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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 30, 1964, Dover, Ohio Columbus Judge Temporarily Halts Printing Of Harding Love Letters COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A judge here has stopped, at least temporarily, the publication of love letters written by the late President Warren G. Harding. Common Pleas Judge Henry L. Holden issued the order Wednesday halting publication after a nephew of the former president filed a suit asking the impounding of the letters and $1 million in damages. The suit was filed by George T. Harding III of Worthington, a Columbus suburb. He filed the suit as an heir at law. Named    as defendants    in    the;    Duckett is a curator of the    were addressed to one Carne    doctor says the attorney then    tors, disclosed their    contents! The    nephew says he and other suit are    the American    Heritage    Ohio Historical Society and Rus-    Phillips.” Mrs. Phillips, now    delivered the letters to Russell    an(! now propose magazine and; heirs    have been damaged    bv Publishing Co., Inc., of Marion, I sell is a Boston historian resid- dead, was the wife of a Marion . n.mirnM    book articles.    ,    ..    .    ., Ohio, McGraw - Hill Publishing ing here as a Guggenheim fel- merchant.    ’    *ro    f    th,    |Pu^lca*lons    portions    of    the Co., Inc., of Cleveland, Kenneth low.    Dr.    Harding    says    the    letters    Without    the    knowledge    and    ,ne    ,    0    ,P    I    letters    and    will    be    further The suit contends that Presi- got into the hands of an attor- consent of the Harding heirs, ni‘lips estate and are now in darnaged jf more are published. dent Harding was the author of    ney who was appointed guard-    the doctor says. Russell and    a Marion vault under    control of ]\j0 hearing date was set for    th# ‘‘certain private letters which    ian of Mrs. Phillips’ estate. The    Duckett made copies of the let-    the Probate Court.    »suit. M. Duckett of Westerville, Ohio, and Francis Russell of Columbus. The Associated Press Is The Exclusive News Service of The Reporter The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VOL 51. NO. 16.    22    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, July 30, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTSCounty Not In Redistricting Plan Games Protector William Bates (left), and Dover Police Copt. Ray Pies are shown with the Great Blue Heron found in the pickup truck of Sam Torgler of RD 2, Dover. Illegal Bird Found After Crash Driver Is Fined $224 Social Security Increase Headed For Senate Fight Bv EDMOND LEBRETON r half a million more persons to WASHINGTON (AP) — A the rolls. House-passed bill to increase Here are a few examples of Social Security benefits headed the proposed increases: today into a Senate fight to add A retired worker now getting to it controversial health care $40 monthly would get $42, one provisions.    now getting $105 would get The House passed the meas- si 10.30 and one now getting $127 ure Wednesday, 288 to 8, without would get $143.40. the hospitalization features for A man and his wife now get-which President Johnson and ting $60 would get $63, a couple the late President John F. Ken- gettng $157.50 would get $175.50 nedy had pleaded.    and a couple now getting $190.50 The measure as it stands would get $133.40. would give a 5 per cent raise to Senate supporters of the ad-retirees and admit more than ministration plan, however. _ were already Dover, Phila Priests Given New Positions Winds Up Career Friday were already at work on amendments to write into the measure a cut-down version of the hospitalization proposal, possibly as a voluntary option for some or all of the cash increases provided. The proposals have not been < put in final form. Similar moves j earlier this year by the House Henry J. Waldick Henry J. Waldick, 69. a supporters were abandoned in    35-year employe of the Dover the face of certain defeat by the    Municipal Light Plant, will Rev. Fr. Fidelis McManus Wa^s and Means Committee. retire Friday as assistant has    been annointed assistant    Any SU°h Provisions are sure    plant superintendent, a posi- , aPP°inted d;Mstant    to meet stiff opposition and    fion he has held since Aug. I, I pastor at Dover St. Joseph s might block final passage of the; 1953 Sam    Torgler    of    RD    2.    