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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 7, 1964, Dover, Ohio All Papers Print News. Some, Like The Reporter, Discover It!The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION X=vV Serving Over 11,000 Familia*Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County VOL 60. NO. 304.    44    PAGES.    Dover    -    New Philadelphia. Ohio, Tuesday. July 7. 1964    PHONE    4-2167    7    CENTS DEMOLISHES BUILDINGS. Wrecked and demolished cars are about County Budget Faces    '    Job * ★    ★    ★    ★    Ar Mayor Withholds Zoning Change was all that's left of this section of the American Cyanamid Co.'s plant that ripped by a series of explosions Mondo/. The blasts ripped the roof from the building in the background and splintered the frame structures in the fore ground. (AP Wirephoto). Park Picnic Rules Listed Dover Council’s parks committee, in association vs ith Parks Supt. Clarence Stucky and Service Director H S. Ream, announced a set of Dover City Park picnic area rules and regulations Monday night, getting sanction of the lawmaker" at the same time. “The purpose of these rules and regulations.- committee chairman Robert Rair began his report, “is to provide an orderly control over the use of the City Park picnic facilities and to provide as broad a usage of possible for the residents of Dover “There are no charges for the Use of City Park.” he continued. “and no prior reservations may be made for use of picnic shelters or tables.” The park is open from 7:30 a rn. to ll 30 p rn. The rules laid down include: (lh Tables for noon picnics may not be taken or held until the Park opening at 7:30 a rn. However, groups or families wishing to have the Park may walk in from the Levy Request Possible For Added Funds Tuscarawas County Commissioners will have to pare $59,267 from the 35 requests for operating funds for 1965. Either that, or put a levy on a ballot to meet the $1,059,485 sought by the various county officeholders and agencies. According to Auditor Donald Kinsey, secretary of the County Budget Commission who eventually must certify funds for the various budgets, the amount represents the difference between the anticipated revenues and the proposed expenditures for next year. The total represents only General Fund money, administered solely by commissioners. Each budget will be reviewed by commissioners at which time the department head will be given an opportunity to defend his request. Increases sought by several offices resulted in the $59,267 over-revenue figure. Anticipated income compared with this year’s estimated $1,000,742 is‘only S524 less,    By    JACK    BELL    ,    turn    actions.    The or $1,000,218. Requests have    SAX    FRANCISCO    (AP) —    mittee    adopted    similar climbed to $1,059,485, an in-    Michigan    Gov.    George    Romney    Monday    night, crease of $58,961 over 1964’s    to    line    UP tndav with    The    parliamentarian’s estimated expenditures of $it. Pennsylvania Gov. William W.;would mean that Rep Melvin kind of fight," he said. gave the lone dissenting replv 000,524.    Scranton for a stop - Coldwater R Lmrd R-Wis., chairman of Laird is understood to have m the suspension vote, was join- A breakdown of the anticipat- GOP platform declaration that(the platform committee, would argued with Romney against od \)y Councilman-at-Large Wil- "-------;-    ;1    “;~u“    ;    ’      proposing    action    on    the    consti-    bert    Jcntes in a final 5-2 approv- "hp HHV- The New York State flag is prepared for display in the San Francisco Cow Palace with the other 49 state banners by Manuel Valdez in preparation for the 1964 Republican National Convention opening next Monday. ★ ★ ★ Romney Leaves Scranton Alone In CR Manuever' platform com- Kitchen, said there will be a Council Puts I Lots Under New 'Rating' I Dover Council approved the rezoning of 7 lots on the east side of Union Ave. between Liberty St. and Shafer Ave. Monday night, but Mayor C. Lo-Moyne Filthy indicated that he does not plan to give his immediate signature to the ordi-1 nance. The zoning question, which oc-! cupied the majority of tune consumed during a 2-hour session last night, hence could return to Council floor again on Monday, July 20. if Luthv decides i not to sign the measure. I According to law, the mayor has IO days to return the ordinance with his objections to the I legislative authority, or if it is not in session, to the next regular meeting (in this case July 20). j Should the mayor not return ; or sign the ordinance within the time period, it would take effect in the same manner as though he had signed it. unless the legislative authority, by adjournment. prevents its return. Council voted 6-1 to suspend rules!fight if efforts are made to put the rules permitting a final vote the constitutionality ssue in the on the measure last night. Ward ruling platform. 