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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 21, 1964, Dover, Ohio Coldwater Views 'Reviewed9 On Variety Of Paramount Issues — Page 6 The Reporter Prints More Want Ads Than Any Other County Paper The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION VOL. 61. NO. 8.    22    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, July 21, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Familial PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Ordinance Gets 5-2 Majority Council Overrides Rezoning Veto Dover Repeat SAFETY REMINDER. The Dover Jaycees, under the guidance of Al Moser, completed erection of a safe driving reminder sign at the north entrance to the Wooster Ave. bridge. The sign, requested by Police Chief Garrison Groh, was 3 years in the making. It was painted by Jim Warther and designed by Donald Johnson. The large wood numbers are nailed to the qlywood base and Moser stated he is more than willing to leave the present "I" in place for the remainder of the year. Disorder Again In Flares Harlem Commissioners Refer Budget To Commission Lines Also Hot! Yesterday’s heat, with an official high of 94 degrees, was “felt’* in more than one ways in several city departments. Service Director H. S. Ream cited the increased use of air-conditioners as the possible reason for 3 power outages caused by overheated transformers. Each lasted from 13 to 30 minutes. They occurred in the Walnut-Dover Ave. area between 19th and 20th St., in Cherry Alley between Front and 2nd St., and between 13th and 14th St. in the Walnut St. area. As tempers traditionally rise with temperatures, Dover police responded to 3 calls of fights and disturbances last night and early this morning. In each case, however, the scene was quiet whey they arrived. A prowler was reported in the 700 block of Cross St., and other disturbances were reported at the Burger Chef, Dog ‘N* Suds, Mape Grove Cemetery and in an alley between 5th and 6th St. near Walnut St. The Water Department reported 2,943,000 gallons were pumped yesterday as the demand soared. New Philadelphia pumped 1,860,000 gallons. Barry, On CR County Commissioners terdav filed ves-i By WALTER R. MEARS WASHINGTON (AP)-Sen By RICHARD F. WHALEN Monday night but on a lesser NEW YORK (AP) — Racial scale than before. rioting simmered down    today in Police    pistol    fire    still    shat- Harlem but disorder    flared tered    the    air    Monday    night, across the East River in the pre-hundreds of steel-helmeted po-dominantly Negro Bedford-Stuy- lice patrolled the area. Major vesant section of Brooklyn. streets were again closed to .    ,    ...    ..    .    -------------- A crowd of about 300 Negroes, traffic.    1    C1^    t    ®arrY Coldwater is considering »ome throwing bottles, surged. Chanting Negro demonstra- .    R11? *    a call to President Johnson—the through streets of the Brooklyn tors marched through the .    . ,    \    *»    .    .    hnnps to oust from the area Portly after midnight.' .treats. Roving gang, harassed    wdhon takmg ac ton o man he hopes to oust from the shouting and smashing some police. Looters broke store win-    " »"*‘c‘Pa'ed *»•*« Whit* House- for a store windows.    dows.    A melee    between police    general fund.    pact aimed at keeping civil Police said the    demonstrators    and bar patrons    wrecked a tav-    Commissioners indicated they    rights tensions "a completely apparently were acting    in svm- cm.    walt    (,or action    by    the    com-    quiet    question palhy with racial rioters in Bar- Two dozen persons, including J”1*510" cut he proposed. The Republican presidential three    policemen    were injured.    bud£et* « has authority to re-    nominee said he doesnt want Meanwhile    a    nickel    line    There    were a score or more ar-    duce- but not to increase, budget    the campaign ahead to inflame formed in front of City    Hall to rests.    