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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 16, 1964, Dover, Ohio Feller Renews 1949 'Acquaintance' During Dover Visit — See Page 17 The Reporter's Outstanding Lineup Of Features .... Yours For The Reading! VOL. 61. NO. 4.    32    PAGES. Daily Reporter HOME EDITION Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia. Ohio, Thursday, July 16, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Familiet PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Coldwater Is GOP First-Ballot Choice NOMMEt "    "    «    T Party Unifies For Dem Assault By JACK BELL and HARRY KELLY SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Republicans, many binding their wounds, began forming today behind the victorious conservative banner of Sen. Barry Coldwater for a unified assault on President Johnson’s Democrats. The Arizonian swe^t to the party’s leadership Wednesday night when his relentless bandwagon rolled over moderate and liberal forces for a shouting, rafter-shaking triumph on the first ballot. Gov. Will lam W. Scranton, who had been the last hope of the “Stop-Goldwater” forces, made the first move toward loyalty, urging the party to ‘‘emphasize its unity.’’ Still to be finally settled is who Coldwater will have as a states reached South Carolina, running mate; he already has That Southern state gave the said he is ‘‘favorably inclined” 55 - year - old Coldwater, the E'    '    r    o (Turn to Page 4 for editorial on ‘‘The No. I Question Of The Year” and David Lawrence’s comments to the effect that Sen. Goldvvater’s opposition failed to recognize a changing mood in America. See Page 21 for first of 3-part series, ‘‘The Coldwater Story.”) toward Rep. William E. Miller ; grandson of a Jewish peddler, all its 16 votes and put him over the 655 needed for the big prize. At the end of the first ballot, the vote stood this way: Coldwater 883, Scranton 214, Gov. | Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York 114 and others 54. Scranton, his own drive crushed in the stampede, then motioned that be made Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard as he looked (left) at his trial in Cleveland IO years ago and upon his release (right) from the Olvo Penitentiary today. Banks Lament Coin Shortage Officials at 4 of 6 Dover and j improvement for at least anoth-New Philadelphia banks con- er 6 months, tacted this morning reported a definite coin shortage of most It was stated that a few of the all denominations—and the situ- area banks having a moderate ation is getting worse.    supply of coins are helping oth- A New Philadelphia bank ers. spokesman said: ‘‘We have hit One banker in New Philadel- Sheppard Faces New Legal Step COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)—Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard, the ‘‘Doctor Sam” of one of the nation’s most publicized murder cases, was expected to leave Ohio Penitentiary today on the strength of a federal court order. He had won the release order after nearly IO years of futile efforts to overturn his conviction in the slaying of his wife. But the former osteopath, only months away from a possible parole, appears to have another battle coming up for even temporary freedom before a new trial. U.S. Bist. Judge Carl A. Wein-j man in Dayton ruled Wednes-|| g| day that the 40-year-old Bay Vil- I H|mU Veto Reasons In Zoning Case A smiling, confident Sen. Barry Coldwater now looks ahead to his campaign against President Lyndon B. Johnson. received with thunderous ap-of New York, a pugnacious kind    provai    25 of    the 1.308 dele- of campaigner that politicians    ^ate votes    held out—17 remain- call a gut-fighter.    jor    Scranton.    3    for    Rocke- The fitful months of bitter    feller and 5 from    New York ab- struggle for the party's presi-    staining. dential nomination came to a In the midst of the tumult. lage suburbanite was denied his constitutional rights in his 1954 trial in Cleveland. The trial resulted in his conviction in the bludgeon slaying of Marilyn Sheppard. Judge Weinman said Sheppard’s custody is “void” and if Cuyahoga County or the state takes no action within 60 days the release becomes final. Weinman’s 86-page decision    to Council Clerk Calvin L. Do- denounced the coverage given    mer a statement giving 3 rea- the    nomination    t^e bottom    for    half    dollars    phia said he    is    not giving out I the case by three Cleveland    sons for vetoing an ordinance unanimous—a    gesture    ancj pennies.    