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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - June 13, 1964, Dover, Ohio Many In GOP Feel Scranton May Be Late WASHINGTON (AP) — Gov. William W. Scranton’s sudden decision to challenge Sen. Barry Coldwater for the Republican presidential nomination stirred—if not electrified—party leaders across the country. But many, including foes of Coldwater, wondered if the governor’s move wasn’t too late. In essence they asked. Where was Scranton earlier?” And a Rockefeller supporter remarked tartly, ‘‘Scranton and others like him sat on their hands too long.” There was certainly no sign in an Associated Press survey of party leaders of any break in the ranks of Coldwater backers after Scranton’s announcement Friday. Those who cheered the governor’s leap into the race were previously uncommitted or were backing candidates other than Coldwater. Typical of those who have been supporting Coldwater was Tennessee GOP chairman Har-See TOO LATE?, Page ll II The Daily Reporter Smiling Gov. William Scranton gives an "OK” sign after announcing his presidential candidacy. A Goldwater man holds a sign for Scranton's rival. Scranton's own sign (left) shows him and his wife, Mary. Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday, June 13, 1964 VOL. 60. 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Scranton embarked today on what he depicts as a Lincolnian crusade to rescue the Republican party from the Goldwater conservatism he sees as threatening a GOP defeat in November. Scranton declared himself in the running for the party’s presidential nomination Friday and received a warm sendoff from many Republican leaders, including former President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the target of his new adventure—Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona. Goldwater called Scranton “one of the outstanding governors in the nation.” Eisenhower, who had urged an ‘‘open convention” and indicated differences with Goldwater, welcomed ‘‘the entry of Gov. Scranton, whom I have long admired.’* But Scranton received anything but good wishes from former Vice President Richard M. Nixon. Nixon had urged someone get in the ring with Coldwater. And he declared Friday night that Scranton had a See CONNECTICUT, Page ll FBI Probes Nuclear Theft PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation is probing the possible theft of government nuclear reports from an Ohio aviation agent staying at the International Airport Motel here. A briefcase containing files and reports was ransacked by a gunman, who, police said, forced his way into the room of Robert Carls, 51, of Wickliffe, Ohio, Friday night. ;

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