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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 18, 1964, Dover, Ohio Soap Box Racers Primed For Sunday 'Sendoff Tension will be high and butterflies will be jumping Sunday when 51 boys test the results of months of hard work and skill in the sixth annual luscarawas County Soap Box Derby on Wabash Ave. in New Philadelphia. Tire weatherman says ideal weather conditions are in store, unlike those of last year which caused the race to be postponed for 2 days. The competition will begin at 12:30 p.m. with the traditional “Oil Can Derby" in which Dover Mayor G. LeMoyne Luthy attempts to defend his crown against ’newcomer” Mayor Joe Pritz of New Philadelphia. Joe Elco Jr. of New Philadelphia, last year’s champion, will make his run prior to the first scheduled race at I. Judging from previous years, the winning time for the 640-foot downhill race should be around 23.5 seconds. A crowd of more than 2.000 is expected to turn out for the Derby, which involve* IO more boys than a year ago. Fifteen-year-old Glenda Ellwood of Stone Creek will reign as Queen. Rita Roush, IA of Strasburg, and Brenda Festi, 13, of Dover, will comprise her court. See DERBY, Page 37The Daily Reporter Y'OL 61. NO. 6.    44    PAGES. Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday, July 18, 1964 7 CENTSOr. Sam, Fiancee To Tie Knot Today CHICAGO (AP) — Convicted wife-slayer Dr. Sam Sheppard and his fiancee rolled quietly into Chicago late Friday night in a new yellow limousine just v Weathervane YESTERDAY High 92    Low    $3 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, cloudy 90 65 Chicago, ram ...... 92    68    1.81 Los Angeles, cloudy 82 61 Miami, cloudy ..... 86    78    .03 New York, clear ... 90    73 Pittsburgh, clear .. 86    74    «• St. Louis, cloudy ... 93    73    »• San Fran., cloudy .. 61    55    «« Washington, cloudy . 93    73    *• TODAY 7 arn.............. 68 RAINFALL Last 24 Hours .... None TOMORROW Sunrise .*••»«»«••• • 5.10 Sunset • »♦•♦.»» •••«»7:54 High 93    Low    66 Forecast: Fair, warm, humid, •cantred Stowell* hours after he was released from the Ohio Penitentiary. The Chicago Tribune said the osteopathic surgeon, free on $10,000 bond, would be married later today to statuesque Ariane Tebbenjohanns, the German divorcee he became engaged to while in prison. A Tribune reporter accompanied the couple on the drive from Columbus, Ohio. They left that city after Sheppard's release from the penitentiary. He had been in prison nearly nine years for the bludgeon slaying of his wife, Marilyn, in 1954 He has claimed he is innocent of the crime. As Mrs. Tebbenjohanns* auto pulled away from a Columbus motel, Dr. Sehppard called out See DR. SAM, Page 39 Barry Rests, But Discord Touches GOP ..Page IO3 County Beagle Clubs Protest Rabies Order Three beagle clubs in Tun    es. raccoons, bats and    all other    Dowler. each expressed opposi- caraw’as County today joined in    warm-blooded animals?”    tion to the proposed quarantine ' D j t    Moore, who said yesterday    and compulsory innoculation of , protest against the Board of    (he dul)s migh, seek Jn mjunc.    a„ Health s order for a 90-day    tion against the board’s order,    “The specific objections are: quarantine and compulsory im-    stated this morning    such a    “No eradication of rabies will munization of all dogs in the move had been dropped for fi- result from the board s action. county because of a purported    "<*"^1.reasons.    “We    feel they are imposing .. * j •    a financial penalty on those ra >ii» t pi emic.    The    clubs* statement follows:    honest dog owners who abide by The Buckeye Beagle Club    “The 3 beagle clubs of Tun-    the laws in keeping their dogs near Dundee, the Willowbrook    carawas C(mmv were repre.    kenneled or chained and pur- Beagle Club in RD, Dennison.    *    chase the required license tags and the Briar Patch Beagle    sented at Thursday s mettinft    each year Club in RD Newcomerstown. in Union Hosp,tai aurorium    .ni|jaI    ^    m    Tuscara. charged all dog owners are be-    concerning the so called rabies    was Coum for the inoculation mg discriminated against that    epidemic in the county.    wiu be ,3 per dog. with sue- the board s action will not re- “These men. Tom Moore, suit in eradication of rabies.    