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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 8, 1964, Dover, Ohio Redesigned' Highway Plans Indude ’Stepped-Up' Area Tempo 10-Mile IS 77 Stretch Due To Open Oct. I By James Davis Daily Reporter City Editor Tuscarawas Countians interested in industrial growth, recreation, school consolidations, etc., should find the new 5-year highway construction report, now being readied in Columbus, interesting reading. As a result of the $500 million bond issue passed last May 5 bv Ohio voters and a review and updating of highway projects at last month’s Ohio Department of Highways conferences with division heads, several points were made affecting Tuscarawas County specifically. Of immediate interest are the following: The New Philadelphia Route 250 and 8 bypass, from Green C»ables Interchange of Interstate 77 to Wills Dip (5 miles of 4-lane divided highway, limited access) east of Schoenbrunn Will be sold Aug. 4. Estimated cost is $5 million. Opening Oct. I of the approximately IO mile stretch of IS 77 from Strasburg to Green Gables. rerouting Route 21 traffic out of IViver and New’ Philadelphia. The section includes the northern part of the Green Gables Interchange, which will be completed before Aug. .ll and the Strasburg Interchange, pilings for which were formed this week. Sale Aug. 4 of a reseeding project along the Dover bypass section of IS 77. which was •‘washed out” last fall. According to Earl Nelson. Di-See HIGHWAY, Plans, Page 2 1 The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION iTugv* VOL. 60. NO. 305- 30 PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover - New Philadelphia, Ohio, Wednesday, July 8, 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Familia* PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Patience Sidetracked' Charges Slated In Train Tieup Mayor C. LeMoyne Luthy said this morning that Police Chief Garrison G. Groh will file charges against H. J. Hillyer of Lorain, conductor of a Baltimore & Ohio Railroad freight train which held up traffic for approximately an hour this morning. The train blocked the Tuscarawas Ave. crossing, just inside the city limits, finally clearing it about 8: 33. "This has happened before," Mayor Luthy said, “but not for this length of time. This time, we’re going to take them into court." Mayor Luthy cited Section 969.01 of the city code which states that no conductor or other agent shall obstruct a public road or street by permitting a car or locomotive on the track* for more than 5 minutes, to hinder or inconvenience travelers. Police received a dozen complaints on the train, beginning at 8:20 a.m. Mayor Luthy and Chief Groh went to the crossing, near Cashway Lumber Co., but the train wa* leaving as they arrived. Luthy secured the name of the conductor and planned to notify him today that charges would be filed. When the case is heard in mayor’s court, Groh said, witnesses will be needed to testify. Editor Harry Yockey, who presented Debbie Doney her 15-volume Britannica Junior Encyclopedia, has that big smile because Debbie had just remarked: "Gee, now IMI not have any excuse for not being smart." Coldwater No Win' Policy wW Assailed By Opposition SSi, Smith Quits As Policeman At Strasburg Strasburg Trio Resumes Course On Mississippi J By Mrs. Arthur Strauss Daily Reporter Correspondent rf i DANNY PAULUN By JACK BELL .. as an admission that the, Scranton, scheduled to arrive) SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-Go*. Arian., senator is reined to h,„ for a mid.aftemoon air- Tw0 young „opIe have been Hilham \A. .Scranton s backers ‘ ’    h    e    >eJ    port    rally    and news conference.1 announced as winners of prizes hammered at Sen. Barry Gold-    ’J ' weekTconven- said    he !eft Chicago that for submitting entries to “Tell water’s towering claim on the nominee at next wee. . convex    ^    Me    Why    ”    the    daily feature by GOP presidential nomination Scott, campaign director [or "every conceivable kind of pres- ic if0, ™!,    '.    