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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 20, 1964, Dover, Ohio Orioles Sign Dover Hurler(Page 9)Church 'Chips' Are Mementos (Page 14) ’The Tavern' Is Readied (Page 6) aSam Sheppards Co To Gotham(Page 12)Dover Jumper Is Ohio Champ(Page 9)Bolivar Area Boy, 13, Drowns(Below) Better Photography... A Mark Of Reporter QualityThe Daily Reporter HOME EDITION »««• VOL 61. NO. 7.    20    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Monday, July 20, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS2 Die, ll Hurt In Area Crashes Jim Lewis Of Dover Captures Derby Four Youths Harlem Riots Follow Burial For Slain Boy Tom Winters Of New Phila Is Runnerup By Dan Miles Dafly Reporter Staff Writer NEW YORK (AP)—Mallet wined from roof., crowd, knocked ch«ks, broken'by hfppy down barricades, fists and knives flashed in the steady heat, and 11-year-old Jim Lewis was police guns barked. Harlem was rioting.    crowned Tuscarawas County While temperatures soared Saturday and Sunday nights in the Soap Box Derby champion Sun-packed Negro ghetto, police and Negroes locked in surging fights day at New Philadelphia before in which one Negro was shot to death. More than IOO persons were an estimated 2.000 pers(»is. injured, including two dozen patrolmen.    He    beat    out    23 other compet- Plate glass windows fell in itors in his 11-12 age group and la    M    a    slithers and more than a score edged Tom Winters, winner of I IAI I Ar AflPnK    of stores were looted. One super-    the 13-15-year-old class,    in the LllfUvl HyjvlllJ    market lost $2,000 in cash, 200    final heat of the sixth    annual cartons of cigarettes and 50    race on Wabash Ave. II "I I T    cases of beer. Every jifle ini Dover also had another winner HIT J IRyPrnC1 !°n* pawnshop disappeared and as Mayor C. LeMovne Luthy 1 III A I UT VI lUy    police took rifles from others. Included in the loot were cam- 5 Counts Filed “    “* " v Will IM I HWU i There were more than IOO ar- by, won his third straight race •a* »    ,    • j ,    . rests.    in his bullet blue-silver racer. Rr!nrh ift/nnK i! nn i    Tensions    had    lessened    a    great    Weighing    55 pounds soaking Sk i ?i i! j I? P /    deal by today, police said, but    wet and standing 4 feet 6    inches, Philadelphia, and the Park Val- they“continued their patrol, still    Jim is the son of Mr. and Mrs. ley Inn in RD I, Uhrichsville, weanng steel helmets.    Charles A. Lewis of 105 Union sta’e hquor agents fromi Sunday night, three civilians Ave., Dover. Canton resulted in 3 arrests and were treated at hospitals for; He was the most consistent 2 liquor commission citations. gunshot wounds. Twelve patrol- driver of the day, running 3 Steven Talas. 32. of Massillon. mor! were injured by flying ob- races in exact times of 23.75 a part time bartender at the jectSt    seconds. His winning time over New Philadelphia area tavern,    Winters was n ft was fined $50 and costs this1 Also injured were a white tel- ..j    econds. morning in Central District * evision cameraman and several defeated New Philadelphia Mayor Joe Pritz in the traditional “Oil Can Derby.” Luthy, who is a 3-year veteran at this der- From Midvale Hospitalized Two headon collisions within 3 hours Sunday resulted in the 11 th and 12th traffic fatalities being recorded in Tuscarawas County. Identified by the State Patrol, the victims were: Mrs. Kenneth (Regina) Limpert, 30, an expectant mother of North Olmsted, was pronounced dead on arrival at Union Hospital following a 5:25 p.m. crash on Route 250, south of New Philadelphia, and Nick Sherban, 49, of Louisville, killed at 7:55 p.m. in a smash* up in Sandyville (County Road 108). He was dead on arrival at Aultman Hospital in Canton. Eleven persons were either he is reported “fair” this morn-admitted or treated