students of    man,    who has receding    hair- car, tender, and 4-coach train    train will be the centerpiece    in the S.S. America luxury-    history. which served as the first sched- of the most elaborate exhibit in liner.* Shaw also has depicted Built in England by the Ste-uled train in U.S. history and    the museum, with the complete    the history of the American    vens Locomotive    Works and the first Pennsylvania Railroad    train rolling over a section of    steel industry in steel company    transported by ship    to the U.S. passenger service.    J    track and with a replica of the offices throughout the U.S. * See WARTHEN, Page 12 $50,01)0 Bond Set; Case Goes To Grand Jury Following a 15-minute conference with County Prosecutor Harlan Spies at 12:30 this afternoon, James Moses Crago, 29, of RD 2, Dover, entered a “no contest” plea during arraignment on a second-degree murder charge in connection with the bludgeoned slaying of Milton E. Swonger, 27, on Saturday. Crago, a neighbor and reportedly “good friend” of Swonger, said during the brief session in Northern District County Court, he did not want an attorney. Judge Charles Eckert held Crago to the Grand Jury and set bond at $50,000. He was returned to County Jail at I p.m. Judge Eckert said the maximum penalty for the count is “life imprisonment.” Crago, manacled throughout the hearing, wore a brown, wrinkled suit with a plaid Dover Police Sgt. Dexter Bell (left) and Copt. Kenneth Dafforn escort James Moses Crago into Northern District County Court where he was charged this morning with the second-degree murder of Milton Swonger. Trial Resumes In Divorce Suit Witnesses lined up outside the Courtroom of Common Pleas Judge J. lf. Lamneck today, Hungary Greets Khru Warmly' BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP)-while some 30 women specta- Sovet Premier Khrushchev was tors crowded in for the resump- welcomed warmly today on his tion of the divorce hearing of arriva^ ^or talks with Ilungar- James and Faye Clouse of Uhrichsville. Principal witness was Mrs. ian Communist leaders that may lead to a showdown with Red China. Against the backdrop of Lorena Shinaberry of 103 N. Peking call for world commu- Main St., Uhrichsville, mother of the defendant, Faye Clouse. She told of setting a “watch” on July 5, 1963 on her daughter after she had heard rumors of improper behavior. Mrs. Shinaberry, who has IO daughters and a son, admitted that she and a son-in-law, Ray Prall, had watched from the latter’s trailer for several hours before Mrs. Clouse appeared on the street and got into a car which she said was driven by Dr. Alfonso Acietuna. She said she and Prall followed the car to Acietuna’s residence. Both the mother and Prall testified Mrs. Clouse later came to the Prall trailer to get her 17-month-old son. During that time they said she called the doctor and asked for an explanation but received none. Clair Hoffman, Mrs. Clouse’s attorney, spent most of the time checking the accuracy of the 2 witnesses’ story, emphasizing the point that neither had actually seen Mrs. Clouse enter Acietuna’s residence at the time they claim. Atty. Thad Bowers called State Rep. Jess Dempster of Uhrichsville to the stand as character witness for Clouse. Dempster rated Clouse as having a good and excellent reputation and being a dutiful husband. When asked by Bowers whether he knew anything detrimental to Mrs. Clouse’s virtue, particularly in 1959, Dempster said: “No.” nism to repudiate the Soviet premier’s leadership, Hungarian Premier Janos Hadar predicted Khrushchev’s visit will “improve the unity of the Socialist camp.” Informed sources report the Hungarian Communist party has voted for- V ^Weathervane YESTERDAY High 30    Low    21 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE High Low Pr. Albuquerque, cloudy 72 43 • • Cleveland, snow ... 26 18 .ll Los Angeles, clear . 69 51 • • Miami, clear ...... 75 57 • • New York, clear ... 41 22 • . Pittsburgh, snow ... 30 17 T St. Louis, cloudy ... 41 31 • • San Fran., cloudy . 58 53 • • Washington, clear . 42 23 .28 T—Trace TODAY 7 am............... 21 SNOW Last 24 Hours: .2 Inch TOMORROW Sunrise ......... 6 IO Sunset .......... 