a|>pears with a can’t-win assault today, the Pennsylvania governor, told sure and ,hrea,.. t0 keep the ™    *    81-v    cporter com,c a news conference Tuesday that Bn prospects for a civil rights fight dwindled. ‘ I’m afraid they (the Coldwater ,    backers) don’t really Coldwater s declaration in an they can win.” interview published in a German news magazine that ‘as of campal now ’ no Republican could de- “Governor feat President Johnson was de that he can beat President John imbed by Sen. Hugh Scott. R odds and he’ll win again. nomination away from him. Danny Paulun. Appearing on a national NBC Kinlev 13, of 428 Mc- hplinvp "ri ®    ~        rumev    Ave.,    Newcomerstown. television program, the Pennsyl- was today’s winner of a Bri- Tuscarawas To Get Bigger SalesTaxCut Three teenage Strasburg ca-led them that the items were on laiiv importer correspondent j    raddling    toward    the river bank. STRASBURG - Resignation noesis WHI De paddling toward of Ed Smith as village police- j New Orleans again tomorrow af- ; authon‘ties were looking for I man effective July 31 was ac- ter taking the day off to sightsee them,” Mrs. Malcuit said today. ) cepted when Village Council met in Memphis, Tenn.    "They thought someone had I last night with Mayor John Stu- The youths, the object of a stolen their equipment.” der presiding.    search    yesterday in Pemiscot (The mother continued    the ;    Five councilmen, Clerk    liar-    County in Missouri, were locat-    boys    had taken the canoe in J    ry Held and    Marshal    Carl    Sny-    ed at I p.m., about 50 miles    town    with them, and stayed in • der. attended.    downstream    on the Mississippi,    a motel Sunday night after dis* Ordinance 319 for vacation of Bill Malcuit, 17, telephoned his covering the equipment loss. a portion of an alley along the parents last night, saying they The owner of the motel noti-I ELB Church    building    was    giv-    had left their supplies and sleep-    fied    deputies yesterday after- en its first    reading,    protests    jng bags on the river bank Sun-    noon    after hearing of the search. from 3 neighbors being heard. day night to go into Caruthers-, Pemiscot deputies said this Hugh Houglan, druggist, pro- Ville, Mo. to eat. The other boys1 morning that they are hold-tested elimination of parking on are Terry Spidell, 17, and ing the equipment for the trio, j the east side of Wooster Ave. James Ecenbarger, 20.    ! The boys, who report they and council will    give    the    move    When they    returned, their bags    have gotten "royal” treatment further study.    and other equipment, including    from river boat captains, plan Requests for detour    of    traffic    2 guns, had    been removed, pre-1    to reach New Orleans, 2.000 riv- Saturday, Sept. 12. for post of- sumably by deputies after a fish- er miles from Dover, by July fice dedication ceremonies, ox erman, checking his nets, alert-119. be roast and annual parade will be an starts,” Scott said l^ying ,l,° create a HltiCal those who submit riddles or ing increased payments in their nor Scranton believes ^hnels^ its^taUmisness^ its Jokes,t() Leokum Debbie Done-v’ respective shares of the $2 mil-ran heat President John- . . a ’    ‘    '    IO- U2 W. 10th St., Dover, lion local government fund dis- 75 At Nc'town IS 77 Hearing  -- - — Tuscarawas County will "You can’t -ive un before the J’an,a *°vernor said:    The>’    are    tanmca World Atlas awarded one of 23 Ohio counties receiv- sent to state for approval. "    -    ~    •    trvinS 10 create a Poetical those who submit riddles or ing increased payments in their Ben Ranson, sanitary engineer of Ohio Department of Health. , j    ,    .    ,    --    —    --■         .i«..    government    fund    dis-    presented information on sanh son. He has won before against i^^aifk^ifd^le Republicans0” iS ThuCsday’s winner of a 15-vol-' tributed monthly out of sales ‘?ry sewe.r, installation and _jj    L_..i    —    —•• of rank and file Republicans. ume Britannica Junior Encyclo- tax revenues. State Auditor Ro- showed a film on the subject. Contending t at every sur-^dia for submitting a question,!ger W Tracy said today.    Council is studying a contract    ,    .    ..    . (icldwaler said in the inter- vey taken    shows he is    pre- .<What Is Penicillin?-    With    the    annual revisions in from Burgess and Niple for a The barriers on Wabash Ave is expected to pack the road- view that, as of today, no other furred by Republicans as the pannv a 9th Grader next the municipal tax duplicate 43 preliminary Curvey for a sewer NW, New Philadelphia, which bed sufficiently or paving next Republican had a chance of de- nominee over the Arizona sen- fa""n* Jn    \    other    Sea    wfll be sliced m system.    *    b«ve    reportedly caused Miracle spring, according to Stevenson, feating Johnson in the South, ator. Scranton continued:    Debbie,    who remarked "I did- thpir    u-hil* th* nth*.