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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 23, 1964, Dover, Ohio Dover Pony Stars Seek Second Tourney Win Today At Canton—Page 15 The Reporter's Outstanding Lineup Of Features .... Yours For The Reading! The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VOL. 61. NO. IO. 26 PAGES. Largest Circulation Iii Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Thursday, July 23, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Familia* PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Parley Asked By De Gaulle Supermen! 4 Stage Million Jewel Holdup At Monaco Four-Power Talk Sought On Viet Nam I MONTE CARLO. M o n a c o million) (AP)—Four masked men shot a    The robbers drove up to the    PARIS (AP) — President policeman and another man to* shop today in a small pickup Charles de Gaulle proposed today as they held up a jewelry truck and doubleparked in the day a four-power parley for the store near the Monte Carlo Ca- street. Policeman Henri Natali settlement of the Vietnamese s no and escaped with more saw the truck—which had been conflict and the future status of than $1 million worth of gems. stolen Wednesday night — and the whole Indochinese Penin- A number of passersby wit- told the driver to move on As --ula. nosed the quick operation, he turned his back. Natali was Speaking to his semi-annual Some residents of the fashion- felled by a machine gun burst news conference in Elysee Pal-able Hotel De Paris leaned from to his legs.    ace. the President said the big their hotel windows to watch. The four men rushed into the nations with a direct responsi- It was the fourth holdup of the jewelry shop, covered the three bilify for the fate of Viet Nam Clerc Jewelry Shop in the past employes and scooped up the should meet to settle the na-decade. The owners have esti- jewels in the main display case, tion’s difficulties, mated their losses in the four    As the truck roared away,    He said these nations were robberies at 12.260.000 francs more bullets were fired. Orfeo the United States. R.*d China. ($2 45 million). The haul in to- Bonicchini. a gardener at the the Soviet Union and France. day s holdup was e*timated by Hotel De Paris, was struck in De Gaulle said they should Brooklyn Rioters Shot PASSIFLORA CAERULEA. Mr s. Roy King of RD 2, Dover, holds one of the hundreds of "passion flowers" that grow around her house. The flower, a rarity, grows on vines and according to ancient history, has deep religious significance. The 5 stamens on the plant represent 5 wounds suffered by the Savior. The 3 pistils symbolize the nails in His hands and crossed feet. The filaments are His crown of thorns and its IO petals are apostles at the crucifixion. The vine shown in the background attains heights of IO to 20 feet and its flowers only bloom in the afternoon. Mobs Break Windows In 200 Stores NEW YORK (AP) - Negro (rioting and looting and police gunfire erupted again during the night despite a broadcast by Mayor Robert F. Wagner for in peace and order.    man” in strength and muscular Police shot and wounded control by giving them chemi-three Negroes and arrested 122 cais it was disclosed today. them at 7 million francs ($1.4 the legs. Sheriff's Office 'Findings' Slated By Richard Zimmerman Reporter Columbus Bureau COLUMBUS — A report, be- several Ing prepared by examiners for the State Auditor’s Office, is expected to list 27 minor ‘■findings'’ against the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office, it was learned today. Depending on the procedure followed, the report will be released within a month if the examiners choose to make pub ' The infractions in tile opera agree on |>eaee conditions for Viet Nam. then join in a masher reconstruction program for the states of former French Indochina. including Cambodia and Laos. Before speaking about Indochina. President de Gaulle declared that ”t h I n g s have Dr. Sam Sighs Temporarily' in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn in the fifth straight night of disorders in the city. Police said about 200 store windows were smashed during the night in the section, raising the total to