Dover,    possession    of    a    non-game    bird.    ed    Torgler    became    unruly    after    Church, replacing Rev. Fr. An-    bill this year, especially since    Waldick, who will be hon- whc1    captured    an    unusual    bird    The    accident occurred    at 7:15    being    taken    to    the    hospital    for    drew    Hohman> who wm become    Congress is driving to adjourn    ored by piant employes at a ut Wills ( reek yesterday, was last night at Shafer and Lmon a blood test and was placed in    ^    before the Democratic National •‘captured” himself several Ave. where Torgler’s pickup jail. He was released after post- assistant pastor of bt. Anthony s Conventlon begins Aug. 24. hours later after being involved truck struck a car driven by mg $218.60 bond. The herron parish in Charleston, W. Va.    passed    by    the    House,    the in a traffic accident while at- Mrs. ( harles (Margaret) Koel- released by the game Walden. in other changes. Rev. Fr. bill would increase Social Secu- tempting to transport the bird, hie, 36, of 203 Prospect St., Do-a blue heron, to his home. ver. Torgler, 54. w as sentenced to The impact caused the Koelble S days in jail by Mayor C. Le- auto to spin around. Treated in Moyne Luthv this morning and the emergency room of Union fined a total of $193 60 on the Hospital for minor injuries following charge?- driving while were: Koelble. 38; Mrs. Koel-under the influence of alcohol, hie; and 2 children. Timothy, $106 20; resisting arrest. $56 20. 13 and Kevin, 6 Two other chil-and disregarding a red light, dren. Cathy and Christine, were V ^Weathervane Kenny Cox of New’ Philadelphia rity payments about $925 millon was appointed pastor of St ^ *° ^33.40 for a single YESTERDAY High 86    Low    53 TODAY a rn............. 58 ; Mary’s parish in West Winfield. Pa., and its mission, and Rev. I Fr. Wendel Moliski of New Philadelphia was appointed the first director of the new’ Capuchin See FIGHT, Page 6 luncheon tomorrow, said today that he was enthused about his retirement, but wasn’t sure yet w’hat he would do with his time. ‘‘Ask me again after I’m off awhile,” he said. He and his wife, Edna, reside at 425 E. 5th St. They have 5 children. 7 grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Waldick w’as formerly employed as an engineer in the blast furnace department of the old Hanna Furnace Co. and began work at the light plant in 1929. Replacing him as assistant superintendent will be Whinier Walters, who has been a light plant employe since 1940. Plant superintendent is Paul Weigand. Moon, Light, Cameras! retreat house at Annapolis. Md. Rev. Fr. Fidelis will assume; By RALPH DIGHTON (rector of the Jet Propulsion while scientists determine $3120    The jaiMem will “be- uninjured.'Koelble    is    managing _UJ J.™™*-    MrDP    duties after being    presented    to. PASADENA, Calif. (AP) -    Laboratory which made    and is    whether one    final    correction gin    tonight.    editor    of    The    Daily    Reporter.    HEK    ELSEY*HEHL    gjshop Clarence G. Issenmann    Scientists watched with growing:    guiding Ranger 7 on its    228,000-    must be    made    before    the space- He was also fined $3120 by Police said the truck skidded    High    Low    I    r.    tbe    Coiumh>us Diocese. The elation today as Ranger 7 sailed mde voyage, says the insect- craft plunges into the moon at 5,- Judge Charles Eckert rn North- 23 feet as Torgler tried to avoid -^buquerque, cloudy 94 69 .04 changes were made at a recent peacefully through space with ai shaped spacecraft has passed 800 miles an hour. ** meeting of the governing board cargo of cameras now given an wors^ ds hurdles and has Its six cameras, peering out a -I of the Capuchin    Fathers    in    80 per cent chance of snapping    a four-out-of-five chance    of sue-    hole in    the side of    its cone- Pittsburgh.    history’s first closeups of the    cess*    shaped body,    must be pointed Rev. Fr. Fidelis was born in moon.    I He upped the odds from 50-50 straight down when they begin wuuge tnari« llmi i iii mn iii- it-n a'' lorgier irieu lo a\uiu ,    -    *    , em District Court for illegal the collision. Thev also report- ica£0, c •' - r------ s----_— Cleveland, cloudy Dances Scheduled To Resume Aug. 6 The Dover City Park dances, Teen Council, when methods of which were temporarily sus- preventing future disturbances pended following fights Monday also were discussed. night, will resume Aug. 6 with Beginning next Thursday, ad-additional supervision to limit ditional policemen, some in dancers to county residents and plainclothes, will attend the guests.    