This    shortage has    coins unless    the    customer has I newspapers and also mentioned    rezoning 7 lots on the east side been evident    since the    first of    others to trade    in He stated three nationally nkown radio    of Union Ave. between Liberty the year.”    the reason    for    this is that commentators and columnists.    St. and Shafer Ave. A Dover banker reported that the coin collectors will be cut i The judge, acting on a request j The rezoning ordinance was in the last 3 months, quarters, off somewhat and the supply for a writ of habeas corpus, or- passed by Council July 6, but Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthv announced today that he had sent nickels, pennies and half dollars of various denominations will be dered Sheppard’s release under Luthv indicated at that time he scraming end in the vast Cow ^en Palace when the roll call of BUCKING TREND OF HISTORY Barry Has Own Campaign Ideas man, told a reporter he had been informed that Coldwater had offered Miller, retiring COP national chairman, the vice-presidential nomination and that Miller had accepted. But Coldwater and Miller $10,000 bond.    ,    would    veto    the    move. dollars Cuyahoga Countv (Cleveland) Council may override Luthy’s to the j prosecutor John Corrigan, who Tfto ,dunn* re^Lar sessi!>n P10ce’ s handled the state's case in the Ben have been at an all-time low.. consistent. Another said a request wras The shortage of half Thruston    B.    Morton    of    made for $10,000 in coins from is attributed, in part, Kentucky    the convention    chair-    Pittsburgh and Cleveland banks new John F. Kennedy and that only $200 was received, j which replaced the    vears ag0, said he will 11™" ll There were no pennies or Franklin aO-cent com. The Ken-1 f()r a „f executlon t0 JPPr0''>1 mcke,s-    inedy coins are be,ng held notl    nt Sheppard's release. I only by collectors but also the j1 The normal big source of sup- general public.    !    See    DR. SHEPPARD, Page 2 ply for local banks is the Feder- SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—Bar-(New York. Coldwater finally|he couldn’t quite believe it. Ty Morris Coldwater has his1 shouted impatiently, “You’ll get1    But last Jan.    3. Coldwater, 55,    both appeared    on television la- own ideas about presidential    him if you’ll just be quiet.” It    announced he    was going after    ter to say that    it wasn’t quite as campaigning — and almost    was not the usual response of a    the top job. Now he says, “I    buttoned up as    Morton had said everything else.    ^litician to a cheering throng,    wouldn’t have    got into this if I    it was. “I’m not one of those baby- By his own account, Goldwa- didn't really want it.”    j    Coldwater    said    he    hadn’t kissing,    hand shaking    bi.ntz-    ter    is bucking the trend of histo-i gut an aide said. “However,    promised Miller to ask him to eating    candidates,    he said    ry,    seeking the White House as has no overwhelming desire    accept second place on the tick- to be president. If he thought    et, as had been reported. But he FEDERAL AID TO BE STUDIED once. “I don’t like to insult the American intelligence by thinking that slapping people on the back is going to get you votes.” a senator from the small-populated Western state of Arizona. He goes where he wants when he wants, sometimes ignoring! When a crowd chanted. “We what his political advisers re-Want Barry’’ for IO minutes at a gard as pressing local campaign Madison Square Garden rally in chores. More than a year ago he said, “I’ve never done anything to get the nomination, and yet all of a sudden everyone wants to thrust it on me.” He used to talk of “the president thing” as though Jury To Get Money Suit A Common Pleas Court jury this afternoon wa* expected to begin