- 99 Council and Franklin Town- La”e. f>laza merchants consid- ome o < s upping contr t* 1* 1 a    i    ______"kpnator    .nmwatpr ^ 1 Wabash Barriers 'Move' Thursday and merchants said the prolonged Ho added that while he wasn't -Senator Coldwater’, manag- ,hlnk'l d be so lucky.” is a counties will continue to receive ship came to an agreement on a    that    closing    cost    thorn    a    third    of saying that he could do so at cr know is, t J ha e un- daughter of Mr and Mrs (hf minimum allotment of $40.-1 proposal of the township for pur-the moment, “come election day dertaken a    no-noias-parred James Doney anrf wU1 bp a 4th 00Q    ^    $3    m    ^    chase of a new fire truck Speci. Seventy - five persons attend- there    is    going to he    another    campaign    to    see    to it that    the    Grader at    f)over    Avenue.    She    month.    *    fications    for    a    new    village    truck ed yesterday’s Division ll hear- horse    race.” He    made    it clear    deMeg-ates    at    t e    c‘)nyent^n    do    particularly likes    spelling    and    In    recent    years,    the    legisla-    ai™    were    studied    and    approving on proposed changes and in ,bls    ^ped    that ^he^ was    not reflect^wisher of the peo-    anthmetic    and expects the    en.    ture    has provided    $24    million    ed i    u and treasurer’s offices was giv- lation of a sewer line alignment of Interstate Highway    tor«e*    ^    tte    same'    vein.    Scott    said    i»VTbi MpTo £7 ye^    g^rm    An    ordinance    combining    clerk,be*» closed 4 weeks for instal- 77 and Route 3fi Rvnass ut Xw    l,    thp    GnMu-atPr    uvp    ber    ^uture    studies.    Debbie    nients. This is distributed upon ‘    The    interview    was    published    ,    .    djSCI.    ^as    a    brotber’    Herbert,    6,    and    a    a formula whereby 75 per cent en lts second reading and re-. Ben Cookson Inc., general in comerstown in the West    Ele-    Tuesday in the    German weekly    "under    the    iron whip of mentary building there.    news magazine    Der Spiegel. The    phne    not    to demonstrate Earl Nelson, deputy director    mterview was    obtained, the    any way t..„ ...... ...------^ presided at the 25-minute    ses-    ma«azme said.    in Coldwater s    already    in    San Francisco    are, sion in which no objections were Senate office June 30. noted to the changes. Speaking in favor of the revisions    f    I    See    ‘NO    WIN”,    Page    2 were Ray Stevens of Columbus, representing the Ohio Highway and Turnpike Assn., James Bur- sister, Donna. 9. Her father is based upon the 'municipal tax P°rts were read b>’ Mayor Stu- contractor hired by Reeves the any way ‘that” the'y"and'oVhers *orks at Marsh Wa" Products duplicates within each county in der and Clerk Held.    wi... c.    proportion to the statewide    mu-j--- as he put it,    “the most unhappy    Entries for “Tel1 Me Why”    mcipal duplicate, and 25    per    Bike    Taken At    Philo group of    delegates ever    are, ^ to Tbe Dall-V Reporter    cent upon the basis of the    last    john    Martinelli of    240 Allen    ,    ..    . and then are forwarded to Au- federal census.    Lane    SE,    New    Philadelphia    noti    mormnl>    bls    crews    would    grade area, are scheduled to come their normal business. down Thursday.    Harold    Radi, president of the The street, a main artery to Plaza Merchants Assn. and the Plaza, from 4th St. NW,‘has manager of Grant’s, said: "Business definitely has been affected and previous protests didn’t seem to bear much weight." Realty Co., finished its phase of Kenneth Masshart, vice preside project this morning.    dent of the association and man* Bill Stevenson, New Philadel- ager of Associated Hardware, phia service director, said this said reports submitted at a recent meeting indicated trade in thor Leokum. gess, secretary - manager of the Tuscarawas County Chamber of Commerce, and Ralph Scott of Newcomerstown, speaking for the executive committee of the IS 77 Assn. The changes will result in the Albuquerque, cl<jer section east of Newcomerstown (-^1(-'ago, fog ....... Weathervane Romney Criticizes Washington Power' Regular vehicle use of the street YESTERDAY High 80    .    Low’    58 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. 62 .09 34 While the population factor fied police this morning that a an,d roll.tlhe an'a 'toda>' an'd Pr<J* j remains unchanged for IO years, red and white bicycle had been Vlde a la|er °[ T^006',^* | the other factor is subject to stoien from his residence some- a,n_0ll.usea . (revision annually, effective with time jast night. the July distribution.    