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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - January 27, 1964, Dover, Ohio Tornadoes Halt 9-Game Loss String, Quakers Win 9th In How—See Page 9 More People Turn To The Reporter Than Any Other County Newspaper VOL 6a NO. 167.    16    PAGES. The Daily Reporter HOME EDITION Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Ohio, Monday, January 27,1964 Serving Over 10,700 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTSSen. Margaret Smith Plans Feminine 'First'? Maine Woman May Seek Top GOP Standard By BARRY SCHWEID WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Margaret Chase Smith of Maine is expected to announce today erat she will try for the Republican presidential nomination. If she takes the plunge and beats the half-dozen or so declared and undeclared aspirants to Hie GOP’s top prize — which political observers consider unlikely—she would be the first woman ever to run on the national ticket of a major political party. The first big step along this road would be announcement that she intends to Miter the New Hampshire presidential primary. More likely is a declaration that she will not discourage supporters from entering her name. There has been speculation that while the gray-haired, 66-year-old veteran of 15 years in the Senate may announce for the presidency, her real objective would be the vice presidential nomination. Mrs- Smith tried to scotch such thinking Sunday. She told an interviewer on WRC-TV’s “Sunday” show: “If I decide to run I will be a candidate for the presidency.” Could a woman win the nomination? “It would be an uphill job, but I think it is possible,” she ■aid. Mrs. Smith had been expected to announce her intentions Dec. 5 in a speech to tile Women’s National Press Club, her luncheon forum today. But she canceled that talk and other appearances immediately after receiving word of President Kennedy’s assassination. Already announced for the nomination are Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York, Sen. Barry Coldwater of Arizona and former Minnesota Gov. Harold E. Stassen. Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, Gov. William W. Scranton of Pennsylvania and Gov. George Romney of Michigan are considered contenders by many political observers, although they haven’t said they are. Mrs. Smith considers herself an independent. She has described her position as “less liberal than that of Nelson Rockefeller and less conservative than that of Barry Coldwater.’ Sen. Margaret Smith To Seek Presidency Countries Set Up Diplomatic Relations France, Red China Agree AREA fNCREASE SEEN WITHIN YEAR DeBartolo Plans To Expand Plaza Rumors and announcements have been flying thick and fast since Jan. I concerning Tuscarawas County commercial businesses and industries. Several announced changes, such as the Williams Furniture Co. move in New Philadelphia and the opening of a new furniture store in Uhrichsville, came last week. that Miss Ruth Hege Missionary In Congo ★ This morning a rumor Miracle Lane Plaza planned an extensive expansion was checked with DeBartolo Co. of Youngstown. Expressing surprise at the rumor, one official would state only that “expansion is in tile works but not for another year at least.’ It is known in some local circle that 2 businesses, one a service and the other sales, are considering moving to the Plaza. The name of J. C. Penney Co., one of the mainstays in downtown Dover, as on numerous occasions in the last 6 years, came up again as being interested in a Plaza move. C. Bernard Myers, manager of the local Penney store, had this Ohio Woman Shot In Congo Uprising By ROBIN MANNOCK LEOPOLDVILLE, The Congo (AP) — An American woman missionary has been killed and another wounded by rebels waging war on Christian missions and the central Congo government in the southwestern Congo province of Kwilu. The central government said it had documentary proof the rebels, led by former Education Minister Pierre Mulele, Two Parked Autos Struck Parked cars were involved in accidents investigated by Dover police. They reported Gladys E. Grant, 50, of -*27 Dpot st., Dover, pulled into a parking place on a lot next to 420 W. Sid St. at 10:24 a.m. Saturday and scratched an auto parked there by Dorothy M. Wenger, 35, of 538 W. High Ave., New Philadelphia. An auto parked near Wooster Ave. and 4th St. and occupied by Mary J. Sandy, 36, of 863 Bellevue Ave. was rammed by one being backed up by William ,ross, 70, of 422 E. Front St. at 11:15 p.m. Friday. The woman, who complained of neck pains, said he then drove off- Contacted by police Saturday, Gross said he didn’t think he had caused any damage arn* drove away. Doctor Is 'Out* Dr. S. H. Winston