in Dover I mg. Thomas Meese, 16. of RD and Canton hospitals for in- 4, New Philadelphia, who suf-juries suffered in the crashes. s ft red a cerebral concussion, is reported “satisfactory” at Un-In the Route 250 crash, which | ion as is Judith Overbolt, 15, of had heavy Midvale race track! Midvale, who received a dislo-traffic tied up to Front St., in, cated hip. Newr Philadelphia, officers said1 Robert Bigler, 16, was treat-a stationwagon driven by Mar-1 ed for minor injuries; James cia J. Bigler, 18, of Midvale, Menapace, 15, for eyebrow lac-pulled out of County Road 69 orations, and James Overholt, Jim Lewis (center) receives his derby trophy from Joe Levack of 2713 Tremont St., Dover, district sales representatives of Chevrolet. Jim's proud mother (right) was justified in shedding a few tears for her champion. Glenda Ellwood was the derby queen. owe my    crown to    my County Court for selling 8    per    other newsmen.    The mid me to    wear    glov«U“ tent beer to a minor.    ^Ajtore of persons wert ar-    , wnuldn.t shp    Anrf The ’ initial outburst followed    ^th™»COt- He 15    my    baby nison, was fined $25 and costs    protest ra.lies over the fatal by Judge Clarence Ferrell    for    shooting of a Negro boy by a That youth. Frank W. Cleveland. 19. of 21 S. 2nd St.. Den- Wallace Quits Race; Move May Aid Barry (just north of Wills Dip) and went left of center, hitting an approaching stationwagon, operated by Leonard Schmidt, 42, of Greensburg. Mrs. Limpert was a passenger in the Schmidt car. Schmidt suffered lacerations to his scalp, chin, left arm and knee and chest injuries, while another passenger, Robert Sweeker, 30, of Greensburg had tup and skull injuries. Schmidt is listed as “fair” today while Sweeker is reported “satisfactory” in Union Hospital. Miss Bigler, daughter of Rob- See 2 DIE, Page 12 Cyclist Hurt, 3 Charged In Phila Mishaps Bv JACK BELL Sponsored by Marlowe Drug    __ purchasing 2 8-packs of beer' I »•>"* paceman. The violence ‘n    J'*th„^ra,dker    WASHINGTON (AP) - Ala-1 possible rewards in Dixie, if he while a Uhrichsville south. Jack left one man shot t0 death- 108 „.as his f,~t L J‘ L    bama’s Gov. Gorge C. Wal- maintains    his conservative E Norman. 18. of 118 Scott St . arrested- and morf ,han 100 ‘0\    y    racing.    lace,s abandonment of an inde. j course, that would have to be was fined the same amount for Ja"d- ‘“eluding a dozen patrol-j J|m ^ hjs    B )J paying par. of the co,, of -he ™- ^ ^    ^    al    had another victory early beer. The judge suspended $10 See LIQUOR. Page 2 lican presidential nominee some inee, indicated he would like to see some overtures to the party’s moderates and liberals in the Northern industrial states pendent presidential effort invit-1 weighed against what he might that would bring them around to ed Sen. Barry Coldwater today Sain elsewhere if he yielded to active support of the national intra-party pressure to swing j ticket. Bolivar Boy, 13, Drowns At Beach neral services Sunday evening 1,1.Ml*[ D avision, Deing tne /    against President toward the middle of the road. \ But Miller said in response to See HARLEM RIOTS. Page 8 °nl-v b°>’ ‘° a ra<* in Lane , .    6    questions on NBC’s -.Meet the -----? ,he flrst round’ The 0,heri wh “ wall,,. ............  