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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 15, 1964, Dover, Ohio They're Off For Venezuela—Story BelowCountywide Rabies Cases Nearing Epidemic Level * ******Coldwater Forces Win Again Health Unit Sets Special Discussions The number of rabies cases in Tuscarawas County has reached an epidemic level, resulting in a Board of Health call for a special meeting Thursday at 3 p m. in Union Hospital auditorium to consider a course of action. Dr. Ralph Masterson of Columbus. veterinarian for the St ate Department of Health, vill outline procedures which should be taken to curb the epidemic. County health officials this morning said 20 persons in the area, including 16 in the county, are now being treated for rabies. Those outside the county came in contact with in-county cases. Officials said it may be necessary to order a quarantine and emergency vaccination of ail pets. The vaccine reportedly is 96 per cent effective in preventing animals from contracting rabies. The Board of Health has asked County Commissioners, dog wardens, veterinarians and a representative of the New Philadelphia Board of Health to attend tomorrow's conference. Dr. Eldon Krantz. Dover veterinarian. pointed out that there have been several cases of “dumb” rabies. This is the type that does not cause animals to bt'co me vicious One case he has handled involved a dog which acted as if a bone had been caught in his throat His jaw had dropped an<^ he appeared listless. “The owner put his hand down the dog’s throat to see if there was a bone stuck there and that's when he was exposed to rabies,” Dr. Krantz said. Another area case involved a pet skunk which became ill. The The Daily Reporter VOL 61. NO. 3.    32    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Wednesday, July 15, 1964 PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS I DAD AWAITS WIFE, 4 CHILDREN Dover Family Headed For Venezuela Reunion Opposition 'Bombed' In Plank Fight Bv JACK BEU. SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—Sen. Barry Coldwater piloted his I thundering campaign jot toward | a first-ballot presidential nomination today after bombing out opposition to a COP platform he |K*rsonalIv endorsed. With the Arizona senator’* forces rn complete command, the Republican National Convention Tuesday night rejected by overwhelming margins efforts of .supporters of Pennsylvania Cov. William W Scranton to amend a platform on which Coldwater said In* would be sa- Not everyone would    look    for-:    mr High student;    Judy. IO.    a    all pupils.    The    Shaw children ward with anticipation    to taking    former 5th Crader    at South Fie-    also are    happy    over the    pros- up residence in a foreign coun- "u'"<al7-    »•, * 4,h P"* of l<'ar"‘”« the Spanish) *    ,    , ,    (trader at South,    and Jody.    6,    language. try for a period of years,    bul    ho wJ, ^ jn her sth(M)|ing    ln Mrs. James (Dorothy) Shaw the fall.    It will be at least I!) months V”.    rul!    a-al"M    I    resident j a UU    a    a    u a n j .    ,    Johnson    in November and 4 children are an exception. A Puerto Urdaz school with before the family can nav a vis- m . c . r ,. v    a u    j    iu    au    1    minny    un pay a vis    significant    of    the    action* They were tense with excite-!US. teachers is provided by the lt home. However. Mrs. Shaw’s was (h,. «97 409 vote bv which ment as they waited yesterday15?!P>>a7 for *he, cblidren "f .    .:    „    U.S.    citizens. Pupils there go to The James Shaw family—minus Dad, whom they'll be joining soon in Venezuela—look up from their map review. There's Judy, ID (left), Jody, 6, Jim, 13, Mrs. Dorothy Shaw and Herbert, 9. V Bliss May Be Sidetracked As National COP Chairman to board a plane at Akron-Can-ton Airport for the first leg of a flight to South America. They’ll he welcomed in Venezuela on Thursday by husband-father. who went there 5 months ago as a steel technician. He immediately liked his work and the country so well he made arrangements for his family to join him. A former employe of Republic Steel in Massillon and. just before departing for South America, a utility man at the Dover ; Municipal Light Plant, Shaw I w as employed by the