Thomas    Moore Sr. and Audley    See PROTEST ORDER, Page 30 The clubs urged all dog owners to protest the board’s order    4^    *¥■ and expressed the hope it would    JI •    *    mw reconsider and rescind the or-    P    Oft?    fit    I    Mw A statement released by Tom g M    Ii    if^r!noLh^1>ofPo,hewJasduni; “ealth Problem asked what the board intended    ATLANTA. Ga. (AP) — Ra-    This leaves the health service to do a *>ut thousands of stray    hies, a relatively rare    but    with a major snag—rabies in ca s running loose in the coun-    dreaded disease, has become a    wildlife. ty and the main carriers of    hardcore problem for the    U S.    The service’s communicable ra iion —- skunks, possums, fox-    pubhc Health Service for    two    disease center here reports that reasons:    too little knowledge    the appearance of rabies in ani- Bi BPM*    and t°° many carriers among    mals is running 18 per cent DUrnS    wildlife.    ahead of last year. Through For years, cats and dogs were    mid-June, 2,216 cases had been I    -    ^    the chief concern of rabies    reported compared with 1,871 I nilEPn    \IaRC    watchers. In the last year or    for the same    period    of 1$63. UUIL    JI CLIN    two,    however, rabies has been    , VII    ht    weU under conlrol m    The increase is due exclusive. w    c j    ly to rabies outbreaks in wild- New' Philadelphia police to------‘    life, according to Dr. Robert day are hunting for a blue 1960    #    G. Scholtens, head    of    the    cen- or 1961 Buick seen speeding Disturbances KCeD    ter’s Zoonoses surveillance unit. away from the United Holy    Zoonoses is a term for diseases Church of America on 5th St.    Do VCT    POllCe    BUSY    which can occur    in both man NW after a 3-foot cross w’as left ^    '    and animals burning on the church’s front Dov*r P°hce received 3 com- steps    plaints of noise and disturb- Our only tool for control A hand-lettered sign, stating    ances caused by groups of    here is trapping the wildlife, but —“Another KKR Demonstra"    y°unS toys and teenagers yes-    this is not really effective” tion —was left on the bottom    terday, in the 200 block of Un-    Scholtens says. “It just eases step leading to the Negro    *on Ave., the Dover Ave. School    our conscience that we are church.    area    and on Depot St., where    doing    something.” Rabies is    a Buford Ray Jr. of 1430 5th St. boys    were reportedly throwing    virus    disease    which    attacks    the NW spotted the car at 10:25 and    stones.    nervous system, children of the George Walker    It was reported a beer glass    jf a person js suspected of family of 1431 Kelly St. alerted    was thrown through a plate    having been bitten by a rabid their parents that something    glass window in the 200 block of    animal Scholtens says, doctors ‘liming.    N. Tuscarawas Ave.,    and offi-    don’t waste time    testing him to Edgar Livingston of I Jag 5th    cers were    called to    settle an    see if he has the    dlsea*e They St. NW, a church trustee, was argument between 2 men on the    BABIES    Pace    37 called and he instructed that same street.    * the |K)hce be summoned as he--t> ^    ^    ^ hi rushed to the church a block    ...... ON THE    INSIDE and a half away.    ..    c Livingston said that Buford    DAY    ^    '    v * heard several boys laughing.    IT    Around The World ........ 9 The cross was made from    BRIGHTENER    Goren On Bridge    .....23 2x4’s, wrapped in rags and    Obituaries  ......... 29 soaked with gasoline.    If    there’s    anything kids get a    Television  ...... 21    to    24 *»- u damaSe was reP°rted 1° bang out of it’s a screen door. Sports .........  33    to    37 Rib building.    -    Women’s Pages ______ BAI TAVERN MUGS. Two Dover Jaycees Wives, Mrs. Socrates Space and Mrs. Don Ulrich, donned cardboard beer mugs last night to advertise the production of "The Tavern," George M. Cohan's melodrama starring Cleveland's Bill Gordon. Tickets are now on sale for the play to be presented next Saturday and Aug. I at 8:15 p.m. in Dover High auditorium. Mrs. Paul Redinger is directing the cast, with proceeds going into a fund to bring a foreign exchange student to Dover. The "mugs" had some difficulty maneuvering last night because of the crush of people shopping the annual sidewalk sale, which conclude* today. ;

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