c,m    i    -RaP    W‘U‘am E. Miller of New p .. (hat Mu„ (o , the 15 races were won in Lane I. When Wallace announced Sun-; York, the vice presidential nom- backi of h    & Post Office At Bolivar BOLIVAR—Thirteen-year-old John G. Cline. II, son of Mr. and Mrs. John and Wanda Cline of RD I, Bolivar, drowned Sunday in afternoon while swimming at Shepler Beach, about 5 miles south of Cantor., near Navarre. The youth, who went down in about 14 feet of water, was pronounced dead at Massillon City Hospital at 3:30. The body was recovered by ^    _ •    •    ■ lifeguard Deborah Repave of ^CTU 111112160 Canton. Stark County deputies said the BOLIVAR—A postal inspec-youth failed to surface while tor s investigation will deter-diving near a raft and that two mine the fate of the post office lifeguards were summoned by here, Joseph P. Nolan, regional postal director at Cincinnati, But the    final victory, in Lane    da-v he was glvinS UP the effort 2, was all    Jim’s as he received    to 8et hls name on presidential    Ilf I    J roses and    kisses from his ex-    baIlots in 16 or more states» he    I    IhlA    WPPKPtln cited mother and the Derby    removed a serious obstacle to    VlllV    VV VVI!VI    iii Queen. Glenda Ellwood. 15,! Goldwater’s chances of carrying daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank several Southern states in the Ellwood of Stone Creek.    November battle with Johnson. Jim will represent the county Waihee appeared on CBS’ the national All-American j Lace the Nation. See DAtfiY, Page 8 I The action offered the Repub- Deaths Hit 17 v Weathervane a witness. Navarre firemen were unsuccessful in attempts to revive the boy. A Fairless School District junior high student, he was a member of the Strasburg First Lu-*'ar P°st °^ce in resl*ct to a said this morning. Nolan added that the inspector is now evaluating the Boli- theran Church. consolidation with an area post; Surviving besides his parents    possibly    Strasburg    or    Do- Alvin and ver. He stated that if the mvesti- are 2 brothers, Charles of the home. Services will be held at 2:30 Sat‘°n ends Wlth a consolida-p rn (fast time) Wednesday in “°" recommendation, a branch the Strasburg church with Rev. P°st of,ice w“uld ** °Parated ,    ......    „    here on a contract basis. James Fisher officiating. Bu*-; Petitions asking that the post ial will lie in Grandview tem- 0ffjce retained and protest-etery. Friends may call Tues- ing the loss of identity as a pos-dav from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 at tai sub-station have been mail* Steffe Funeral Home in Stras- ed ,0 the inspection division. SATURDAY High 92 Low 64 YESTERDAY High 94 Low 66 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, clear . 94 65 .08 Boston, cloudy ..... 93 66 .. Denver, clear ...... 95 59 .. Indianapolis, clear . 88 67 .. Los Angeles, clear 81 60 .. New Orleans, cloudy 89 69 .. Phoenix, cloudy ... 108 82 .. St. Louis, clear .... 92 70 .. Tampa, cloudy..... 94 78 .. TODAY 7 a.rn............ 69 RAINFALL Last 48 Hours . . None TOMORROW Sunrise............ 5 ll Sunset ............ 7 52 High 94 Low 70 Dover Painter Traffic Drownings Miscellaneous Total Rodney Tomblin, 23, of 438 E 4th St., Dover, is listed as “satis- in«s intervened to give Ohio a factory” this morning in Un- substantial accidental death toll, ion Hospital, where he was ad- In the period from 6 p.m. mitted with a head injury re- Friday to Sunday midnight, ceived in a weekend fall while eight deaths had been counted Jacob K. Javits and Kenneth B. Keating of Ne<v York, Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania and Clifford P. Case of New Jersey “won’t be fatal.” Coldwater said in Phoenix, Ari? , he thinks he will do well in New York and Pennsylvana g in November. 71 Miller said he favors a sum-2 mit meeting of Republican lead-27 ers of all shades of opinion to __canvass the prospects for    the COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)    —    campaign and to give their    ad- Traffic deaths during the hot U(.f ,(),n T .    ,    ,    ,    ,    Coldwater,    who    returns    to July weekend just ended took a Washington loday after a weok. sharp drop compared    to    the    end in Phoenix, said during    the previous weekend, but    drown-!    