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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 14, 1964, Dover, Ohio Kent Center Pupils Say Lack Of Social Activity Is Lone Shortcoming 1 Low cost, nearness to home, quality education, and the friendly atmosphere are the chief plus factors of the Tuscarawas County Academic Center, according to area students attending the Kent State program at New Philadelphia. The Center is now completing its second year of operation in Tuscarawas County. A recent survey of students in The Reporter Is Your Action Newspaper dicates most would be unable to attend college without the program and about the only shortcomings mentioned are lack of social activities to generate a college “atmosphere.” “I think I have received my money’s worth here,” says Beverly Ann Haver of RD 4, New Philadelphia.    ‘‘From    talking with others, I find that I have rot been slighted and in many ways have gotten more out of the courses than some on campus.” Katherine James of 315 S. Water St., Uhrichsville; agrees. ‘‘I have spent some time on campus and find the quality of education here as good and in some cases better,” she says. Since the college moved here in 19B2. Gloria Kaufman of 451 Kelly St. NW New Philadelphia, has lived only 4 blocks away. She believes after talking with students from other schools, that some of the work here may be even harder than the work on campus. When comparing notes on programs, an RD I, Gnadenhutten, mother, Mrs. Lowella Kouts, has sound criterion for judgment. She can observe her 2 daughters who attend separate state end municipal universi ties. “I feel that the education (at the Center) is comparable in the courses I have taken to w'hat my daughters are receiving,” she said, pointing out, ‘‘I’m glad Kent has an Academic Center.” Mrs. Clifford G. (Margaret,) Blair of J92J Dover Ave., Dover, likes the friendly atmosphere, nearness to home and uiiidUnP I < cl Cl I ii: J (UMH and abundant materials in the reading center.” William Iv Ripley of 237 5th Dr. NW. New Philadelphia, goes even further “I am satisfied with both the quality of teaches and of the material list'd by them. I believe I have learned more in 3 quarters of schooling here than I learned in my 4 years of high school.” The Daily Reporter One of the most frequently mentioned suggestions for future Center plans, however, is introduction of social activities of some nature. Many indicate they would feel more like they ‘‘attend” college with some activities Local trustees have discussed the matter informally. but nothing definite has yet been arranged. Mrs. Carolyn Rectanus of 728 See KENT CENTER. Page IO HOME EDITION VOL. 61. NO. 2. 18 PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover - New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, July 14, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Familief PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS | GOP Presents lucky or unlucky? Fear Or Faith' Choice To U.S. Rhodes Has Fateful With 13 Personal Decision Votes By BARRY SCHWEID Associated Press Writer SAN FRANCISCO (AP) of Oregon rally to the Republican banner and “set out again on a pilgrimage of faith.” “We offer America a choice—a choice between fear and faith,” By Richard Zimmerman This interpretation is a mistake, water ’ movement. Daily Reporter Staff Writer Even such a lirm Goldwater SAN FRANCISCO — The eau- supporter as Rep. John Ash-    Hie Ohio governor is purlieu* cus held by Ohio’s delegation to brook ol Johnstown still iiiMst' la iiv concerned now because 2 ANCISO) (AP) — Youthful Gov. Mark 0. Hatfield {h€ Repub*lican convention has he would have felt morally national sources have labeled has called on Americans of all political persuasions to lefl G()V james A Rhodes with bound to vote for Gov. Rhodes him the white backlash gover- R arvi 1111 lr ■s n Kl n no»* n nrl eof oui    i    n    on    n    r-vi    I    /-*    **i    rn    t    .    i    #    .1    11.    t a. t_ „    .    I    .. I..... UMI    IW * (* ii 11    i    I    f    I    ‘/ll    ll    MA    Millis    lift National Committee Chairman William Miller (center, background) bangs the gavel to open the 1964 Republican National Convention in San Francisco. Zoning    Fight    Looms Before Phila Council New Philadelphia City Coun- Also appearing to be shaping.‘‘shopping mart til. in a 90-mmute regular ses* up is a fight over a request! Gary Garabrandt    of    453    ,    ,,    ,    ,    ..    ,    , I ,    ,,    ”, .    .    ... e .... ni.    . xMir    .    i    said. and this    applies    to    the s on last night, parsed 4 ordo from Clarence harbizo of 412 Chauncey Ave. NU questioned    T-i    r-i    » i__ a most important decision to en the first ballot if the delega- n<u ■* ‘ ai,st ot c<>mrmnts ha make.    turn had not been released.    purportedly made to Gov. Whrit will hp Ai with tho HI    if    tho iH)v€?rnor would cull    *    »    »    , Hatfield said Monday night in his keynote address to the Repub- . >    f    ,    r,r    .    r • n I • l- Rhodes did make practical :___Kl..:___i    r_________delegates who prefer to vote for a caucus tomorrow and ask comment to the Pennsylvania him as the “favorite son”? The that the 13 delegates vote for a g0vernor that Goldwater could 13 votes will not turn the tide real candidate—an idea he i> *m j)artly because of such a for any candidate but they could toying with—he would be injured backlash but the Scranton both help and hurt Gov. nationally as well. Most, if not forces a,e placing the comment Rhodes politically.    all the 13. would go to Goldwa- way out of proportion in des- j ,    *    ,    i,    .    I,    ,u    a    i    u    4    There    are    some    who    interpret    tor and that would put Gov.    mfi    u nh .hi* lo- the 2.1 bl delegates and alter- tell the American people what ......    .    .    nu j    i    .i    a    pi i amu ana spite, wan mis id- . .l    i    ..rx    r    I    u    the delegations voting decision Rhodes squarely in the Arizona iw,i ,.n    .,,,    ,f nates at the Cow Palace:    Our    our    foreign    policy    is—even when    .    *    ,,    6    .    5    1    on    -11T1    nnoaes    looks as ii as an indication the governor is senators camp. Ibis he do."- he strolls favors Goldwater so weak as a favorite son that not want, while at the same an(j t0 lljVU him 13 more votes he could hold only 13 votes, time avoiding the ‘ stop Gold- W(>uld onIy solidify this impres- lican National Convention. “In the program of the Re-1 prerequisites of progress.” publican Party is a victory for j The converse of faith is fear, all Americans — Republicans, and in his traditional castiga-Democrats and Independents.” tion of the Democrats Hatfield i Hatfield, 42 last Sundae, told asked: “Why do thev fear to faith challenges anv who would American bovs are dying in a destroy freedom, whether they w rap themselves in a false cloak ! of patriotism or in an equally false cloak of religion.” Developing this theme, he flailed at the “bigots in this nation w ho spew forth the venom of hate.” “Thev must be overcome,” he See FEAR OF FAITH’ Page 6 nances, referred an additional Chauncey Ave. NW to rezone Council if approval of such a Coldwater Goes After Stray' Delegate Votes Ku Klux Klan, the John Birch    _    ,    ,    ...    ,    - Society, the Communist Party,    By    JACK BELL and on one of the party s elder The language propose! operating levy request for the vacant lots he owns along 4th rezoning request could be made ^ hundreds of others like    HARRY KELLY    .statesman, former Secretary of|showed a willingness to give Recreation and Park Depart- St. NAV (across from Union without the majority consent them ”    SAN    FRANCISCO    (AP)—    State Christian A. Perter, to of- some ground on tin* chance of menG to the financial commit- Country Club) from “residen- of residents of that area.    Cheers    split the air at this dec- Driving his delegates toward aifer the Scranton forces’ version winning over Republicans not tee and heard complaints on tial" to “commercial” ratings. Solicitor Donald Zimmerman Aration bv the photogenic gov- Lrst-ballot nomination. Sen. of a nuclear arms control unalterably committed to either roadway conditions on Kaderlv The property. Farbizo has said, told him that either a petition, ernor who linked faih to the **arr>T Goldwater stopped along amendment.    of the major contenders. «rlvf,r T'tUv I,w,!h j maior,ty ,,f ar,^ a***;*-* ,or ^ ^ l^LioAv°iv°‘m «,»...    »•«.    th, \enna arm. presumably for a hor s signatures, could be pre- The Republicans, he and Kelly NW. Aves. and 5th St. on a 2 New Teachers Hired For Dover A letter from Farbizo. noti- T he Dover Board of Education(who has 2 years of credit and fving Council of his intentions hired 2 new teachers and gave H> years of teaching experience to make a formal request at a the «o-ahead on several nroi- at Shadyside, New Philadelphia later date, was returned to “ 4    4    and Tuscarawas Valley. Both    Mayor Joseph Fritz, chairman were given elementary assign-    of the city planning committee, ments.    