deliberations in a suit and counter-petition over installation of a heating and air condition- See CAMPAIGN’, Page 15 ★ See GOP PICKS, Page 2 ★ Commissioners, County Road Workers Meet A negotiating committee for the County Road and Bridge Department employes held a surprise meeting with County Commissioners this morning to seek support in their bid to reach an agreement with Engi- system in the home of Ralph i neer Charles Young on a wage K. and Martha Ervin of RD I, \ Dover Youth Hurt In Crash Monday night by a 5-2 vote, the same count which gave final to the measure IO days ago. In his statement today, Luthy gave these reasons for the veto: “(I). Strong objections to tile rezoning requested in Ordinance 32-64 by persons owning and living on property to be rezoned and also by adjacent property owners. “(2). The rezoning requested 'in this ordinance, in my opinion, is spot zoning and should not be permitted in certain sections i    when objections have been pre- Seventy-five residents of the flict of interest among the par- sented. Beaver Dam Watershed District ties,” Garrett told the group. “(3). Tile following described turned    out    at    New    Philadelphia    Garrett went on to explain    lots in the city of Dover, known municipal building    last    night to,that the federal government    as lots number 2350. 2351, 2352, initiate    steps to    halt    a    long-time    wants no part of land rights    2353. 2354, 2355 and 2356, listed and that maintenance, after the    in Ordinance 32-64, are shown head-J project has been completed will    listed as residential R-2. Since the sole responsibility    development, a1 Reserve Bank at Cleveland, but it, too, is finding it difficult to supply the banks with coins. Bankers blame the shortage largely on expanding population and the widespread use of laundromats, cigaret, candy and other kinds of vending machines. Government mints are working around the clock and plan to keep the year date of 1964 on all coins for an extended time. Local bank officials are making an appeal to the Ohio Banking Assn. but they do not expect annual flooding problem. ---j    \    “steering    committee,” ed by County Extension Agent become Philo Croup Maps Flood 'Protection' of the affected community. Garrett added that an application must be approved in Washington before funds for planning will be appropriated. “A maintenance agreement.” he continued, “must be signed at Se FLOOD FIGHT. Page 15 Dundee, Final arguments were presented this morning by Atty. Clair Hoffman of New Philadelphia, attorney for Furbay Electric of Canton, plaintiff not in the $514 suit, and Dover Atty. Mario Corsi, Ervins’ counsel. scale and work rules. “We wanted an understanding from them (commissioners) on where they stood.” Ermile Dennis, spokesman for the group, said following the session. He Supply to said however that they did get a lot” of satisfaction. Dennis, ind,eating another . rTh.e Ervins are seeking $6 OOO meeting will be held with the ° 'aul * *"d 'mPr°P*' connty officials, said the local *?“°n ,of lhe .equipment. Judge union has compromised from a Rep. William E. Miller (left) of New York, national GOP chairman, hat been named Sen. Barry Coldwater'* choice for hit vice pretidential running mate. Goldwater's campaign manager, Denison Kitchel (right), is a "very good probability" to succeed Miller as new national chairman. Strasburg Canoeists Reach New Orleans, To Ride Home Lester Cronin, was selected to study the feasibility of obtaining federal aid under Public    Law 566—designed to aid local areas in flood control and establish-Ed Jentes. 17. son of Edward mg recreational and other com-Jentes Sr. of 1320 Dover Ave., munity water projects. Dover, is listed as “satisfac- Flooding, concentrated mainly tory” in Union Hospital today in the city’s northeast section, after receiving a broken arm in has caused more than $100,000 an accident yesterday on Coun- worth of damage to homes and ty Road 80.    properties in the area    since Sheriff’s deputies reported 1959. according to surveys made that Jentes was a passenger in by members of the local Soil an auto driven by Scott Mastin, Conservation Agency. 