See WALLACE, Page 2 painting. on the highways. Seven drown- Two girls, Cathy, Lewis, 5, of mgs were reported and two per-SandyVille and Tracy Bigler, sons died in miscellaneous ac-2*/2. of RD 3, New' Phtladel- eidents for an over-all count of j phia, were treated for possible 17. dog bites and Joyce Russell, 7, This compared to 22 traffic of RD 4, New Philadelphia, was deaths the previous weekend treated for an arm injury re- when three drownings and two ceived in a fall. Typical weekend activities ac- the toll to 27. counted for the following injuries which were treated in the emergency room: Alice Sparks, ll, of RI) 4, New Philadelphia, fractured arm while .skating at Memorial Hall: David Barr, 42, 17 Rabies Clinic Sites Are Planned Arrangements are to be completed this week for rabies clinics to assist all county dog owrners in complying with the miscellaneous* fat a I i ti c s" *|>u -s h"1 d compulsory immunization ordo, . 1 itll iv*,    1    issued hv the RnsirH nf Health burg. Accept Contract ASHTABULA. Ohio (AP) -Members of United Auto Workers Local 1169, which has been on The final decision will come from W. Carson Browning, director of the division for postmasters and rural appointments in Washington. A group of Bolivar residents, headed by Don Mullet, claim that the village’s growth potential in light of Interstate 77 strike since last October    and    the    fact    that    the    post    of. 1 xl w 1 j a    riocc    'ice    is    handling    more    business against the Molded Fiber Glass    ., against mc    I    than    some others are reasons Body Co. of Ashtabula, has voted 73-55 to accept a one-year I than some others are reasons for its continuation. contract, retroactive to last Jan. 15. Forecast: Partly cloudy, hot. of 414 E. 15th St., Dover, lac-humid, scattered thundershow- crated eyebrow’ from surfboard; j ers.    Danny Boor, 22, 1864 Seven Mile New Chlorinator Is Purchased For Pool At Uh'ville UHRICHSVILLE- Dr., fish hook in right hand,:ert Croniser announced today “ ~    1    and    Steven Kant. 13, Alliance, the purchase of a new chlorin- ON THE INSIDE knee and leg injuries sustained at<>r ^-r jbe4 swinging pool at after slipping on gravel at Camp Tuscazoar. Last Monday, Bess Peoples was given the oath of office as Women’s Page acting postmistress. Around The World ............. 8 Dear Abby ................... 17 Dr. Alvarez .................. 17 Dr. Crane .................... 17 Goren On Bridge ............ 19 Obituaries .................... 2 Sports .................... 9    &    lo Television ........ . DAY BRIGHTENER Anyone who thinks a 23 man is persistent hasn’t had much experience with bill col- v „      lectors. Your Horoscope .............. 191    ^__________ City Park to replace a vac uum-type one which was 20 years old. Croniser said the cost of approximately $850 spent for the new chlorinator cannot be measured except by the safety it affords the children. Future undertakings will in-elude repairing the bottom of sales- the pool and the main filter. Beginning Wednesday, some- issued by the Board of Health, according to Norman Miller, sanitarian. The order was issued last week in light of a purported rabies epidemic. At a meeting of county veterinarians Friday night, 17 “shot” I centers were set up. Dr. K C. Krantz of Dover is in charge of Mayor Rob- arrangements. The centers will be in Dover, New Philadelphia. Mineral City, Uhrichsville, Dennison. Gill-more, Port Washington, Gnadenhutten, Tuscarawas, Sugarcreek, Baltic, Bolivar. Stone Creek, Dundee, Strasburg, Midvale and Stillwater. The committee is now securing locations and determining the exact times for the clinics, Dr. Krantz reports. “The clinics will be begin the last of this week or the first of A cyclist was slightly injured and 3 drivers cited in 5 acci* ort Bigler, is reported “satisfac- der,te investigated by New Phil-I tory” with elbow' and knee in- adelphia police over the week-juries. Six young passengers in end. her car were hurt with 3 being charles G. Bigler 