I Citing what he termed “spot Supt. Emmet Riley reports he    rezoning” in residential areas, still needs a primary and a Projects approved were:    Garabrandt told city officials high school teacher to complete Installing 2 exhaust fans in that: “The people of this town staff.    the new cafeteria to improve air    are getting tired of this.” Hired were Mrs. Beatrice Huff flow Cost was estimated at could In- pre- The Republicans, he said,    the’damage he thinks Coldwater’* statement that the civil rights amendment does not sented to Council by Farbizo “have faith that, for those mi requesting the action or Coun- nonties which do now have fe",m Republican cd could, after a public hear- equal opportunity ... we can mg enact the rezoning elassi- find the means of assuring to fieatioii change on its own. projects rn a 3-hour session Monday night. have done    North Atlantic Treaty Organiza- him.    bon commander should    have With    no    morning    session in    greater sypervision over    small, each of them access to these the GOF    Convention. Coldwater    tactical nuclear weapons. dropped in on the Oregon dele-, It proposed to put the party on igation and told them that Dem- record as reaffirming “the his-locrats "can do no more damage torical constitutional precept of j to me than some Republicans civilian control over the mili-have already done.”    jtary.”    It    went    on to say that “Republicans,” he added, “the authority to use America’s “should have discussed the fail-; nuclear weapons belongs only to ing of the Johnson administra-1 the President of the United    a m tion, not whether Goldwater States wanted to drop a nuclear Aa agreement was reached bv the crossing neat tin Levy Decision Is Weighed By Commissioners sion. Leaders t f the 13 delegates are sta:»* officials, who are concerned ovi r their future election on a statewide ticket, if Goldwater should prove highly unpopular ai Ohio. On the other hand. lit.* hard core of Coldwater strength is in the congressional bloc in the delegation elected from districts. Since Gov. Rhodes slowly ’S becoming involved in a pow el struggle with older members of this bloc Lu control of the party lie may want to oblige the stale bloc as much as possible and keep his name in the race. State Chairman Ray C. Bbs* is keeping in the background because lie is caught in tho middle til' ;his struggle. But ho has always favored a united front and likely would prefer Rhodes lo shuck off the 13 delegates. IV ss is more concerned with what his fellow profession-Dover police received a call ‘d political pros think than with today that a B&O t*u‘ impression left with the gen* Railroad train had been block- era! public proposed See DELEGATES, Page 6 Rail Crossing Blocked Again bomb. convention officials to spend an chem Division of Wallace Dur and The    backers of Gov. William    hour    on this    and    a    proposed    Heman I"1 mole than an hour. W. Scranton formed their falter-    change in the    civil    rights    plank    An ifficer, who went to    the of Dover,    who    taught    Strasburg    «2    500    Action    came    after    the    r!*0 ,al|i° ^uestlon' ri    c,t-v s    Tuscarawas County Commis-    mg stop-Goldwater drive for one    approved    by the    Goldwater-    scene, said    the    crossing was last    war and    has    3    years    of    col-    architect    for    the    build    im    of    often’talk^d*about $1 800    >early    sioners indicated this morning:    ™or® tr>T stoI} thf Goldwater    dominated    platform    committee,    blocked 20    minutes    while he lege * credit, and Mr. Eleanor    “ie    the    SSL ZI^He “"ad »ould    »    “-aion    by    .tte^en.iU tit    "lf    /'T f "V'T    !"r    »» Arms,rang af New fhdadelph.a,    ,    h h,ch deul i/™ (,1, thai Imall anllmnt con ^y    concerning the    possi-1    try    pn.t    ^^4"^ ops wnen the cafeteria is usid Sltjering the cost of mainte- bility of a levy to alleviate a to hammer three amendments pects of success that he asked en my -    I    a" aH .SH y hJ!1 °r !uV Th^ nance- ll wnuld bt‘ better to $59,267 deficit in the proposed into the carefully constructed for oniy ]0 minutes to offer a rpf    crowds    during hot weather, the selI iand thore for commercial j county general fund budget for! platform bearing the Arizona proposal to denounce “extrem- rCi '    ^0Ve WaS recommended by res* development sites.    