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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - July 6, 1964, Dover, Ohio Tentative Dover School Budget Set; Administrators Get Pay Hike The    Dover    Board    of    Educa-j The proposed budget    will now    burg, will be assigned to    an cie-    3, Dover, who will teach in one    another position, and Judith    A year's leave    of absence was    Richard Haines, head football    ball $700,    head baseball $250 and Hon, rn    a    recessed    meeting    Fri-    be submitted to the    County    mentary grade; Mrs.    Mabel    j of the elementary buildings, and    Murtaugh, who was hired    just    Rranted 2 elementary teachers,    $700 and $403 for 2 weeks in    assistant    football $325 plus $373 aPPr°v®d a ten- Budget Commission for approv- Martin of Uhrichsville, who has David Parks of West Lafayette, |...    _    ,    R Mrs. Dorothy Hawk and Mrs. August and $215 for assistant for 2 weeks; Thomas Annal. No one attended the    public    taught the last 4 years at Tus-    who will teach biology and gen-!    1S spI"in{:" we e a((,P((    o    florence Shutt,    for the 1964-65    baseball; Steve Kocheran, as- i    strong, assistant football $215 hearing Friday.    Icarawas-Warwick; Mrs.    Esther    eral science and also assist asjwere elementary teachers.    Mil-    sch0ol year.    sistant football $325 and $364!    plus $403    for 2 weeks; Laurel New teachers hired were:    Clark    of    RD    3, Dover, who will I basketball and baseball coach, dred Owens, a longtime cook Coaching assignments, stip- for 2 weeks and $250 for head Carman, assistant football, $215 Mrs. Betty Brandt of Dover,'be assigned to the Junior High; j. Resignations from Donnaiin the Dover system, also sub-lends and increments are as fol-j track;    plus $267 for 2 weeks and $175 who taught last year at Stras-|Mrs. Nancy McDonnell of RD Rhinemiller, who is accepting I mitted her resignation.    lows:    I    James    Miller,    head    basket-    See SCHOOL BUDGET, Pages tative 1965 budget of $1,348,000, hired 5 new teachers, set stipends for activities and granted pay hikes to administrative personnel First In Readership First In Photography First In News CoverageThe Daily Reporter HOME EDITION . i * VOL 60. NO. 303.    16    PAGES. Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Monday, July 6. 1964 Serving Over 11,000 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTSTraffic Deaths Hit Holiday Record 486 Known Dead; Total To Increase A 'MODERATELY' SAFE WEEKEND Minor Injuries Dot County List TEXARKANA. Tex (AP) — A lakeside racial melee Sunday left four persons wounded by gunfire, and 23 Negroes jailed on charges ranging from inciting a riot to assault with intent to murder. The violence erupted when Negroes swam in Lake Texarkana near here for the first time in large numbers since the passage of the civil rights bill. They were confronted with disgruntled and then angry whites. At another area of the lake. Whites left the beach when a group of Negroes began swimming. The Cass County, sheiff’s of-fire at Linden, where the Negroes were transferred, said Clifford Williams 21-year-old Negro, was charged with assault with intent to murder. Most of the others including line*    firm    today    while    700-plus, only a relatively small the part of Goldwater’s manag- estimate. But with millions of fne women, were charged with    Pennsylvania Gov William W    number were firmly bound by    ers.    Both    were    promptly de-    motorists homeward bound from Inciting a riot. a sheriffs depu-    Scranton's attempted blitz for    primary or convention action,    med.    resorts and vacations, the death tv said.    the GOP presidential nomina- but the others showed no signs The Arizona senator’s camp rate rose far above the earlier The Negroes, most from Ark- tion'showed no signs of catch- of deserting him    has* claimed nothing in either pace. •nsas, were jailed in lieu of Ire-    There were reports Sunday state. But in each there are in-    -- $1,000 bond each set by Judge With former Ambassador that Gov. James A Rhodes had dications that he would get Ohio Deaths at a Glance Wayne Brown.    Clare Boothe Luce scheduled for    released Ohio’s 58 votes from    more than half of the votes if    Traffic    21 One white man    and    three    the spotlight in the opening plat-'their first-ballot commitment to    the delegates were freed of their    Boating    0 Negroes were wounded    in    the    fur*n hearings tonight. Goldwat-    him as a favorite son. These re-    favorite son commitments.    