ITT    J*    TT'    authori”    *,'”2?Vtensi°n that !”StS” an<! protest pol.ee tact.cs in Harlem    Smce    the rio.mg started Sat-    budget beyond the amount of    added one way of easing it and demand the ouster of Police    urda.v ni8ht- a totaI of 157 I**-    money cerllfl€d as available by    would be stricter enforcement Commissioner Michael J. Mur- sons have been arrested, 33 po- the county auditor nhv Some civil rights leaders    beemen    injured, and 70 other    The commissioners have until    to vote. have accused the police of bru-    persons    seriously hurt, one Ne-    « PLm- Sept.14 to file a taxjevy    At the White House, press sec- LBJ Talk Probable Move By Foes Could Bring Court Action Dover City Council, by a 5-2 vote Monday night, overrode Mayor C. LeMoyne Lu thy’s veto of an ordinance which calls for the rezoning, from residential R-2 to residential R-4 classification, of 7 lots on the east side of Union Ave. between Liberty St. and Shafer Ave. The ordinance, which has become a controversial subject in recent months, was given a similar 5-2 approval 2 weeks I ago. Mayor Luthy exercised ve- When IO Dover YMCA schoolboy swimmers set a new world’s record for a 50-mile relay swim last Jan. 24, their accomplishment evidently became a matter of envy throughout the country. Ten more Dover schoolboys, this time from the England coastal city, proved they can swim, too. They churned the English Channel today in 11 hours and 27 minutes, clipping more than 3 hours off the previous best relay time. The boys, from Denstone College in the English midlands, range in age from 15 to 19. The previous relay time of 14 hours, 57 minutes was set by a team from Folkstone IO years ago. The team swam from France to England. The fastest Channel swim is the IO hours, 23 minutes set by Danish-born Hel-ge Jensen on an England-France crossing in 1960. School Business At Philo to powers last Thursday—within the legal 10-day period.    I    _    rn    rn    S'a am _n. Atty. James Patrick stated to- f \ %fUT I day he    did    not know exactly what course would be followed Routine business, an appeal under the City Health Depart-by his clients, Mr. and Mrs. Ed- by a Southside delegation and j ment with its school nurse pro-ward Finley, one of the lot own- discussion on facilities con-1 gram. The board will pay fhe Monday as    he    headed    for    a    ers, in    attempting to further    sumed 2Vi hours    at    last    night’s Washington homecoming soured j stall the rezoning.    !    New Philadelphia Board of Edu- by the jeers of self-styled    Amer-1 Before    a    zoning permit is    cation meeting, ican Nazis.    granted,    the    measure must first    I Formal actions    included: Their chants of We Want come under the scrutiny of the c ...    ...    . M Rockwell” - George Lincoln ; Dover Board of Zoning Appeals. L Setting*    if    vT campaign Rockwell, leader of the Ameri-jThe case ultimately could wind or ase 0 , n!?mSca , orK( can Nazi party - interrupted! up rn Common Pleas Court. i mentary by ^ the Starlight Re-Gold water’s appearance on the I Voting on the ordinance last |arded School, with a $32. ui-rostrum at an outdoor rally at night followed lines identical to tl0n fee stud*a^ Washington National Airport. I that recorded 2 weeks ago. Ap-    County    Welfare    Depar- city $4,263 for one nurse in the 1964-65 school year. Three bids for a new school bus were opened, but no contract was awarded pending clarification of confusing bids in that the forms were not completely filled out. The group from the Southside, comprising Dick Beaber, Mrs. One of the group said they were proval was given by Russell me^ by the board for retai ded W e ^orv joe Kilian, Mrs. -   r    J    students    within    the    district;    1      - water’s ‘‘liberal record The senator’s parting shot: “They can have Rockwell or of laws guaranteeing the right | anybody else they want. I’ll take my chances with the majority of Americans who are protesting what he called Gold- Albaugh, Eugene Bowers, Al- Donald Limbacher. Mrs. Robert tality. Harlem, after two nights of rioting, had more disorders gro killed and 87 stores damaged, police said. Mavor Robert F. Wagner’s of-See HARLEM, Page 2 2 Juveniles Get Probation, 3 More Lose Driving Rights to be peaced on the November ballot, but that decision hinges on what the Commission does. At the public hearing on the budget last week suggestions retary George Reedy said Johnson “would not do anything to incite or inflame tensions” during the presidential campaign. He said Johnson would give se- were made that a special levy I rious consideration to a meeting for the Child Welfare Depart-;with Goldwater if the Republi-ment or the Soldiers’ Relief be can nominee formally proposes sought in order to make up for one. the extra money needed for 1965 operation of the county government. Unless the county auditor County Juvenile Court Judge    Jury in the case, was told to Ralph Finley this morning plac-    be off the streets at IO p.m. ed two 17-year-olds on proba-    during the summer months and    could    certify    additional    money, tion in connection with area    at 9 during the winter.    