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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 27, 1964, Dover, Ohio Boy, IO, Found After 8 Foodless Days In Yosemite Wilderness YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP)—“I was worried some of the time, but I was never scared,” said a 10-year-old city boy who survived eight days without food in a rugged wilderness area of Yosemite National Park. "I thought someone would Reporter Columnist Marlow Is A Pulitzer Prize Winner find me. I knew they were looking for me when I saw a helicopter fly overhead.” Once-chubby John Ireland Jr. of Los Angeles lived on water and his own body fat as he wandered in the mountainous terrain where nighttime temperatures ranged in the high 30s. He lost 15 pounds during the ordeal — his weight dropped from 103 to 86—but doctors said his condition was good. ‘‘It’s amazing,” said one doctor. “He had nothing but water. The boy is talking, and you’d hardly know he had taken a hike.” Young John wandered away from his family’s trailer at Harden Lake campsite July 18 wearing only a thin T-shirt, jeans and leather shoes. Rangers Oil Hall and Jim Reilly found him Saturday afternoon about three miles from the camp. About 350 men had joined in an air and ground search. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ireland, had lost hope and were getting ready to break camp and return home when they learned that John had been found. ‘i'm hungry,” were his first words to his parents. The boy had lost so much weight that he had to hold his pants up.” John told of his adventure from a bed in Lewis Memorial Hospital in Yosemite. ‘‘As soon as I knew I was lost, I sat down and started rn a k mg plans for getting home,” he said. ‘‘I was worried some of the time, but I was never scared. “The worst part of it was the cold at night and the mosquitoes.” The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION -SS*. ii VOL 61. NO. 13.    18    PACES. Largest Circulation Id Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Monday, July 27, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 FamlliM PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Best Brothers Of Brush Union Chief Convicted On 4 Counts Hoffa, Others Guilty Fraud Case Ghoul Steals Body Of Girl From Casket MYRON TROYER • • •. Best M ustache IKE HOSTETLER .... Best Overall JOHN LIMBAUGH .... Most Unusual SHORTY MILLER .... Best Beard ¥ 2 'Hot Issues' Hundreds Attend Due Tonight At Shanesville Gala Phila Council Two “hot issues” probably will face New Philadelphia’s City Council at tonight’s meeting—the question of angle parking on downtown streets and the rezoning of 6 lots owned bv Clarence Farbizo to provide space for a shopping mart. Results of a survey of downtown merchants and businessmen are expected to be offered to the City Council, with strong feelings pro and con reportedly involved. It was learned this morning that the survey was made “in confidence,” and persons involved in the survey declared thev did not want to make any See HOT ISSUES. Page 9 By Mrs. Tom Schupbach Daily Reporter Correspondent SHANESVILLE - Hundreds packed the streets here Saturday for the second day of the Sesquicentennial, with the registration book listing visitors from Maryland, Kentucky, Michigan, New- Jersey, Indiana and Florida. The first presentation of the Other Pictures On Page 7 afternoon went to Mr. and Mrs. C. J. (Doolie) Dietz of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., who traveled I,-490 miles to attend the celebration. In the adult costume contest, prizes were awarded: The Dallas Brown family of RD 2, Sug arcreek. best - dressed family; Ike Hostetler of Shanesville, best-dressed man. and Mrs. Warner Youngen of Shanesville, best-dressed woman. The main address was deliv-i ered by Galen Miller, Cleveland industrialist, a graduate of the local high school and son of a former Shanesville physician, ; Dr. A. T. Miller. In recalling his maternal grandfather, Michael Schoot, who settled here in 1849, Miller said: “He possessed a fine Prussian temper and could never argue with anyone unless he agreed with him — because if he didn’t agree, he got so angry he couldn’t talk!” His father was born of Amish See SHANESVILLE, Page 9 SKOKIE, III. (AP)—Police searched today for a night-roaming ghoul who stole the body of a 14-year-old girl from its casket, then abandoned it slashed and naked in an alley. Disappearance of Theresa Koertgen’s body from its coffin in a Skokie funeral home was reported shortly after daylight Saturday. Police said it was removed through a side window after a screen was cut. Some 20 hours later, an Evanston motorist nearing his garage in the early hours saw the body in the alley behind his home. Later Sunday, a long-sleeved yellow dress believed to be the one in which the girl had been laid out for burial was found in an ally on the north side of Chicago. Capt. Edward Caulfield, head of the Skokie police force, described the crime, technically only a burglary, as ‘‘unbelievable in this day and age ” The theft and mutilation of the corpse pointed to a demented V Weathervane SATURDAY High 92    Low 68 YESTERDAY High 91    Low 63 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE High Low Prec. Albuquerque, clear. 