1QM    g    conservative’s endorsement. |sts •• , ident engineer James Marshall.;    from    ^ uw „„    ! It likely will be then- last real ......' I There were no decisions sland More Wednesday nighfslr    "    1 See PHILA COUNCIL.    Page 13    reached this morning at a pub-    balloting tor the presidential    ON THE INSIDE __1|C bearing, attended only by    nommatlon, and they puUcd a members of the County Budget    sun)nse maneuver t0 trv t0    - - I    Commission. Prosecutor Harlan.^ Coldwater’* iron grip on Around The World ............ 6 ipes an newsmen.    the convention proceedings. Ur. Alvarez ................... 17 Commissioners,    it appears,    Sen.    Leverett Saltonstall, R-    Dear    Abby ................... 15 probably will give top consid- MasS f disclosed they had called Dr. Crane Replacing of the 20-year-old switchboard in the Dover police were in the “pet business” again yesterday, as telephone dogs and cats were the offend- high school with new General ers in most of the day’s com- Telephone Co. equipment tying plaints.    in the entire school system. The Reports were received of a nl"'e *as mad('. '» conjunction dog which barked all night in wl‘h he revamping of the high the 200 block of Johnson Ave., schoo‘ off“-’es. and of a large yellow and white Lighting of the paved plav-dug running liaise on Broad St. ground behind the gymnasium Atlie Peterman of 212 Bank DAY BRIGHTENER Lane said his German shepherd, answering to the name ‘ Baron” had gotten loose. It was also reported a sick cat wa> up a tree on E. lith St., and that one was struck by a car on Cross St. Responding to a call from the State Patrol, police halted a car on Route 21, whose occu pants See NEW TEACHERS, Page 6 Deifnition of a sun bather: fry in the ointment. Moravians Form New Parish Setup Investigated Obituaries Sports ... Television Your Horoscope ll & I The area (Mooreville) is out of the Dover corporation and therefore not within the jurisdiction of city officials, according to Mayor C. Le Moyne Latin. It was indicated the Sheriff Department would probably be inform!d of the complaint. Conductor of the train was ll. M Collins. The B&O was handed a $50 fine by Mayor Luthy following a court hearing Friday as the 7 result of an hour’s blocking of lo the N. Tuscarawas Ave. cross Ii Formation of a new Moravian parish, with a new minister, were questioned in coil- was announced Sunday to connection with an armed robbery gregations of Dover South Morn Summit County. A check ravian Church and Fry’s Valley showed the occupants were not Moravian Church. the persons wanted. Another complaint was of 12-year-o'd boy seen riding motor bike on 7th St. Rev. William Cranford of Lex-a    ington, N.    C., will assume the a    pastorate    of the 2 churches I Sept. I. He presently is in his .seventh year as pastor of the Enterprise Moravian Church at Lexington. At Fry’s V'alley, he will sue-A    public    hearing    has    been    ceed Rev.    Ernest Drebert who set    for    Sept.    28    before    County    came out    of retirement for a Hearing Scheduled On Dover Addition Commissioners on a petition to annex one acre of land owned by Gene L. and Thelma I. Spence to the City of Dover. A petition for the action was filed yesterday with the county heads bv Atty. Fred Syler of Dover. The land is east of Evergreen Dr. near Dovers East! End. special year of service. At Dover South he will succeed Rev. Gwyned Williams, who will now devote full time to the Schoen-brunn pastorate. Rev. Cranford is a native of Winston • Salem, N. C., and received a bachelor of arts de- See MORAVIANS, Page IS erution to one or possible 2 small levies for the Child Welfare    a    TL Li. Department or Soldier’s Relief. /\f6Q I IlGTlS instead of asking for a straight operating levy as previously mentioned. They did not, however, rule    Sheriff’s deputies are inves- out the possibility of paring the    ligating theft reports receiv- j amount from the budget when    ed yesterday afternoon from El- appropnations are made at the ton Quillen of RD 4, New Phil-; j first of the year.    adelphia, and Kenneth Smitley! ! The small, specific levies pre- of Barnhill. ( sumably w-ould call for between    Quillen said a brown timbrel-    COLUMBUS,    Ohio    (AP)    —    tors    contended    the    vote    was    not 1.15 and .25 nulls for each of    la tent, valued at $60. had been    \\’orj^    resumed    today    on    Ohio’s    representative    and    sought    a    re- the above - mentioned depart-1 taken from a field near his l$5#0 nuUl(m worth of highway    i    i    \ ments.    