govern-_ ment operated Corporation Ven-ezoleana de Cuayana Siderugica de Orinoco, C A. He was employed after an swe school from 7 a m. to noon. At recess ice cream is furnished to parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert ||1C* sometimes noisy and milling Hoover of Zoarvillc, plan to pay; delegates rejected* a Scranton- backed proposal to amend a See BKI MON. Page 6 U. S. To Hike Military Force In S. Viet Nam WASHINGTON (AP) Reversing a cutback started last year. the United States will increase its military manpower iii South Viet Nam by about 600 men during the next few months. Nearly half of this figure will he additional Special Forces, ma dc available to provide more U.S. advisers working in the field with ie was employer! ai lei an- 0    ,    »/•    ki    •    i    i . .iii    lf    ........................... •ring an ad in a Cleveland S°ut" *,et Nam 5 regular army and to establish more special tortes 1/(.ns to vote vspaper and his job is to training units near the border between South Viet Nam and Laos.    The \ot«* by    which delegates ... plank which promised implementation and execution of tho Civil Rights Act. Sen. Hugh Scott, ft Pa., acted for Scranton in what could only be regarded as a last-gasp effort to provide some oxygen for the governor’s fast expiring challenge to Coldwater for the presidential nomination. Scott proposed a substitute which would have added a pledge for enforcement of the new law—against which Coldwater Noted — by an increased Justice Department staff It also proposed invoking tin* lith Amendment to reduce congressional representation of states which disenfranchise some cit- iv because of (he mixup over'Frank T. Bow of the 16th Dis- p(,si„on to last approximately 7 the early release of the Ohio I trict. By Richard Zimmerman Daily Reporter Staff Writer (..........    years SAN FRANCISCO—All things j delegation. Then there is the i Bliss, also. through no fault considered, it’s doubtful Ray C. continual bitter jabbing of Bliss of his own, is being used as a Bliss, Republican chairman of for his tactics in removing vet- pawn newspaper ana ms job „ train natives for employment in ! Word of the U.S. manpower the steel mill. He expects the I increase came along wit h new by Scranton forces in Ohio. w ill land the national    eran    Cong. Clarence J. Brown    their last ditch attempts to stop family first tried to    treat it and chairmanship which Cong Wii-    from    the national committee to    Coldwater. Scranton’s convention took the pet to    a veterinary j ham Miller, leading contender    open    up the seat for himsdf.    tion “newspaper” reported Ohio See RABIES. Page 2 Jet Test Run Ends In Death For 3 Persons Tor the vice presidential nomina-    leaders    are boiling mad over tion, will resign in the near fu-    Among those who are some- reports    Kitchel would get the Mure.    what bitter    over    that Bliss    ma-    national chairmanship. This is- Miller publicly says Bliss still    neuver are    Brown himself    and    n’t true. If anyone is boiling Is very much in    the running    another veteran    congressman,    mad it is Bliss, who detests ('ountrv.^arV: Jim.aDover J un- States    had    set    out    to c ? but privately the    congressman    ~~    “having his name thrown about J     the    number    of    US information on infiltration of North Vietnamese regular army personnel into the south. The additions will raise the total of U.S. Special Forces in Viet Nam to about 1,000, and tho of total U.S. strength there to about 16.000 men. Last fall, before a series of is betting the post will go to Sen Barry Goldwater’s campaign manager. Denison Kitchel. “It will be up to Barry.” Cong. Miller added. Goldwater, at one time, may have preferred a professional neutral like Bliss who could Germany (AP)— bring together ail factions with- Joy Mfg. Gets Defense Work in such power plays. Bliss actually has never said j he wants the national post He may still prefer to take the job after the election hut even if he is selected by Goldwater now the convention hasn’t been ANSBACH. Germany    (AP)-    Wnitog^ther'aU hcU^s    with"    A «»•*» government contract    factors A Boeing 720 ie airliner of West the parly. But now that he has been awarded to Joy Mfg. men(inn,.d have made hlnl |„„k ermanv s u an*a    • ir .nes    bas become Mr. Republican.    