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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - January 16, 1964, Dover, Ohio The Reporter Prints More Want Ads Than Any Other County Paper VOL- 60- NO. 158.    24    PAGES. HOME EDITION Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County Dover-New Philadelphia, Wo. Thursday. January'!6, 1964 Serving Over 10,700 Families PHONE 4-2167 7 CENTS Health BoardTrims'Own'Budget . ..    re    WSR    $    'S.    ».    ..    -    .>■>    -V SB RBS    Wm \    '    «    M    -r&N    >/    >    &$6}}    < U hr den Launches Sugarcreek Construction Construction of Uhrden Inc/s Tubar Material Handling Equipment building at Sugarcreek began today and is expected to be completed by mid-April. Paul Jarvis, Uhrden vice president, said today the new plant will employ about 30 people and will house the national sales office and manufacturing facilities for custom-engineered dumping equipment. The brick - cement block structure will have 16,000 square feet of manufacturing area. The building, located on top of a hill overlooking Sugarcreek on County Road 73, will have an aluminum window wall with colored panel inserts in the office section containing drafting and engineering rooms, executive offices and a lobby for waiting area and display. The 4,000 square-foot office section will be air-conditioned and infrared radiant heaters will be used in the manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing area will house a machine shop and a steel storage and assembly area. Present plans call for parking facilities for 30 autos. Trucker Cited In 'Snow Pile' Crash; I Hurt Five persons were slightly injured last night at 8:35 when a Dover trucker, who had lost control of his tractor-trailer rig in the IOO block of Wooster Ave. after striking the center ridge of piled snow, purposely jackknifed his rig to avoid a headon collision. Laverne A. Carbary, 31, of 603 Walnut St. told Dover police he jackknifed his truck to avoid hitting a northbound auto driven by Eugene Miller, 32, of 216 James St. and which had his wife, 2 children and 2 other children as passengers. Carbary refused medical attention, but Miller, his wife, Joan, and 2 children ware taken to Union Hospital. Mrs. Miller, 33, was treated for a forehead laceration, Handy, 8, for a contusion and abrasion at the base of his nose, Diane, ll, for a severe contusion to her left eye and lacerations, contusions and abrasions to both knees, and Miller for a contusion to the left side of his face and neck. All were treated and released. Uninjured passengers in the Miller car were Todd, IO, and Robin Miller, 8, both of 1805 Dover Ave. Carbary was cited by Dover police for unsafe operation and is slated to appear in mayor’s court Friday at 9 a.m. Panama Canal Zone Back To Civilian Rule Budget Figure In Wrong Place In yesterday’s budget figures, $49 ,316 inadvertently was listed as the 1964 appropriation for payment of a note on the Courthouse annex. The figure actually is the sum appropriated by Commissioners for operation of the Starlight Retarded Children’s School under the Welfare Department. The sum includes $30,000 from the 15-hundreths mill levy, $15,-000 from state subsidy and school districts and $4,312 as a balance from 1963. Commissioners paid off a balance of $61,875 due on the annex In 1963 and there was no appropriation necessary for 1964. By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER AP Diplomatic Affairs Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army burned back control of the Panama Canal Zone to its civilian governor today even as a new eruption of U.S.-Pana-manian differences threatened to wrack a one-day old diplo-matic*truce agreement. High U.S. officials said the situation was very confused. They hope for clarification in a meeting to be held by U.S. trouble-shooter Edwin M. Martin and Panamanian President Roberto Chiari in the course of the day. Chiari requested Martin to see him. Martin’s instructions are to try to keep the agreement in force. Despite the shifting developments the Defense Department announced that the Army had turned back to civilian authorities responsibility for security in the Canal Zone. Gov. Robert J. Fleming Jr. turned over control to Gen. Andrew J. O’Meara, Army commander in the zone, last Friday, when riotous mobs began attacking U.S. installations and personnel. Hie violence cost the lives of four American soldiers and 19 Panamanians. Scores were wounded. Wednesday, U.S. - Panamanian negotiations resulted in an agreement sponsored by the five - nation Inter - American Peace Commission that the two countries would resume normal diplomatic relations and 30 days thereafter would put all their problems on the conference table. The United States said the agreement was to “discuss” the problems. Panama said it was to “negotiate.” Within 24 hours of the announcement of this peace