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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 24, 1964, Dover, Ohio Wife Of 55 Years Gets Divorce, 16 Of Mate's 30 Secret Millions LVS ANGELES (AP)-For 55 years of marriage, Mrs. Ednah Race Capron testified, she had to make many of her own clothes, listened to her husband complain every day “of all the uru>leasant things that ever happened,” and was denied a nurse’s care when she was bedridden last year with a bro ken leg. Today, at the age of 74, Mrs. Capron has an interlocutory divorce decree and a <16 million settlement, believed to be the largest ever. Mrs. Capron, granted the decree in superior court Thursday, charged cruelty against her husband, multi-millionaire George H. Capron, 79. She said he told her last year, when she broke her leg, that he would give a million dollars if someone would take her off his hands. At the time, she testified, she didn’t know he had even a million dollars, much less the $30 million her attorneys discovered after she filed suit for divorce. Her husband had always kept his riches a secret from her, she said. Mrs. Capron testified to a life of frugal living, dating from her marriage to Capron in 1909, when he was a young baseball player. She said she was denied servants, though they lived in an $85,000 home in Newport Beach, Calif. Over    the    years, attorneys said. Capron built up an estate worth    $30    million,,    chiefly through property trades. Under    terms of the    divorce settlement, Mrs. Capron received    the    Newport    Beach home, a $180,000 apartment house and 800 acres of land at Laguna Niguel, a valuable residential development south of Laguna Beach on the southern California coast. Capron, who reportedly wants to keep the land, was given an option to purchase it back with a cashier's check for $16 million 35 County Correspondent-Reporters Mean Complete County Coverage The Daily Reporter between Jan. 30 and Feb. 28, 1965. One of the highest divorce settlements previously recorded was that granted Greg Sherwood Dodge, divorced wife of the late Horace E. Dodge Jr. Her attorney said she received $9 million. HOME EDITION J ti VOL 61. NO. II. 18 PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Friday, July 24, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Familief PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Senate Bill Okayed 62-33 House Takes Over Poverty War "ANTIQUE" RAZED. The former home (background) of Emmet Blind, writer of o series on antiques for The Daily Reporter, is being razed to make way for a new Ashland Oil Co. service station at Front and E. High Ave. in New Philadelphia Excavation to bury the huge gasoline storage tanks is expected to begin in the near future. Blind is now residing at 244 S. Broadway. The large 2-story frame home, located at 484 E. High Ave., was a landmark. LBJ, Barry Hold CR Parley Decision Due On Inclusion In Campaigns Comedian Raps Sheppards' Visit Weathervane YESTERDAY High 91    Low    63 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. 68 .03 51    .. 3 Mansfield Men Die In Plane Crash Mayor Charles Scott 107 93 Albuquerque, cloudy 94 Boise, clear ....... 83 CLEVELAND    (AP)—The stu-. his first    wife, Marilyn, answered    Chicago, clear 91 By BALTER    R.    MEARS djn audience applauded enthusi-1 questions from    Douglas about    Detroit, clear  ..... 89 WASHINGTON (AP)—Against astrally, but comedian Henry his life in Ohio Penitentiary and Indianapolis, clear . 93 a backdrop of harsh words, Morgan walked out of the show' his hopes for the future. He Louisville, clear .... 94 Republican presidential nomi- when Samuel H. Sheppard and said he wants to settle in sub- L*ew Orleans, cloudy 93 nee Barry Coldwater talks with his hride, Anane, appeared on a urban Rocky River and “I hope Phoenix, cloudy President Johnson today about television program here Thurs- to reapply for my medical Ii- b Louis, clear steps "to avoid any inflating of    dav    ! cense.” trouble over civil rights in the    “This is    shocking.” Morgan j The former    osteopath    was    as- presidential    campaign.    