Co. at New Philadelphia by the    less the [jerfect professional who t.ufno ..IMhrL'no^    .1., Ta'    ,be Arizona senator is in a    posi-    Defen,e Electronics Supply Cen-    never ha, dirty linen washed in killing all three persons    aboard.    t|on t0 „am, a member of his    ,er a( D    11 •    publlc. and nJer a„ow5 mixups Police at this Bavarian town own staff to the ^ob—at least    *    m organization southwest of Nuernberg    said the    until after the campaign.    Ihe cuntract calls for 43,395    _ ai,. plane crashed into a    wooded    Besides, Bliss has lost a    little    electrical connector covers in    Aleanwmie- lne umo aeiega- area about 2 miles from a U S. statUre at the convention, main- accordance with military speci- * p"amm°US ** a Armv air strin at Kettersharh ---------------     —    L    J    * stronger Dover Man, IO, Is Found Dead Inside Vehicle East Holmes Bond Issue Vote Slated Army air strip at Kettersbach. “We must presume that the pilot was attempting an emergency landing there,” a police spokesman here sa.d. He said the three bodies had been recovered. A Lufthansa spokesman said the three persons were employes of the West German air- By Mn** Arrea Reynolds Lne.    Daily    Reporter Correspondent The airliner had taken off MILLERSBURG — Taxpay* from Frankfurt for a test flight ors in the East Holmes School and was to return to Frankfurt District in November will vote without landing elsewhere. on a $300,000 bond issue approv- Lufthansa said it had no indi- ed at a board meeting Monday cation of the cause of the crash, .night. Two U.S. Army rescue hell- The money will be used for copters reportedly were rushed additions at Walnut Creek. Ber- The Shaws will reside in a furnished apartment    provided by the company in    the ultra modern, 10-year-old    town Puerto Ordaz. The Shaws have sold their home at 605 Ricksecker St. Their 4 children, all    elated at    government and    a    step up    in the prospect of living    in a new    ^iet    Cong attacks,    the    United o. ... *    *    --1    —4 *- -ut back military men stationed there. About 1.000 of the 16,500 then assigned were pulled back. The new contin-i gents will replace part of that total. It was understood the decision to send the additional men was reached before the assignment of Gen. Maxwell I) Taylor, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as ambassador to South Viet Nam and the eleva-County Coroner Dr. Philip tion of (;(>n William Westmore-1 Doughten has ruled suicide jand to head the    military! in the death this morning of command there. Ervin Goss, 70, of 220 E. Broad- No figures were available on Dover, whose body was lhe (.xU.nt of North Victim me j batted down this    pro pi [seemed to indicate that when (they get around to choosing \AT iX.    their    nominee    tonight    Goldwater Weathervane    the    necessary    655 count before the first call of the YESTERDAY Low 56 High 78 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE High Low Pr. Albuquerque, clear 89 63 .. Chicago, clear ..... 80 63 Cleveland, cloudy .. 75 63 .08 Los Angeles, cloudy 84 61 .. Miami, cloudy .... 86 77 .06 New York, dear .... 87 67 .04 Pittsburgh, cloudy . 79 61 M St. Louis, clear .... 85 64 • • San Frau , cloudy .. 02 57 .. Washington, clear . 88 69 • • TODAY 7 a rn................ . 65 RAINFALL Last 24 hours .. OI inch TOMORROW Sunrise .......... 5:07 Sunset ............ 7:57 High 87 Lo w 60 fications. The fixed-price con ation by formal advertising. rnnnor »i„il rlnMv nlonlz iv    Way>    "'’"J    ”    IMO extent OI INOrUl VielnUllU'M necessarily a real md,. al,nu al    ^    #U‘0 * *    a"!"    "7/ tract wa, awarded after compt- the entire delegation’s feeling.    anil . i os a \ Mali , 1 Some in the delegation might P"'lt<' 'nvi-stigatton indicated parlment press officer, said death was caused by carrion there is a continuing influx of of guerrillas and bids tem 67 requested is a McCullnch of Piqua. A coupon- J* -ne,.    a,-    ...    nod, diary field command of the Defense .or of the civil rights bill and ached ", ,h* e*haust W*    irm.-nt. ie I a    I.    „t    uimmrfors    \f,.    