commissioners    would    be    faced thefts and revoked the drivers, Judge Finley urged the boy with the alternative of slicing said he wants to keep the explosive side of the civil rights ques-1 tion out of the presidential cam- j paign. “I don’t Avant    to see any words of mine or anyone con-Goldwater said he would nected with me touch anything, “ponder” making the formal]off,” he said. “I’m not going to call.    :    inject this issue    and I don’t j The    Arizona    senator talked; think he (Johnson) is.” about    civil    rights    at    a surprise j “Lets give this    law a chance news conference in Chicago' See CR TALK, Page 2 bert Campbell, Dean Davidson T Acc®Ptin|    tb®    resignation o    jordan    Mrs.    Dean Miller and and James O’Brien. Voting Jn8raham    Smitb-    industrial arts; Mrs Lewis Levengood,    request- against the measure were Rob- C.,r'r    ?    * accePJ..a    ed the    board    to study    alterna cy Bair and Wilbert Jentes. post at Cuyahoga Falls, and hir-j tiyes for providing sc,loo! bus Atty. Wilford Miller of Dover, !ng hl! S^C6f°r’ Carl Camp1 See ROUTINE, Page 2 who did “double duty” Iasi;bel1 °f RD ^ Ca«jbndge. a I-- Americans.”    night as spokesman for those    Ma    Unf,v?rSI]y- At a news conference in a Chi-i seeking the rezoning and the amp J J™    a mas, S ' cago airport lounge, Goldwater Union Hospital board of trust- gree anCi    y8als> exPen' oth ers for traffic j0 reconsider returning to the requests made for the school to obtain a diploma. He county tunds and agencies. 35 license of 3 violations. (arl Mullins of <21 1st St., had dropped out last year after Uhrichsville, was placed on a    moving    to Uhrichsville with    his year’s probation for his part in    mother    from Indiana. a June 25 parts theft at Wal- In the other delinquency case. tons Auto I arts Co. on    tp n    « R.iccpi] of    Clnu-    St Broadway. New phj*adelphia. j NewComersSwn. was    placed    on | Btds for 3 county highway Jhe youth, along wi aru s probatjon for a vear aBer a(|. projects were among those who were held to e ran j mi^ing taking 2 pistols from the opened today in Columbus by Open Bids On 3 County Road Jobs Corrigan Requests Court To End Sheppard's Freedom Escort Slated For Canoeists home of Mildred Kistler of Heller Dr. Newcomerstown Police Chief John Lawyer said the boy had broken into the home in May and again in July. One gun was taken each time, Lawyer added. Department of Highway officials. They are: Resurfacing of 1.2 miles of Route 21 (Wooster Ave.) through the City of Dover; resurfacing of 1.6 miles of Route 211, from the end of E. 3rd St. Ext. to the CINCINNATI (AP)—John T. Corrigan, Cuyahoga County prosecutor, asked the U. S. Court of Appeals today to vacate a U. S. District Court order by which Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard was granted his release last week from the Ohio Penitentiary. Sheppard was released under $10,000 bond on a finding by See OVERRIDE, Page $ Noted Nc'town Songwriter Is Dead At Age SI NEWCOMERSTON - Mrs Mary Jean Shurtz. 58. of East Becker Faces Canton Stars ence; Granting a partial leave of absence to Mrs. Jane Gibbs, librarian, as she completes requirements for accreditation, I and hiring Mrs. Anne Snyder of j Tom Becker, with an 8-0 rec-New Philadelphia as an interim ord, will take the mound to-librarian;    day at 5:15 when the Dover Pony    League    All-Stars host Hiring of Mrs. Martha Don- Canton Timken at City Field, aldson as head cook at an an- j Joining Becker in the starting nual salary of $1,620, and Mrs. lineup will be Monty Prince, Cecelia Libertore, Mrs. Mary first base: Colby Byron, second Walters and Mrs. Nedra Thorn- base; R’ch Morris, third base; as, cooks, at a salary of $1,480 Rich Cappell, shortstop; John Mrs each. All were given 2-year Marks, catch; Bill Hawk, left contracts on recommendation of field; Doug Klar. center field; „ .    .    .    ^ Mrs. Alice Pepper, cafeteria and Scott Robinson, right field. Gate Ave.    died yesterday    in    (o-    manager> ancj    contest    is the    first of a shocton    Memorial    Hospital    fob j    Hiring    Mrs. Gertrude Maple best 2    out-of-3    series.    The vie- lowing    a long    illness.    as a cafeteria cook on an hourly    tor of the series will meet    ei- Born    at    Byesville, she was a basis and re-employing 2 cooks    ther Ashland or Massillon. The    second    game    will be salaries.    played Thursday in Canton and The board, after reviewing 2    the third—if necessary—Friday alternatives, voted to continue    on a neutral diamond. pard had not been fairly tried for the 1954 slaying of his pregnant wife, Marilyn.     w Subsequently a stay order daughter of the late Wesley and at( York Elementary at $1,480 was issued by the Court of Ap-1 Katherine Walters Graham. She peals on the release of the Bay shad been a longtime writer for Village osteopath and a hear-j the “Full Cry” and “Billboard” ing on it is scheduled to be held j magazines and she also was a in Akron Wednesday by a three-j songwriter for many years, 2 judge court.    i records having sold over a mil- The motion to send Dr. Sam hon copies. Lawyer also said a warrant Strasburg residents, village of- js on flle for another youth who Green Gables Interchange, and ficials, including Mayor John had    obtained    one of the    guns    rePair of    tbe brid^ on Route 8, Snider, and the Fire Depart- from Russell    and tried to    sell    Just north of the Sandy Valley nient will form in a caravan to- r Russel’ denied taking 2 oth- ^nn- night at 6:30 (fast time) at the er gUns that were missing from    --- New Philadelphia Airport to es- the home.    You    na    GOR    To    Meet cart home the 3 teenage can™H Both Russell and Mullins were ! r    w    .    ,    .    . isis who paddled their way 2,OOO |told    ,    t0 Juvenlle    om.    George    Wright, chairman of miles to New Orleans    ;rer    Harrf Fisher once    each I    theK10h‘°    Le®gue.° Y"un.S ®e' The caravan will meet the ira„nth during their probation. ; publicans and a delegate to the . I    ___ __A. .. .] u .. I . .    o    *    I    ti    ll    ll    Art    It    I    AAM    t    IA n ( I /I M    A MaJ I r. m /\ license national convention, and George U.S.    District    Judge Carl    A. j    back    to    the    Ohio Penitentiary    The million-selling records Weinman    of    Dayton that    Shep-    was    by    uie ohio    attorney    were There Stands a Glass, regeneral,    but    Corrigan    said he    corded by Web Pierce, and Dad are    the real    Gave My D°a Away' recorded in this action. After a1', it is a question whether v Citations Issued In Sunday Fatals Weathervane will claim “we party involved by T. Texas Tyler Many of her songs have been among the top IO bovs at the airport and return    Receiving 6 w-eek’s to the Strasburg Fire Station j,sUspensKjns wer€;    I France, state committeeman j Atlanta, cloudy where refreshments will be serv-    i)ean a Gr<»fm 17 of    734 N    from the 16th District, will dis- ] Chicago, cloudy ed    2nd    St.    Dennison!^    failure lo!cass both Barry Coldwater and Detroit, clear The 3 bovs, Bill .Malcuit, 17,    yield the rieht-of-wav as    the re-    the    role of Young Republicans in Terry Spidell, 17. and James ]    Lit of an auto'roZt‘‘X*.    the    national election ».» meet. Ecenbarger, 20, began the trip, ty Road 64 south of Midvale. YESTERDAY High 94    Low    68 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. ..82 70 .34 from Dover last June 14 reach-:    Kenneth    L.    Neuenschwander, ing their destination in 31 days, ^ 0f Kidron, reckless opera-via Tuscarawas, Ohio and Mis- tjon following an accident on sissippi rivers. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garber of Strasburg left for New Orleans by car July 16 to return Route 250, east of Dennison, when he attempted to pass on the right and hit 2 cars. Robert * L. Eckert, 17, 314 the national election at a meet ing of the Dover-New Philadelphia Young Republican Club Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the meeting rooms of the National Bank of Dover. the trio    home. The airport was    Front    St. SW,    New Philadel- set as    the initial welcoming    phia,    traveling    60 miles per place.    