iresidence sometime Sunday or    .    .    '    .. ‘ When the issue becrime bog- construction projects, with little Women's Pages .......... H    &    9    mg    last Wednesday morning. Workmen Resume Ohio Road Projects lf Rh .’ciex forces his dele-'ates to leave him it will show See BIG DECISION,    t Convention Bill Of Fare SAN FRANCISCO (AP)— Here is the program for today and Wednesday at the Republican National Convention in the Cow Palace—time is Eastern Standard: TODAY 6 p rn —Convention called to order by temporary chairman. Report of Committee on Credentials. Introduction of delegations. Report of Committee on Rules and Order of Business. Report of Committee on Permanent Organization. Sen. Roman L. Hruska of Nebraska introduces the permanent convention chairman. Sen. Thruston B. Morton of Kentucky. Speech by Morton. Election of National Commit* Rep. Melvin Laird of Wisconsin presents the report on the General operating levies, con-!^onday*    |    const!union piojccis, \nm mu«. „ed down the engineers went on party platform drawn bv the sidered a last resort to meet! Smitley notified deputies    that    or no effect evident from a    three    strike Friday night. Because    Committee on    Resolutions, the $1,059,485 proposed expens- someone had broken open    the    day strike by the Operating    Fug-    Saturday and Sunday were days    Rep. Charles    V Ballock of    Lies by the 35 county departments1 buck door of his house    and    ineers Union.    off and a Sunday ram made    diana introduces former Presi- and funds, have been defeated ^ba^ an army knife, a dress    I he dispute with the    Olm)    work on most projects impos-    dont Dwight D    Eisenhowe by voters in recent years. 165 To Attend Annual Farm Event Thursday The annual “Farmer for a Day” program, for which 165 invitations have been issued to I business leaders of the county | and wives, will be staged I Thursday at 3 p.m. at the | Steele Dairy Farm on Route 39, about a mile west of Dover. Following wagon tours of the farm burn a Negro church which an robe key and    12 cans of    milk,    Contractors Association ended    slhh> Munday, the walkout    never total value of    $25. were    miss-    Monday with the union taking    frit fullying. The theft    reportedly    took    back an approved contract for    Federal Mediator ll J.    Mon- plaee yesterday afternoon. Speech bv Eisenhower, WEDNESDAY 3:30 p.m.—Convention called secret ballot vote by its 14,000    toney would not discuss tilt*    to order bv permanent chair- members. First indications were    terms of the proposed contract    man. that the pact will be ratified.    to replace one which expand    Speech. George Murphy, ean- Monday night, Frank Con-    May I. But Converse said the    didate for the Senate from Cali- verse, business manager of the    pat-t calls for hourly wage in* j forma. union’s 3,500-member Local 18.    creases for Cleveland area engi-i    Roll call of states for nornina- said engineers in the I leveland    neers of 75 cents spread over    tion for president of tin* United area seemed to favor the con-    three years. Members in other    States. ELM CITY”, N.C. (AP)—Two tract.    areas of the state will get a 55    Nomination for president of young men were arrested Mon- About 1.500 were at the meet- cent-an-hour increase, Converse the United States, day night alter an attempt to mg.    said. over the three years.    Roll call of states for selection I he contract is the second Operators of earth-spreading of a nominee for president of News Briefs REV. WILLIAM CRANFORD and an explanation of operations integrated group started paint- approved by negotiators. An equipment will get an extra 15- the United State j the guests will enjoy a chickening today despite warnings from earlier proposal was rejected bv cent hike ovei the same period, Yppouitment of committee ta I barbecue.    I    the    Ku    Klux    Klan. 'a vote of 218-174. The contrac-1 he added. Iamy candidate for president. ;

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