the vehicle, parked in his ga Met loskev said he could not Supply Agency. It procures, one of its arch-supporters. Mc-    ,    1    h    * j i    f\,u .u    on    tm.    rviuff,*rm rage, and put brough a hack confirm reports of either argc- managts and .supplies common tulloch .served on the platform *    1    h    ^ .    , .    .    |    j , i        drofmd    tho    window    scale infiltrations of men or an parts >f electrical and electronic committee which drafted foe    fit * j l a.    j    r rid    /.onuriorv .I Police said the motor was increased flow of military sup- equipment used by the armed GOF plank and considers it ........    .    7    .    .    J    ' M *    v    a    d    d    £    t    k    empty    p ies into he area Forecast: Fair and warm. ON THE INSIDE The Defense Electronics Sup- have voted the other way had nea'n *i,s «"*“a    L'ar,,,”‘    m,    rf    ,s a c'on PIV Center, which received J it not been for Cong. William ‘    poisoning.    They    said    sinai    groups    c f j ,    .    ,    m.    z    *.. 11,    . .1,    , t n,......    \    I *     a small fire hose had been at- of Communist Around Tin* World Dear \bby ..... Dr. Alvarez ...... Dr. (.'ram* Goren On Bridge . Hospital News Obituaries .    ..... states even was completed The convention rejected by uncounted standing votes the Scranton planks on extremism and    atomic    control.    It also threw out in similar voting planks offered by Michigan Gov.    George    Romney on civil rights and extremism. Scranton trotted out hts heav-I lest artillery for his last ditch platform fight. Former Secretary of State Christian A. Hel ler sponsored the nuclear provision. New    York    State Assembly S p e    a k e r    Joseph    Carlino launched the civil rights provision. Leading off for Scranton was New York Gov. Nelson A Rockefeller, who served lip the plank ' * j on extremism. Scranton contends that the right wing John Birch Society is trying to take over Die Republican party and is supporting Goldwater’s eandi- 1 clavy as a means of gaining control. Scranton bro,(defied his plank ’(at the las! moment, adding the Ii Communists and the Ko Flux 2!) blan to the John Birch Society trj as “extremist groups ’ to ho 31 repudiated hy the pal ty. 31 ills words drowned out at ti limes by shouts of "We want 2 Barry Rockefeller called on servicer. See BLISS, Page 2 Philo School Advisory Unit Study Committees Selected w'hen they reached the scene,    McClosJcey did say that equip- indicating (Joss may have been ment made in tin* Soviet Union, dead for some time. The body Czechoslovakia and Communist was d scovered at 10:45 a m. China has been found iii the by Wilbur White of 831 Miller northern mountains of South Ave. NW, New Philadelphia, af- Viet Nam ter he was called by Goss’    - to the scene. Grill Jewelry Display Looted Members indicated preference steering committee rejjort by daughter, Mrs. Charles Goody, for assignments to study and re- Charles Voshail, chairman, and whom he resided. Mrs. Goody told Women To Wear Sesqui Costumes Im and Chestnut Ridge elementary buildings, and im-    _    . provements,    landscaping    and    search committees last night    chairman for each are: Organi-    -Mrs. Goody told police she furniture    for    other    buildings    in    "hen the Citizens’ Advisory    zation, Gene Everhard and    became concerned when her futile district.    ** Committee to New Philadelphia Art Heidenreich; buildings and    an    (‘ar|y    riser,    failed    to    Ax    CLrjnPSvilln schools met in the high school    grounds and future develop-    return to the house from the ^* JflUflCor IIC library.    ment, Ray Crumbley; finance,    garage. She went to investigate President Kenneth Neff re-    Voshail, and education, Mrs.    ar)d saw the hose. She then c a IJ - inreaieneu to uvgiu private    .    ...    ’    ,    .....    ..a schools if the board went ahead P°r}e* ^ Persons on the roster Philip Doughten and Mrs Mart <*cMUidt SjKirts ............... 17 Ult 18 the delegates to denounce any Television ............ 13 “doctrinaire, militant minority” Women’s Pages ........ 