dances and a uniformed police- The decision was made at man will assist teenagers at last night’s meeting of city of- the gate in a car-check to elim-ficials and members of the mate uninvited out-of-county ■—    .residents. I City officials at last night’s meeting were in agreement that measures should be taken to insure the continuance of the dances. Attending were Mayor C. Le-Moyne Luthy, Service Director The Ohio Department of De- H. S. Ream. Chief Garrison velopment today released addi- Groh, Capt. Ray Ries, Recreational figures in its comparison tion Director Dale Swinderman. of the present Ohio population Recreation Board Members with 1960 census figures.    Willard McKeever and George New Ph’ladelphia. with an Elford. increase of 263 residents over Richard Hanhart, also a the 1960 census of 14.241 to 14.- board member, was unable to 504. is one of the cities con--attend, but sent a letter ex-tributmg to the growth of the pressing approval of continu-county. The 1960 census showed ance of the dances with addi-76.789 countians compared with tional supervision. the present 78.567 quoted by the j Members of the Teen Council 69 78 65 78 61 Los Angeles, cloudy 82 63 85 82 92 64 Miami, clear .... New York, clear Pittsburgh, clear ... 84 55 St. Louis, clear  88 59 San Fran., cloudy .. 63 57 Washington, cloudy 96 72 RAINFALL Last 24 hours ... none TOMORROW Sunrise ......... 5:20 Sunset ............ 7:43 High 84    Low    56 Forecast: Fair and mild .09 .70 .08 Buffalo, N.Y.. and ordained Radioed information indicated 'V<'d'>esdi,>: after a "1‘n”r T" “*WMn* 4 P',d“rts. in lhe Proposal Cuts 36 Off Number Of House Seats CLEVELAND (AP)-A plan that would reduce by 36 the number of state representatives elected in November has been proposed in federal court by James I). Nolan, w’ho won the original taxpayer’s suit in the Ohio reapportionment case. The proposal filed in U.S. District Court in Columbus Wednes- Tuscarawas County would not be affected by Nolan’s plan. day by attorneys who represented Nolan in the case, wrnuld reduce the 137-seat house to JOI members. The proposal would not require new’ primary elections. However, some candidates nominated in the May primaries would run as at-large candidates in the districts proposed by Nolan’s attorneys. The proposal calls for reversion to the system of electing state representatives before the so - called Hanna Amendment modified the state constitution in 1903. Under the original 1851 formula, apportionment is accomplished in the following manner: The state population is divided by IOO. and the figure obtained is designated as ‘‘one ratio.” Every county having at least half of one ratio is entitled to one seat in the house. If the county has less than half a ratio, i* should be districted with the adjoining county of least population. Under this formula, only 40 of Ohio’s 88 counties have large enough populations to be entitled to seats in the House. However, the Hanna Amendment required that each county have at least one representative, regardless of population. The Supreme Court ruled, in effect. that this amendment was unconstitutional. Attorney Kenneth G. Wein-burg said the plan submitted in See COUNTY7, Page 6 Sea af .04 to the priesthood in 1945. He all instruments aboard the SOS-    jectory adjustment 100.000 miles    final 13 nannies of    flight was pastor of St. Joseph par- pound vehicle were in normal    oul 'J1 *£?.c'e aimcd Hanger / at    Picketing san    to ish rn Hays, Ran., from 1945 condition, including the televi-    a /O-by-SOO-ime arca rn the'Sea    Clouds was chosen    as a    target until 1958.    Sion system designed to go into    of Clouds’ >"*' sfflu'hw*s' of ,he    because “ ls m ,he ha,f    of    "M> Since that time he has been action just before impact at 8:25 pastor of 2 mission parishes at a.m. Eastern Standard Tune Grantsville and Avilion, Md., Friday. outside of Cumberland, and There was no threat so far of pastor and superior of Iinmac- the technical troubles that foiled ulate Conception parish at Ell- six previous Ranger shots. is, Kan.    Dr.    