deal, Chiari told a throng of demonstrating students outside his palace in Panama City that he would not restore normal relations with the United States unless the United States agreed to negotiate a new Panama Canal See PANAMA ZONE, Pare 19 4 Countians Take Test For Welfare Post Four countians took an examination yesterday in Columbus for appointment as welfare director of Tuscarawas County. They were: Lorin Gadd, who has been acting director since Dec. I, 1962, when he succeeded Wayne App; Dale Swinderman, city recreation director for Dover; John Gold, former mayor of Dennison, and Gilbert D. Smith of RD 2, Tippecanoe, who is listed in the rural directory as an artificial inseminator. The 170-question test and interview, conducted by the Department of State Personnel, required more than 4 hours. Results of the examination are expected to be announced within IO days. The position calls for a sliding salary, ranging from $480, which Gadd receives, to $575. Prowler Is Reported A resident of W. 22nd St. told Dover police at 8:15 last night that she had heard a noise outside of her home Tuesday night and, when she investigated in the morning, found footprints in the snow outside of her window. Police promised the woman that they would keep watch on her home. Riley At Seminar Dover School Supt. Emmet Riley is among top Ohio and New York school administrators attending a seminar today on decision making in school administration conducted by the School Management Institute Inc. at Columbus. Board Meets Tonight The Dover Civil Service Board will meet tonight at 7 to consider examinations for job openings. A test for filling a vacant police sergeant’s post has been set for Jan. 31, with 8 Dover patrolmen eligible to compete. DAY BRIGHTENER One advantage to poor handwriting is that it hides mistakes in spelling. Woman Sues Auto Driver For    $.32,700 A Dover woman has sued another local resident for $32,100 in Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court. Pauline R. Williams, a widow, of 115 E. 6th St. has filed for damages against Florence E. Kennedy of RD I, Dover, as a result of injuries and financial losses whe sustained from a traffic accident April 19, 1962. In her petition, Mrs. Williams claims she was a passenger in a car driven by the defendant, who allegedly made an improper turn from Wooster Ave. into E. 8th St. and collided with another vehicle. The plaintiff claims she suffered fractures, cuts, contusions, bruises and wrenching of the spine. She was hospitalized until June 21, 1962, further confined for 14 weeks in her home, must wear a brace and use a cane, as a result of her injuries. She further states that her nervous condition has been severely worsened. Since the accident, Mrs, Williams says she has lost $3,000 in income by being unable to work and estimates a total of $4,000 to be paid for medical services. ON THE INSIDE Around The World ..........19 Dear Abby ..................23 Dr. Alvarez — ............21 Dr. Crane ...................23 Goren On Bridge ............23 Hospital News ..............*®j Obituaries ................  •    •    -    . Sports .....................13-14' Television ................  JJ Women’s Pages ..........MMI    J Your Horoscope ............23 New Figures Give County More Registered Vehicles By Richard Zimmerman Daily Reporter Columbus Bureau COLUMBUS — State Auditor Roger W. Tracy has revised earlier figures which showed 13 incorporated communities in Tuscarawas County had fewer registered vehicles to March of 1963 than to March of 1962. Even though the new figures still show that 12 cities or villages in the county lost, the decreases are fewer than originally thought Total for the county remains higher, due to increases in other communities and unincorporated areas which offset the 12 losses. The error in vehicles and communities losing and gaining came about wnen an official compared registration 1961 (which runs through February, 1962) to calendar 1962. Registration 1962 runs from March I, 1962, to Feb. 28, 1963. The error was discovered through a check run by The Daily Reporter. Biggest loser in the county was Uhrichsville, which dropped 137 registered vehicles between registration years. However, totals for the county are up 1,066. The state uses registration figures to determine both the resee FIGURES, Page ll Flood Control Hearings Will Resume Jan. 30 Atty. Matthew Smith of New Philadelphia, counsel for Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, said today he had been advised that further hearing on the flood control project in the Chippewa Subdistrict has been scheduled for Jan. 30 in Tuscarawas County Courthouse. An entry in the County Clerk of Court’s office reveals that the motions filed by the plaintiffs (118 landowners) have been overruled by Common Pleas Judges Adrian Miller of Wayne County and Windsor F. Kellog of Medina because the motions were not well-taken. In