14 & 13 which would subvert the GOP Your Horosco|M*   31    See    WIN    AGAIN, I’uge 6 Ohio Civil Rights Ballot Proves Convention Stunner The action stems from tests by Amish parents, threatened to begin private pro-w ho James F. Knapp of Marr, ing theft of several rings    and    ‘    ‘ watches from the display    win-    con    1    lons‘ dow at Grill’s Jewelry, 205 W. 3rd St., sometime before 11:30 „    , n t. later nipht    Knapp and Crawfis, New Phil- ar , ^    ,    adelphia architects, also met Entry was apparently gained ... ■,    . ,    *    1    ,,• * j with board to present a resolute using a glass-cutting device,    \    ,, . ".    ,    , *    .    1 j»    » ii 1 tion of necessity for the bond as the upper half of the large •    J pane remained intact. Only the D    j,    ,    , lower half was shattered' The . Roscoe Miller, during he sex- broken w indow was reported to !*l0P’ vt 7 . 7e Prlnc'f*a 0 the pollee station a. 11:43 'he. ""‘"I, w ' k H Owner John Grill said    this    ,Wme!burK    ,and I u j i    i    .    j    Pleasant Hill elementary morning he had not completed .    ,    ,IA*A M .    ,    ,    ,    '    .    schools, he will receive $7,200 an inventory to determine the value ui the stolen items. » See BOND, Page t SHANKSVILLE - I’he streets of this village* will begin to take (Joss had been living with the on th<‘ flavor of next week’s sos this the CAC during the past sever- least once before school opens ^ew >’(‘ars ag° R(> was retired. Sunday, as the women are rial months by school officials.    Sept. 8 and Neff asked that the having worked at Reeves Steel q,H,st(.d lo makr d„.ir (](.|)LJt in Study areas outlined in the groups familiarize themselves an(^ Rapport Co. Inc. with as much background on    -- iw;«h nlans to transfer their stu an(^ distributed packets of past Sand. # Dover police arc investigat- dent/t0 aucviate overcrowded minutes and data compiled for All committees will meet at Goodys since his wife died a quicentenn.al celebration By ART PARKS SAN FRANCISCO ( MD - Ohio didn t have too many Ing mo merits Tuesday iii the marathon session nf the Republican National Convention, but its lug gest one was something of a stunner, That was when former ant in three ways: — It made it plain that Scranton could hope for little or no help from his Ohm neighbors in today’s big test for the presidential nomination — It made it plain that the Ohioans are satisfied with the (j s; civil rights plank as originally written. existing facilities and programs Philo Brawler Fined period costumes. Most of the dresses have been made from a basic pattern, in small calico prints arid trim Sen John W Bricker stood up to cast all 58 Buckeye votes ~was ;i s,,hd vote of eon* against a proposed change in faience in Rep Mililani Mc-the GOF civil rights plank of Culloch, veteran Republican the 1964 platform at Collection Day    as Foible. v  n „    .    Other committees include pro- Robert I) Ballard, 43, of RI) med with individuality bv the ri. I h ^®poftfr ®.ar* gram, bylaws, ways and means, 3, New Philadelphia, was fined wearer Thur d>y- F ‘it    co,,ec“n*    membership, and public rela-    $56 20 rn Mayor    Joe Fritz’s    The costumes will also be iirdav ll lh*    ■ k KI!    t,ons* Members of the steering    court v«*s‘erday on    a charge of    worn at the opening celebra V. eip nim pay hi* bul committee were named to these disturbing the peace. Ballard {ion, a lawn party Wednesday, y emg Prompt with your    committees and will request out-    was iiw\ed in    a fight at    July 22 from 2 to \ p m .it the pay men . eir ca me or    Sldl, ^e|p net.ded.    Youngs I avern    July 5 wdh    Bob Butler home for women of payment is ^alurday at Crumbley outlined background Robert Newton of Canton, who Shanesville Sugarcreek area of the school consolidation cf- was fined the same amount a Guests are invited to attend iii The (lino vote on the first See SCHOOLS, Page 2    , week a^>.    to    amal    ar    i+uiu*i    iii    co*.    IcuuvtaUua    lull    call    wa* import , The unanimous vote ca nu a dramatic moment in the con vention’s first roll call. It shot clown the hopes of tho forces of Pennsylvania Gov Mil ham M' Scranton just a few moments after tho e hopes had Ix-en buoyed by a substantial favorable vote- from New York. congressman for Piqua, Ohio, See OHIO VOTE. Page 6 DAY BRIGHTENER You can he sure that summer is here when your chair get# up when you do ;

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