William    II. Pickering, di center of the moon. Ranger 7 now is Population Of New Phila Increases 263 See DANCES, Page 2 department. The population of Uhrichsville has decreased over the 3 year period from 6.201 to 5.955.    rue    I    Kl    C    |    h    c a loss of 246. The DOD yester-,nC    IIN5IUt day said Dover’s population) '    ..    » has increased 545 to 11.845.    Around The World ............ 6 The department reported a    Dear Abby .................. 19 population of 22.702 for Holmes    Dr. Alvarez .................. 21 County compared with the 1960    Dr. Crane .................... 21 figure of 21,591.    Obituaries .................... 2 A breakdown of the other 46,- Sports .................. ll    &    12 263 countians by village and ru- Television .................. 14 ral area is being prepared for; Women’s Pages ........ 8    &    9 a January release by the DOD. I Your    Horoscope    ............ 19 DOG HOUSE COMING. This house, be ween Hammond's Dry Cleaners and Joe Montero Painting Co. on the Boulevard in Dover, was moved this morning to its new location on Chauncey Ave. NW, New Philadelphia, to make room for a Dog House Drive-In Restaurant. The site, owned by William Marino of Dover, will be leased to C. R. Hunter of 452 6th St. NW, New Philadelphia, whose 19-year-old son, John, will operate the franchise. Hunter, who is vice president of Kiser Paint Mfg. Co. of New Philadelphia, said the national chain restaurant probably will be ready for business within 30 to 45 days. Grading of the 80x120 site is slated to get underway immediately. moon that will be lighted by the cruising; sun at time of impact. Sen. Engle Is Dead; Salinger In Line? WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Clair Engle, D-Calif., forced by illness to abandon a fight for re-election, died early today at his home here. He was 52. There was speculation that Gov. Edmund G. (Pat) Brown of California would name former White House press secretary Pierre Salinger to fill out the remainder of Engle's term. Salinger won a hot primary battle from State Controller Alan Cranston last June 2 for Democratic nomination to the Senate. Despite a brain operation last summer, Engle had announced plans to run for re-election early this year. But he withdrew following a dramatic episode in the Senate tion April 24, Engle dropped his April 13 in which he tried to in- plans to try for a second term troduce a resolution and    in the Senate, couldn’t speak.    He had been opposed in the ...    •    , 1 i j    i    primary bv both Salinger and Aides privately had arranged    an(, ^ » for Sen Spessard Holland. D- Many „f hjs formv|.    (ers Fla making a prolonged had c„nU,nded hf wafcnunable speech on the evil rights hill,    ,    and    out    h,s to yield to Eagle fur the resolu- Sl.„a,e dutR,s tion.    _ Engle arose to his feet, as-    , ^ M natur ^ad keen    bed- sisted by two aides, stood silent-    . ti Since ls socond    blain Iv for an agonizing minute and    ' v l/’n in ‘‘ !>ri ‘ could utter only one audible    Bul h,‘ came ,0 ,he    111 sound — ‘‘A . . ”    J    See    ENGLE', Page I Clair Engle L'acing a second brain opera- Pastor Quits At Strasburg STRASBURG - Rev. James Dietz, pastor of United Church of Christ the last 4 years has submitted his resignation to the church council. Rev. Dietz has accepted the pastorate of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Miamisburg, 0.. where he will begin in late September. Active in local civic and pastoral activities, Rev. Dietz is currently vice president of the Tuscarawas County Ministerial Assn., program chairman of the Strasburg PTA, active in the Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of the Eastern Assn. of Church Relations rn it tee. In the last few years, Dietz has initialed an expansion program, purchasing the former Lutheran parsonage north of the Strasburg Church of Christ and 2 acres of land. He and his wife. Elizabeth have 4 children, Dorothy, IO, Danny, 7, Chucky, 6 and Ruth, 1. Rev. Dietz also planned the popular ’ Family Night” programs at the church. Ohio Com- Rev. OLLECTION DAY Your Daily Reporter carrier boy will Ik* collecting Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Help him pay his hill by being prompt with your payment. Their deadline for payment is Saturday at 1:30 p.ui. ;

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