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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - June 20, 1964, Dover, Ohio SEN. KENNEDY BADLY HURT By ROBERT P. SALMON    ★    ★    ★    control    tower    at    Barnes    said    it NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP)    _    ^    ^    was    in    contact    with    the    pilot M.-iss*1 vounyer Ijrothe^^of^'the DOCK Broken In Plane Crash Fatal To ! a"d that he rented nod,fecal- Mass., younger Dromer 01 inc    jy    rajnecj heavily ear- late President John F. enlieJ, Dickinson Hospital, said the 32- crash were Sen. Birch Bayh, D- rence. Edward Moss, 41. Kenne- lier and was drizzly and foggy back today after a private plane year-old Kennedy suffered see- Iud and his wife. Both were d/s administrative aide, died the time. . V, •    ,    ,    ,    ,    reported in good condition at in the hospital of injuries sui-    ...    ,    „ crashed Friday night rn an ap- eral fractured vertebrae. But he J hr,„|Hlal    forod i„ the accident    »    was    beheved    ,hat    as    Zim‘ pie orchard taking two lives. has the use of his arms and    ,    ,    ny    approached the airport his Dr. Thomas F. Corriden, who legs, and is listed in “fair con- IU,,ea in me crasn wab inc The plane was approaching J    ,    . ..    . f supervised immediate treat- aition.”    Pil0' <*' th« ‘win en8'ne Plan<=. Barnes Airport, in Westfield. plane may nave me IOpS ment of the senator at Cooley- Less seriously injured in the Edwin T. Zimny, 48, of Law- shortly after ll o’clock. The See SEN. KENNEDY, Page 14The Daily Reporter VOL. 60. NO. 291. 40 PAGES.    Dover-New    Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday, June 20, 1964    7    CENTSCR Bill Goes To House WASHINGTON (AP)—After 83 days of debate, the longest in its history, the Senate passed the civil rights bill Friday night by an overwhelming 73-27 vote. With that historic hurdle cleared the hill goes to the House on Monday where it is expected to receive prompt approval. House leaders predicted that after a brief struggle the measure—to arm the federal government with the greatest power since Reconstruction to attack racial discrimination— will be on President Johnson’s desk ready to be signed into law by July 4. In San Francisco, Johnson applauded the action, declaring: “Senate passage of the rights bill is a major step toward equal opportunities for all Americans. I congratulate senators of both parties who worked to make passage possible. “I look forward to the day, which will not be long forth* coming, when the bill becomes law. That will he a milestone in America’s progress toward full justice for all her citizens.” See HOUSE HURDLE. Page 6 48, Including Americans, Die Exile's Plane 'Bombs' Cuba, In Plane Crash Then Is Lost TAIPEI. Formosa (AP) — A Nationalist Chinese airliner with 48 passengers — many of them reported to be Americans — crashed in central Formosa tonight, Nationalist police said. Sketchy reports reaching Taipei said there were no survivors. The plane, owned by the Civil Air Transport (CAT), had a crew of five. Police said the plane, a twin-engine C46, crashed 12 miles north of Taichung shortly after takeoff on the final leg of a flight from the Pescadores to Taipei. Earlier reports said there had been a group of eight Malaysians on board. They were said to have been in Formosa for a film festival. These reports said one Malaysian had survivied but was seriously hurt. In all 21 foreigners were reported on board    and    most    of these were said    to be    Ameri cans. But there was no confirmation from CAT. The police said the plane crashed near a village called Shenkang (Divine Hill). There were some reports that the plane exploded in the air and others that said it exploded on landing. r* wm ' hmm rn rn®, wm 1 ON THE INSIDE * v '. $ v v ,s    m    ^ A .    j Around Tile World .......  13 Hospital News..........  9 Obituaries  ................. 27 Sports .........   29    bo    32 Television .........  17    to    21 Women’s Pages ......... 44 3c    9 DAY HAVANA (AP) — The Cuban Armed Forces Ministry announced today a “pirate plane’* which dropped three bombs Friday on a sugar mill near Cai-barien was shot down. A communique said “The attacking plane took off from American territory. We hope the U.S. government won’t have the cynicism to deny these facts.” Official sources said one crew member aboard the plane was killed and two others were injured. The official announcement said one bomb exploded in the residential area of Marcelo Salado sugar mill, but that there were no victims, t said the plane was pursued by a Cuban air force plane and downed by antiaircraft fire over the north coast of Las Villas Province. The head of an exile group in Miami, Fla., Orlando Bosch, said, “I fear it was our plane.’* He declined to say what kind of plane it was, how many men were aboard or to specify its take off point. Several weeks ago, Cuban See PI.ANE, Page 14 WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN. A yank-ond the walls of the St. Joseph's Catholic Church steeple, for mwe than 65 years a Dover “skyline landmark," came tumbling down late Friday afternoon. Workmen for Beaver Excavating Co. of Canton were moving along rapidly in their “destruction" process and the project could be completed by the end of next year. The demolition will make way for a new edifice lo be erected a1 ihe same site. BRIGHTENER After installing a sprinkler system, a hotel posted this notice: “Please Do Not Smoke in Bed — You May Drown Yourself.** ;

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