91    65    .. Chicago, cloudy .... 88    68    .. Los Angeles, clear . 86    67    •. Miami, clear ....... 87    82 New York, cloudy . 76    69    .. St. Louis, clear .... 92    73    .. San Fran., clear ... 60    55    .. Washington, clear .. 82    69 TODAY 7 a.rn.............. 66 RAINFALL Last 24 hours ... none TOMORROW Sunrise ............5:18 Sunset .............7:46 High 92    Low 70 Forecast: Fair, warm, humid, scattered showers. man, he said. Police questioned and cleared two men, one a 16-year-old acquaintance of the girl and the other a man seen loitering around the funeral parlor. Theresa was the daughter of Leo Koertgen, an auto sales firm executive. She lived with her mother, Margaret, who was divorced from her father. The girl died Wednesday in Skokie Valley Community Hospital after collapsing Tuesday in a Skokie swimming pool. An autopsy showed she died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Aug. 17 Set 1,000 Troops For Rulings On Motions On Riot Duty FBI Probing County Crash Of Mail Truck FBI agents, state patrolmen and sheriff deputies are investigating an early morning crash of a U.S. Mail contract carrier truck, the fourth such incident to hit the contractor in the last few weeks. At 7:40 (fast time) a delivery truck driven by Charles McLaughlin, 19. of Canton overturned on its top on County Road 102, three miles east of 1 Strasburg. The truck is owned by Jerry Baker of Canton, who holds the | contract for carrying mail from I Bolivar to Strasburg, Beach City, Brewster, Navarre and Canton. McLaughlin said that he hit a See FBI, Page 2 By SEYMOUR M. HERSH CHICAGO (AP)—A jury out for three days found Teamsters Union President James R. Hoffa and six others guilty Sunday of a massive scheme to defraud a $280-million union pension fund. Hoffa, a trustee of the pension fund, was convicted in U.S. District Court on four counts of fraud and conspiracy and faces 20 years in prison and an $11,000 fine. Each codefendant was found guilty of at least one fraud charge and one of conspiracy. The indictment included 20 mail fraud charges and one conspiracy charge. The men specifically were convicted of fraudulently arranging more than $20 million in loans from the pension fund and diverting more than $1 million to their own use. Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy hailed the decision and complimented the jury and prosecutors in a statement from his summer home in Hyannis Port, Mass. Hoffa faces a maximum sentence of $1,000 fine and five years on each of the fraud counts and $10,000 and five years on the conspiracy count. It was Hoffa’s fifth federal prosecution since 1957—and his second loss in six months. In February he was sentenced to eight years in prison and fined $10,000 at Chattanooga, Tenn., See HOFFA. Page 7 In Rochester Bv ROBERT T. GRAY ROCHESTER. NY. (AP)— This riot-scarred city emerged today from a bloody weekend of racial violence with four dead, hundreds of injured and massive property damage. An uneasy peace was backed by a Girl Is First Pool Victim At Dennison DAY BRIGHTENER One perennial bachelor complains that when he meets a girl who can cook like his mother, she looks like his father. Ne'town Board Airs Merger By Mrs. Sally Duffy Reporter Correspondent NEWCOMERSTOWN - Carl ebs Jr., president of the lo-I Board of Education, today iued a statement in reply to Salem - Washington Board ul-natum in the current school nsolidation negotiations. In effect, the Newcomerstown ard is telling Salem - Wash-j jion that it either leave the county system and annex itself to the Newcomerstown Exempted Village District, or Newcomerstown would build a school of its own or seek consolidation elsewhere. The Salem-Washington Board had set a deadline of 7 tonight for the Newcomerstown board to indicate its willingness to join the county system or be excluded from any further con solidation talks. Krebs’ full statement follows: ‘‘The exempted village is interested in better schools for Newcomerstown and surrounding area, the board fully realizing that proper education is most important to our youth. Joining with the other schools of this area to study our com-See NC’TOWN, Page 9 DENNISON — The first drowning since the Denmson swimming pool was built occurred Saturday at 3:15 when Betty Jo Mercer, IO. daughter of Mr and Mrs. Shaffer Mercer of 309 N. 2nd St., lost her life. Officials said the    girl,    who could not swim, had been in the crowded pool approximately 20 minutes before her    body    was noticed in about 5 feet of water. I Authorities have not definitely determined how the tragedy occurred. When police arrived I with a resuscitator Joe Herman. pool supervisor, was trying to revive the girl with mouth-to* Ermile    Dennis    of    RD    2,    New    roll    expenditures    (approximate-    mouth resuscitation.    