N Tuscarawas County will receive $12,214.85 in the new setup, as compared with $11,595.70 some stores was off a third. It was pointed out that because of the inconvenience in See BARRIERS, Page 2 being shortened approximately Lle'ejand, rain .... 83 65 a half mile. The project includes bos Angeles, cloud) . .    _ Miami nlAiinu    ( #    y    / an interchange with Route 36. Miami, cloudy Sprinkling Creates Low Pressure 89 69 84 63 93 70 59 54 92 70 65 New York, cloudy . Pittsburgh, rain .... St. Louis, cloudy ... San Fran., cloudy ., Washington, rain ... TODAY 7 am........ RAINFALL Lad 24 hours .. .09 inch TOMORROW Sunrise............5:02 Sunset ............ 7:59 ‘ High 90    Low    65 Forecast:    Partly    cloudy, warmer, possible showers. previously By LEWIS GULICK ,    Romney’s    proposed    platform    0f    the*g    major urban    coun. SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—Gov. \    said the Republican party un-    3 w’ill    receive increases. .a George Romney of Michigan    equivocally    repudiates    extrem-    Thev    include Franklin    with $147,402.94;    Lucas with    $107,- 201.84, and Summit with $115,-171.62. For the second straight year. Complaints at the Dover Police Department concerning murky water coming from the i taps in the east end and N. W’alnut St. areas were explained by Service Director H. S. Ream this morning as the result of heavy lawn sprinkling. The water pressure in those areas dropped late yesterday O N afternoon but was back to nor-'. mal this morning.    Dr. Alvarez    .................. 29    said, "There is no place in ei- Police also received a com-    Dr. Crane    ................. 29    ther of our great political par- plaint that a windshield had    Around The    World ............ 24    i ties” for wearers of black or been broken on a car parked    Goren On Bridge ............ 29    red shirts. Romney mentioned on a lot on Iron Ave. A report    Obituaries    .................... 2    no organizations by name. also was received of a motor    Television .................... 8    Some supporters of Scranton bike left at the rear of a Depot    Sports criticized today concentration of    ists and reiects their effort to power in Washington. He called    infiltrate or attach themselves **    on Republican party platform    to our Part-V or its-candidates.” drafters to remember "the for-    Romne) shared the platform ‘    gotten man," the ordinary    spotlight today with former Am- American, the consumer.    bassador    Henry Cabot Lodge, 12 In his prepared statement to "h*1 1S supporter of Scranton s jjUCas bas (be largest increase the GO? platform committee.; see ROMNEY, Page 2 I of $4,614.60. Romney also dealt with the is- -------------------- Cuyahoga County will suffer the largest loss ($4,651.15). while THE INSIDE sues of civil rights legislation and "extremism.” In doing so, he avoided phrases over which hackers of two leading candidates for president—Sen. Barry Coldwater and Gov. William W. Scranton—have been scrapping. Romney praised Republican leadership in helping enact the civil rights law—but said nothing as to its constitutionality. On the issue of w’hat he wv * called ‘‘purveyors of hate,” he from Sam Bond s Sporting Shop between New Philadelphia and Roswell, was found shot to death in his home last night. A ruling by County Coroner Dr. Philip T. Doughten is pending. but the death was an "ap-15 k 16 have talked of making a major parent suicide,” according to Decision Is Pending In Area Man s Death Moise Muntean, 43, of RD I,.check is being made of the 22- East Sparta, charged last year cabber rifle found near the in Stark County with possesstng ™an'* body t0 determine if ti .    _    .    I    had    been    taken during the gun guns stolen in a 1963 breakin sbo^ St. residence. Police took the Women’s Pages .......... 12    &    13    convention fight over a pro- Chief Sheriff Deputy John Bur- bike to the station where it was I Horoscope .................... 27    posed denunciation of the John lock. claimed bv the cwner.    Dear Abby .................... 27    Birch Society.    I    Barlock    said    this    morning    a Muntean on May ll was placed on probation in Stark County Common Pleas Court for receiving and concealing stolen property in connection with the Bond theft and a theft ring operating in the Canton area. Muntean, whose body was Se DEATH, Page I This barrier on Wabash Ave. NW U scheduled to come down Thursday thereby opening the street for traffic for the first time in 4 weeks. L S t ;

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