23 of 124 hospitalized. Michael DeMattio BeU Ave _ Dover sustained a 15. of Midvale, suffered a skull sprained thumb and leg Satur-fracture and later was trans- day on jrd g( Ng wben his mo_ fcrred to Canton Aultman where j torcycle struck a vehicle owned by the Dover New Agency and driven by Larry E. Smith, 21, of 159 E. Broadway. Police stated Smith had pulled to the side of the road to drop off newspapers and when ha pulled back into the lane of traf-fie collided with the motorcycle. In an accident Saturday at 5:28 p.m. at the Ray Ave. and 4th St. NW intersection, Wavne S. Oswald. 26. of RD I. Dell-roy, was cited for failure to stop within assured clear distance after he struck the rear of an auto driven by George S. Maxwell, 72, of RI) I, Mineral City, who had stopped for a red light. Joe Leggett, 34. of 419 E. High Ave. reported to police Saturday at 10.28 a m. that his auto had been struck on E. High Ave. by one later identified as being owned by Jack Cope of Dover. Leggett told police that Cope did not want to report the mishap to police and left without giving his name and address. However Leggett obtained the license number, which led to the identity of Cope. No charges were filed. In 2 accidents Sunday, William G. Uptegraph. 19. of 623 4th St. NW, was cited for reckless operation when his car struck a no parking sign in front of 925 4th St. NW. In the other accident yesterday afternoon on FL High Ave., police reported a car driven by Oren L. Schlabach, 30, of RD 4, Millersburg, stopped for a traffic light and then creeped forward hitting one driven by Michael A. Partridge, 19. of 169 F airview Lane. Schlabach w as fined $16.20 this morning by Mayor Joe Fritz for failure to stop within assured clear distance. Hearing Set On Sheppard (Early Story on Page 12) AKRON, Ohio (AP)—A hear-j mg on a motion to cancel Samuel H. Sheppard’s $10,000 bond and return the convicted wife-'slayer to prison will be held at the Summit County Courthouse here at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Announcement of the site and time of the hearing was made this morning by Judge Paul C Weick of Akron, presiding jurist of the U. S. Court of Apeals for the Sixth Circuit. Sitting with him will be Judge Lester L. Cecil of Dayton and Judge Clifford O’Sullivan of Port Huron, Mich. A motion to revoke Judge Weinman’s order and return Sheppard to prison was filed by State Atty. Gen. William B. Sax-' be at the request of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor John T, Corrigan. thing new’ will be initiated when next week,” he added an entire family may swim from Complete information will be 7 to 9 p.m. for 50 cents.    announced    boon,    Miller    said. Vehicle Parking At Courthouse Stirs Comment Employes in the Courthouse have suggested a remedy for the parking problem that constantly plagues them. Reliable sources said today they recall that in 1961 when the row of buildings between FL High and Ashwood Lane, across the alley from the Courthouse, was purchased for $67,000, the plan was to dismantle the Old Township Building fronting on Ashwood Lane. The building is unfit for habitation and has never been occupied since the purchase, the Courthouse veterans point out. In fact, they say, at the time of the purchase, Gundy Construction Co. had made ii" estimate of $2,100 for dismantling the building. It is estimated about 16 cars could be parked in the area which the condemned part of the building now occupies. Dover Man Is Held Ronald Basiletti, 23, of 418 N. Tuscarawas Ave., Dover, is be-rng held in County Jail for Fairborn, O. authorities where he is charged with grand larceny in connection with the theft of tools and equipment from Cline’s Body Shop where he reportedly was formerly employed. He was arrested at 8:30 Sunday morning by deputies ;

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