nearly 500 in the city. The trouble broke out in Harlem Saturday night after a white police lieutenant fatally shot a 15-year-old Negro boy last Thursday. The lieutenant Supermen! Navy Scientists On Trail I Of Chemical Strength j By FRANK CAREY 'could come only from break-Assoeiated Press Science Writer throughs on tough research WASHINGTON (AP)—Navy1 Problems still under intensive biological scientists are serious*    They were outlined in « ly dreaming of some day mak- sPeuad lssuc °Jt Naval Being men “temporarily superhu-    J?.?vievls:T a publication of the Office of Naval Research. In one report, Dr. Robert K. Jennings, head of ONR’s biochemistry branch, described basic research to explain the chemistry of muscle action. They also are speculating about eventual development of: —‘‘Skin farms”: these would be vast supplies of human skin, Among the possible benefits if grown from individual skin cells *^is research is successful, he said: in special chambers, and kept in readiness for use in mass disasters. “Instant acclimatization “We may be able to deal more effectively with (muscle and nerve) poisons an enemy the ability in make a fighting mlSh' emP oy aSalnst as: we man adjust to the terrific heal ma7 be abie lo treat diseases of a desert in minutes or hours whlch incapacitate men today; rather than in days or weeks by and we may even learn how* to giving him special drugs. tion of the Sheriff’s Department, changed and the United States AKRON, Ohio (AP) — Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard has outlasted create men who are temporarily said the youth was coming at &.....*.......1    °    ”    ,    superhuman    in    their strength him with a knife. The disorders1 These are concededly long-1 and muscular control to deal have centered for the past two range ideas, whose realization' See SUPERMEN, Page 6 nights in the predominantly Negro Bedford - Stuyvesant district.    I f which already have no longer directly or indirectly j]ie prosecution in another legal battle to remain out of runs the affairs of the Western world and that the grip of the ^ Soviet Union on the Communist world is weakening. Concerning Indochina which been approved of officials, include overpayments to constables. One violation involves Howard (Bud) Mercer, who was appointed as a deputy by Sheriff Tony Young June IO, 1963. No certificate of the appoint- tlon in ^iel    Nam    is    impossible, ment has been fill'd wan the    DeGAlLLL,    p*ge    2 Countv Clerk of Courts as re- pnson and it appears it could be weeks or even months before he learns Anti-Poverty Bill Pushed In Senate lie their findings by depart- quired by Section 311.04 of the \/se m si f| I £ Hit1 ments. If not, the report will Ohio Revised Code    ▼    UIIUUI3    I    III Come out in 9 months as part W agnel-, who cut short a European trip. went on radio and television and said continued ,    .    ,    disorders could set back Negro I three-judge an(J t>—j riohts programs for By JOHN CHADWICK (Wednesday to limit debate on half a century. °    WASHINGTON    (AP)—    |    the bill and its amendments ••Baw and order are    the    Ne-    Administration leaders drove    Democratic leaders expressed decide if    the U.S.    District Court    order    for    his release would    stand.    oro*s })e;st friend—make    no    mis-    for Senate passage of President    confidence the measure would take about that,” he said. “The Johnson’s $962.5-million antipov- be Passed and face House vole opposite of law and order is erty bill today after accepting a la*e in the day    . regular    sessions    until    Sept.    federal    marshals    refused    to    ar-    mob rule. and that is    the    way    state’s rights amendment they    ^)ne move bolstering their rest    Sheppard in    Columbus.    