4 I d welcome that 4 Councilman Robert Bair, who Any "Good Will" Funds? some civic orgamza-it under its wing as cit, there s no lighting in store for tennis courts at Dover City Park Council’s park* provided a report mates Monday night, but Fine Division Superintendent, and Engineer Don Dummer-muth. total costs range from $2 OOO to $3.575—depending on type installation accepted. The extreme cost includes 24 committee fixtures and club light lighting on cost esti- of approximately 15 foot can-con- dies on playing surface, $1,062; eluded with the notation that no IR steel poles and fitting", $1.-funds were available at this 713; labor, $550, and undertime.    ground wiring, $250. I he report was a followup Variances in costs are ob-to a request made 2 week" ago tamed with the substitution of bx the Dover teen Council. wood poles, using present back-According to cost estimates stop poles, illumination on play-provided by John Billow of the mg surface with IO feet can* Jackson-Baylev Electric Co., dies. and overhead wiring. Art Hanenkrat. Dover Electric j Any help? HONAKER ASSUMES POST AUG. I County School Board Airs Consolidation Activities ed income for 1965 shows:    j the new civil rights law is con- [control the time and designate Balance in General Fund stitutional.    the speakers on both sides for (1964), $218; general property an a(*vance    nis    re-    convention debate on any pro- See COUNTY BUDGET, Page 9 mar^s furnished the convention posed amendments to his com ---platform committee for a nuttee’s platform recommenda- Wednesdav appearance, Rom- turns, nev did not mention the constitutional declaration Scranton’s Laird is opposed to any plat-forces obviously had chosen as form declaration about the eon-a vehicle for a'convention floor stitutionalitv of the civil rights fight they believe might torpedo bill. Coldwater, who has more . than enough delegate votes to on tutionality question. The See CR ‘MANEUVER’, Page 9 Twin Fatality Hikes Holmes Record To 5 Sen. Barry Coldwater s ap parent grip on the Republican win the nomination unless they presidential nomination.    shp away. voted against tile Scranton’s backers also were legislation in the Senate < n the reported in line for another set- grounds that the public accom-baek in a ruling by Rep. Hath- modations and equal employ- MILLERSBURG - Holmes erine St. George, R N Y., the County's fourth and fifth traf- convention parliamentarian. fie fatalities occurred yesterday that rules of the House of Rep-when 2 cars collided headon on resentatives will govern conven-icampaign a slignt curve on Route 62, 9 miles north of here.    j Killed immediately was Gerald Leroy Conn, 28, owner and operator of Aling Woolen Mills near Berlin and driver of the eastbound car. A passenger in the same car. William R. Brennan, 34. Conn’s step father, died See HOLMES, Page 2 ment sections were uneonstitu tional. In Washington, Goldwater’s manager, Denison Search Begun For Canoeists The Tuscarawas County Board to attend a workshop for super-of Education, which met last intendents to he held at Ohio night was concerned largely with University next week, routine business. All members; Dr. Honaker’s term of office breakfast at ^'ere Present in addition to Supt. as county superintendent, slat- E. Laws, Dr. Linton R. Hon- cd to begin Sept. I, was moved night by Missouri officials that entrance barrier and use the a^er' high school supervisor and up to Aug. I to comply with 3 sleeping bags, believed to be park facilities, provided they suPcrintendent - elect, and A. G. I Ohio law.    those used by 3 Strasburg give up their table or tables by ^ddle, elementary supervisor, j Riddle reported that new youths during a canoe trip, had IO a m. The first in line at the See PICNIC, Page 9 lumbus will leave Thursday for San Francisco where he will the Republican National with numer al vc r Convention. The Tuscarawas Countv Sher- WtH-acquaintid iff Department was notified last ^Trs /n^thr" ‘ man will pay A P’s , and >hing- bar- V L. Weathervane YESTERDAY High 85    Low    54 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE High Low Albuquerque,    clear    98 67 Chicago, rain ...... 