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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 31, 1964, Dover, Ohio Doctors' Wives And Buggy Men? Read About Them In Saturday Tuscarama The Reporter's Outstanding Lineup Of Features Yours For The Reading! The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION Vt*, m. NO. 17.    54    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Friday, July 31, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167    7    CENTS Ranger Hits Future Target Terrain Moon Photographs Under Scrutiny Dale Warner, a junior at Kent State University, explains to his mother, Mrs. Oliver Warner, and his sister, Cheryl Ann, a point in one of his sociology books. Mrs. Warner, a Catawba Indian from Rockhill, S.C., interested Dale in sociology in part, sharing with him her rich knowledge of the customs, institutions and traditions of her people. The Indian pottery she is holding was made by her mother and grandmother. if*    it    it Phila Youth Gets Unusual As Dream Comes True HUMPHREY, MCCARTHY GO TO FRONT Johnson Erases Kennedy, Others As Running Mates i    By    JACK    BELL WASHINGTON (AP)—President Johnson’s sweeping knockout of Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy and others from the lineup of vice presidential possibilities focused speculation today on Minnesota* Sens. Hubert J. Humphrey and Eugene J. McCarthy as his probable choice for a running mate. In an unprecedented action! “    " Thursday the President elimi-1 Democratic national convention nated nearly all the major pos-! which opens Aug. 24 in Alantic sibilities for the No. 2 spot — in-1 City, N.J. II I    A      ^    ___ eluding Kennedy, Peace Corps In his spray-gun action Thurs-i Mpln AAC I    I    nmPC    I    FI IP Director Sargent Shriver and dav only six hours after telling 1^1    I    I    I    ^    III    W    O    I    I wJ W Secretary of Defense Robert S. a quickie news conference he By Paul Sharp    |    Living    on    the    Rockhill.    S.    C..,    When    he    was    a boy. Dale had McNamara.    had not decided on a running Daily Reporter SUH Writer reservahon    the future Mrs a paper route. He also had a . The, 5°"C“SU* amon* many    mate’ J»h^on included on his ,    ,    ,    ,    reservation,    me    iuiure    ,wrs.    ^    K    ,    ,    knowledgeable Democrats was on-candidate list all cabinet Most people have dreams of warner came to New Philadel- rf,am ,a , e m‘Q* ,° ‘am ^ that Johnson, calculating that what they want to accomplish , work at the Schoenbrunn ‘t^e e U<a,u°nil ku saxt he has established his own politic, but few have the courage w IT    acnoenorunn    his money injhe ho^ thaUome ical image strongly> WJ, t0 and determination to set out to Indian \ illage in the summer    day that dream of his might turn these dreams into reality, of 1941. Here she met her hus-    come true. Not so with Dale Warner of band-to-be. who also was em-    But until a month before gra-    ^    \jar|ow*s Column    on    Page    4 429 Beitner Ave., New Philadel- ployed at the village. They were    dilation from New Philadelphia phia. who will be a junior this later married in South Carolina    High in 1962, the outlook was fall at Kent State University, but soon returned to New Phila-    not very bright. It was then    win    elective office without    Iean- Dale is the son of Mr. and delphia. which has been their    that he received a letter from    mg    on any Kennedy.    _    ____ Mrs. Oliver Warner. Mrs. War- home with the exception of the his grandmother in South Caro- The feeling was that to elimi- XHE WEATHER ELSEWHERE Her is nearly a full-blooded In- years when Warner was in the Ima informing him that if he nate any emotional *urge^ for    High    Low’    Pr See PHILA YOUTH, Page 16    ' See JOHNSON, Page 16 Weathervane YESTERDAY High 80    Low    51. In 21 Hours dian of the Catawba tribe. service. No One's Telling Them Anything! the attorney general, the Presi- Albuquerque, cloudy 93 67 dent was willing to eliminate a Chicago, cloudy .... 74 67 whole lineup of possible candi- Los Angeles, cloudy 80 63 dates he never really had con-    clear     .* ii sidered.    New York, clear ... Among those who hit the dust, I Louis, cloudy .. total registered in several years ^ ^Xrundaw^ thf late! WwhijStoi.' cloudy Doctors and nurses in the ob- tv’s population, ftetrics    department    at Union    The    hospital    nursery    walls    and    brought    the total for the Hospital probably were not sur- were more or less bulging with    T,    nnmupr    .l.p    ,    ,    L    .,    ‘    '. j u .l r    I    j    ,I    n    ,l    ..    >eur to 632. the number for the mara had received the sort of prised bv the figures released the overflow there this month    ,    loet l„QC -Q1    .    ,    4    ,    .,    .    .    .    , r    i    u    nu-    k    j ut mc „ 6dme period last year was d91. presiden la praise that pointed earlier    this    week    bv    the Ohio    when a    record    number    of    106    in*    Births    lstered for the    1 Lard    them    as potential cand,- Department    of    Development    fards    made    their    appearances    first    6 months in 1M4. with the    ■ dates noltng    the    mcrease    in    the    conn-    This    is    the    highest    monthly    1HJ    ,igure jn paronlhl,s„ are:    U.N.    Ambassador Adlet    Stev- January 88 (82); February 70    enson,    a two-time    loser as    Dem- (81);    March 94 (75); April 85    ocratic    standard    bearer,    was (96);    May 86    (85), and June 103    among    those    knocked    out    of (76).    There were 96 babies born    consideration    for second    spot    on 86 82 85 62 87 69 62 54 89 65 DENY CHARGES. Glady*; T. Root and George A. Forde, defense attorneys in the Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnap case, surrender themselves (above) to the U. S. marshal's office in Los Angeles on a federal indictment charging they tried to induce the defendants to give false testimony under oath. Both denied the charges and were released on their personal word that they would return Aug. 3 to enter pleas. Council Approves New Phila Budget New Philadelphia's proposed:at last Monday’s regular meet-1965 budget puts city finances ing. A closed session to iron out in the black, even though 5 of problems was called by Preside 9.department funds are ex- dent William Hinig immediately pected to face a total deficit of after that meeting. $66,400    Yesterday, Mayor Joe Pritz In a half-hour special session explained that several city offi-yesterday, City Council calmly cials had expected more reve-approved the proposed budget *nue jn taxes for the general which shows a total of $888,504 fund. Thy had miscalculated on in receipts and $873,680 in ex- the amount to be derived from penditures, with a surplus of the $35,676,682 tax evaluation. $14,918.    Auditor Charlotte W’hite, how- The departments expected to ever, in a conference with be operating in the red are: County Auditor Donald Kinsey, general fund at minus $36,512; had determined that the amount street at $14,209; park at $4.- could only be $214,060, based on 560; cemetery at $4,422 and sew- the six-tenths mill established er service at $6,695.    by law. The 4 other departments City Solicitor Donald Zimmer-whose revenue is estimated to man told Council: “The most exceed expenses are:    Water,    important thing in approving, with a surplus $53,138; sewerage the proposed 1965 budget at revenue, with $25,682: general this time is to know’ what conn-! bond retirement, with $1,959, cd wants by way of expendi-and off-street parking, with tures. $442 “The budget submitted here Council apparently had so Iv- ^ pmLA BL, ed difficulties which caused it    6 to delay approval of the budget 60 T—Trace. TODAY 7 a.rn........ RAINFALL Last 24 hours .. none TOMORROW Sunrise ........... 5:21 Sunset ......•..... 7:42 High 85    Low-    64 in July, 1963. the ticket to be chosen at the1 mild. .................. ..... I rn m —saw a ihr ON THE INSIDE Around The World ____ ....... 16 I Churches ............. I Dear Abby............ ...... 21 I Dr. Alvarez ............ ...... 21 Dr. Crane ............. Sports.................. Television ............. Women’s Pages........ 9 ... 8 & 9 Warner & Swasey Personnel Shifted Vandals Cause SI ,000 Damage To Monuments Clarence Stucky. superintendent of Dover parks and cemeteries, reported to police yesterday that approximately $1,000 damage to markers and monu-' ments was discovered by mowing crews in Maple Grove Cemetery. Three markers and 2 monuments, bearing the names Hanson and Kerr, were chipped at ! corners or bases and had let-■ ters knocked off. Police said the damage could have been done with a ham- Bv RALPH DIGHTON PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Spacecraft Ranger 7 televised the first close-up picture of the moon today then crashed into the Sea of Clouds, scoring a historic first success in th* trouble-haunted U.S. lunar exploration program. The first pictures printed looked “extremely good,” scientists reported at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which created and controlled the pioneering vehicle. After study bv experts, pictures were expected to be released for public scrutiny with-; in 24 hours. Ranger 7’s cameras started turning at 6:07 am. Pacific Daylight Time and if a1! worked as programmed may have returned as many as 4,000 still photographs made almost up to the instant of impact at 6:25 a.m. The shots are vital to the space program. They are expected to show the character of terrain where the first moon visitors may descend. “We have good pictures,” Ranger project manager Harri* M. Schurmeier told a news conference at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which