6 50 High 42 Low 25 Forecast: Partly cloudy, warmer. mally to support Moscqw in any split with Peking. Khrushchev’s reply was formal and noncommital. “Our visit not only will be a cordial get-together of friends but a continuation of the extremely fruitful talks during the visit to the Soviet Union of the Hungarian party and government delegation last summer.” he said. Those talks, in July 1963, dealt with the Chinese issue. “It is our conviction that this further exchange of views with the Hungarian party leaders will be most interesting and fruitful," Khrushchev said. Khrushchev, Hadar and Pres- See HUNGARIANS, Page ll 1(2 Children Eligible For New Slate Aid By Tom Parker Daily I* sorter Staff Writer Thirty-four cases, comprising a total of 162 County children, have been found eligible to receive assistance under Ohio’s Aid for Dependent Children of Unemployed Parents (ADC-U), County Welfare Director Lorin D. Gadd announced this morning. The new ADC-U program became effective March ll and benefits begin April I. “It is simply an extension of    ™    £    jn    h    d    t0    ,ook the regular Aid to Dependent1 Children program,” Gadd said, “and makes a child eligible line and wears glasses, sat quietly outside the courtroom while newsmen photographed him. It development that Crago, the tenant on the Streb farm where Swonger’s beaten body was found in a shallow grave inside a barn, had been picked up by Dover police Sunday morning, approximately IO hours before Swonger’s body was found. He reportedly had been held in Dover and County jails since that time and had undergone extensive interrogation. Although it could not be confirmed, it has been rumored that Crago made a statment to police. “I’m not sure if we have a statement,” Spies said at Dover police station today. Police would not comment if they had obtained a statement or possible confession. The murder weapon, police say, was found yesterday in the vicinity of the grave, but they would not elaborate or say what it was. A search warrant was obtained in Northern District BACKWATER VILLAGES BEING CHECKED Alaskan Toll Now 178 Ohio Air Guard Gets New Chief COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A former fighter pilot who destroyed nine German plans during World War II will becolme chief of staff of the Ohio Air National Guard Wednesday. He is Brig. Gen. Dale E. Shafer Jr. of Germantown, who in civilian life is an executive pilot with Mead Paper Corp. of Dayton. DAY BRIGHTENER when his parent is out of work, but with certain requirements. A minimum standard allowance the same has Aid to Dependent Children as been fixed by the Ohio Department of Public Welfare according to the size of the family. Gadd said that, at the time of applying, the parent must See STATE AID, Page 2 Sometimes it’s better to put off until tomorrow what you’re ver Township trustees in a let- Dover Township Bridge Repair Work Ordered County Commissioners have instructed Engineer Charles Young to rebuild and widen a bridge on Dover Township Road 211, between Route 39 and Dover Township Road 384. The request was made by Do- for the weapon. Coroner Philip T. Doughten, See CRAGO CHARGED, Page 2 likely to botch today. Philo Area Couple Asks Annexation Clyde and Nellie Robinson of RD 3, New Philadelphia, yesterday filed a petition with the County Commissioners asking for the annexation of 36.419 acres in Goshen Township to the City of New Philadelphia. Atty. M. Paul Redinger filed the petition, as agent for the Robinson property, which lies at Getting Ready..... HOUSTON, Tex. (AP)—The land the sea choppy, two-man Gemini spacecraft, j It will be the first full-scale with an astronaut and engineer sea water test using a produc With    their    temporary headquarters next    to Central County Court,    state    examiners should sealed    inside,    has    been    sched-1 tion    Gemini capsule,    weighing I ry‘Township    Road    IS.    as    had ’ [IJT tiled    for    a    36-hour    sea    test    this    and    equipped the    same    as    a    b,en    requested    by    the    trustees    'T!