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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - June 8, 1964, Dover, Ohio Plans Completed As Twin Cities Near Annual Clay Week—See Page 7 All Papers Print News. Some, Like The Reporter, Discover It!The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION Serving Over 11,000 Familia*Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas CountyVOL 60. NO. 280.    18    PAGES.    Dover-New    Philadelphia,    Ohio, Monday, June 8, 1964    PHONE    4-2167    7    CENTS Governors Want Barry To Alter Conservative Image To Save Votes' Hatfield Sees No Derailment Of Bandwagon For Coldwater By JACK BELL Going over some of the "old times" were Dick Major (left), Mike Youssi, Joe Balciunas, Roger Lammers, Tony Zito, Joe Zuchegno and Don Lamonica. ★ ★ ★ Be Different, Respect Authority 39 St. Joseph s Graduates Told are behind the times. You do not need any priests or sisters telling you what to do anymore. You are all-knowing and allwise. “But it is surprising how many of the simple truths of faith are unknown by high school students. “Your knowledge of God is something to look into. The fact that you have sanctifying grace in your souls sets you apart from others. “Sanctifying grace is life. It js the life of God that exists in your soul and one thing that raises you from being just an animal. Because of it you should be different in the way you think. “One complaint of teenagers is that they are never treated like adults. The idea becomes dominant in their thinking. If you want to be treated like an adult, you have to act like one.” Rev. Fr. Ronin told the graduates that showing respect for authority is an important way to act like an adult. “The only reason the Communists dominate so much of the world is that the basic See ST. JOSEPH S, Page 6 + A challenge “to be different and to respect authority” was presented to 39 graduating seniors of St. Joseph’s High last night during graduation exercises in Sacred Heart Church at New Philadelphia. Rev. Fr. Ronin Schreiber, formerly a professor at St. Fideles Seminary in Herman, Pa., addressed the graduates, telling them to build a strong faith in God and to respect His authority. “When you graduate from high school you have the feeling that you know everything,” he said. “Your mothers and fathers Dover High's Graduation Set T ■ I * I ** 1 Dover High’s Class of 1964 will conclude 12 years of formal! education tonight at 8 when 164 seniors receive diplomas at commencement exercises in the new gymnasium. Dr. Harold Yochum, president1 of Capital University, will de-1 liver the main address, I “Should Be Ain’t Is!” Donald Swonger and Rebecca Hertzig will present the valedictory and salutatory addresses, respec-j tively. Some facts about the class,] the 85th, were brought out by Rev. Reinhard Krause at last night’s baccalaureate service. There are 84 boys and 80 girls. A total of 161 have either blonde, brown or black    hair. The other 3 are red-heads. Six of the 164 were born in 1944, 37 in 1945 and 121 in 1946.1 ^ ll '    .    u • f I Around The World ............ 6 Two members were born in Eu-J ~    t7 rope - Belgium and Germany i Df a^'V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V 15 —the other 162 in the United!^ Crane    _    17 States. Of the 152 born in    Ohio,    G()ren Qn Bridge . . .. . ..... ..    17 109 were born in Dover.    Horoscope    ......1.1...    15    David    Fox, 17,    of    RD    2,    Do- Ten of the other 43 Ohio na-1 Hospital News    9    ver*    allegedly    has    given    a    state- tives came from New Philadel- obituaries .................... 2    ment    *°    county    juvenile    officers, phia.    Sports .....111 *. I . . . I ...I. ll & 12 admitting his part in a May 29 Of the 328 parents, 5    were    Television  .......... 13    gas    theft    from the    Wilmer    Kad- born in Italy, 2 in Switzerland women’s Pages .......... 8    &    9    er^y farm on Ridge Road NE, and one each in Belgium, Ger-    _ New Philadelphia. many and Canada.    n j    Event    Tomah*    According    to Assistant Juve- Ninety - three of the 164 en-i    n    ,    (    f    nile Officer Don Patterson, Fox rolled in either a Dover kinder- . R , ,, [    ...    , . , also named 2 girls, both of Do- carten or 1st Grade in 1950, American Red Cross will hold    * IMI or 1952 and obtained their    Thorn.,    Vance.    