of IOO Countryside, New Philadelphia, is taking the Miami course of ophthmology and otology being given in the Americana Hotel at Miami. Fla. He will return to his offices at 685 Blvd., Dover, Feb. 6. Missing Girl Married New Philadelphia Police Chief Louis Clark said at noon today that he has been informed that Jane Hidey, 18, of 232 Commem elal Ave. SW, has been located. The girl who reportedly ran away to get married out-of-state, Iud been missing from her home since Jan. 17. Dover Laundry Is Burglarized The Dover-New Philadelphia Dry Cleaners and Launderers Inc. building at 114 Bank St. was broken into sometime early Sunday morning, police report, and approximately $17 was taken. A safe was unsuccessfully battered with a variety of tools which were left at the scene. Assistant Manager Ed Decker reported the burglary to police at 11:50 a.m. Sunday after Al Ray, part-time employe who was cleaning the establishment, dis-dovered that a front door pane had been broken. The thieves left an auto lug wrench, a screwdriver and another wrench which they found in the building at the safe. According to Decker, the burglars broke an overhead light, which police had reported on at 3:30 a m. ‘‘I don’t know if the safe can be fixed or not,” Decker said. “It’s pretty beat up.” About $16 in pennies was taken from a box in the office, he said, and about 70 cents from a soft-drink machine. “It’s probably the same gang that’s been robbing all the other places around here lately,” Decker added. ON THE INSIDE i    *■" Around The World .......,..12 Dear Abby ............  13 Doctor Crane ................15 Doctor Writes ..............13 Goren On Bridge ............15 Horoscope ...................13 Obituaries ....................2 Sports .....................9-10 Television ...................15 Women’s Pages ......,.....6-7 are supported by Red China. The government declared a state of emergency in Kwilu province and rushed 450 soldiers into the region. It said important measures would be taken, “the nature of which will be revealed at an opportune moment.” Irene Ferrel, 43, of Eagle Butte, S.D., Sunday was reported killed by a rebel’s arrow during a raid on a Baptist mission at the village of Mangun-gu, 300 miles southeast of Leopoldville. The Congo Inland missionary in Leopoldville reported that Ruth Hege, 58, of Wellington, Ohio, also attached to the Man-gungu station, was wounded. Latest reports indicated she was still in the area. The guerrillas killed three Roman Catholic priests last week. Seven American missionaries and two children were removed by U.N. helicopters Friday from kandale, in southern Kwi-lii, after guerrillas burned their station. The Rev. Peter Buller of See OHIO WOMAN, Page 7 for the rumor starter: “First, we have 6 more years to run on our present lease of our building. “Second, plans are now in the works for extending our services in April in our downtown Dover location. “Third, J. C. Penney Co. refused an invitation to move to the center 6 years ago and the refusal still stands.” Two more business moves, one consumated and the other in the final stages, are reported in New Philadelphia. Edwin A. Maurer of 507 2nd St. NE, New Philadelphia, said this morning he would announce next week his plans for the property he purchased recently from Dr. and Mrs. C. Raymond Crawley at 4th and Wabash Ave. NW, New Philadelphia. The property, which was recently rezoned to business classification, was occupied at different times by auto agency, tractor sales and a furniture store. Maurer operated the Edwin Maurer Furniture Co. until last fall when it was closed. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cua of 1637 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia, See PLAZA, Page 2 ii® *■ &- rn Wwm ill ■ Mm ■ WK rn mm Leo Gundy explains his plans for the his 300-acre Ponderosa. commercial and industrial growth of 2 Slightly Hurt In Car Smashup Public’s Rights DENNISON — Police said that an auto driven by Paula Coulter, 17, of Xenia apparently hit an icy spot on Stillwater Ave. at 7:45 p.m. yesterday and skidded on the berm into the retaining wall at the Dennison Sewer Pipe Co. Hie driver and 2 passengers, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coulter, complained of injuries but were not treated. At 7:20 last night several small boys released the emergency brake on a parked car owned by Robert D. Upshaw, 16, of 615 Grant St., allowing it to drift backwards across the street into one owned by John S. Hill, 17, of 616 Grant St., damaging the left rear fender of the Hill auto. Weathervane SATURDAY High 35    Low    SI YESTERDAY High 37    Low    21 The Weather Elsewhere High Low PT. Albuquerque, cloudy 53 25    .. Chicago, clear ..... 