*"* tor dated March 27. which included a request for repair of a bridge on Dover Township Road 380, between Route 8 and County Road 82, to which Commissioners also agreed. Commissioners also directed the engineer to proceed with repairs of bridge No. 27 on Per- By CHARLEY DICKENS nThe Dover Police Department’s “cloak and dagger” investigation of the Milton E. Swonger killing, which is being directed by Howard Seith of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, lacks only Sherlock Holmes’ cap, pipe and magnifying glass. It even hampered salting of Dover streets Sunday night because city crews couldn’t get equipment which was in the building where Swonger’s truck had been impounded under lock and key. By DICK BARNES    age in the Gulf of Alaska, ap- ANCTIORAGE, Alaska (AP) peared to be the state’s hardest —Shattered    Alaska counted    hit arca.    The report    showed 72 more dead    today and reports!or more    dead or    presumed from backwater villages indi-    dead as    a result    of Friday cated there    may be still many    evening’s    quake    and tidal more victims of the great waves. earthquake.    i The Kodiak toll was based on The toll of dead and pre- reports furnished by state po-sumed dead mounted to 178 in lice after a tour of the island s a tally released by Alaska Civil torn and twisted villages. Defense and reports from sur-, vivors of an obliterated village. I Omitted from the Civil De-Officials noted some of the Tense list was the community deaths could not be confirmed. I of Chenega on Prince William The picturesque island of Sound. Reports from Fairbanks Kodiak, southwest of Anchor- i indicated half the town s popu- 8SNH .s I iHI 'M - t,t f v MM Mi * Mi Wi Hi Mk Mf IMM I ■■■'■tm a Commissioners Defend Against Human 'Barks' lation of 45 may have been lost in a desperate race for higher ground against an 80-foot tidal wave. The Fairbanks reports said two persons were known dead and 20 missing after the wave washed away the little town. Civil Defense said it could neither confirm nor deny the report based on stories from survivors flown to Cordova. The new casualty figures were up 74 from the last Civil Defense report issued Monday. Nearly all the new dead were from Kodiak—which listed only seven victims Monday. The list by communities plus the tally from Chenega showed these counts: Anchorage, 8 dead, 2 presumed dead: Whittier, I dead, 12 presumed dead; Cordova, I hasn’t ent 2 investigators of the status j (Jead\    3 dt.ad’ Kodiak of tho hygienic' and social life Jsla"d’ ,.22. ,dead; ?« Plumed of a gray dog's life in this dead; Valdez, I dead 30 pre. county.    Uumed dead; Kayak Island. I dead; Chenega, 2 dead, 20 pre- The 2 probers, Dr. S. T. ' *amed dead: ;St‘ward’ 3 dead» Tschantz and Dr. Frank Fisher, h l>resi,med dead; Port Ashton, I dead, 5 presumed dead. The list seemed to confirm Tuscarawas County gone to the dogs, just because it isn’t IOO per cent for dogs, especially those branded as wandering curs by folks who prefer not to have them in their yards and gardens. County Commissioners recent-1 found that proper pound provi-ly were practically stripped of: sions for pooches exist although 1 ls .,st,(inc every vestige of moral recti- they did suggest (hat the bow- <'1 J*1'®1 that scores of fisher-tude in a downright and doggone wow boudoir could stand some    seaside residents had name-slinging public blast aim beautification with paint and d,ed ,n    that    smashed tho ed at them by a female champi- that a more fitting monicker sou lt(n,a U)a . on of canine care.    |    might be managed for the mutt All the barking and whining mansion — such as dog kennels seemed to resolve into a ques- or dog haven — instead of dog tion whether the commission- pound. ers are directly responsible for I Commissioners, showing their allowing the dog warden and kind side, promised to ascertain caretakers at the dog pound to I if some of the 45 non-profit m-treat stray dogs like the mutts stitutions in Ohio which use the they are, and not like the cud- homeless dogs in tests and re-dled and curried creatures who search designed to benefit all of frequent Madame Fifi’s ca- mankind, might not be inter-, nine clubrooms.    