20,    of    Sehoen CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP)—Sen. Barry Coldwater, R-Ariz., had notice today from three Republican governors that if he becomes the COP presidential nominee he will have to alter his conservative image or lose their big states in the November election. Goys. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York, William W. Scranton of Pennsylvania and George Romney of Michigan spoke out Sunday at news conferences held in connection with today’s opening of the 56th annual national Governors’ Conference. Scranton said on a television broadcast and at a news confer ence that he is available for the presidential nomination. He edged a little further into the race at the urging of former President Dwight D. Eisen hower. Scranton said Republican candidates are worried about winning in their states if Coldwater is the nominee. Rockefeller said he is in the race until a better representative of the moderate Republicans comes along, and he made it clear he doesn’t think one will. What had taken on the aspects Sunday of a “Stop-Goldwater” movement rapidly was changing into an effort by Republican moderates to get Goldwater to accept a strong civil rights declaration in the party platform and to repudiate some of his ideas, such as making Social Security voluntary. Last-minute cap-and-gown adjustments are made by Donna Tecco (left), Andy Cullison, Judy Endres and Joe Di3er»ova. m ». ta    ta-.»»— m ..    ....    r    **    .    Ira    I    mini    v    fmir    JnHan    C    ar. school system. Canton will be guest speaker. lral ^“nty Court Jutlgc Clar-—    -------f    ence    lh    erred    at    10:30    Tuesday Graduate 'Choices' Outlined By Minister At Baccalaureate 2 GIRLS ARE IMPLICATED Dover Area Youth Admits Part In Theft Of Gasoline 3 gallons of gasoline and also damaging a gas storage tank belonging to Farm Bureau Coop of New Philadelpia. ' Patterson said he talked to the Dover girls implicated by Fox but they would not admit being with the youths at the time of the theft. Deputies said someone had covered the bullet hole with paint ’    _ Road Hearing Is Continued After a day in which GOP moderates flailed away at Goldwater, Gov. Mark O. Hatfield of Oregon summed it up as “an exercise in sheer futility.” He said he thinks Goldwater’s nomination is certain. Goldwater said in Chester, Pa., where he accepted an honorary degree from Pennsylvania Military College, that he would be glad to talk to Scranton and other leaders about the issues. “I think I can safely say that I can run on a platform that would contain the civil rights bill that passes the Congress,” said Goldwater. “I can assure you it won’t be the one that is before us now.” He added that he thinks less than I per cent of the Republicans favor the public accommodations section of the bill. Romney told a news conference Goldwater’s views do not “square with the principles for See GOLDWATER. Page 2 Republican National Chairman William Miller (right) stands with arm around Ohio GOP Chairman Ray C. Bliss as .Miller said he thought Bliss would accept the national chairmanship. Miller plans to quit. His successor will be elected by the national committee at the San Francisco convention next month. (AP Wirephoto). BLISS HEADED FOR NO. I JOB? Civil Rights To Get Priority On Program CLEVELAND (AP) - Business got mixed with pleasure and politics at the Governors’ Conference today as Gov. John Anderson Jr. of Kansas, the conference chairman, served notice that civil rights problems lave a priority spot on the agenda. Anderson in his chairman’s address prepared for delivery after morning welcoming speeches told a general session of the governors:    * “We are all aware that the problems of government covered generally by the ‘civil rights’ as serious in each of our states. They will not solve themselves; they will not go away. “During each of the three Weathervane SATURDAY High 77    Low    58 YESTERDAY High 81    Low    57 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, clear. 96 61 Los Angeles, cloudy 71 57    .. Miami, clear ...... 86 77 .. Pittsburgh, cloudy . 82 59 .26 San Fran., clear ... 62 St. Louis, clear .... 82 Washington, cloudy. 85 TODAY 7 a.rn............... RAINFALL Last 48 hours .. .40 inch TOMORROW Sunrise .......... 4:54 Sunset ............ 7:56 High 85    Low    63 Forecast: Warm, humid, pos sible thundershowers. Ohio GOP Avoiding Goldwater Tangle By Richard Zimmerman Daily Reporter Staff Writer CLEVELAND 52 69 66 61 I But Romney stands alone to-day, with only the hope of an n,.    _    , outright and vigorous denoun- ..    .    ,    P.?'    cia ti on of Goldwater by former ■can leaders may net be solid- j Presldt,nt Eisenhower' keeping ly or officially in the Goldwater \him af|oa, Most 0,)servers (lo camp, but they are clearly    t ^ avoiding any association with the now abortive “Stop Gold- The slightest encouragement water” movement at the Na-1 from either Gov. James A. tionat Governors’ Conference Rhodes or Ohio GOP Chairman here.    Ray C. Bliss — either in a When Michigan Gov. George veiled public statement or a de-Romney made it clear that he liberate leak might have start-was ready and willing to lead ed the “Stop Goldwater” move the drive “to stop the Arizona conservative the time was ripe for Ohio to drop even the slightest hint of support for the movement. 1,000 At Radio Club Jamboree tendnedeSlllty's Thi^'Zua'i j J? Mich‘«a" Tuscarawas County Citizens Band Radio Assn.’s jamboree; at the Fairgrounds. Among those recognized were Byram Cheesa of Midland, Fla.,| on its way. But nothing—absolutely nothing — came from the Ohio camp. Rhodes and Bliss kept Ohio Of the major states not in the in the non-com mi tted column, Goldwater camp, Ohio was the j but at this point such a position obvious sounding board for j clearly is to the advantage of Romney’s strong anti-conserva- Goldwater, whose camp is even tive pitch, New York is com- now claiming more than enough mitted to Rockefeller. Pennsylvania hovers about Scranton’s unclear position and Romney delegates for nomination on the first ballot. The silence on the part of Sec OHIO GOP, Page 2 who traveled the farthest to at-prior meeting of this conference tend, Canton’s Hall of Fame 5 Injured, 5 Cited In Dover Mishaps “Today we launch! shall we anchor?” Rev. Reinhard Krause of St. John’s United Church of Christ keyed his talk on “Choices” to the motto of Dover High’s Class of 1964 in last night’s baccalaureate service in the school Where added. “Launch out into the deep then cast out your anchors. “My first recommendation as you launch out is to anchor your life by continuing to think clearly. “Dover has been a good cornin auditorium. More than 600 par-munity in which you have ents and friends of the 164 grad- grown up. Despite those who uating seniors attended.    are quick to judge all teenagers Following a statistical break- by the acts of a few, Dover’s down of differences in the class i teenagers have mauntained a makeup, Rev. Krause told the good record. Only 2 out of ev-seniors that “all 164 of you cry IOO Dover youngsters have have one important fact in been in trouble with the law. common — you have completed a goal.”    “Dover    also is a good commu “The yesterdays have determined what you are today,” he morning for sentencing on a theft charge as a result of the same incident.^ Vance pleaded County commissioners today guilty Saturday to the counts at continued the hearing on the arraignment. He is being    heldj    question    of right-of-way    conin County Jail.    cerning    a    section of Franklin Kaderly, who filed the charge    Township    Road 424 until    Sept. against Vance, could not be    con-    14. tacted this morning to determine if he would file charges against the other 3. Patterson said Fox’s statement has been turned over the Prosecutor Harlan Spies. Deputies got the “break” on the gas last Thursday after see* The J. A. Jones Construction Co. and the T. Smith Gas Co. of Hartville have lodged protest against vacating the road section in connection w'ith the building of new Interstate 77 at the Strasburg interchange. Construction includes a bridge which is costly to main- niiy in which you can continue i ^arm- See ‘CHOICES’, Page 6    1    Vance    is    charged    with    taking ing a picture of Fox’s wrecked tain commissioners explained, cat in the Daily Reporter. The and jbe old part of the road car. owned by the youth s moth- wil] not be needed when the er, reportedly contained a bullet new interstate is completed, hole. Kaderly had reported he; Further problems, however, fire a rifle at the car as it was have reportedly arisen through being driven away from his dama}/es allegedly done by the Jones firm to the gas company property. I have attended, we devoted much time and discussion, little time in reaching conclusions.” Later today the governors