told newsmen in    the wings after    sociated    in the    family hospital ‘ I don t want to exploit the walking off the Mike Douglas in Bay Village before he wTas Campaign in any way that will show (KYW-TV). “How' come convicted of second-degree mur-cause disorder,” the Arizona he suddenly becomes lovable der and sentenced to life lm-ienator said Thursday night. j)r Sam?”    prisonment. His license was He talked with newsmen just    Sheppard,    who was convicted suspended by    the    state    medical after he had voted against John-    0f the 1954    bludgeon-slaying of board in 1957. aon’s $947.5-million program to---- Robert Mosley 75 70 71 71 73 76 74 54 57 .68 .05 66 combat poverty. It passed 62 to 53. Coldwater said he is not going to propose a formal agreement with Johnson to keep the explosive side of civil rights out of politics in the months ahead. And he said he does not w ant to discuss the new Civil Rights act. which he opposed in the Senate. What he wants, Coldwater said, is a “broad discussion on the campaign and what we both Defense attorneys for James can do to avoid any inflating of Moses Crago, 29, of RD 2, Do-trouble.”    ver’ bave    graced a re- Goldwater sought the White 9uest b>’ Common Pleas Judge House session.    *L H. Lamneck to withdraw a To prepare for it, he called a “not Sullt>’ b-v reason of insani-huddle of his research advisers ty” plea entered during an ar-for a discussion of the message raignment on a second-degree he will carry to the President. j niurder charge. Coldwater has said he wants I Their action apparently was Insanity Plea Dropped From Crago Defense Sheppard’s two brothers, Drs. Richard and Stephen Sheppard, I now’ operate the hospital. With Sam and Ariane, whom I he married after being released on federal bond last week, was his attorney, F. Lee Bailey. Morgan is appearing in a summer stock presentation of ‘‘Teahouse of the August Moon” being performed in Warren by the Kenley Players. “What kind of show is this?” , Morgan asked, speaking of the program he had walked out on. “First they put on a man who IO years ago was convicted of murder then they play a Seattle, clear....... 76 Winnipeg, clear ---- 88 TODAY 7 am............... RAINFALL Last 24 hours — None TOMORROW Sunrise............5:14 Sunset  ........ 7:50 High 93    Low’    70 Forecast: Warm, humid, possible showers. Deputy Gets Police Post At Strasburg Dover Man, ll, Charged in Bar Gun Incident beeman here, effective July 31. The appointment followed interviews with 2 other applicants. Mosley, 29. a deputy 3 years under Sheriff A. J. Vo un a resident of 709 Walnut HARRIMAN. N. Y. (AP) -Two Ohio businessmen and the mayor of Mansfield, Ohio, are dead as a result of a plane crash near the former estate of ex-Gov. Averill Harriman. Killed in the crash Thursday were Charles Scott, 50-year-old mayor of Mansfield and father of five children, James McTinty, 56, also of Mansfield and pilot of the plane, and Edmund Brumagin, 50, of Novelty, Ohio. McGinty formerly operated a siding business in Mansfield. Brumagin was president of Super Die., Inc. of Cleveland and head of the Al Koran Shrine Band in Cleveland. Police said the single-engine Cessna    172    Skylark    had    made    j    uui-    votes,”    he    said in    a    minority    re- an    emergency    landing    on the    dette-    ‘ of 508    Lop" St‘    *'as    port on    the bill. tt    ..    ...    1 nrnnminnon noorl    af Tii'in    Cit..    ~ Although Coldwater did not t    *    , .    enter into    the twro    davs    of    Sen- ter he    was found    hanging bv his    ,    . .    . un    ii    •    i    .    ate debate on the measure, a belt in the village jail w'here    ,    ,    „    u.- hours earlier maJont-V °f tbe 33 Republican Dennison Man Hangs Self In Cell With Belt DENNISON — Leroy J. Bur- Coldwater Is Among Objectors By JOHN CHADWICK ; WASHINGTON (AP)—President Johnson’s bill to carry out his war on poverty has won Senate approval by nearly a 2-1 margin. ! The battleground now shifts I to the House, where the Rules ' Committee is expected to vote j early next week on a similar proposal to be considered the I following week. The measure had come under heavy attack from Sen. Barry Coldwater of Arizona, the Republican presidential nominee, I as a “hodgepodge of programs i treating only the results, not the ! causes, of poverty.” “It seems designed to achieve the single objective of securing STRASBURG — Village Conn-    Harriman estate, apparently    to    jpronounced    dead    at Twin    City cil, in a special meeting last    get    gasoline. McGinty was try-    i Hospital    at    9:23    last night    af- night, hired Sheriff Deputy Rob-    mg    to take off on a dirt road    at ert J. Mosley to replace Ed    the    time of the crash.    ,. Smith, who has resigned as po- The plane hit a tree, contin- ie ued down    the    road some 175 yards, hit    more trees, and    then overturned, authorities said. McGinty and Brumagin died at is    the scene    and    Scott died    five St.J    hours later in    a Tuxedo,    N Y. w’as lodged 3 on an assault and battery charge filed bv his wife. Coroner Philip T. Doughten has ruled “suicide by hanging ” PH. Gent* McClusky found an?1;n_ag1am.st PassaSf; The Re Burdette in the cell about 8:45 senators joined him in voting against it. On the 62-33 roll call Thursday night that sent the bill to the House, 52 Democrats voted for publican line up was IO for and Dover. He and his wife, Gloria I hospital.    ‘when"    hi    wa'Clelving “thl "st” 22 agal"s‘- S»»* Peter H. Dom- have 2 children.    Scott    and    McGinty    left    Mans-    tio„_    The    man accor|, t0 .nick. R-Colo., the only absent A Dover native. Mosley serv- field early Thursday and picked K h d stood    f    GOP    member,    was    announced ed in the Navy IO years and UP Brumagin at the Chagrin    ,    M    M    ----------- Falls Airport near Cleveland attended a 16-week police train-1 ing academy sponsored by the ! San Diego Police Department. Smith, who has held the post I a year, said to Jay he is not I certain what he is going to do. pipe around his i bar near See PLANE CRASH, Page 9 ’ See PARLEY, Page 9 Young Climber Is Rescued From Dover Store Roof precipitated by a report earlier ... .    ,    . .,    .    , [his week from doctors of Lima 1,bel when told ot Morgan s re' State go on trial at 9 a m. Aug. 3 for the slaying. A Dover police performed anj..>ot gujity” piea ajs0 Was en-unusual rescue yesterday after; tered by * Attvs james Barn-receiving a call that a young1 house and Clair Hoffman at the Hospital that Crago is “sane and capable of standing trial” for the March 28 bludgeon.    ,    ....... slaying of his neighbor Milton j Morgan ,s dema* ^ba^ be bad Swonger. Crago will | However, a liquor permit trans-Charles Chaudrue, 22, of 418    fer request is being processed 8a>’    Union Ave. was freed this morn-,    by the Ohio Department of Liq- tune,    and    Im    supposed to    go    on    jng on $106.20 bond posted byluor Control, for Smith and his with    some    jokes.    Why,    J    his father, George, after being    wife, Betty, for operation of Goshen Tavern    in RD    4, New Philadelphia,    now    operated    as Dover    police    were    called    to    Johnson’s Tavern,    by    Mary    A. the Tally Ho    Bar    at    225    N.    Tus-    Johnson, carawas Ave., where Chaudrue:    - wouldn’t even tell my mother I jaiied ]ast’ night on charges of was on this show.    aiming and pointing a firearm. Bailey threatened to sue for, nnvpp nnlipp u;prp pallpW to marks. The attorney said today a suit had been prepared but would not be filed in view of called Sheppard a murderer. He See COMEDIAN, Page 2 boy was on the roof of the J. C. Penney Co. Store on E. 3rd St. and apparently was unable to get down. While he had evidently made the ascent without any difficulty via the fire escape, the necessary jump from the roof to the first ledge of the fire escape seemed too much for him. Police also received 2 reports of hot-rodding cars, on Union Ave. and E. 4th St., but were unable to locate them. A Front St. resident reported he had found a stray dog, which was taken to the city garage. time of the insanity plea. Library Sessions Set was displaying a loaded 22 cab- \A/nmnn Whn ^nvfxfi ber pistol. He reportedly threat- j VFflUfl YY I IV OWW ened to use the weapon on Ma-j^j.    P    TI    SOH Release Is Dead O N mmm hie Reicosky of 135 N. Tuscarawas Ave., a waitress at the bar, police said. Another waitress    reportedly took the gun from him. The police report states that at one Dover Public Library will be j point Chaudrue pulled the trig-closed from 9 to IO a m. Mon-:ger and it clicked on an empty day through Friday, Aug. 14, to cylinder.    ,    ,    , permit staff members to attend When officers approached) ,^ Thursday in-service meetings for the 3-    Chaudrue he became    unruly and Abby .................. 17    week period.    The library will    had to be handcuffed    and while Horoscope ............ 