71 Cleveland, cloudy . 80 Los Angeles, clear . 81 Miami, clear ....... 88 New York, clear ... 88 Pittsburgh, cloudy . 82 St. Louis, clear .... 86 San Fran., cloudy 63 Washington, clear . 90 TODAY 7 ain.    .... RAINFALL Last 24    hours    none TOMORROW Sunrise    ............ 5:01 Sunset  .......... 8:00 High 85    Low    65 A letter was read from the    grade cards will be available    been found on State Board of Education ex-    f°r Grades 1-8    this fall. He also    River bank, pressing the state’s approval of reported on attending a read- A full-scale search by the the creation of a new city school    ing conference    in Philadelphia    Pemiscot County    Sheriff    De- di st net to be comprised of Uhr-    where special    work is being    partment and the    Coast    Guard '>n 11, ’* "j, U    . ichsville, Dennison and U n i o n done in elementary library work there has been launched for the °    1*,,    ai    \,    '    I1”11'    1    '    X( 11 .    .    j    j 1 1    1    •    ,    .    «1 vp    hump ImiLr ut trip nm. ‘ Local districts.    an(i individualized instruction. trio. After extensive discussion of    furtha‘r    announced    that    a    The    sheriff    office    there    re- the projected countv reorgamza-    workshop    will    be    set    up    ported there had been a heavy lion, the board decided to take in the fall to familiarize teach-    storm Sunday night and the ors with the new math tech-    youths possibly had gotten lost niques and vocabulary.    after wandering    from    their 0*    .    .    ~~    4    i    camp site. The canoe is miss- i (jct 6-Month    in8- deputies said. n -    The    boys, Bill Malcuit, Terry Driving Penalty    Spidell, both 18, and    Jim    Ecen- Three motorists lost their    barger, 19. left June 14 from driving privileges for 6 months    Sunday night when they tele- At which time, the boards today after appearing in Central ph<>n°d from Caruthersville, Mo. concerned are expected to de- District County Court for accu- They leached the Mississippi ;cide    if    they    wished    to    proceed    ululating 12 or more points un-    Saturday, the halfway point of With    a    survey    to    determine    the    der the state point system. A    their 2,000-mile summer trip to needs of the county. The county fourth case was dismissed.    *^ew Orleans. board voted its willingness to Those receiving suspensions    —- assist in the survey if the State were: Dan E. Fitch, 25. 345 W. ' no action at this time. It was announced that the I>r- next meeting of representatives • • of the several local boards and 67 .36 the county board to consider 60    ••    matters pertaining to the county 58    ..    reorganization would be held at 74 1.52 Port Washington, July 15. 64 54 74 52 65 58 Reporter Readers To Get Full Convention "Picture" Richard Zimmerman of The Thus Daily Reporter readers are Daily Reporter’s Bureau in Co- assured tin' most complete convention coverage in the history of new "papering. Jack Bell, head of thr Senate staff for 22 year Harry Kelly, another W: veteran, wall handle the the state, Zimmer- main convention stories. Reiman particular attern (Pat) Morin, winner of 2 Pulit-tion to the Ohio delegation’s ac- zt‘r prizes, and Saul Pett will do ti cities and voting. He will be general assignment and feature . in daily contact with many of stories. James Marlow, news ie . ississippi Buckeye delegates, includ- analyst whose column appears mg Ray IL Adkins of Dover. regularly in The Reporter, will Zimmerman’s observations at bt* on hand to interpret develop-the convention will give readers ments. frances Lewine of Washington and Doris Klein of Los sue “home” look at the pro- Angeles will cover the women’s ceedings.    