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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - January 11, 1964, Dover, Ohio The Daily Reporterv« «a Mn ,c.    Largest    Circulation In Tuscarawas County ’-" I _36 PAGES._Dover-New    Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday, January 11, 1964    7    CENTS Smoking Labeled Public Health 'Enemy' * * . * * * Diplomats Seek Panama Solution Peace Mission, U.S.Envoys Are On Scene By THEODORE A. EDIGER Associated Press Writer PANAMA (AP) — Strong diplomatic efforts were launched on all sides today to resolve the crisis surrounding Panama’s decision to break relations with the United States and scrap the 61-year-old Panama Canal Treaty. In the wake of violence that claimed 23 lives—20 Panamanians and 3 U.S. soldiers—the emphasis shifted to maintaining a state of relative calm. Jails in the capital city were jammed with Panamanians arrested for looting and causing disturbances. A peace mission from the Organization of American States (OAS) arrived from Washington and arranged for immediate conferences with President Roberto Chiari and Foreign Minister Galileo Solis. President Johnson’s special envoys were also at work. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Thomas C. Mann and Secretary of the Army Cyrus R. Vance met for an hour and a half Friday night with President Chiari. Even as they conferred at the presidential palace new shooting was reported at the canal zone border. Panama officials said U.S. troops opened fire. The only casualties reported were six Panamanians injured by flying glass. Quiet prevailed in the capital this morning with flags remaining at half-staff and most businesses closed as Panamanians continued mourning for the the dead. Tight security precautions were under way for funeral services planned for early next week. A mass national funeral may be held. Jails were filled in Panama as National Guardsmen rounded up looters and other perpetrators of violence. One unofficial estimate said 500 were arrested. U. S. establishments were the major target of dera-See PANAMA, Pace 12 g. * hmm, nil.  ..... ON THE INSIDE m -    %. wa j Around The World ...........9 Goren On Bridge ............24 Hospital News ...............12 Obituaries ....................25 Sports .................26    to    31 Television .............15    to    21 Women’s Fag es .....  5*7Termed Major Cancer Cause Among Men By JOHN BARBOUR Associated Press Science Writer WASHINGTON (AP)-Smok-ing cigarets is a health hazard that calls for corrective action—and is a major cause of lung cancer and other death-dealing disease, especially in men, a blue-ribbon federal panel reported today. In short, the panel indicated, the more you smoke, the greater your risk of an early death. The 10-man scientific panel-spending 14 months in its study of available evidence — also found: 1. Cigaret smoking far outweighs all other causes of lung cancer in men—and the data for women point in the same direction. 2. While male cigaret smokers have a higher death rate from heart and blood vessel disease than non - smoking males, it is not clear as yet that smoking is the cause. 3. Cigaret smoking is a significant cause of lung cancer in the larynx or voice box in men. 4. Hie risk of lung cancer increases the longer you smoke and Die more cigarets you smoke in a day. It lessens if you quit smoking. 5. Cigaret smoking is the most important cause of chronic bronchitis—the coughing irritation of the bronchial tubes— and increases the risk of death from that disease. 6. Cigaret smoking is relat- See SMOKING, Pare 12•Weathervane YESTERDAY High 21    Low    7 Elsewhere In U.S. High Low Pr. Albuquerque, cloudy MMM Chicago, cloudy ... 24 21    .. Los Angeles, clear . 63 46    .. Miami, cloudy ..... 71    66    .. New York, cloudy . 40 M M Pittsburgh, clear .. 21 M M St. Louis, clear .... 33 20    .. San Fran., clear ... 55 48 Washington, clear . 36 M M TODAY 7 a.m................ V RAINFALL Last 24 hours ..... None TOMORROW Sunrise ............ 7:50 Sunset ............ 5:19 High 36    Low    26 Forecast: Light snow or rain, turning cooler. DRIVER HOSPITALIZED. Larry Bailey, 22, of New Philadelphia, driver of this heavily damaged auto, is in "satisfactory"condition today in Union Hospital following an accident at 4:30 p.m. Friday at the intersection of County Roads 82 and 103 east of Bolivar. State Patrolmen said Bailey's car collided with a pickup truck driven by Raymond F. Brown, 54, of Bolivar, who allegedly made a left turn in front of him. Bailey suffered a cerebral concussion, laceration of the left eyelid and possible arm fracture. Brown suffered chest bruises and a passenger, Charles Deibel, had leg abrasions. Brown was cited. Bonds Proposed Cornily To Bill r t - ii Canton; Appeal For Area College Move Dropped Another proposal for financing construction and equipping a branch or community college building was unveiled yesterday by State Rep. Jess Dempster of Uhrichsville in a meeting with the Regional Planning Commission executive committee in National Bank of Dover. Dempster, who stated he was making the suggestion at the request of the County AFL-CIO Council, proposed the RPC recommend to County Commissioners that a $1,500,000 bond issue for IO years be placed on next November’s ballot. Earlier, Locals in the Council had endorsed a voluntary payroll deduction plan by labc.- and asked management to join in the financing plan. Fred Zimmer, RPC president, said the executive committee would meet with commissioners Tuesday morning at 9:30 to discuss the entire educational program in the county. “We will not make any recommendations at that time concerning the proposal,” Zimmer stated. “In fact, we are not certain if the planning commission has the powers to even make a recommendation in this area.” Commissioners, by resolution, can place the issue on the ballot. Dempster, who served as spokesman for a 3-man Council committee, including Paul Hayes of Dover and Bill Winters of New Philadelphia, said the building would be large enough to house 400 to 500 students. “The bond issue, if passed, woud not take effect until Jan. I, 1966,” Dempster told the RPC committee. ‘‘During the intervening 14 months, a study of the branch or community college as to need, site location, etc., could be made, financed with a $50,000 grant See BONDS, Pace 12Distribution Of Book Set Distribution of The Associated Press book “The Torch Is Passed” will begin at The Daily Reporter office Monday at 3 p.m. It will remain open until 8:30 for those desiring immediate delivery of the book, which is a complete story of the Kennedy assassination. After Monday the book may be picked up any time during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Other deliveries will be made as quickly as possible. The Daily Reporter has received more than 2,100 orders for the book. Tuscarawas County will not appeal the decision of the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals granting tax exemption to the city of Canton Waterworks Department on 84.10 acres in Sugarcreek Township, Assistant Prosecutor James Patrick said today. “Instead, we shall bill the department for money owed in lieu of tax payments,” Patrick explained. The bill will include monies due for 1963 and 1962. The Board of Tax Appeals’ decision had ordered taxes for the exempted land removed from the 1963 duplicate and further ordered remittances of taxes and penalties thereon for the 1962 year. Actually, the 1962 tax had never been paid. Patrick explained that the Tax Board’s ruling applied only to See CANTON, Pa*e 12 DAY BRIGHTENER Then there’s the guy who insists he’s a square shooter — and has several squares on his shooting list.Woman Is Injured In Dover Mishap Mrs. Rena Cusano of RD I, New Philadelphia, a passenger in a car driven by her son, ROCCO, received a head laceration at 6:27 p.m. yesterday in a collision in Dover, police report. Cusano reportedly pulled his car from the curb in front of 400 N. Wooster Ave. and collided with one being driven north by diaries E. Stouffer, 34, of 617 4th St., New Philadelphia. Mrs. Cusano refused treatment ;

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