Ann ( ohm Philadelphia,    president    of    Local    ly    $65,000    from    1960    to    1963).    was assisting him. Tile girl was taken to Twin Dennis, who is supporting a ^ DROWNS, Page 2 family of 6, states he has not Rev. Vernon Hess ★ Hess Resigns Pastorate OI Grace Church Rev. A. Vernon Hess, pastor of Dover’s Grace Lutheran Church the last 7 years, submitted his resignation yesterday to the church council. The resignation was accepted and announcement of the action was made at the worship service. Rev. Hess has accepted the pastorate of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Indianapol- See HESS, Page 9 ON THE INSIDE Union Leader Takes Issue With Young On Pay Report 195, Road and Bridge Workers Union, this morning took issue with a statement made last week by County Engineer Charles Young in the continuing hassle over a pay raise. Young had quoted total payroll figures from 1960 to 1963 in an attempt to refute Dennis’ claims to County Commissioners that workers had received more money prior to Young’s tenure of office. Dennis, who has worked in the department since 1959, charges that the increase in number of employes and pay hikes for administrative personnel are the reasons for the increase in pay- had a pay raise for 3 years. His income tax statements show the following: In 1959, he worked 2,132 hours and received $4,371, around $2.05 average hourly wage. In 1960 (Young’s first year), he worked 2,272 hours and earned $4,665, or $2.05 an hour. In 1961, he earned $4,352 for 2.239V6 hours or a $1 94 average. In 1962, he worked 2,313 hours, earning $4,624 or $2 an hour. In 1963. he earned $4,514 for See LEADER, Page 6 Around The World Dear Abby ......... Dr. Alvarez ........ Dr. Crane ...... Goren On Bridge ... Hospital News ..... Obituaries ......... Sports ............. Women’s Pages .... Your Horoscope ... ll 1 .... 6 .... 15 ... 17 ... 17 .... lo .... 6 2 & 12 8 & 9 .... 17 [combat-ready force of National I Guardsmen. Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller activated 1,000 guardsmen and ordered them into Rochester to stand by for anti-riot duty if needed. “Law and order will be maintained in the city of Rochester,” the governor declared. A detachment of 12 open trucks with 18 guardsmen each toured the city’s trouble areas in a show of force shortly after the arrival of the guard Sunday night. The men carried rifles with bayonets fixed but had no ammunition. Three persons were killed and a county official was injured critically Sunday when a helicopter surveying a potential trouble spot smashed into a three-story house and set it afire. A man was killed by an automobile when he was struck during wild noting Saturday night, in the height of the racial explosion, and staggered into the street. Two men were shot. Ons I was in critical condition. * More than 600 persons, nea ny all Negroes, were arrested. More than 300 other person! were injured, including 35 police officers and several firemen. Thousands of Negroes participated in rioting throughout the ! weekend, but police had no estimate of the exact number. Looters ran wild, pillaging and smashing, especially Satur- See 1U00 TROOPS, Page 7 Philo Church Buys Property For Expansion The congregation of Emman-ual Lutheran Church in New Philadelphia, voted at a meeting Sunday morning to purchase the property at 206 E. High Ave. for expansion purposes. The property is owned by Dr. C. M. Dougherty and Dr. John C. Blinn and houses the former’s medical offices. Rev. James Fisher says the action, which is in the process of being completed, will provide the church with parking space for the present and allow for future building growth if needed OAS Moves Against Cuba i By ARY MOLEON WASHINGTON    (AP)—The American republics have slapped strong diplomatic and economic sanctions on Cuba and Fidel Castro has brushed off the actions as impudent and unjust.! A conference of the American foreign ministers Sunday approved a diplomatic break and trade embargo against Cuba and cleared the way for the use t of armed force against the Castro regime if it continues subversions against other republics of the hemisphere. Within hours after the action was taken, there were these reactions: —Thomas C. Mann, assistant secretary of state for inter-American affairs, said the action “proved once again the ability of the Organization of American States to defend itself against aggression.” —Castro said the OAS is ‘‘garbage’’ and the prime minister declared “the people of Cuba reject as impudent and unjust the sanctions imposed.” He issued a “Declaration of Santiago de Cuba ’ as a reply to tho See CUBA. Page • ;

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