15    be open at 9    a m. on Saturday,    being taken to the    police car County Road Improvement To Commence Improvement of County Road 90, within Mineral City limits, probably will begin Monday. County Commissioners and Engineer Charles Young were scheduled to meet with the contractor and highway state offi- looped his belt neck and through a window. , McClusky said Burdette was ! jailed after his wife claimed he j was choking her. He added that , Burdette had been drinking but ; was not drunk. Burdette, given oxygen by firemen for 35 minutes rn his cell was taken to the hospital in a R. K. Lindsey ambulance. Mrs. Burdette, who is 4 months pregnant, said he had beaten her on several occasions. A neighbor substantiated her story. | Born in Dennison, a soil as against passage, Southern Democrats split about evenly. Before the $947.5 million bill was passed, two See POVERTY, Page 9 Dover Woman Wins Fair Trip An all-expense paid trip to New York. $50 a day spending money for i days and a gala of cocktail party sound like an in- THE INSIDE final details $92,000 job. The project was originated CHICAGO (AP)—Mrs. Tillie July 27’ 1%1’ as Part of the fed‘ Majczek, 72, who scrubbed e aided secondary road svs floors ll years to win the lease of her son from prison after he had been falselv convicted ■.I Dear Your Around The World ............ 5    Aug.    I,    and    Saturday, Aug. 8. Churches . .............. 6    &    7----.    . Goren On Bridge ............ 17 Hospital News ............... 5 Obituaries .................... 9 Television ..........   7 Sports .................. ll    &    12 Women’s Pages .......... 8    &    9 Dr. Crane ..............   15 Dr. Alvarez .................. 15 DAY BRIGHTENER If your wife doesn’t treat you as you deserve— be thankful. he attempted to run from officers, but tripped. Chaudrue, who had recently been released from Union Hospital following an appendectomy, spent the night in jail after being examined by a doctor. The case will be heard by Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthy on July 30. Mrs. Majczek raised $5,000 Mr. and Mrs. Laurell and Annis viting experience for anyone, cials this afternoon    to work    out    ^,7^! Burdett? of I bt uhs-    and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mason    the    estimated    V1“C, be was a *9o6 graduate of    sarelli of 918 Boulevard, Dover, Uhrichsville High and had serv- have received just that. cd with the paratroopers 3 Mrs. Massarelli recently won years. He was employed by Al-    first prize in Viviane Woodard’s bee Homes Inc.    World’s Fair contest. Free tick- Surviving are his widow, the cts were distributed to millions former Kathryn Mosher; a of customers of the cosmetic tem with the state as re- ..............-    —    acting agent. Approximately 50 performer tv atnryn Moaner; a cent of the cost will    be covered    daughter, Lori,    of the home; 2    and makeup company. F.arlv in by federal money.    brothers, Floyd    of Gnadenhut-    July a drawing was held    at the The plan calls for    erection of    ten and Laurell    of Melbourne,    firm’s headquarters in    Pano- a bridge and realignment of 500    Fla.; 2 sisters.    Jacqueline and    rama City, Calif, and placed an advertisement in fee{ 0f County Road 90 so as Diana of Gnadenhutten; and his Mrs. .Massarelli and her bus-a Chicago newspaper offering it provide an easier approach maternal grandfather Leotis band will fly by jet next Tues-capture of ~    ...... as a reward for the the real murderer. An investigation witness at her son’s onto Route 8.    Wright of Cumberland.    day to New York. That night The county road is a connect-; Private services will be held a party and banquet will be showed a    jna link between Route 8 and    Sunday at 2 p.m. in Bummer    held in her honor    with    corn- trial had j    the new Route 212 bypass at    Funeral Home at Gnadenhutten    pany executives as    hosts.    The perjured    herself.    On    Aug. 14,    New Cumberland and will im- j    with Rev. Doran A. Carey of-    Massarellis will stay    in the    Park 1945, Joe    Majczek    was    pardoned    prove traffic into the Atwood    floating. Burial will be in West    Sheraton Hotel, after serving nearly 12 years, j Lake resort area.    I Union Cemetery at GU more.:    One    of    the    50 winners in the A ^ movie, “Call NorthsideJ Joe Skinner Construction Co. Friends may call Saturday from j contest was Majorie French of 777,” was made from the inci- of Bridgeport was successful 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. at the I Coshocton, who received a set I dent.    I    bidder on the project.    ‘funeral home.    'of luggage. f I I ;

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