16,    of 1821    Dover    Ave. David    Under the federal aid    plan, Kennedy of 201 W. 17th St. also discussed by John J. Garrett,, was a passenger in the Mastin project engineer of the Chip-car but was not injured.    pew'a District of the Soil Con- According to Sheriff deputies servation Service, IOO per cent    Albuquerque,    clear the    vehicle went    onto    the berm    of the cost of construction of Chicago, clear ..... and when Mastin tried to re- dams and reservoirs and chan-    Cleveland,    clear    .... gain the roadway the auto slid neling of creeks and tributaries    Los    Angeles,    cloudy into an embankment.    would be taken care of, wbile Miami, clear ....... -    ] cost of easement rights, con- New York, cloudy ., tracts and purchase of lands for Pittsburgh, clear ... construction wmuld be paid for St. Louis, clear Dover police investigated an on a local level. this section has always been an area of home! and. in my opinion, should remain so.” Doverite's Will To Aid Needy ^Weathervane In Italian Town YESTERDAY High 83    Low    59 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low I’r. 92 63 .01 Cite Strasburg Driver J. H. Lamneck is presiding. 50-cent-per-hour request to 30 cents. It is understood however, that the 30-cent union offer was only verbally presented to Young. Commissioners following the discussion said that had "very little in the negotiations.” Only IO of 51 regular hourly- , j    ..    „    accident at 9:50 a.m. today on Im ga its all over.    I    The    youths presently are bv- Wooster Ave., near the cor-) Garrett pointed out that on a This was the reaction today of    mg with a bounty hunter in    p0ration line, involving autos    national average under the fed- Mrs. Clarence Ecenbarger after    New Orleans, and according to    dnven by Floyd Ward, 18, of    oral plan the cost for local par- she received a telephone call    Mrs. Ecenbarger, ‘ have in the    rd 3^ j)over, and Rita Richard-    ticipation is about 25 per cent, last night that the 3 Strasburg    past few days experienced some    sorij 44^ 0f 1044 4th St. SW,    An economically sound plan to Because of expanding arcula-    0‘in)oei<’ts* Terry SP*de"’    hectic moments.”    Strasburg. Ward was cited for    be carried out over a period of vn    ana    „„„„„    Malcuit, >otn 17, and her son    On Sunday, she reported, they    failure to stop within assured    years is a requisite for approval j were kicked out of a Natchez,    clcar distance. No injuries were    of federal funds, he said ’ j reported, but the Ward auto had! “It would be difficult to get See CANOEISTS, Page 15 i to be towed away.    federal    aid    if there is any con- 90 79 79 86 89 82 89 67 91 70 61 60 73 70 60 70 54 70 .14 .22 Daily Reporter To Expand Plant Because of expanding circi tion and news coverage, neces- T    on    ,    ,    ,    .    ... j i *• James, 20, had reached their seating increased production NfW 0r]eans destlnatl(ini capacity and facilities, The Daily Reporter this week will begin construction of an addi- The 2,000-mile journey took 31 days. The trio pushed off from the Tuscarawas River ski jump on June 14. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garber of Strasburg left early this paid employes of the department returned signed proposals ^]on t0 building. last week that had been sent    Bids were opened earlier in out by Young.    the week and the contract has Young had offered a 5 cents been awarded Gundy Construc-an hour hike for laborers with    tion    Co. The    one-story addition    morning    to    pick    up    the    boys heavy equipment operators be-    w,n    be 43’ 9” x 51’ 4”. It will    Thpv    Pvnerted    to    arrive    in Nm* ing jumped IO cents.    permit consolidation of all me- No other meetings have l>een chanical departments. The corn-set between Young and the de- posing room, located on the !    *    ”    1 partment employes, Dennis said. secon(j fioor cf the present |0 N THE INSIDE Also attending the session were    building, will    be relocated and Floyd Burrier and William Law-    the    editorial    department then ver.    I will occupy its quarters. San Fran., clear ... Washington, cloudy TODAY 7 am. ...•......... 