0f the Ku Flux Elan    and    the    hoped would pick up support    hopes was the approval by voice Sheppard won a    new    round Wednesday    when a federal panel    of the    6th    U.S. Circuit Court    of Appeals    held    his France    lost    a    decade    ago.    the    0-000 bond    and    his freedom—were valid    until the    court    could President    said    a    military    solu ,    _ The appeals court, now in;' summer recess, will not resume (in Chicago last Saturday after its 28 of an audit of all county offices. Rabies Clinics At 17 Sites To Open Monday Uh'ville Car At Cincinnati, Carl Reuss,    The court    ruling tied the    night riders    and    the    lynch    from Southern Democrats. clerk of the court, said the rec-    hands of the    State    of Ohio in    mobs.”    The bill has come under ord in the district court still has    the case.    The mayor    said    President    heavy attack from Sen. Barry not been received and that at-    Cuyahoga County    Prosecutor    Johnson    telephoned    him!Coldwater ()f Arizona, the Re- torneys for both >ides will have John T. Corrigan said after UHRICHSVILLE — Mrs. Aga- an opportunity to file briefs.    court’s decision “we have tha Hunt of 483 E. Bank St.    “That could take several    §ee dr Se\erai other audit reports on reported 1° police yesterday at months. ’ he said as he ex-    __ city. village and township oper- 5:39 p m that her brother-in- plained there is no way of know- The examiners also listed a $19 recovery from Mercer, the county's Democratic leader, for overpayment June IO-June 15. 1963. SAM, Page 6 an of the Tuscarawas Dept, has announced the times law’s auto    had been damaged    ing at this time    when    the    case    4 More County bv vandals    sometime during the    would be heard.    ^ L-i* * * night. The    car is owned by    Dr. Sam. central    figure    in    one    jUDUlVISIOn OD George Vermillion of RD I, who of the nation s most publicized is on vacation.    murder cases, headed w'ith his Police stated that rocks had new wife to their ( leveland _    been thrown thrugh the wind- home to wait until the legal    , County Engineer Charles shield on the auto which had    smoke cleared.    tors office today announced re- His attorney. F. Lee Bailey of ccipt of 4 more budgets, reduc ations also are pending. Road Feud Continues he Wednesday and authorized him publican presidential nominee. no to state that the assignment of He has called it a backward-FBI agents to New York City looking hodgepodge with “the was “solely to assist, support single ^ objective of securing and supplement what we are a1- votes. Goldwater was not on hand See 3 RIOTERS, Page 6 Budgets Received Young GOP Reorganized See BILL, Page 2 Bolivar Issue, I Levies Filed For Nov. 3 Vote Officials of the Countv Audi- Norman Miller, chief sanitari- JU    j    j    .1    *             — Health    today    denied    -    recent    between 12 to 16 holes in it and      _ statements made by spokesmen ^e headlights were damaged. Boston, said: “I don’t think this mg to 12 the number of subdi-    ltUltl‘np (l r»„_j r, j    *    New    Philadelphia ji r 11    *    f    .u    f°r    *he Road and Bridge Work-    a.    cis and places for 17 centers for the a_c    ,__,    *    uamage    was    sei    a.    hn. 1    Lmon- Local 19°-    Leo    E.    Poland    of    911    E.    High case will ever be retried.’ whose 1965 budgets still rabies vaccination for dogs as required in health board required rn a directive bv the The «»*•«*" said that he had Ave” New PhiiadVlpWa notified Sheppard. convicted of requirer    a    a    rn informe(j tbe umon on Tuesday pojlce at 1;30 pm yesterday ond-degree murder in the    19d4 ed. Th.. Hinipv will ho h ort noel msk! '^‘"i 19    59 depart- tj,at the rear fender on his auto . moln no airt    pilT    ™    , work*r?    recent a was danged by a chain which f it w    afternoon,    ..cent raise rn their classifies-    was    hanging    from    the    M    of    a ? „    ri(v    r    ,m    J1 as '»<»"«■ .    ,.    truck    owned    bv Richard Wat- .    . til l?., I’m i n' SpH.kes“*" bad 'old Pr«* kins of 121) N. Dawson St. munity Park,    3.30 to    4.30, (iii-    members that 2o workers    would more. Sherrel    Peeper    home, \\    receive the 5-cent hike. mile south of Gilmore County Road IO. 2 to 4:    .ut    .»    "J.7'.     (Brown    «<    Massillon ny Morse Visions WHOSO    uuugcia sun publican C|„b    , sec- must be prepared and approv- county highlighted last night’s Charges of disorderly conduct v    a    iii wer€ filed against Ray    J. on A oung went on to point outjBrown of Massillon by Gc, Tuesday— Bolivar Fire Sta- portunity of being reclassified tin 10:30 to 11:30: Sugarcreek, as equipment operators, with a that the Maw have the op- Haskins 0f «7 Grant St.. Den- nison. Haskins told police that Brown probably at the Sale Barn, I to proposed pav rate of $2.05. This' 1 l- J-i ,l    granting    < 2; Dover Fairgrounds, 2 to would actually mean a hike of    T*hl‘!, ^ wcre cretin,, of 4 30; Stillwater, location to be 15 cents per hour front their' h* C,ty Au,° ye'lerday »»™- Wciek , a n ny-vi i n na A I tit ft-    rtroconl nntr onln    nn    ^8*     tj announced, 3 to 5;    present pay scale of $1.90 Thursday—Uhrichsville-Denni*    Young also objected to the son, Uhrichsville Stadium, 3 to statement made by local presi-5; Port Washington Fire Station dent Ermile Dennis purportedly 3 to 5; Conference Set WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres- would act ‘ at an early date.” made to the commissioners last | ident Johnson will hold a news meeting in the Nationa bludgeon slaying of his pregnant    It also was revealed that the    of Dover meeting room, wife, Marilyn, was freed from    Dover Public Library budget, j    Assisting in    the reorganiza- Ohio Penitentiary a week ago which was reported yesterday tion was George Wright, chair-after U.S. Dist. Judge Carl as not being submitted before man of the Ohio League of Weinman of Dayton ruled he last Monday’s deadline, had Young Republicans. Also preshad not received a fair trial. been the first of the 66 budgets cnt was George Frame, state Presiding Judge Paul C. to be sent to the County Audi- committeeman of the 16th Con-Weiek of Akron said the appel- tor. It simply had been misplac- gressional District, late court would not void Judge ed.    Discussions    were    held    on    the Weinman’s granting of bail but    Budgets received since yes-    -ole of Young    Republicans    in would modify it. He said the terday were for the City of Do- the national election and the poof bail was at the dis- ver, Strasburg and Midvale xii- sition “extremism” will play Judge Weinman. lages and Clay Township, added that the panel >    -    \ would stay the habeas corpus    qn XHE INSIDE writ until it could rule on the merits of it. He said the court when tho Senate opened debate 'on the bill Wednesday. The fight against it was Jod by Sen. John G. Tower. R-Tex., who had ’joined Goldwater earlier in denouncing the measure in a mi- ^as received filing of the first S nority report from the Labor issues to be placed on the No- .    Committee, the Dover- Young Re-    extent, neiudo the Goldwater was going to mix in the debate was uncertain. He Rank u’as return to the Senate . chamber today for the first time in2 treatment plant. The bonds I since his nomination and his GOP colleagues planned a round of welcoming speeches. Under an agreement reached if any, to which The Board of Elections office vember ballot, Clerk Victor Turner said today. Bolivar has filed a $97,000 issue needed for the construction of a sewerage system, includ- A/ ^Weathervane YESTERDAY High 93    Low    65 are to extend over a 30-year period and will bare interest at 4 per cent, to be paid semi-annually. County Auditor Donald Kinsey has notified the Bolivar Council that the average annual tax levy required for the issue will be 3.7 nulls, or 37 cents per $100. Two other tax levies also have been filed. Dennison Council is in Sen. Barry Goldwater’s No- REATHER ELSEWHERE requesting a half mill renewal vember bid for President. Acting officers named were: This amounted to freedom for Around The World Dear Abby ....... Friday—Dundee, place to be week that the road and bridge conference at 3:30 p.m. EDT Sheppard and threw the case crane Z announced,    I    to    2;    Strasburg,    workers,    prior to Young’s ten-    (2:30    p.m. EST) Friday in the    into a new    legal tangle that    Goren 0n    Bridge Fire Station. 3    to    4:    Gnadenhut-    ure of office, had made more    state    Department Auditorium.    could reach    the U.S. Supreme    obituaries See RABIES, Page 2 money in fewer working hours. The White House, announcing Court.    