32    21    .. Cleveland, clear ... 32 19    .. Los Angeles, clear . 58 48    .. Miami, cloudy ..... 74    69    .. New York, clear ... 47 32    .. Pittsburgh, clear ... 38 22    .. St. Louis, cloudy ... 46 27    .. San Fran., cloudy . 57 49    .. Washington, clear . 56 32    .. TODAY 7 a.m............... 21 RAINFALL Last 48 hours ... trace TOMORROW Sunrise ............ 7:40 Sunset ............. 5:38 High 26    Low    15 Forecast: Colder, scattered snow flurries. CORRALS BUSINESS FOR GOSHEN 'Big Hoss'Gundy Leads!    'Rou' U.S. Super Rocket Launching Delayed By HOWARD BENEDICT AP Aerospace Writer CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) —A Saturn I super-rocket was to try to hurl the world’s largest satellite into orbit today and possibly give the United States the lead in the race for space rocket power. The 40-man launching team started final countdown at ll p.m. (EST) Sunday night, aiming for a blastoff time of IO a.m. If technical or weather problems delay the launch, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration set a cutoff time for 4 p.m. Later, a fueling problem developed in the first stage, delaying the launching until at least I p.m. National radio and television networks planned live coverage of the launching. Earlier this month, Dr. Hugh L. Dryden, deputy chief of the space agency, said, “we are drawing very close” to the Rus sians in rocket power and “as soon as the Saturn satellite has been placed in orbit we will have relieved this deficiency in weight - carrying ability we’ve labored under so long.” The rocket, 164 feet tall and weighing 562 tons, is the first in the Saturn I series with a live second stage, which burns high - energy liquid hydrogen. Successes were recorded on four earlier flights of the first stage, an eight-engine power-plant that generates 1.5 million pounds of thrust, equal to 34 million horsepower. If the rocket performs as planned, the second stage will ignite on the edge of space to propel into orbit a satellite weighing 37,700 pounds. The launching is the first of two scheduled from Cape Kennedy this week. Thursday, the Ranger 6 spacecraft is to be launched to the moon to take hundreds of closeup television pictures. DWI Trial Off, Count Is Reduced A charge of driving while under the influence of alcohol against James W. Arthurs, 34, of RD 3, New Philadelphia, has been reduced to a reckless operation count, according to officials of Central County District Court. A jury trial on the DWI charge was to begin Tuesday before Judge Clarence Ferrell. Arthurs, arrested by state patrolmen following a Dec. 24 accident, was given an “Intoximeter” test and the results were reported “positive.” Assistant County Prosecutor James Patrick this morning contended there was insufficient evidence to convict Arthurs. In a statement, he said: “After complete investigation, as a practical matter, we did not feel we could prove the intoxication part of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt.” The 25 prospective jurors, according to court secretary Marge Burlison, have been notified that the trial has been cancelled. Arthurs will appear Tuesday morning on the reckless operation charge. By James Davis Daily Reporter City Editor Leo Gundy likes to talk about Tuscarawas County and its industrial and business growth and for a good reason. He’s in it physically and financially. Tile residents of Gosh i Township have a particular interest, because that is where much of Gundy’s plans are being formulated. All Tuscarawas Countian, however, should be interested when applying the adage: "What’s good for one part of the county is good for the entire county.” Development of Leo’s Ponderosa (he is known as Hoss), the site of the old Royal Robinson Clay Products plant near Midvale, is the current project. Within the last year, Gundy located the Volkswagen dealership in Brightwood by buying the site, erecting the building and leasing it to the auto merchants. “With zoning the way it is in Dover and New Philadelphia, and the time involved in getting a site untangled from zoning red tape, the Ponderosa had definite advantages as far as I am concerned,” Gundy said. “When a representative of a prospective business stops in I can promise him a building right now. Five or 6 good businesses went to other counties within the last 3 years simply because of the time involved in getting them located. Instead of a year, we Bee GUNDY, Pare 7 UH'VILLE 'MASKED BANDIT' U.S. Remains Firm, Stands By Nationalists PARIS (AP)—France official* ly recognized tile Communist Chinese regime in Peking today. Peking radio made a similar announcement. The French announcement said the two governments had agreed to establish diplomatic