Drowning    5 racial outburst.    er strategists remained so con-    ports were followed by others    Ohio State Chairman Ray    Miscellaneous    9 Lake Texarkana is five miles    fident of his convention strength    that Rep. John W. Byrnes would    Bliss    said    in    an    interview    here    Total    35 nest of this northeastern Texas    they made no mo\e to break    turn loose the 30-vote Wisconsin    that he had    had    no word    from    Ohio’s holiday traffic couldn't city on the .Arkansas border,    apart the Ohio and Wisconsin Som§ Negroes had swum in    favorite son delegations from By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Traffic accidents took a record 486 lives during the three-i day Fourth of July observance, j The toll was counted across ! the nation during the 78-hour ! weekend period from 6 p.m., j Thursday (local time), to mid-j night Sunday. I The heavy death toll com-1 pared to the previous high of {442, set in a three-dav Indepen-S dence Day holiday period in 1060. There was a sharp increase in I fatalities in the last 24 hours of jthe 78-hour holiday period, with more than 175 deaths reported. The National Safety Council had estimated the traffic deaths would total between 450 and 550. By JACK BELL    I to favorite sons, a relatively I delegation. Either of these The council, until Sunday, had SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—Sen limited field in which Scranton moves would have been in- been hopeful that the final total Barry Goldwater’s delegate could prospect. Of Goldwater’s terpreted as a sign of panic on would be below its pre-holiday San Francisco is turning up for tho deluge of Republicans already moving in on the GOP National Convention with such scenes as these: at left, the house orchestra of the Red Garter goes through a practice session while, at right, Sally Rankine, 9, displays the newest in canned beverages, "Coldwater," described as the "right drink for consorvativa taste." ★ ★ Coldwater Strategists Hold Firm; Scranton Blitz Is 'Cold' It was a moderately safe July 4 holiday weekend on Tuscarawas County roadways as only minor injuries were reported in IO accidents investigated by state patrolmen. Four teenagers escaped serious injury at 12:10 p.m. Sunday following a one-car mishap on Route 21, south of New Philadelphia, when a car driven by John T. Chappell, 18. of 323 Winspear Dr., New Philadelphia, went out of control and overturned. Injured were: Chappell, lacerations to his left knee; his brother, Douglas, 16, lacerated right elbow and possible neck whiplash injury; Ellen Jane Harris, 17, of RD I, Bowerston, cut left wrist, and Jo E. Scott, 17. RD 3, New Philadelphia, lacerated left knee. All were released following treatment in Union Hospital where they were taken in a Kaserman-Navlor ambulance. Officers said Chappell’s heavily damaged car also broke off a utility pole. He w’as cited for reckless operation. In a mishap at 9 Friday night , on Route 39. west of Dover, a car driven by John G. Miller. 18, of RD 2, Sugarcreek, struck a semi-truck owned by Edgar Spring Inc. of New Philadelphia that was abandoned along the highway. Patrolmen said the truck apparently had been stolen. Miller suffered scalp lacerations while a passenger, Charlotte Mast, 18. of Berlin suffered cuts to her left knee, right hand and lip. A truck driven by Thomas D. Peacock, 31, of Burbank. O., and an auto operated by Olin See COUNTY, Page 7 Parma Family Of 5 Burned As Stove Explodes In Tent which they might gain additional votes. As matters stood, Coldwater had 710 publicly committed votes in The Associated Press survey, a comfortable margin over the 655 necessary for the nomination Scranton had 146. plus the 105 in the name of New York Gov. Nelson A Rockefeller and 45 committed to Henry Cab- See MELEE. Page 7 Park Caretaker Is Found Dead and 45 committed to Henry Cab- CHICAGO (AP) — Gov Wil Gusto,s (Gust) A. Specht, 09. ot Ludee. now the Pennsylvania ,,am Scrantnn „f Pennsylvania of 13d 3rd Dr. N VI.New Phil,- governor s personal campaign ann„Unced today that Dr. Mil-dolphia, was found dead by po- aclus€r-    ton Eisenhower, brother of the lice early this morning in the There remained 186 uncom- f°rmer president, will nominate hallway of his home. An autop- nutted delegates and 113 tied up Scranton at the Republican Na- — tional Convention next week. Ike's Brother Puts Scranton In GOP Race Rhodes of any change in that be called safe and sane, but at state’s situation. He said the least it wasn’t any worse than delegation will caucus July 13 what state safety ‘ officials had and might decide on a first- predicted. ballot change then but he At least 2i persons died on thought nothing would be done Ohio’s highways over the 78-before then.    hour Fourth of July weekend. John L.    