ested in receiving errant ani- . Two children were slightly in- Commissioners, taking the ;mais rounded up in Tuscarawas I-Iured ln a 2car auto accident challenge of their love for County. Now, apparently, they !lJve,8VPwd D°Ver pollco man s (or woman’s) best friend are going (o ()Ut.0f-statc medi- -- - M(mday afternoon on to heart, held a p(b)ow-wow ca, researchers. yesterday afternoon with their TJ legal counsel present to defend* seems the dispute over the their honor. They also had pres-* See HUMAN ‘BARK’, Page 2 number See ALASKAN. Page 2 2 Youngsters Are Hurt In Dover Mishap Deadline Near..... N. Wooster Ave. I hey said a vehicle driven by Delores A. Stubbs, 37, of 714 Bodmer St., Strasburg, struck the rear of one operated by Virginia Aiken. 34. of 45(1 2nd St. NW, New Philadelphia, who had stopped suddenly. Injured were Mrs. Stubbs* children. Rocky A., 8, cut lip, and William L., 9, hump on the was southern extremity of New suppiy week 30 miles south of Galveston in the Gulf of Mexico. Three astronauts and three Manned Spacecraft Center engineers will pair off in teams. Each team will be locked in the capsulo for 12 hours at a time. Although there are many experiments associated with the test, the principal objective is to see how the vehicle operates in salt water for the maximum period of its 36-hour power there. spacecraft returning to earth. Numerous tests with the capsule have been made in a huge j1 tank at Ellington Air Force q ki Base, near the Manned Spacecraft Center. THE INSIDE ' weeks ago, said John Glenn ••Those tests were in fresh wa-1 Dear Abby .................. 21    w°uW withdraw from the Seater, and no    waves,” said a Dr. Crane .................... 2?    ate race'    principally because spokesman.    , Dr. Alvarez ................ 21! former aides of Michael DiSalle, “We need    to know exactly * Around The World ............ „    who were    directing the astro- how the sea    waler affects in- Your Horoscope ............ 21    naut s bid    had quickly drained Hospital News ................ ll,    the pot of    expense gold. The Obituaries ................. Midnight is the deadline forjistrars ready for the rush in-display of 1963 vehicle license I elude: tags!    Glen    Furbay at the Auto Club forehead.    Mrs. Stubbs Those caught operating a vc- and Verl E. Ridenour at New charged with failure to stop hide after midnight, with 1963 Philadelphia; C. ll. Zinkon at within    the    assured    clear    dis- licenses, are liable for prose- Baltic; Shirley Holdsworth at tanee. cution and fine.    Bolivar;    F. Jane Capes at Denn- Henry C. Rinderknecht, 69, _ Area    license bureaus have ison; Jean McMath at Gnu- of 1310 N. Wooster Ave., Do- nnp ™imiv im ii then »wm.«iibeen jammed with last-minute denhutten; Glessner Lechner at ver, backed his auto from a I- .    i    k    ri buyers and are expected to be Mineral City; Kathleen Thomp- parking space at 8:50 last night n * “nn The same until closing tune. Mil-json at Newcomerstown; Evelyn on W, 3rd St. and struck a dred McKeever, handling Dover | Ridenour at Stone Creek; Wal- j parked    car    owned    by Marian registration at McKeever’s Dec- tor Harrington at Strasburg; jMears,    47, of 124 W. 23rd    St., orating at 428 W. lith St., said Earl V. Lahm at Sugarcreek; Dover. neCh Ferrell, listed on the county payroll as a full-time employe there. struments, how much water the capsule leaks if any, whether Autos driven by Bobby C. Philadelphia fronting on County Road 24. Test requirements are that i waves be four to five feet high) the batteries will last 36 hours, Jclevision See READY, Page ll today her office will close at j Hazel Wallace at Tuscarawas, 5 p.m.    jand Ruth Charlton at Uhrichs- Bowers, 26, of Talmadge, and “We were considerably behind Ville.    j    Sally    A.    Reichman,    22.    of    859 2    politico maintained no rainbow    the normal pace last week, but Incidentally, it might also be    8th Dr.    Ext.    NE.    New    Phila- 6    was in sight because the party    are now within the usual turn-(wise to check your driver’s lie-idelphia,    collided    at 3:13    Mon- Sports .................. 8    &    9 j couldn’t financially favor Glenn    out,” she said yesterday. lense which expire on the oper-    day afternoon    on    N.    Tuscarawat Women’s Pages..........IO    &    ll    over Sen. Stephen M. Young. I Other Tuscarawas County reg-iator’s birthday.    Ave. ;

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