relations and to exchange ambassadors. There was no immediate Indication of how this step would affect the ties between France and the Nationalist Chinese re* gime of President Chiang Kai-shek on Formosa. French officials previously had said that Peking had not demanded that France break relations with Chiang as a condition for diplomatic ties, and the assumption was that France could therefore maintain relations with both re* gimes. Peking Radio said Franca and Red China have agreed to appoint ambassadors to each other within three months. In Washington, the U.S. Stat# Department called France’s recognition of Peking “an unfortunate step” and reaffirmed U.S. intentions to stand by the Nationalist regime. The State Department said it had “repeatedly expressed” its view to the French. The State Department said the French recognition was particularly unfortunate since it came “at a time when the Chinese Communists are actively See FRANCE, Fife 7 Youth Cleared After Manhunt ■hi mtmm Fire Runs I New Philadelphia — At 11:25 Saturday morning to Butler’s Market on W. High Ave. where Mrs. Martha James of 116 Allen Lane SE, had trouble breathing. She was taken to Union Hospital in a Kaserman-Naylor Funeral Home ambulance and admitted. By Virginia Addison Daily Reporter Staff Writer UHRICHSVILLE — A 20-year-old youth, who sparked a 6-hour manhunt here Saturday, has been cleared by police of any implication in the recent rash of armed robberies. Vandals Use Rocks, Knives Four cases of vandalism, 2 in volving windows and the other 2 autos, were investigated by Dover police over the weekend. A patrolman discovered a door window broken at the Dog-N-Suds drivein at 117 E. Front St. at 8:30 a.m. Sunday. Police believe a bullet caused tile damage. Members of the First Christian Church at 318 E. 4th St. discovered Sunday morning that some one had thrown rocks through several windows, apparently Saturday night. Hie damage was on an alley side of the building. John L. Pace of 908 Schwindt Ct. reported at 12:45 p.m. Saturday that tires on his car had been slashed while parked at the rear of Memorial Hall. Robert Rimer of 214 W. 4th St. reported at I p.m. Sunday that tile top of his convertible had been slashed Saturday night. Mayor Robert Croniser and Safety Director William Wood confirmed reports on the incident during a press conference yesterday in the city building. Released at 4 Sunday morning following a 5-hour interrogation was David G. Garabrandt of rear 238 Trenton Ave., a “quiet” youth with a loth Grade education. Croniser announced that $200 reward is being offered by the Uhrichsville Retail Merchants Council for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the masked bandit. The name of anyone supplying information to police will not be made public, Croniser emphasized. The alarm was sounded at 4 Saturday afternoon when Garabrandt, picked up by 2 Uhrichsville policeman and a sheriff deputy for questioning in the holdups, darted from the police station here. Deputy Sam Bonifant and PII. William Kosegi chased Garabrandt for several blocks but fi- See MANHUNT, Pare 12 DAY BRIGHTENER A folk singer is a guy sings through his nose by Dover Teacher Workshop Set Dover students will have a holiday Friday while The Dover Public School System holds its annual mid-year in-service workshop for all certificated members of the teaching staff. Purpose of the workshop is to improve and develop the teachers* understanding and use of th# school system’s testing program. Program participants and consultants are: Dr. Charles Weaver, state supervisor in the test and guidance division, and Eugene Wysong, supervisor in the test section, both of the Ohio Department of Education; Robert Cleary of the Educational Testing Service, John Parks of Houghton Mifflin Co. and John Wells of the Science Research Assn. Dr. Weaver will discuss “Standardized Tests — Major Test Types,” and Robert Cleary, “Contents and Mechanics (rf Test Construction.” Teachers will explore the role of evaluation, the schools’ testing program, and the uses of both standardized and teacher-constructed tests. A special group session la planned which will help teachers to construct their tests. The final presentations by the panel of consultants will deal with applying test results, improva teaching and guidance. 2 Held In Slaying CLEVELAND IAP)—An East Side man was shot to death ear* ly today on the porch of a house. Police identified the victim aa Edward Gardenas, 51, who worked as a chauffeur tad handy man. Police said he was hit in tim heart by a bullet apparently fired through the front door of the house. A man, and womaa in the house were held without ..Woo fax ;

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