McEIroy.    special    jus^ sb0rt of the toll of 23    pre- assistant to    the governor, said    d[cted by Highway Safety    De it was not    true that    Rhodes    payment officials. had released his delegates. Scranton, Lodge and Sen. See COP ACTIVITY, Page 7 sy report is pending, but cause of death appeared to be a heart attack. When Specht failed to report to work this morning as caretaker of Schoenbrunn State Park. Francis McMaster, park manager, asked police to check Specht’s home. Born in Auburn Township, he was a son of the late Henry and Margaret Specht. He moved to New Philadelphia 8 years ago from Ragersville. Varied Calls Keep Dover Police Busy Scranton opened a news conference with this statement: “I am delighted and pleased to announce that Dr. Milton Eisenhower will nominate nu* for president at the Republican National Convention in San Fran- Commissioners Approve Phila Addition Move County Commissioners, follow’- It was the second straight holiday that traffic fatalities have been less than what offi-i aals predicted During the recent Memorial Day weekend, also 78 hours long, 16 deaths were recorded. Other types of accidents raised the state’s toll to at least 35. At least five persons drowned and nine others perished in miscellaneous accidents — five of these in a single house fire in Ashtabula County. Thief Loots cisco. Gen. Eisenhower knows Among the many complaints about this and is very pleased in- a 30-minute hearing today,    ^    ^ received by Dover Police De- about t. The general said that approved a petition to annex 26    |    iV/i/I^ h I MO partment over the weekend was was the best news hp hp;irH ar*rPv pf lanrt on Rmito 1fi In thp    I    ▼    I    \ J    I I I I I V* an unusual one by a W. 5th St. yet.”    ^ UJ ,1CW r]|liaut. n|a resident. She said someone had Scranton spoke with reporters    ,    ...    .    ,    Dover    police    are imestigat- He was a member of the deP°sited aJ** <"«<*>»•»* 10 far,;V„,n a fas* tw°-da>’ »PFa| United Church of Chnst rn Rag- dead g™u"dh'1Ss her front ersville. Survivors include a son, Lowell of RD I. Sugarcreek; a lawn. Reports of loud noises accounted for several complaints, campaign in the home state of heard acres of land on Route 16 to the City of New Philadelphia. nrkPal ^ie *rac* 1S located on the jng a $59 theft from the coin-idii> hi a JPM iwu-u<a> 11 east side of Route 16, begin- chancing machine at the Thrif-for Illinois support built around n- no.jr w ,    *    vP    ; ,g matn‘ne dl uu inrir the civil rights issup    ’”    Wabash Ave. NE^y.ty^h Laundromat, 218 N. ,    1    a    1    -, 1 and continuing north in the Sev-! Wooster Ave The theft was dis- Scrantnn opened a last-ditch „„    ,)r    *    *°**eF    *ie. the the:rf was dis daughter. Mrs. Daniel Dougher- jlduding 7 calli concerning ii- Abraham Lincoln. Ile sought to tv of Greenbrae, Calif.; a brok en Mile Dr. area. Council approval, considered covered at 10:30 a m. Saturday. Jake Warther of 1014 N. Woos- lega! fireworks.    head    off Others were of the sprinkler tion of his a r i b- In, „    ,    a r°Ul,ne m?ttl'r- wi“ bc    Ave.    reported someone had s rival Sen T.rrv    ,“    / I stld™ a 6-volt battery from a S rival, Sen. Bairv miinirMnQ itv Von, Phi aftplnhta i .    ■    ,    ,    ,    -    ,    . er. Henry of Dalton and a sis-    non ox ms rival. sen. Harry municipality, New    Philadelphia j truck ~ark(td' in~ front of his ter, Mrs! Katherine Rausch of astern alarm which went off at Coldwater of Arizona at the Solicitor Donald Zimmerman residence Orrville He was preceded in J*™    invention.    pointed    out.    "t'lX billfolds were report- death by his wife, Florence, a £,    *    ,    ‘    1    *    Scranton    s    schedule    today    was    The only sna" could come rd nvpr Hip wppkpnrt hv limmv j , u -    neighbors    awake    and    a    group    of    ,    .    .    .    ,    \    ,    1    U    U1U    C    l    10 ovtr me weekend, ny .itmmv ion and 3 brothers.    *    .    .    turned over to old-fashincd pol- from residents of the area who Heir nf Services wi'l be held I 30 -voun" people causinS a disturb-    1    ,rom    resin<ms    01    me    ar(    a'    wno    ^ear of ’    See    SIMANTON,    Page    7 ance near Union Hospital. ^ A man and a woman, who Yost officiating. Burial will bo U('rc dls‘urbingK nei*h1b,""i b-v in Ragersville Cemetery. US1"B ,oud a"d ab™ve language r* j    ii    on the street, were told to con- Friends mav call Tuesday from .    ., .    .    * tinue their argument inside their home. John Lambros, 4. of 913 Walnut St., was bit on the hand bv Wednesday in the Evans neral Home with Rev. A 7 to 9 at the funeral home DAY BRIGHTENER 4,104 Tour Park At Schoenbrunn Francis McMaster, Only kisses and money could East Sparta in the appeared at the hearing today I Board St. area, and by Mrs. to air disapproval of the pro- Joald Panning, in Al’s Value posed water and sewer lines Center. rates.    Paul Harmon of 410 W. 8th Zimmerman explained that St. said he had lost a license the city would do the work for plate, number R 263 Y, sorne-“cost,” $1.10 per foot for water where between Dover and At-facilities and $4 for sewer lines, wood Lake. It also was apointed out that Police also nave in posses- r a dog owned by Donna Wal- he so loaded uTth »prms~ and an.vone Wlt^ sufficient water and sion a pair of eyeglasses which lick of 200 Slingluff Ave., and . n rt»main    .. r    ^    sanitary facilities would not be were found by a boy on his treated by a physician.    ‘_   See    ADDITION,    Page    2    way    home    from    Tuscola    Park. A gasoline camp stove explosion in a tent at Atwood Lake yesterday morning hospitalized a Parma family of 5. All are listed as ‘‘fair’ today in Union Hospital. Admitted were: Richard Cast. 25. and his wife, Elinor. 24. both of whom received burns to the face, arms, trunk, legs and feet; their sons, Bradley, 3, spot burns, and Kevin ll months, burns to his body, feet and head, and a daughter, Phyllis, 4. burns to her hands, face and body. Tuscarawas County sheriff deputies said the incident occurred about I a m. when Mrs. Cast took a gasoline stove into the tent because it was chilly. The stove exploded causing a flash fire, destroying the tent and burning some of the clothing worn by the Casts. Cast is a science teacher at Parma High and he and his family were vacationing at the lake. Also “fair” today after a tree fell on hun. is Glenn England, 3 Are Injured In Phila Crash Three persons were treated at Union Hospital for injuries received in one of 3 accidents investigated by New Philadelphia police over the holiday weekend. The trio was injured Saturday at 10:58 p.m. when cars driven by Enos Addleman, 34, of 1026 Parrish St., Uhrichsville, and Donald Blunt, 28. of Strasburg collided at Ray Ave. and 2nd St. NW. Police charged Blunt with failure to yield the right-of-way at the intersection. Injured were Mrs. Addleman, 26, and their son, Timothy, 4, and Jackie Blunt, 19, of Strasburg. In another accident Saturday at 11:40 p in Larry VV. Wilson, 20, of Canton was cited by police for failure to yield the right-of-way when hi^ auto struck one driven by Darlene E. Swinder-man, 33, of RD 4, New Philadelphia Sunday at 3:21 p m .on E. High Ave. Marshall J. Smith, 33. rammed the rear of an auto driven by Mabel L. Maurer. 24, when the front brake cylinder on Smith’s vehicle burst, police reported. Both are from Dover. 29. of Newcomerstown. He sustained a fractured pelvis and knee lacerations. Treated in the emergency room over the weekend was Robert Greisen, 63, who received contusions and bruises to his right hip and left shoulder after he fell from a ladder while picking cherries at his RD 3, Dover, home. Weathervane SATURDAY High 73    *    Low    47 YESTERDAY High 82    Low    40 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, clear . 97 88 Chicago, rain ...... 83    65    .07 Los Angeles, clear . 80 60 Miami, cloudy ..... 89    75    .33 New York, clear ... 85 64    .. Pittsburgh, clear .. SI 51 St. Louis, cloudy ... 76 70 .26 San Fran., cloudy .. 62 52 Washington, clear . 89 61 TODAY 7 a.rn................ 56 RAINFALL Last 48 hours ... none TOMORROW Sunrise............ 5:00 Sunset.............8:00 High 87    Low    65 Forecast:    Partly    cloudy, warm, possible showers. Pennsylvania Crash Kills Phila Native Services will be held Tuesday at I p m. in the Kaserman-Nay-lor Funeral Home for Mrs. Esther Smedley Bradley. 