sports --Young    quoted pay figures for    this today, said television and    Sheppard    and his bride of    Television    ........ the past    3 years, as compared    radio    networks will be permit-    five days the former Ariane    Women s Pages    .. with the department s pay of ted to make live broadcasts. Tebbenjohanns. were married Your Horoscope $294,667 for 1960. In 1961 the total pay was Service Director William $336,379, in 1962, $348,463, and Sweitzer announced today that in $359,389. Gail Herman Gets Police Desk Job r ,    ,    Boston, cloudy John Mor on of Dover prest- Cmcinna„, clear dent; Bill Meaner of Uhnchs- \ die, vice president; Dan Knis- ley of New Philadelphia, mein- lit rship chairman; Dick Petrv of Uhrichsville, treasurer, and 2 Jack Cooley oi Dover, social 15 & 16 mailman IM Frank Scott of New Philadel- 12 & 13 i-hia, county Republican chair- 23 man. also attended. High Low Pr. ... 85 73 ISO 25 25 Young said he could not understand how, with the raise he gave workers 3 years ago. these totals would justify a statement that they had received more pay for fewer hours. Probe $5 Theft Dover police are investigating the theft of $5 in change from a cash register at Eiler’s Camera Shop between 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and 8:30 a.m. Thurs-Service examination taken last day. No merchandise was re-spring.    ported    stolen. Gail E. Herman of 218 W. 2nd St. assumed duties Tuesday as deskman in the Dover Police Department to fill a vacancy which will be created by the resignation of Robert Swinderman of rear 434 Race St., effective July 31. Swinderman, who was hired May 14, resigned to take another job. Herman was I of 3 men eligible for the position of patrolman as a result of a Civil 'Ginger' Proves She's Real Foxy! PORT CLINTON, Ohio (AP) —Ginger, a lost mongrel with a lively distrust of any human being other than her own people, became something of a legend during the lonely month she spent in the marsh area waiting for the Harry Elkans family to come from Knoxville, Tenn., to get her. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cook did everything possible to try to befriend Ginger, who became separated from the Elkans family during a motor trip through northern Ohio June 22. The Cooks didn’t know about the Eikon* at first when they started putting out for the stray mongrel. Ginger was hungry. She would come and eat the food, but when anyone approached she streaked for the marshes. The Cooks, who operate a market in the sand road area, even rigged a system to trickle water from their ice making machine into a pan to give Ginger fresh water at any time. When the Port Clinton Daily News carried a story about the Knoxville family and their lost dog that looked like a fox, the Cooks contacted the Elkans. Resee GINGER. Page 13 92 69 Detroit, cloudy ..... 91    67 Honolulu, rain ...... 84    73    .15 Kansas City, clear 104 81 Milwaukee, clear .. 85 70 Omaha, clear ...... 95    74 Rapid City, cloudy 102 75 San Frau. clear ... 64 55 Winnipeg, clear .    . 87 70 OI TODAY 7 ani.    .... 70 RAINFALL Last 24    hours    trace TOMORROW Sunrise    ............ 5:14 Sunset.............7:50 High 95    Low 66 Forecast: Sunny, warm, humid, possible showers. for current operating expenses to extend for 5 years. This means 5 cents for each $100. Oxford Township trustees also have filed for a one mill (IO cents per $100) renewal for current operating expenses to extend for 5 wears. DAY BRIGHTENER Doctor to executive Philo Planning Board Session To Air Rezoning New Philadelphia Mayor Joe Pritz announced today that the Planning Board will meet Friday at 4 p.m. in Council Chambers for the purpose of discussing the rezoning of 6 lots on the west side of Kaderly St., owned by Clarence Farbizo of 412 Chauncey Ave. NW. The lots were asked to be rezoned by Farbizo at the last council meeting for the purpose •In fact, Prov‘diag parking space for a you’ve got to quit burning the reported “shopping mart.” candle at even one end.”    I    Mayor    Fritz    stated    that    the —^—^meeting is open to the public. ;

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