63 RAINFALL Last 24 Hours:    86    inch TOMORROW Sunrise .......... 5    08 Sunset ........... 7:55 High 92    Low    66 Forecast: Fair, warmer, scattered showers. 51 BOYS READY FOR SOAP BOX TRIALS They expected to arrive in New Orleans tomorrow afternoon. Philo Boys Launch Sunday Derby Two 11-year-old New Philadelphia boys, Steven Welsh and Tim MacEachen, have received the “call” to launch the sixth DAY BRIGHTENER Reports BB Damage >A Uv* I ITavv« Rair an 9 c If you’re a man words, you won t have so many of them back. <-    *„    ^    t    ^    j Around The World .......... 15 annual Tuscarawas County Soap Dear Abby .................. j^Box Derby Sunday afternoon on Dr. Alvarez ................ 29    Derby Hill (Wabash Ave. NW Dr! Crane ..!!!!*,*............ 29    *n ^ew Philadelphia). Harry Bair of RD 2, Stras-jQoren on Bridge ............ 29    Their start, beginning 8 first- burg, reported to sheriff depu-;    Hospital News ................ 15    round races in Class B compe- ties office yesterday that some-1    Obituaries .................... 2    tition, will be signaled at I p.m. one had shot a BB through a I Sports .................. 17    &    18    following the traditional “Oil window' on his home sometime Television .................... 5    Can Derby” excursion pairing Tuesday night. He set damage j Women’s Pages ........ 22    &    23    defending‘champion Mayor C. at $25.    Your Horoscope .............. 31    LeMoyne Luthy of Dover against Mayor Joe Pritz of New 1 meted out in drawings for Class ham Pocock of Uhrichsville and Philadelphia. The chief executives are scheduled to shove off at 12 30. Joe Elco Jr. of New Philadelphia, last year’s champion, also will make the traditional run down the hill prior to the official competition. Two more New Philadelphia boys, Run Rees and Joel Borga, both 13, are paired for the opening Class A competition. B competition. “On the sidelines” during the round will be Rickey Prince, Mike O’Neil, When the late Mario Amista-di of Dover visited his native town of Roncone, Italy in 1950, he apparently decided the needy of the town. particularly tho children, could benefit from the prosperity he had enjoyed in this country. Amistadi, who had no children of his own, stipulated in his will, which was filed yesterday in Probate Court, that the bulk of his $42,800 estate be left in trust for either a children’s homo in Italy or the needy of his home town. Net income from the trust, to be administered by the Reeves Banking and Trust Co. of Dover, is to In* used to assist the children who “frequent, live, attend or come under the care of” the Asilo Infatile di Roncone, a children's home run by Catholic I.uhs there. Barring this, it is to go for the benefit of poor people in the town. The will, probated by Atty. Mario Corsi, also specifies the following legacies to nieces and nephews:    $1 000 to Raymond Amistadi of RD I, Dover; $100 each to George Amistadi of RD I, Dover, Mary Stocker of RD I, Dover, and Angelina Roll of Cleveland, and $5 each to John Amistadi Jr. of RD I, Dover, Paul Amistadi of RD I, Keith Monroe of Malvern. Other    Class    B first-round pairings include: ^    Craig    Neiger    of New Phila- Steve    Clinton    and    bred houtz,    delphia    vi>. Richard Clinton of Mineral City, Samuel Amistadi all of Dover, Bruce McCrea, | Dover; Edward Wills of Dover    0f RD I, Beach    City, and    Adam Richard Eiidres and Albert Ivs* 1^an Stephan of New Phila-    Amistadi of    Dover. All    are Shott of New Philadelphia, and delphia; Randy Swinderman of    niece Steve Ditcher II of Uhrichsville. Dover vs. Gerald Garabrandt of Tlv In Class A pairings, only 5 Dennison: Ted Levengood \ \    covered first-round byes were awarded— Joseph Willis, both of New    River 1 those going to Mark Petrullo. j Philadelphia; David Hykes vs. Dave    Cleveland    and    Glen Rupe,|R‘>ger Swigert.    both of New Eight first-round byes were'all of New Philadelphia, WU-J See DEBBY TRIALS, Pa^e 12 and nephews. body of Amistadi was re-from the Tuscarawas rn July 9. Tuscarawas County Coroner Philip Dough-ten ruled an apparent suicide I# tiro wilily ;

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