42. native of New Philadelphia, who died in an Erie, Pa., hospital Thursday after being injured in an auto accident near Erie. Rev. Joseph Moesta of First Baptist Church will officiate and burial will be in East Avenue Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home 7 to 9 tonight. Mrs. Bradley and her husband, Garry, 23, who was injured, were passengers in a car driven by Dennis R. Thompson, 27. when it went out of control and struck a utility pole. The Bradleys left Wooster a few months ago following their marriage. Mrs. Bradley was a daughter of Mrs. Jessie Elwood De-Vore and also is survived by 5 sisters and 3 brothers, Mrs. Dale (June) Farquhar of Uhrichsville. Mrs. Eugene (Betty) Miller. Mrs. Francis (Catherine) Johnson and Mrs. Corbett (Ana-bell) Horner; Robert and James DeVore of New Philadelphia. Mrs. William (Helen) Harrig of Roswell and George of Texas. Her father, Isaac Devore, and 2 brothers are deceased. CR Leaders Resume Inspection' Trips manager Schoenbrunn State Park, said lay that 4.104 visitors toured ? park yesterday which is be-v the usual turnout of 5,000 8,000. Next week members of the irichsVille Methodist Church ll be in costume similar to ise worn at the village in the e 1700’s. On July 20. the nn City Senior citizens will hosting the visitors. Dur-; this time, authentic Mora-in music will be played, also lor movies of the 1961 pageant ll be shown in the old school use. Soap Box Derby Racers Face Inspection' Saturday Boys competing in the Tuscarawas County Soap Box Derby July 19 have until Saturday in which to complete their racers and make any last-minute changes. Saturday is final inspection day, with all racers being impounded after the check and test run down Derby Hill (Wabash Ave. NW, New Philadelphia).    I Boys in the Class B competition (ages ll and 12) are to report to the top of Derby Hill by 9 a m. that day wuth their racers. Class A (ages 13, 14 and 15) should be at the site by ll a m. All entrants must have the derby certificates from the back of the official rule book filled out and signed by a parent. Boys also are to submit their itemized list of materials and costs for their racers iii order to claim their reimbursement from the sponsors. The 57 boys expected to go down the hill when the gun sounds July 19 also will vote for their choice as “Derby Queen” on Saturday. The awards banquet, a smorgasbord affair, will be held at 8 p.m. on July 19 in New Phil adelphia Elks auditorium. Competitors will be fed free and a $2 per plate charge will be made for all others attending. A representative of Chevrolet Division will be guest speaker and the Derby Queen will hun die the awards presentation. Open to the public, reservations for the dinner may be made by calling 2-0563. The countywide derby will get underway with a parade at noon, followed by the traditional “Oil ('an Derby” between Dover Mayor ('. LeMoyne Filthy, defending champion, and New Philadelphia’s Mayor Joseph Pritz. who will make his first trip down the hill The Lrst race is expected to start ut I p.m. JACKSON, Miss (AP) — Negro leaders plan to move further into Mississippi today to inspect civil rights developments after quietly integrating several previously all-white facilities—including two hotels—in Jackson. Officials of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People registered without incident Sunday at two downtown hotels and a motel, then received service in the Destruction Case Dismissed Against Blunt Brothers Charges of malicious destruction of property filed against Ernest and David HI lint were dismissed for lack of evidence Friday in Northern District Court by Judge Charles Eckert. The charges were filed by George Kaiser Jr of 115 N Wooster Ave., Dover, who claimed the 2 brothers had set his ear afire June IS near Strasburg. causing $75 damage. The pair had pleaded innocent June 23 and were placed in County Jail when they were tillable to post $300 bonds. Ernest was sentenced Nov. 31, 1961. to I to 7 years on charges of cattle rustling and 3 days later broke out of County Jail with Gilbert Blankenship. He wits captured Dec. 8 near Strasburg. coffee shop of one—all without incident. Four unidentified Negro youths attended a previously all-white movie theater and more than a dozen Negroes in several cars were served at a drive-in cafe for whites. At the drive-in, all four tires on one ear were slashed while its Negro passen gers were inside. Charles Evers, '-tate field secretary for the NAACP, said the four-day civil rights inspection tour would continue today with the group’s officials leaving Jackson for Canton, then a visit to Philadelphia in the afternoon and a mass meeting in Meridian tonight. The trip to Philadelphia apparently will concern the case of three civil rights workers missing since June 21. The trio vanished after their release from jail, where they had been See ‘INSPECTION’ Page 7 ON THE I INSIDE Dear Abby ........ ............ 13 Your Horoscope .. ............ 15 Goren On Bridge ............ 15 Hosp iud News ............. 7 Television ..... 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