consider rules of procedure, which were changed last year to a of Canton were recognized for three fourths vote to suspend having the oldest radio call let-rules before action on any resol- Iers* ution. Unless a new change re- Among those receiving prizes moves this hurdle, it was con- were Danny Spring of Uhrichs- Radio    Club,    which traveled    to    Five persons were slightly    in-    er police were called to    S. Tus- Dover    in    a 22-car caravan    and    jUred and 5 citations were    is-    earawas and Martin St. where the Mt. Vernon unit, which had sued in 5 accidents investigat- a vehicle operated by Daniel the largest membership present. ed by Dover police over the DeVecka, 20, of 916 5th St. NW, Pop David and Mary Schrader | weekend.    New Philadelphia rammed the They were called Saturday    at    rear of one driven by    Danny 11:39 p.m. to the parking lot    of    L. Walker, 29, of RD    4, New the Dover Market on N. Tus-    Philadelphia, who had    slowed earawas where a car driven    by    for traffic. Charles L. Cox, 84, of 320 E. Jean Walker, 26, of RD 4, sidered doubtful a strong    civil    Ville, a $325 radio unit, and Ray    14th St., Dover, had backed    New Philadelphia, received a rights resolution, which    Gov.    Lindemore of New Philadelphia,    from a parking slot and struck    possible whiplash injury to her Nelson A. Rockefeller of    New    a radio aerial.    one driven by Evelyn J. Ches-    neck arid is to be X-Rayed. De- York said he hopes for,    could    Howard Stanbarger was jam-> lock, 34, of RD I, Beach City.    Vecka was cited for failure to be passed.    boree    chairman.    Approximately    2    minutes    lat-    stop within assured clear dis tance. Three persons received chest bruises in one of 2 accidents investigated by police Sunday. Injured in an accident at 10:20 a.m. on Slmgluff and Cross St. were Walter W. Steiner, Donna Klusmann was on a reconnais-    Wallick and Jane Rainier after a car driven by Helen V. Schrump, 32, of 623 E. 3rd St., See MISHAPS. Page 2 Felled Navy Jet Pilot Rescued By ANTOINE YARED , graphic flights over Communist the other pilot, Lt. Charles F. VIENTIANE, Laos (AP) — positions since May 17 at the Klusmann, 30, of San Diego, Communist groundfire knocked request of the neutralist Prefni- j Calif, down the second U.S. Navy jet er Souvanna Phouma.    Klu in two days over Laos Sunday, The pilot, Cmdr. Doyle W sance flight when his plane was but the pilot WM safely lifted I.ynn of La Mess, Calif.. wa.s;hlt „e w#, reported haV(. out of the red-held jungle. ] rescued by a U S. helicopter U.S. officials hoped to contin- and flown back to the Kitty ue an air search today for the Hawk, an embassy spokesman pilot of the first plane, but a said heavy cloud cover hung over Vientiane. The monsoon season has set in. U.S. officials gave no details of the jungle rescue, but it was parachuted safely, but his exact landing spot in the rugged, isolated terrain apparently was not known. Red China charged that U.S. jet fighters fired two rockets at Both planes were shot down aj helicopters had been badly east of the Plaine des Jarres sb()t Up jn an attempt to find area, recently overrun by the Pathet Lao. Both were Crusader jets capable of 1,000 miles an hour. They were operating from the carrier Kitty Hawk iq the; South China Sea. The second jet was armed unofficially reported that sever- Khang Khay, Pathet Luo head Al's Value Store Breakin Probed Dover police are continuing quarters on the Plaine des,t, .    ..    .... Jarres. There was no mention 2f“r inves^atum into the late DAY BRIGHTENER and accompanying an unarmed reconnaissance plane over central Laos. The United States has been conducting photo* of damage or casualties. Reliable sources in Vientiane said Laotian air force T28 fight-er-bombers armed with machine guns are providing cover for the U.S. reconnaissance Telephone conversations were planes shorter when j>eop!e had to stand to reach the mouthpiece on the wall. Friday night or early Saturday morning breakin at Al’s Value Center, 212 N. Wooster Ave. in which $135 and an undetermined amount of merchandise was stolen. The theft was reported to police Saturday morning. They indicated the thief may have en- Premier Souvanna Phouma’i neutralist government ordered,tared the building through * 7 jocund Door windoww See PILO I, Page ;

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