made and guided the spacecraft. “The light level was good and video signals were good and the first quick prints made from film exposed by signals transmitted from Ranger 7 look exceptionally good. “I think the public will be able to distinguish quite a few details when the pictures are released. “If the pictures are sharply contrasted—with light and shadow—we ought to be able to see See PHOTOGRAPHS. Page S j mer, or with 4 granite balls which had been removed from tho Hanson monument. The Kerr monument was knocked I off its base. Stucky estimated ! the monument repairs would cost $700 and the markers $100 each. The vandalism occurred in I the northwest corner of the cemetery, sometime after the grass was mowed 2 weeks ago. Fined In Gun Incident Charles Chaudrue, 22, of 418 Dover Concert Sunday RAY CLEVER RICHARD BAIR CHARLES SHARP Another in a series of sum- m Philo Man Sued For $11,322 In Dennison Crash | Willard R. Meek of 330 E. High Ave , New Philadelphia, has been sued for $11,322 in damages as a result of a traffic accident in Dennison last Dec. 6. ’he June L. Wade of 131*2 Tavlor Clayton D.    Hatch, manager of | Tile replaces Richard Bair, J Ray Ave. NW. He is married    to I Clever    has worked *    j    tu    r    construction    equipment sales who has been appointed district the former Margie Wagner    of cu„o j i 4    \ ~    n „    ,    . , ,    . mer    concerts    sponsored    by    the    War„„r    LL. To in.    of the rv.el.nd terr!. Uhrichsville and thev have    •> Cleve,and    saU's u‘rrltol v    slnce    Ave    ,    Dennison,    has    filed    sud    in sons. He is a 1952 graduate of'1,54 afU'r 3 years tiradail    P,CaS    Lour'    h(,ldin« Union Ave., Dover, was finedi7"" I ~tie ’ «r m • I,or Warncr & Swasey Co., to- manager of the Cleveland tern-$106.20 by Mayor C. LeMoyne    Federation    of    Must* dav announced sales personnel tory. Luthy yesterday on charges of c'aIls Local 404 will be present* shifts involving 3 men who un*: Balr succeeds Ray L. Clever, ‘’sew Philadelphia High aiming and pointing a firearm, cd by the Dover Concert Band derw’ent sales training at the w^0 wm head the newly-cstab-1 Bair, an industrial marketin'’ Chaudrue was arrested July Sunday at 3 p.m. in Dover City New Philadelphia plant. 23 after attempting to use the Park. Among selections to be gun on Mable Riecosky in the played are Mount of Might, New Philadelphia, has been Tally-Ho Bar on N. Tuscarawas Manx Overture, Old Comrades, named branch manager of the Ave. and was released on bond Guys and Dolls, Pride of the Charlotte, N.C., district, mov the following day. He pleaded; Purple, Chicago Tribune, Exo-; ing there from the San Francis "no contest.”    dus and Polaris.    i co office. lished distributor sales develop-Charles B. Sharp, a native of ment section of the company’s construction equipment division. Sharp joined W&S following in years as I service and parts manager. A    tt^poiiMhle for the head- 1 graduate of the College of Woos- ('n C(’ lslon " K1 occurred on Race St., when Meek allegedly Parents Held For Neglect Of IO Children Two parents are in County Jail and IO children are in the County Receiving Home as a result of neglect charges filed yesterday bv Juvenile Officer Harry Fisher. William A. Blankenship, 38. and his wife, Jessie H., 35, of RD I. Strasburg, were jailed on separate charges of contributing to the neglect of their children. The children range in age from I to 15 years, Fisher said today. The 2 eldest are children of Mrs. Blankenship by her first marriage. The charges were filed after officials from the Juvenile, Welfare and Soldiers’ Relief Departments, had tried to provide help and care for the family. Drinking by both parents, according to one authority, was one of the chief factors which resulted in the children’s neglect, to the point of their frequently being left unfed. graduate of the University of’‘°r’ he. j0H14‘d ^. ^14)50 ^ CT<,ssed thr ct‘nt^r line. Akron, started with Warner it, L    us    Thr Wade petition claims rn “iflW a%LrCi«LaPrnv CV Manager of attributor sales dc    ,or d»">a*<‘.s resul""S —-     r    j...... .....   ^ in 19o2. Since 19o4, he has .    .    ,,,    ■,    i    from    permanent in lunes $797 0V- hts graduation from Princeton served in the field a1 Atlanta' am^Lct orv^bused *'distributor f,‘r medlcal expenses. $300 for us-1 University in 1957. His mother, and Charlotte as a Gradall field    facloiv-aa    of    ^    ^    f    ^    ^ Mrs. Mary Sharp, resides at 519 engineer and branch manager. | See PERSONNEL, Page 2    ;    pair    of    auto. Road Work To Start Service Director IL S. Ream said today that Edgar Spring Inc., will begin resurfacing of State Routes 21 and 211 in Dover on Monday. Traffic will be maintained and the project if scheduled to be completed within a week ;

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