angles. Zimmerman’s coverage will be All in all. Daily Reporter read-in addition to that by The As- ers are assured the most com sociated Press, which has as- plete coverage possible as the signed 150 persons to the con- front - running GOP candidates centum, including writers, photo- jockey for the presidential and graphers and technical men. I vice presidential nominations. Hennis Given 1/ Years In Larceny Case Former D 0 v e r insurance agent Harry I). Hennis, 42, was sentenced to I to 7 years in the Ohio Penitentiary this morning by Common Pleas Judge J. II Lam neck on a June I larceny by trick jury conviction. Lamneck, after announcing the sentence, said he would hold the case open one week and, if restitution of $12,505 was made, he would consider probation. Hennis, who sat soberly througnout the proceedings today, was corniced by the jury of fraudulently obtaining the money from John F. Reicoskv, a Bolivar bricksetter, and an insurance policy-holder. Defense Atty* Willard Miller of New Philadelphia, who, along with Atty. Daniel Bolden of Canton, represented Hennis during the 3-day trial, was granted a request by Lamneck to defer execution of the sentence pending an appeal. Bond was set at $2,000. Lamneck earlier said the "en terne would begin next Tuesday at 9 a rn if restitution had not been made. Lamneck, in pronouncing sen fence said the purpose of bringing convicted persons before the court for sentencing is to inflict punishment, institute a type of “reform,” and to warn the gen See HENNIS, Page 2 a1. Council President Arthur Hanoi gave members a 20 minute recess during the convened session to discuss the ordinance, which rezones the lots involved from ll 2 low density residence district to R-4 classification (high density residence district). Audience discussion of the ordinance took another 20 minutes with Atty. James Patrick of New See APPROVAL, Page 9 County To Sell Phila Property County buildings and property on 210 W. High Ave. in New Philadelphia will be sold at a public auction. County Commissioner Delmar Baer said today commissioners have requested legal advise from the prosecutor’s office for conducting the "ale. Included in the property is the county garage, and a 2-storv building, formerly occupied by the Central District C o u n t y Court and the Welfare Depart ment. The mg hi ever. O N second story of the build-i" been condemned, how-according to Baer. , , THE INSIDE \round The World    A Dear \bby................ 17 Dr. Alvarez ................. 15 Dr Crane ................ 17 (ioren On Bridge ............ 17 Obituaries .............. 2 Sports      ll    &    12 Television............. 5 Women’s Pages .......... 8    &    9 Your Horoscope ........... 15 OHIO OFFICIALS SEEK SOLUTION Teenage Drinking Study Is Underway COLUMBUS — Why do Ohio and judges and professional as- “The hometown officials and partment of Liquor Control en-teenagers drink?    soeiations throughout the state, their associations know their foreement officers listed offens Specifically, why are they asking them to analyse tin* ju- own experiences better than any- es involving drinking juveniles downing illicit alcoholic bever- vemle drinking problem in their one else. We fervently hope to —747 incidents, more than the Board of Education    will assist    High Ave.;    Richard E. Ernest, financially.    22, 210 1st Dr., NW, and Thomas Such a survey, if authorized Vance, 16th St. NE, all of New by the group will probably be Philadelphia, done by an Ohio University! Charges were dismissed team for the State    Board    of    against O.    P. Simpson, 51, of Forecast: Cloudy, showers to.Education, it was reported.    238 4th St.    SW, New Philadel- dearing and cooler.    Dr.    Honaker was authorized phia.    I A psychiatrist is a guy who, when you’re going crazy, helps you. ages at an alarmingly faster own areas and suggest    any and    enlist their    aid — and    support— rate than ever before?    all possible solutions.    in finding    realistic,    effective To find answers to these ques- Said Cook “Never in recent means to stem the rising tide tions—and pave the way for Ohio history has a coordinated,    of juvenile    alcohol consumption methods to meet the challenge, sustained attempt been    made to    throughout    Ohio.” Ohio Liquor Control Director    dig in! » this problem thorough- Donald I) Cook today mailed    Iv on the local level, take it    And rising thai tide is. letters to civic and school lead-    apart and see what makes our combined citation totals for gambling, Sunday consumption and improper conduct. We frankly don’t know what makes our teenagers drink. It could be environment, lack of parental guidance, any number cis, law enforcement officers drinking teenagers tick. In 1963 more than one of ev- of factors. The point is, we are eif 4 citations issued by De-1 See TEENAGERS, Page • < I ;

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