the last hearing Oct. 16, attorneys for the landowners filed a joint motion asking that the appraisal record made with respect to the flood project be referred to the Board of Appraisers for a complete restudy. Fry Is Appointee To Bolivar Council For 4-Year Term BOLIVAR — At Monday night’s village council meeting here, Clayton Fry was appointed to fill one of 2 council vacancies, and not George Detrick as was incorrectly stated in a previous report. Fry was nominated to fill St 4-year term vacancy and Don Mullet a 2-year term. The vacancies were created because Mullet was previously ruled ineligible because he resided outside the corporation limits when elected, and by the resignation of Joseph Birk. Mullet later moved into town. Mayor Morgan Starkey administered the oath of office to Mullet and Fry. George Detrich also was sworn into office. Other council members are Howard Johnson, Earl Levengood and Grace Summers, Mrs. Beatrice Levengood is clerk-treasurer. Hot Feet Lead To Leaky Pipes In Courthouse Too many hot feet in the Tuscarawas County Recorder’s office in the Courthouse has led to the replacement of 15 feet of a return steam heat pipe. After matters became almost unbearable Wednesday morning, Recorder Ted Underwood convinced Earl Ulrich, Courthouse custodian, that an investigation should be made. Howard Espenschied, chief maintenance man, and George Crow, assistant, dug into a section of the floor whereupon a spout of steam rose up. Further search discovered that a large quantity of the pipe, which had been installed 7 years ago during relocation of the recorder’s office, was badly corroded. Slice Of 5% On '63 Funds Is Approved By James Davis Daily Reporter City Editor The Tuscarawas County Health Department’s 1964 budget had its “moment of truth” yesterday. A moment is about all that was taken to make it all legal, climaxing a 2%-hour session before the County Budget Commission. In the moment, the following occurred: (1)—It was agreed between Budget Commission and Health Board members that all new programs, salary increases and ; boosts for equipment, etc., listed in the 1964 budget needs be scrapped, thus reducing the figure to the amount spent in 1963— $98,000. (2)—Ross Garber, president of the Health Board, called a meeting and Dr. B. R. Lewis moved for 5 per cent reduction on the amounts spent in each of the 17 accounts in 1963. Seconded by Dr. R. E. Wolf, the board voted unanimously in favor of the motion. The 5 per cent across-the-board cut amounted to $4,900 and created a new figure of $93,100. (3)—Included in the motion was a statement that the Health Board by resolution would raise its fees for services, such as sewage permits and well inspections, to raise an additional $2,-500 in 1964. (3)—This $2,500 represented the difference between a recalculated total of estimated receipts of $90,500 for 1964 and the $93,000. (5)—The Board then adjourned and the Budget Commission informed the board it would certify $93,000 (receipts plus the fee increase) for 1964. (6)—Checks for the 16 fulltime See HEALTH BOARD, Pare 19 Nixon Heads KSU Trustees Keller Nixon of Dover was selected Wednesday to serve as president of the board of trustees of the Tuscarawas County Kent State Academic Center at New Philadelphia. Graham Marshall of Newcomerstown of named vice chairman; Richard Werner of New Philadelphia, treasurer, and James Burgess, executive secretary-manager of the Tuscarawas County Chamber of Commerce, will be secretary. Other trustees include Supt. Leon Force of New Philadelphia, Supt. W. E. Laws of the county school system, Supt. Emmet Riley of Dover; Msgr. A. L. Freund of New Philadelphia Sacred Heart; Supt. D. E. Roeder of Newcomerstown; Supt. E. F. McCarroll of Dennison; James Patrick and Walter Ritter of New Philadelphia; Dr. Fred Bay of Dover, and Mrs. Stanley Neighbor of Dennison. Werner reported that Kent State University had authorized the trustees to purchase $500 in additional books. The board also was informed that books, although housed in the Tuscarawas County Library, were to become the permanent property of the KSU Center. Weathervane YESTERDAY High 26    Low    12 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, clear . 37    12 Chicago, snow ..... 33    26    T Cleveland, cloudy .. 23    17    .. Los Angeles, clear . 66    48    .. Miami, cloudy ..... 67    62    .. New York, clear — 30    20    .. Pittsburgh, cloudy . 26    17    .. St. Louis, clear — 38    22    .. San Fran., clear ... 60    47    .. Washington, cloudy . 30    12    .. TODAY 7 a.m................ 20 SNOW Last 24 hours .. none TOMORROW Sunrise ............ 7:48 Sunset ............. 