hour in a 35 mile per hour zone The trio’s objective in making on Tuscarawas Ave. NW, New the lengthy trip was to be the; Philadelphia, first in    Ohio to complete the)    All    3 counts    were filed by adventure.    'state patrolmen. DAY BRIGHTENER They say honesty pays, but the rewards are falling short of the cost of living indexes. 90 96 85 91 86 76 69 72 70 80 72 68 54 72 Honolulu, cloudy Louisville, clear , Miami, cloudy .. Philadelphia, cloudy 91 Salt Lk. City, clear . 95 San Fran., clear ... 63 Washington, cloudy • 92 TODAY 7 a.rn............... . RAINFALL Last 24 Hours .... None TOMORROW Sunrise.........  5:12 Sunset ............ 7:51 High 92    Low 70 .19 .OI State patrolmen have cited 2 leonard Schmidt, 42. of drivers as the result of Sun- Greensburg, driver of the other day night’s fatal accidents in auto. is “fair” at Union while a i idement of a Ciivahnpa :    '    including    Highest    Tuscarawas County. Sgt. W. R. another passenger, Robert County court stands    Bidder, recorded by Hank Snow,    Davis said today    that    a confer-    Swecker, 30, of Greensburg,    is Uounty court suums    and Broken Candy Heart and    f    Prosecu-1    “satisfactory ” Referring to Judge Wemman    s    Down in Nashville both bv Cow-    ?    .ii    !    rosecu    at. tact r>\ decision criticizing news    cover-    kov r\)nac    *l)l    Harlan bpies    to    consider Mrs. Inez M. Muntean,    31,    of !— .a ---- —    de.J Uopas.    manslaughter counts in both RI) I, East Sparta, who also is She was a former editor-in- cases.    on    the    Canton hospital’s inten- “If Judge Weinman’s reason- C^ie* “National Hillbilly’’ Marcia Bigler. 18. of Midvale, sue care list, has been char®- ing is’ allowed, then you open    sa<Tela,ry “J who “ reported “satisfactory" ed with driving left of center as Southeastern Ohio Federation of today in Union Hospital, has the aftermath of an accident in age of the case, Corrigan dared: See CORRIGAN, Page 2 ON THE INSIDE .17 Coon Dog Trials and past sec-    been charged with driving left    Sandyville that clanned the life retary of the Tri-County Sports-; of center, in connection with an    of Nick Sherban, 49, of Louis- man League.    accident on Route 250, south of    Ville. Surviving are her husband, New Philadelphia, in which Mrs. The woman’s 2 children, Jim-’    '    '    I    Robert; a daughter, Mrs. Lee Kenneth (Regina) Limped, 30, my, 5, and John D., 6, are both Around The World    9    ‘ Clarke of here; a brother, Henry    of North Olmsted was    killed    reported as “satisfactory.” Dear Abby .................. 19    Graham of Byesville and a    Three passengers in    Miss Big-    Mrs. Muntean is the widow of Dr. Alvarez ..............  19    grandchild. One brother preced-    ler’s car remain in area hospi-    Moise Muntean, 43, same ad- Dr. Crane ........   21    ed ber in death.    tals today. Michael DeMattio,    dress, who was found shot near Goren On Bridge ............ 2\, Services will be Thursday at    15, of Midvale is on    the “in-    his home July 7. The death was Home Building News .. 14 & 15    2 p.m. in Ourant Funeral Home    tense yare” list at Aultman Hos-    ruled a suicide by Coroner Phil- Hosprtal News ................ 9    with Rev. George Shurtz offici-    pital n Canton, while Thomas    ip T. Boughten. He had been on Obituaries .................... 2    ating. Burial will be in Plast    Meese, 16, of RD 4, New Phila-    probation from Stark County for Sports ................ ll    &    12    State Street Cemetery. Friends delphia, and Judith Overholdt. possessing guns stolen last Television .................. ie    may call at the funeral home, 15, of Midvale, are    reported    year in a breakin at Sam Bond’s Forecast: Cloudy, warm, bu- Women’s Pages .......  8    &    9    (Wednesday from 2 to 4 and 7, “satisfactory” at Union Hospi- Sporting Shop near New Phila- mid, scattered showers.    |Y'our Horoscope ............. 21    to 9 p.m.    UL    idalplujk 72 ;

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