5:25 High 28    Low    19 Forecast; Cloudy, light snow flurries. NEW YORK FIRM HIGH Bids Surprising On A twood Issue The John Nuveen Co. of New York and associated companies yesterday entered the high bid on the $1,220,000 worth of bonds issued by the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District to cover its part of the $2 million Atwood Lake inn resort. Nuveen offered $10,385.86 as premium on the bonds to edge out the $10,200 premium tendered by the Ball-Burge & Krause firm of Cleveland. Interest rate on the bonds had been established at 3.25 per cent. MWCD officials expressed surprise and pleasure over the large premiums offered, and immediately directed MWCD counsel, Matthew Smith of New Philadelphia, to prepare a resolution authorizing the bond purchase by Nuveen. Four other bids had been re ceived by the specified closing time of I p.m., Wednesday. Third highest proposal was the $5,813.60 premium by Ohio Company and Associates of Columbus, followed by $3,245.20 from Phelps-Fenn & Co. and Associates of New York; $2,598.17 from Prescott & Co. and Associates from Cleveland, and $907 from Fahey Clark & Co. and associated companies, also of Cleveland. On hand to view the bid opening were 2 of district’s board of directors, Warner Pomerene and Walter Frye, Secretary-Treasur-er Bryce Browning and several other MWCD officials. The third director, Donald Agnew, was not present but immediately afterwards confirmed his approval of the bond sale to Nuveen in a See ATWOOD, Page ll IN GOSHEN-UNION SCHOOL FEUD Ruling Favors Foes Of Merger “After 18 years of effort, we are right back where we started!” These words sum up County Supt. W. E. Laws’ reaction to yesterday’s ruling against the Tuscarawas County Board of Education in the legal wrangle over the proposed Goshen-Union Local School District. The unanimous decision handed down by the 5th District Court of Appeals granted a request or a writ of mandamus to Ralph Carmack and the Union Local Citizens Committee compelling the County Board to proceed under Section 3311.29 of the Ohio Revised Code in further consolidation of districts or dissolving of Union Local. This section is the same one under which 2 previous efforts to dissolve Union Local, which has not operated a school since 1948, were defeated at the polls. This section provides that: “No school district shall be created in this state which does not maintain public schools within such district, and any such existing school district shall be dissolved and its territory joined with another school district or districts selected and approved by vote of the district do dissolved.” The words, “vote of the district so dissolved,” are the key to the problem. Last Aug. 5, the County Board, after an attempt to dissolve Union Local by legislation was blocked in the Senate Education Committee through the efforts of State Rep. Jess Dempster and State Sen. Kenneth Ber- See FOES, Pafe 19 COMMISSIONERS CITED Kinsey Questions Fund Transfers Tuscarawas County Auditor Donald Kinsey has questioned legality of 2 actions by the County Commissioners related to their appropriations of county funds announced yesterday. Kinsey informed Commissioners Wednesday that he would ask for further advice from State Examiner Floyd Aultman of Millersburg as to the status of a resolution placed in the journal by commissioners, transferring $5,000 from the County Road and Bridge Fund to the County Sheriff’s Fund for compensation of employes. In their resolution, commissioners refer to Section 5577.13 of the Ohio Revised Cede to uphold the transfer. Kinsey, how ever, said today that he does not think the law applies in this case. The section reads: “In those counties having 40 miles or more of improved intercounty or state highways, the sheriff of each county shall, and in all other counties may, detail one or more deputies for the work of enforcing Section 5577.01 to 5577.14 (pertaining to enforcement of legal load limits and other highway laws.) The Board of County Commissioners shall appropriate such amount of money annually, from the road fund of the county as is necessary to equip and compensate such deputy.” Kinsey said he knows of no See KINSEY. Pare 19 Doverite Begins Peace Corps Hitch In Nyasaland, Africa Michael D. Shough, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wren W. Shough of 1538 Chestnut St., Dover, was one of 57 volunteers who left the United States last Friday for Nyasaland Africa, to begin a 2-year assignment as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer. These volunteers will join 41 other volunteers now teaching in secondary schools and teacher training institutions there. The new group will expand the program to boarding schools, a jun ior college and government and business schools. They will teach history, economics, political science, chemistry, math, fine arts, French and English. Training for the volunteers included 3 weeks at Camp Hadley, the Peace Corps field training camp in Puerto Rico, and IO weeks at Syracuse University where they studied the history, culture and government of Ny- See DOVERITE, Page ll ;

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